Recent Publications

A List of my Publications and Collaborations

1. Check out an article about why I became a travel blogger Here. A big shout out to Daring Abroad for giving me the opportunity to work with them. It was a pleasure.

2. Beware of food poisoning abroad. It can be a memorable experience that you really wish you forget. Check out my food poisoning fiasco here and thanks to young and undecided for the opportunity to work with them.

3. Ever thought about teaching English abroad? If you have, then click here. In this article, I discuss my personal experience while teaching English in South Korea. I want to thank ESL Expat for allowing me to work with them. It was a lot of fun!

4. Check out an article I wrote, here, about one of my favorite places in the world, the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. For more great articles about travel, check out the AMAZING Miranda of Miranda the Adventurer. She’s pretty awesome!!!

5. This article is a collaboration, between several bloggers, about variousJapanese experiences that can be found, around the world. Thank you  Justine, of Wanderer of the World, for the opportunity to work with you. Check her site out here.

6. In honor of International Women’s Day, the lovely Amanda Settle  of coordinated a collaborative article about what you need to be a female, travel blogger. Check out my response, along with others, here.

7. Ever tried surfing? Well maybe you should after reading this article, I contributed to, about why women should try surfing. Thank you to the lovely Roneth Politud for letting me contribute to her fantastic site.

8. Because tummy troubles are the most hilarious kind of troubles, check out my contribution to this article, which details the hilarious experiences of several travel bloggers who felt, a little “under the weather” while traveling abroad. A big thanks goes to Northern Lauren for allowing me to work with her.

If you would like to collaborate in the future, I am open to any and all suggestions and am hoping to make this list a little longer! Please feel free to e-mail me with any ideas at I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Travels!