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Resources for Travel Bloggers and Travelers to make your life easier because let’s face it, I have made A LOT of mistakes, and I just don’t want you to do the same thing. Therefore, all the resources and websites that I regularly use, are listed here  to help make both your travel life and travel blogger life much more manageable. I mean, there are about 5 billion websites out there, and sometimes it can be kind of difficult to figure out which sites are useful and which ones are kind of ehh… not so much (and yes, “ehh” is a highly technical term here).


Ice hotel Sweden – Awesome place where you can stay at the largest Ice Hotel in the world! Just click here.

Jumbo Stay – An amazing hotel inside of a Boeing 747 at Arlanda International Airport in Sweden. Find out more here.

The Divers Inn– A great hotel that is reasonable and right near the beaches in Phuket, Thailand. Check out what it’s like here.

The Loft Hostel – This hostel in Chengdu, China is the best place to hang out with other travelers and find great advice about trekking through China. See this awesome hostel here.

Hostelworld – Not sure where to stay and looking for a nice place that is reasonably priced? Well look no further than hosteworld, which has in depth facility details and reviews for each hostel listed. Great site because it takes all the guess work out of finding a great place to stay.

Resources for Travel Bloggers and Travelers


Hipmunk App – Great, free cell phone app that allows you to quickly and easily search for the cheapest flights, to your desired destination, by showing you not only which airports are the cheapest to fly from, but what days are the cheapest to fly as well. But, the best part is that this app does all the comparison shopping for you, so you don’t have to search 20 different sites just to find the cheapest flights. Just an amazing app that makes finding cheap flights so much easier.

Cheapoair – I have booked through this site several times and have always found great deals. To see more, click here here. They also send you a ton of coupons, via email, that are easy to use and that actually make flights a little bit cheaper.

Skyscanner – Skyscanner compares the price of flights on all the airline carriers that are flying to your particular destination. Just makes finding a cheap flight THAT much easier.

Travel Blogger Tools (Some of the Resources that make travel blogging so much easier)

Canna App and website – This is an easy to use, graphic design website that creates all those snazzy looking pins that you see all over Pinterest. Every blogger should use this app, and site, to help step up their pinterest game. They also have photo resources and text applications that will take your graphics to the next level (The app isn’t free but the website is, unless you buy images for $1).

Typorama/Wordswag –  Both apps are great ways to improve the quality of the text on your pins, thereby increasing Pinterest traffic to your site . I always use these apps to create multiple pins that look different but that are actually for the same site post.

Squirrly Plugin – My favorite SEO (search engine optimization) plugin. It is not free but you can download a free trial version that will optimize your SEO for almost 40 different posts. Easiest way to get the SEO green light that we all crave. Not getting the green light? Try using your keyword in the first sentence of your post. Always helps me!

Evernote App – Great resource to help you collect, schedule, and organize everything that a bloggers needs to remember.

Positron App – It’s not just what you post but when you post it. This app makes optimizing all your social media posts, through scheduling, super easy.

Resources for Travel Bloggers and Travelers.

Website Authority Checker – Want to increase your SEO and increase google search traffic to your site? Well first you need to to know your domain Authority (DA), which is a score (on a 100-point scale) that predicts how well your website will rank on search engines. To check out what your site’s DA is, click here. Typically, you want to shoot for a DA of 30. If your DA is not what you would like, then you just need more backlinks to your site through link swaps and guest posts.

Travel Bloggers to Watch!!

This resource section is my favorite because it is all the bloggers that I love to read and follow on a regular basis. So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting to read, then look no further than the blogs listed below.

Becky Angell of beckythetraveller works full time in the UK; however her real passion is travel. She went on her first solo trip to Australia, aged 32 and has now totted up 40 countries across 6 continents. Becky loves outdoor adventures and summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012. She also has a love for wildlife, especially penguins. Who doesn’t love penguins!