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12 Romantic Places in NYC

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I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes when I think about all the romantic places in NYC, I kind of want to gag…just a little bit.


NYC is an exceptionally romantic city, filled with insanely charming, love-inspiring locations that are just yearning for their next proposal or multitude of other declarations of love.

But for us single folk who have seen one too many romantic comedies and shout, “LIES” at the TV, it can be a bit of a drag.

I mean:

I may or may not have fantasized about King Kong swooping in and carrying away Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle.


If you haven’t seen it, it’s a really cute movie you should definitely watch…witch a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream.

But casting my bitterness aside for a hot minute:

The truth is, we all want that one EPIC love in our lives. But, we also all (probably) have more love in our lives than we know.

So why not celebrate love, in all it’s forms, by savoring the beauty and joy that is associated with many of the most romantic things to do in NYC?

Because whether you’re with your boyfriend, husband, mom, dad, sister, or alone, you deserve to appreciate the vast amount of love, joy, hope, and inspiration that this city gives people, from all walks of life.

So treat yo’self and check out these 12 awesomely romantic places in NYC.

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1. Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Personally, I think attending the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.
Personally, I think attending the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is one of the most romantic things to do in NYC.


Seeing a Broadway show is one of the best and most distinct, NYC experiences that I have ever had.

There is just something transformative and almost magical about Broadway; qualities that helps me forget about the hardships of life for a little while.

And my favorite show of them all?

Yup, has to be the Phantom of the Opera.

I mean:

I can barely get a guy to buy me flowers let alone take over an opera house and help me develop my singing career (I can’t sing but that’s beside the point).

And minus all the not-so-nice homicidal bits, it just doesn’t really get any more romantic than The Phantom of the Opera.

(insert swoon here)

Plus, pretty much every woman on the planet, besides my mom, adores this musical and practically melts like butter when they finally see it on stage.

And you know it has to be good since it’s been on Broadway since like the dawn of time. 


It’s BROADWAY. Nothing that makes it to Broadway is that bad (okay there are notable exceptions but this one isn’t one of them).

So if you wanna channel your inner Marvin Gaye and add a little romance into your trip to NYC, then definitely consider getting some tickets to the Phantom of the Opera.

***Don’t wanna pay full price for Broadway tickets? No problem! Find out how to procure cheap Broadway tickets here. Just don’t tell yout significant other how much you saved. Make them think you bought them at full price and score some extra brownie points.***

2. New York City Deluxe Helicopter Tour

One of the most romantic places in NYC is definitely aboard a helicopter, looking out over the city.
One of the most romantic places in NYC is definitely aboard a helicopter, looking out over the city.

Umm, who doesn’t want a once in a lifetime, bird’s eye view of Manhattan’s skyline, from a helicopter?


Sign me up. A trulye nchanting experience that would definitely kick up the level of romance in my life by about 12,000 notches,

But before you beeline it to this romantic place in NYC:

Be 1000% certain that your partner in crime is NOT terrified of heights.


My mom abhorred heights and a romantic experience like this would have sent her straight to the emergency room.

But for anyone out there who is phobia free:

Trust me, here really is nothing more exhilarating than a helicopter ride above Manhattan.

Not only are the views through the floor-to-ceiling, convex windows totally mind-boggling, but you also get a better appreciation of just how insanely large NYC really is.

Just do yourself a favor:

Try and actually listen to the tour narration because, during your flight, you’ll be introduced to many of the iconic attractions that make NYC one of the best cities in the entire world; landmarks like Central Park, Hudson River, New York Harbor, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center, Empire State Building, the World Financial Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and more.

And honestly:

I feel like anyone you give this to really will love you forever.

And if they don’t enjoy this experience:

You can always earn my undying love and devotion by offering me a seat on this awesome helicopter ride.

I pinkie promise that we’ll be thunder buddies for life!

No? You’re creeped out. Okay, rapidly moving on.

3. Dinner Cruise Around Manhattan

The beautiful view of the New York City skyline, from the water.
The beautiful view of the New York City skyline, from the water.

Whenever someone says buffet, I run about as fast as Tom Hanks in,Forest Gump.

But that’s another story.

Let’s get back to the important things in life, like getting all romantic up in NYC.

And unless you’re prone to motion sickness, a dinner cruise around Manhattan is pretty gosh, darn romantic.

At least in my pseudo-humble opinion.

Just lead everyone in a rousing rendition of, “Can you feel the love tonight” and you’ll be all set.

Totally joking. I think that’s only work for a 6-year old.

Anyway, this buffet and dinner cruise will definitely amp your New York City vacation up a scooch (Friends anyone?) and make it just a bit more special (AKA a great way to seal the deal with that honey you’ve been dating).

Because truthfully:

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying a seaside view of the New York City skyline with the one, or ones because sister wives need love too, you love.


You get an all you can eat buffet, live music, a DJ spinning the beats for one epic dance party, and a complimentary alcoholic beverage of your choice.

There’s even a rooftop deck where you can take your drinks, relax, and enjoy the insane beauty of Manhattan as it unfolds around you.

So as long as your ship isn’t the RMS Titanic, you’ll have a pretty bangin’ time.

Unless you hate fun. 

In which case, see a professional because I honestly don’t have the skills to help you with that.

***A fan of the infamous booze cruise with five of your closest gal pals? Then check out this 2 hour, Alive After 5 Happy Hour Cruise and have a most epic galentine’s day***

4. Brunch at Hotel Chantelle

One of the best brunch spots in New York City!

Hotel Chantelle is definitely one of the most romantic places in NYC for foodies, especially those who feel that brunch is the most important meal of the week.

Just wear elastic and prepare for the brunch of your dreams, since this cornflake encrusted french toast, stuffed with ricotta and maple-infused mascarpone, is the stuff that foodgasms are made of,

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my quivering lips.

Tucked away in the lower east side, and not an actual hotel but more of a restaurant and nightclub, this spectacular restaurant offers delicious, reasonably priced brunch items that are served amidst a light and airy top floor, adorned with vintage light fixtures, enchanting greenery, and a lovely glass ceiling that inundates the room with an exquisite amount of light.

As if the decor didn’t make this place awesome enough:

They serve brunch amidst a lively, 20’s style band, that is fully equipped with trumpeters, saxophonists, and a lead vocalist, who croons into a vintage microphone while dressed in a snazzy bow tie, a cabby hat, and a cool pair of shades, a la Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

Sprinkle in some fantastic wall art and you’ve got the perfect spot for some epic Instagram photos.

The one downside?

Not only does this place get incredibly crowded, but the five-piece band and lively crowd make it challenging to actually hear what your dining partner is saying.


If you’re looking for a quiet, intimate brunch spot in NYC where you can have a deep conversation about the state of the universe then this is not the place to go.

5. Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center (or Central Park)

Skating at Rockefeller Center is one of the most iconic and most romantic experiences in NYC.
Skating at Rockefeller Center is one of the most iconic and most romantic experiences in NYC.

Real talk?

Yes, I’ve skated in Rockefeller Center and yes I found it overpriced and boring (the rink is tiny). And yes, most New Yorkers would agree.

So why did I put skating at Rockefeller Center on this list?

Um, because for many out-of-towners, this experience is the pure essence of romance in New York City.

I mean:

There are so many iconic movies where you see couples gaping longingly into each other’s eyes as the skate beneath the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

And if this is your first time in New York City, this is a once and a lifetime experience that will enhance your trip and make it truly special.

But this experience will cost you.

To skate in Rockefeller Center, it is $25 for adults, $15 for children, and skate rentals cost $12 (you can bring your own skates if you want).

And it gets even more expensive during the holidays when it costs an adult $28 to skate.

During the holidays, the price is raised to $28. During peak season, the price to skate is $33.

Plus, it gets crowded AF since this is not exactly a unique idea.

So if you’re gonna skate in Rockefeller Center, be prepared for it and know what you’re getting into. And only do it if it’s the dream of a lifetime.


You’re much better off saving your money and skating in Bryant Park, Central Park (it’s only $8 to skate and $7 for an ice skate rental), Standard Rink on the High-line, Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, etc.

6. Getting a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity III

Chances are that you’ve heard of Serendipity III:

A fine purveyor of desserts that was featured in the quintessential, romantic comedy of the same name, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

A restaurant that is undoubtedly doing something right since today, they currently have three locations in NYC, and many more across the globe.

Known for their immortal, frozen hot chocolate:

This dessert icon was thrust into the romance hall of fame in the movie Serendipity, when Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) reach for the same pair of gloves at the same moment and then discuss this fortunate accident (AKA serendipity) over a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity III on the Upper East Side.


And with a long list of famous clientelle like Andy Warhol, Tom Cruise, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Lindsey Lohan, you’ll definitely earn some BROWNIE points if you bring your any of your loved ones to this romantic hotspot in NYC.


The table where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale sat at in the film has actually become the “Star Table” and is continuously booked by hopeless romantics as they recapture the romance of the movie by sneaking an engagement ring into a decadent frozen treat.

Want to be really fancy?

Order the Golden Opulence Sundae, which sells for a whooping $1000!!!


Personally, I am not a fan of Serendipity and think it’s a total NYC tourist trap with long lines, large crowds, and a frozen hot chocolate that tastes more like chocolate milk than anything else.

But clearly:

I’m in the minority since this restaurant has hordes of people just dying to get in and snag their own piece of romance.

Personally though:

I would skip Serendipity altogether and go to Max Brenner’s instead.

Not only does this chocolate lover’s paradise sell amazing hot chocolate, in any flavor imaginable, but they also serve a delightfully decadent chocolate chunks pizza that has milk and white chocolate chunks, with your choice of hazelnut, bananas, peanut butter, and roasted marshmallow.

They also serve milkshakes, molten lava cake, crepes, sundaes, brownies, etc.

But regardless of which restaurant you choose:

Make a reservation since both eateries are incredibly popular and book up FAST!

7. The New York Botanical Gardens

The historic beauty of the New York Botanical Gardens.
The historic beauty of the New York Botanical Gardens.

Located in none other than da Bronx:

The Botanical Gardens is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys flowers and who is allergy free.

And obviously you should like flowers too.

Personally, I can’t eat flowers so I have minimal use for them, but I’m the exception not the rule.

Founded in ye olde 1891:

The New York Botanical Gardens is a living museum, educational institution, and plant research center that stretches out over 250 acres.

And with an endless assortment of indoor and outdoor gardens to explore, any plant enthusiast could easily spend a day just meandering through this New York landmark.


It’s a museum full of flowers, so you really can’t go wrong. I mean, you find oodles of flowers at every wedding in existence so clearly, flowers are intrinsically romantic.

Which makes sense since they are pretty to look at and smell nice.

And flowers are like the most ICONIC Valentine’s day gift of all time, besides chocolate, so it makes sense that this place would bring out everyone’s inner romantic.

Added bonus?

The Botanical Gardens hosts an assortment of special events throughout the year, like an annual holiday train show and Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Party.

So regardless of who you’re with or what time of year it is:

There is always something new, and potentially romantic, to see at the New York Botanical Gardens.

8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Trust me:

I’m not suggesting that you go all out and buy an engagement ring or an expensive piece of jewelry for yourself, or whoever you’re with.


Why not embrace the romance and nostalgia of decades gone by and have breakfast at Tiffany’s, as Audrey Hepburn did so many years ago?

Because guess what? Now you really can!

Just walk into Tiffany’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue and on the 4th floor, you’ll find The Blue Box Cafe.

While here:

You’ll enjoy prix fixe breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea menus that feature regionally sourced ingredients and modern American cuisine, all served in a signature, Tiffany’s, Robin’s egg blue room.


I’m not the first girl out there who decided that she MUST have breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Book a reservation at least a month in advance.


Try and call rather than book a table online. I’ve tried to book a table several times vis the internet and every single time, the restaurant has been completely booked at least a month in advance (which is why I haven’t been here you and don’t know how tasty the food really is).

And not shockingly:

The menu prices are quite steep. Breakfast includes a croissant, fresh berries, coffee, and your choice of entree for $32.

Yikes, but we like to do it big in the name of romance.

9. Bethesda Fountain

The history and romance behind Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.
The history and romance behind Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.


No way could I make it through this list of secret romantic places in NYC without referencing the swoon-worthy, Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

A perfect place to take your loved ones if you’re in the market for some fantastic photo ops or iconic NYC Instagram spots.

Located on East 72nd Street:

Here, you’ll find a fantastical, Central Park fountain, with rowboats seamlessly gliding along Central Park Lake in the background.

Believe it or not:

You’re not the first one to think that this place is uber romantic since One Fine DayHome Alone 2, and Enchanted were all filmed here.

Whatever you do though:

Arrive as early as possible since people descend upon this architectural landmark like locusts, making it feel more like you’re riding the subway at rush hour than aimlessly meandering through a park.


This is a great place to stop before visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is literally right down the street.

10. The Cloisters

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Perched atop a hill, in Fort Tryon Park, is the Cloisters, a criminally underrated branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Included with any ticket to the MET:

The Cloisters in New York City is without a doubt, one of the most romantic and deliciously beautiful places in all of New York City.

Built-in 1917 by John D. Rockefeller Jr.:

This peaceful, ragtag, aggregation of antiquities was built to house an overflow of medieval artifacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


The Cloisters itself is a New York City hidden treasure and is well worth a visit for any couples who yearn for a bit of art, natural beauty, and solitude so that they can fully enjoy one another’s company.

Okay, this place isn’t just for couples but for anyone who doesn’t want to get trampled by the insane crowds of Times Square.

Within these hallowed walls:

You’ll find fantastic frescoes, unicorn tapestries, and paintings aplenty; all of which surround a romantic courtyard that is interconnected by grand archways with Moorish inspired, terra-cotta roof tops.


The crowning jewel of the entire facility is The Hunt of the Unicorn, a 16th-century tapestry that is awe-inspiring in it’s timeless, effervescent beauty.

And I mean:

If you don’t like unicorns, I don’t think we can be friends…even on Facebook (kidding…sort of).


If you’re looking to get out of the house but are desperately searching for some quiet, NYC beauty, then definitely venture to The Cloisters.

11. Jane’s Carousel

I’m all about embracing the romance and nostalgia of yesteryear.

And what better way to do that than visit Jane’s Carousel with a loved one?

Located in the ever-scenic, Brooklyn Bridge Park:

Jane’s Carousel is without a doubt, one of my favorite carousels in NYC (the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park is amazing too).

Built-in 1922 (AKA the American carousel heyday):

Jane’s Carousel is a classic, wooden, 3-row carousel that consists of 48 exquisite, hand-crafted horses and two ultra badass chariots for anyone who wants to ride around like a total BOSS.

Originally built for an Ohio theme park:

The carousel was later bought at auction, in 1984, by none other than Brooklyn New York.

WOOT! Brooklyn in da house!

And after a mere 27 years of renovation (really, who’s counting?):

Jane’s carousel was reopened to the public, after extensive renovations, and is currently displayed in a nifty little plexiglass “jewel box” that protects this architectural treasure from any further corrosion.

And it gets better!

Tickets are only $2 a piece! A total steal for anyone who wants to throw away the shackles of social media and ride into the novelty of the past like a baller.


This is one of the more secret romantic activities in NYC, at least on this list. So you’ll look totally cool when you throw out this suggestion as one of the most romantic places in NYC at night (it’s open til 6 pm or 7 pm so night-ish).

12. Morgan Library

The library beauty of The Morgan Library is every book lover's dream.
The library beauty of The Morgan Library is every book lover’s dream.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t consider a library romantic but hear me out!

Because if you’re a girl, or boy, who saw Beauty and the Beast and thought to yourself, “All I want in life is a library like THAT!” then you will definitely consider this library one of the most romantic places in New York City.

Located just down the street from Grand Central Terminal:

The Morgan Library and Museum will definitely make any book lover swoon. 

I mean:

How can you not love a place that publicly displays a Guttenberg Bible and an original Mozart composition?

Sprinkle in some exquisite, historic architecture and you have one of my favorite places in all of New York City.

And while yes:

Admission to the Morgan Library and Museum is high, at $20 a person, you can always visit between 7 pm and 9 pm on a Friday when admission is FREE.

Plus, you’ll get to see some live jazz too!

WOOT WOOT! Raise the roof… or your pinkie as you gingerly sip a cup of tea in the drawing room.

And I promise:

I won’t let it slip to your significant other that admission on Friday night is free.

It’ll be our little secret.

So there you have kids who are way cooler than me!

Twelve fantastic, uber-romantic activities in NYC that will help you create the perfect, romantic night in NYC.

Because whether you’re in the market for romantic hotels in NYC or are just looking for some of the most romantic restaurants in NYC, this list has got you covered.

So if you’re ready to start planning a romantic weekend in NYC, then pin this now and read it again later!


Saturday 26th of January 2019

I’ve already done about half of the things on your list, but still haven’t gotten my frozen hot chocolate (the wait is always crazy long!). Definitely adding brunch at Hotel Chanelle to my itinerary for my next visit!


Monday 28th of January 2019

Yeah, the line is crazy ridiculous always but you can never go wrong with brunch at hotel chantelle. so good


Saturday 26th of January 2019

I loved this!! Even though I totally hate Valentine’s Day, and refuse to celebrate it! (I’m a contradiction like that). NYC is such an awesome city, and that French toast looks SO good, that I might need to persuade the boyfriend that I actually want to take part in Valentines. :D


Monday 28th of January 2019

Haha. I'm with you. Even though I'm single I'm really not a huge valentine's person but that french toast really is the stuff that foodie dreams are made of.


Saturday 26th of January 2019

Oh i agree, New York is such a romantic place to be (after all, we did choose it as our honeymoon destination). Sure need to check out a few of your recommendations next time we’re in town.


Monday 28th of January 2019

Oh that is so fun that you guys honeymooned here! I hope it was a fantastic trip!

sue davies

Saturday 26th of January 2019

I love your inclusion of the Morgan Library on this list. I think MOMA's a good place too. Must have been hard to restrict this to 12 places, there are so many places in NYC


Monday 28th of January 2019

It really is hard to pick just 12 but Moma is a great suggestion too! I'm sure I'll add more locations in the future.

Priyanka Gupta

Saturday 26th of January 2019

I might go to New York this year or the next with my partner, and I will look for these places :)


Monday 28th of January 2019

Oh I hope you get to and that these recommendations are helpful to you!

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