3 Easy and Amazing Winter Vacations for Solo Females

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Traveling alone has its own set of positives and negatives. That’s why the unique circumstances of solo female travel fuse together, to create a very different travel experience from those who are traveling with friends, family, or loved ones. That’s why some winter vacations for solo females are better than others. But then how can you chose the perfect solo female winter

trip for you?

Well, choosing the best solo female winter vacation destination depends on the reasons why you decide to travel alone. Some people like to break away from the mundane nature of the traditional 9-5 job. While others like the challenge of stepping out of their comfort zone and forcing themselves to meet new people and experience new cultures, without being influenced by anyone else. And while there are about as many reasons to travel alone as there are people on this planet, solo travel usually has the added benefit of being one of the only times when you can actually blend in and feel like the local.

But no matter who you are or what your motivations are for solo female travel, we can help you choose the best winter solo travel option for you. So stay tuned, for some great winter solo travel ideas that will leave you with lasting memories, without breaking your budget.

1. Valle d’Aosta, Italy


If you have never visited Italy now is the perfect time to do so. And with the winter holidays just around the corner, it is a fantastic opportunity to spend your time visiting some of the most famous ski resorts that this country has to offer. Valle d’Aosta is known as the heart of the Alps and is located at the border between Italy, France, and Switzerland. It is very close to the ski town of Courmayeur, one of the most famous ski centers of Italy.

And even if you are not much of a skier, don’t worry! This beautiful part of Italy offers a multitude of attractions for everyone to enjoy. The region is littered with numerous castles, churches, and fortresses that date all the way back to Roman times. The town of Ansta is even connected to nearby resorts by a picturesque, 20-minute gondola ride that you can enjoy while taking in the beautiful scenery; a true cultural haven for anyone looking to explore and enjoy an assortment of landmarks that are of great cultural and historical value.


2. Iceland

Far north of Europe lies a real tourist gem and the perfect destination for your solo winter holidays. At the mere mention of Iceland, many people tend to think of vast arctic wonderlands, ice glaciers, volcanos, and breathtaking snowy scenery. Well, they won’t be disappointed because these notions aren’t far from the truth.

This small country that is populated by no more than 350.000 people has become a tourist mecca of sorts as people from all over the world flock to see the “land of fire and ice” and its incredibly diverse landscape.

Because of the recent banking system breakdown and the resulting, economic recession, prices in Iceland have dropped and travel here has become more affordable for much of the Western world.

However, if you choose Iceland for your winter solo holidays, you’ll be delighted to learn that prices drop even more during the winter season since this is the off-season for Iceland tourism.

But the great price isn’t the only appealing thing about solo winter breaks to Iceland. There is also a lot to see and experience in this dramatically beautiful country. You can go hiking on ice glaciers and mountain trails, climb up non-active volcanoes, visit geothermal spas like the Blue Lagoon, or just sit back and enjoy the view of breathtaking waterfalls and a vast array of arctic wildlife. In Iceland, the possibilities really are virtually limitless.

But the beauty of this country is only magnified during the winter, when the sun sets early and you can gaze up at the sky and watch the magical colors of the Northern Lights dance all around you.

3. Snowy Mountains, Australia

Riding the slopes of Australia’s Snowy Mountains is another item that you can add to your winter travel bucket list. Australia is not typically known as a winter destination hot spot, but that is changing as more and more people come to Australia to ski on the some of the country’s highest mountains.

Cheap ski packages and lots of activities for both beginner and advanced skiers make the Snowy Mountains destination perfect for skiers and non-skiers alike. While you’re here, be sure to check out Australia’s highest peak, at over 7,000 feet, Mount Kosciuszko. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even hike to the top.

Because Australia is not yet a premium winter holiday, ski resorts in this mountain region have become quite competitive in their pricing and can be a fair bit cheaper than their North American counterparts. Plus, the resorts located on Snowy Mountains are well equipped and jam-packed with entertaining activities like skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, the Long Plain Drive, the Alpine way drive and much much more.

***Please note that Winter in Australia is during the North American Summer. Therefore, if you plan on visiting this region in December or January, you won’t encounter much snow but can partake in mountain biking, horseback riding, exploring the Yarrangobilly Caves, and hiking.


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 It can be difficult for #solo #travelers to find a great #winter #vacation #destinations. But these amazing places will help you plan the perfect #trip and winter travel #itinerary.

It can be difficult for #solo #travelers to find a great #winter #vacation #destinations. But these amazing places will help you plan the perfect #trip and winter travel #itinerary.