I HATE shopping (Discount Shopping in New York City too)

Okay, I am not gonna lie to you, and please don’t hate me forever for saying this, but…I don’t like shopping. There. Phew!. I said it out loud. I seriously wish I did because I feel like most women find it to be an exhilarating experience that fortifies their bonds with other women. I mean, it feels like shopping creates these deep rooted sisterhoods that you see in shows like Sex and the City. Some of their BEST girl talk occurs while shopping for a pair of Manolo Blahnik (Yeah, I totally had no look how to spell that one. and had to look it up). And while most of us probably can’t afford Manolo’s, you get the idea. I feel like shopping is as significant to women as sporting events are to men,

And sometimes it sucks to hate shopping because while you do save money, you can also feel left out when all your girlfriends head out on a shopping trip and you stay home because you’d rather pull all your toenails out then go with them (Okay, it’s not THAT bad but you get the idea).

Why I HATE shopping

Now, you may be wondering, where does my lack of enthusiasm for shopping stem from? First off, I hate crowds. Seriously. The more people there are the more inclined I am to run away and hide. The other reason is a little more complicated and stems from my childhood.

Discount shopping in New York City can be HARD work.

I was a chubby, short kid, so nothing ever fit. As a result, shopping was a horrendous experience that always made me feel like a beached whale, who was the only person in the world who could not find clothes that fit (I would envy people who did;t have to get all their pants altered). And the process of shopping would become so arduous that my mom and I would both get frustrated and start yelling at each other. Sounds like fun huh? LoL (In my defense she used to yell my size across the store and that made me want to just crawl in a hole and die).

So I guess as a result of those negative experiences, I have never associated shopping with a lot of fun (At least clothes shopping because I LOVE food shopping). But I know a lot of women, and men since I really shouldn’t be sexist here, enjoy shopping and come to New York specifically for that reason.

List of Store for Discount Shopping in New York City

However, we all know that the clothing prices in New York City can be pretty ridiculous (Can you say Louis Vuitton?), so I have crafted a list of the 10 best stores for discount shopping in New York. I hope this list helps you save some many while fulfilling all of your New York, shopping fantasies.

**Disclaimer – As stated above, i do NOT like shopping, so I haven’t been to most of these places. However, my friends tell me that these are the best stores for discount shopping in New York City.

8 Best Stores for Discount Shopping in New York City

  1. INA -Since store has been around since 1993 (Geez I feel old because that doesn’t seem that long to me.LoL) and has become one of New York City’s most reliable chains of consignment stores. This store accepts only the highest of quality merchandise for resale and has a multitude of fashion forward items, at discounted prices, from such iconic designers as Chanel, Pucci, BALLY, etc. There are a bunch of different locations, so visit their website to find a location nearest you.
  2. HOUSING WORKS THRIFT STORE – I LOVE the concept behind this charitable retail store. AtHousing Works, all sales proceeds go towards aide for the homeless and those afflicted with the AIDS virus. Therefore, you can feel like you’re

    Cartier is NOT on the discount shopping in New York list.

    shopping for the good of humanity while you’re here.   And while you’re here, you can sell some of your own goods or cruise the racks for vintage designs from Gucci, Givenchy, DVF, etc. This store is also part of a larger chain, so click here to find a store location that is convenient for you.

  3. GABAY”S OUTLET – This store has been family owned since 1940, and has made a name for itself as a style mecca for any bargain hunting, New York fashionista. When walking into Gabay’s, you can find designer clothes and handbags from such high-end labels as Gucci, Celine, and Balenziaga, for a fraction of the price. Most items here are discounted by at least 30%, so pay off your credit card and then get ready to shop! This store is located at 195 Avenue A (East Village) and is open between 11:30am and 6:30pm, seven days a week
  4. THINK CLOSET -This chain of retail stores was created by Wendy Chung, and only sells items that have been imported from Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. Therefore, all the items sold here are affordable and unique, fashion forward items that you can’t really find anywhere else. Visit their website to find a location near you.
  5. BASH AND BOW -This boutique of thoughtfully curated fashion is a shopping haven for anyone in the Gramercy Park area, since the store is located at 210 East 21st Street. Store hours are from 9am – 8pm Monday through Friday, and 11am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday. The sleek design of this shop makes you feel as though the prices will be outrageous, but here, you can easily find a fashion forward, patchwork bomber jacket and a pair of grommet-studded booties for less than $50 each. And that’s just the clothes! There is also a sister store that sells innovative cards, towels, and apothecary items that define this store as a shopping MUST for anyone visiting New York City.
  6. CENTURY 21 – I am so excited because I have ACTUALLY been to this store. I went here because I was seeing a play at Lincoln Center and hd some time to kill before the show. And I have to say, this store did not disappoint. They have great deals, up to 70% off designer prices, on everything from shoes to handbags to workout gear. And the best part is that the store is spread out over something crazy like seven floors, so you actually have to room to shop and don’t have to fight the woman next to you for the last

    Saks Fifth Avenue is NOT on the list for discount shopping in New York, but the window display still looks awesome.

    v-neck top. They also have multiple locations in the Financial District, the Upper West Side, and Brooklyn so see the website for more details.

  7. NECESSARY CLOTHING – Going to Little Italy for a nice slice of pizza or an enormous cup of gelatto? Well, since you’re in the area, why not stop by this trendy shop, (preferably BEFORE you eat like a horse so that you don;t feel bloated) which is known for having in style fashions, at affordable prices. Cheap garb is a plenty here, and the best part is that you get to avoid the department store hassle while nabbing great clothes for under $50. This store is located at 443/442 Broadway and open between 10am and 9pm, seven days a week.

    – Another store that I have ACTUALLY been to, and I love it here. This outlet complex is located outdoors, so it is a great place to walk around on a nice, sunny day. It is also huge, with hundreds of stores to visit (Seriously, there is an outlet for anything you can imagine, like Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ugg, Coach, Kate Spade, etc.), so I would grab a map and plan on making a day of it. Also wear a pair of comfortable sneakers because Woodbury Commones is quite large and requires a fair bit of walking; especially on the weekends when it’s crowded and the parking lots are full.  If you get hungry from all that walking, don’t worry, there is a food court and several restaurants that you can choose from. The only down side is that this outlet is located in Central Valley New York, which is about 40 minutes outside the city. But, the prices here make it totally worth the schlepp (Seriously, every New Yorker I know shops here). And if you don’t have a car, not to worry. There are a multitude of tour companies that offer excursions up here. Get here early and stay late because stores here are open from 10 am – 9pm, seven days a week. But  I would still check the website, before you go, for the latest coupons and store deals.