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Shout out to all my faithful followers and happy new year! I promise that this post will contain no mention of losing weight or finding Mr. Right in the New Year! Just some good old fashioned, girly fun (no pillow fights in your underwear required) with some of the best European vacations for solo female travelers in 2018.

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Now, have you hopped on the New Year’s band wagon and created a, “New year, new me” resolution? LOL. Okay, I’m gonna stop being so cynical because wanting to improve yourself is a wonderful thing. But if one more person asks me if I want to, “Lose weight, be healthier, and exercise more in the new year,” I am gonna hurl. Besides, I have better things to do than drink a bunch of overpriced protein shakes that taste like glorified ass in a glass (and if you are doing this, as long as you’re happy then I support you). Plus, we all know that after two weeks everyone’s binge eating a gallon of ice cream while watching Black Mirror on Netflix for six hours straight (No judgement here. I just finished the series in one sitting, while eating a pint of birthday cake ice cream).

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So no, this won’t be me trying to sell you the latest fad diet product du jour, and I won’t be erasing all your nonexistent wrinkles either. Sorry, see Cindy Crawford for that service. Nope, this post is about a New Years resolution that you may actually want to keep. And the best part is that neither Kale nor Botox are involved! Instead, shockingly enough, this post is about some of the best European cities for solo female travelers because that’s who I am and that’s what I care about. Besides, who doesn’t want to embark a European adventure where you get lost in subways, eat strange foods that give you intestinal parasites, and use interpretive dance to try and communicate with locals. Sounds alluring right? Okay, I kid, I kid. But traveling more in the new year is a valiant goal for sure, especially if you’re jonesing to embark on some of the best European vacations for solo female travelers in 2018!

Now, I could have written this stunning post all by myself but first of all, I haven’t travelled to every city in Europe (and my wallet is a little emaciated these days so I probably won’t be doing that any time soon) and second of all, you’re probably totally sick of hearing me, me, and only me.

So rather than subject you to my whining dribble for another glorious year, let’s switch it up a bit and hear from some other solo female travel bloggers who kick ass, take names, and basically inspire me to get out their and explore some cities that weren’t even on my travel radar (I mean, who wouldn’t want to vacation in Kabul, Afghanistan? Kidding! I’m sure Kabul is a lovely city, but surprisingly enough, it’s not on my list of best European trips for solo female travelers).

***PS this mammoth list is actually applicable to men and women, so think of this as a list of the best vacations for solo travelers (Okay, I swear i’ll shut up now and let someone else talk for a change, as hard as that is for me).


1. Helsinki, Finland

By: Jeanine Romo of Le Wild Explorer (Check out her blog on Pinterest and Instagram)

Helsinki Finland

With a low crime rate, happy people, and an easy-to-navigate layout, Helsinki, Finland is one of the best places for solo female travelers in 2018. But don’t take my word for it. The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report of 2017 actually ranked Finland as the safest country in the world, so clearly this city is one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers. 

Sitting adjacent to the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is not only picturesque but the largest city in Finland, making it a top urban destination for many travelers in Scandinavia. Additionally, English is widely spoken and understood by much of the population, making it easy for foreigners to get around this charming capital city. Plus, Helsinki is home to the largest university in Finland, the University of Helsinki; a school that has a large number of international students who make this city a diverse community that is welcoming to all.   

In the summer months, the skies are only dark for a couple hours, making it even easier and safer to get around at night. So as a solo female traveler, you will feel totally at ease hanging out at a local dive bar or dining at a hip new restaurant. Also don’t forget to check out a traditional Finnish sauna, a national pass time that is enjoyed by Finns all over the country. 

2. Tallinn, Estonia

By: Natalia of Mytriphack (Check out her blog on Twitter and Facebook)

Tallinn Estonia

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, expertly intertwines history and modern innovations, making this place a popular destination for startups and entrepreneurs alike. Perhaps this boom in business is related to the lightning fast, publicly accessible internet that helps make the beautiful Old Town an easy and fun place to explore. 

Due to its diverse history, Tallinn is also an interesting destination for architectural enthusiasts and photography lovers alike. Between the Baroque style Kadriorg palace and the narrow, quaint, colorful streets of the Old Town, there are no shortage of places to explore in this vibrant city. There are even a ton of Soviet Era constructions that make up the Rotermann Quarter, creating a location that is absolutely perfect for any and all types of travelers.

You can also find plenty of budget accommodations that are perfect for solo female travelers who have no one to split the cost of a room with. There are also a ton of friendly and helpful locals that can assist you if you need any help while trying to navigate the city. 

That’s why overall, Estonia has been one of my favorite cities as a solo traveler and I highly recommend visiting this country. Moreover, Tallinn tops Lonely Planet’s list of best value destinations for 2018, so clearly there is something magical about this city that you need to check out.

3. Valencia, Spain

By: Sanne Wesselman of Spend Life Traveling (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

Valencia Spain

Do you love the beach, palm trees, good food, a great climate, rich history and beautiful architecture? If you answered yes to any of the above then you have to plan at least a short visit to Valencia, Spain! Valencia is Spain’s third largest city but is much less touristy than either Barcelona or Madrid (and much less expensive too)! That’s why this stunning city is one of the best destinations for solo travelers.

Valencia has a lot to offer and the world seems to be slowly catching on since more travelers are making their way here and creating their own Valencia, Spain bucket list. I have been coming to Valencia for many years, often on my own, and love how perfect this city is for solo female travelers. Its safe, the people are friendly, and the city center can easily be explored in just 2 or 3 days.

But even though Valencia is probably one of the safest places for solo female travelers, it’s not one of those artificially manicured cities: it has a bit of a grunge feel to it that is exemplified by great street art, narrow streets, historic buildings and dimly lit, late night bars. At the same time, it has impressive city parks, gorgeous sandy beaches lined with palm trees, and a number of outdoor activities that you can enjoy every day.

So out of all the cities that I have travelled to, Valencia is definitely in my top 5 (especially for solo female travelers). So if you’re looking for the perfect city break in 2018, come to Valencia!

4. Girona, Spain

By: Kiara Gallop of Gallop Around the Globe (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)
 Girona Spain
Girona is located between the coastal region and mountain ranges of northern Catalonia, Spain.  This city is an enchanting network of cobbled lanes and medieval walls that make Girona a wonderful place for a relaxing wander.  It’s a laid-back, compact, and stylish city, that offers visitors a perfect mix of history, culture, architecture, and diverse dining options.

Take a walk along the ancient city walls or enjoy some peace and quiet in one of the city’s many hidden gardens. Also make sure that you take a moment to stop and photograph Girona’s iconic, red bridge, designed by Gustaf Eiffel. And while you’re at it, be sure to eat some Wonka-esque ice cream that was created by a Michelin-star rated chef. You can even check out some Game of Thrones filming locations, and learn about  the city’s unique history in one of the many fascinating, local museums.

So even though Girona isn’t one of Spain’s most well-known or well visited cities, that fact actually makes it the perfect destination for solo female travelers.  Because the city isn’t packed with tourists, I felt completely comfortable no matter where I was or what I was doing.

5. Dublin, Ireland

By: Gina Tarmacki of One Day in a City (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

dublin Ireland

Although I had traveled solo before, Dublin was the first place that I traveled to on my own. After I got married. And I have to say, It was a great city to visit as a solo female traveler! Not only is the city welcoming and safe, but most of central Dublin, where all the top attractions are located, is extremely walkable, making Dublin a great place to explore in just one day. Therefore, you don’t have to waste time worrying about cabs and getting lost in subways all by yourself. In Dublin, I was able to easily and efficiently navigate my way through the city and even enjoyed some solo touring through the assortment of churches and museums that Dublin has to offer. And if you find the time, you can even take a great day trip to the Giant’s Causeway or Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In the evenings, I would head out to local pubs and found it easy to make friends with the lovely people there. Plus, many of these same pubs offer live music that makes for a great source of cheap entertainment after the sun goes down!

Dublin has a ton of hostels to choose from too, all of which are a great way for solo travelers to meet other people. But if your budget allows it, I suggest staying in a local bed and breakfast. Such places give you the opportunity to chat with a local homeowner and get a feel for the what the local culture in Ireland is really like.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

By: Clarissa Linnitt of An Orcadian Abroad (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)
Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal’s esteemed capital, is one of those cities that quietly nudges its way onto people’s bucket lists while still retaining a certain air of modesty. It feels underrated but everyone who talks about it seems to absolutely adore this charming city and all of the stunning attractions that Lisbon has to offer.
So, naturally, I had expected to fall for Lisbon, but I was quite surprised by how hard I did. Lisbon is the perfect city for solo female travelers — it’s easy to get around, it packs a whole lot of beauty into a small area, and most importantly, it’s the safest I’ve ever felt in a European City. Whether you’re watching the sun set over the orange rooftops of Alfama, wandering through Lisbon’s many quaint and colorful cobblestone alleyways, or devouring your weight in delicious pastries, it’s not hard to see why Lisbon is quickly becoming a highly sought after travel destination. Plus it is still a relatively affordable destination in Europe, which means more pastel de natas (traditional egg tarts) for you!
So make sure you get to Lisbon in 2018, before the hordes of tourists take over and this beautiful capital city loses some of its charm and affordability.

7. Leiden, the Netherlands

By: Maria of 203 Challenges (Check out her blog on Facebook and Twitter)

Leiden the Netherlands

The city of Leiden is a great stop for solo female traveler’s who are looking for the perfect day trip from Amsterdam or the Hague in the Netherlands. This quaint city has all the classic ‘Dutch’ scenery (the bike lanes, the scenic bridges spanning the canals, the LEGO-like houses) of Amsterdam but minus all the crowds that are always bumping into you.

Leiden is also a perfect destination for solo female traveler’s who are arts and culture buffs since Leiden is the birthplace of none other than Rembrandt. This town is also home to one of the first universities in the Netherlands, as well as the National Museum of Antiquities, which displays an array of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Seriously, is there anything better for the solo traveler’s soul than a good, slow walk through the past and into the present of a city’s cultural scene?

Now while walking here is great, renting a bike here is even better (you’re in the Netherlands after all)! So rent a bike and explore a maze of tiny cobbled streets. You can also head out of the city altogether and check out the Hague (this is where you can find the Scheveningen beach area), which is only an hour away from Leiden by bike.

But before you leave Leiden, be sure to climb to the top of the citadel. From here you can get a stunning, panoramic view of the entire city. And if you’re tired after all that climbing, you can always stop at one of the many art cafes in the area, a perfect place for any solo female traveler to pull up a chair and relax before her next adventure.

8. The Azores, Portugal

By: Sarah Swank of Suitcase Six (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

The Azores of Portugal

In 2017, I fell in love with the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores – one of the many perfect vacation ideas for solo travelers! There are two main reasons why solo female travelers will have a kickass time in the Azores: safety and the outdoor activities.

Safety isn’t the most exciting answer, but it’s one of my biggest concerns when traveling alone. It is no secret that the world can be a dangerous place for women. Having to constantly look over your shoulder when you travel is exhausting and I loved the Azores because I felt like I was safe no matter where I was. The island has a low crime rate and a small population that, from my experience, is friendly, active, and nature-loving. I felt completely secure walking around at night and didn’t feel like I stood out too much on the streets while carrying a backpack or camera.

The island itself is picturesque and the outdoors are easily the biggest highlight for the ladies. While here, solo ladies can see stunning landscapes — beaches, mountains, hot springs, cliff-side farms, volcanoes — without being rushed since the island is so easy to get around. So while Sao Miguel is a quiet island, it is also a great destination for women seeking a little adventure in their lives.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

By: Michelle Joy of Harbors and Havens (Check out her blog on Instagram and Facebook)
Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh Scotland

I typically travel with my husband, but when I had the chance to take my first international, solo trip, I knew Edinburgh would be an ideal spot. Since English is the primary language (albeit a unique brand of English), it’s simple to get around the city. Plus, with a compact tourist zone in the Old Town and New Town areas, you can easily walk or hop on a bus to discover all the top attractions.

Now if you’re itching for company, people are always flooding the streets around The Royal Mile, which brims with pubs, coffee shops, and about a thousand places to buy tartan scarves. Various free group tours also have meeting points here for day and night excursions that delve into the rich, and sometimes gruesome, history of Edinburgh. Several big museums are free too, like the Scottish National Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland.

Away from the hubbub, Holyrood Park is an amazing green space that invites hikers to make their way up Arthur’s Seat for 360-degree views of the city and the waters of the Firth of Forth. And while the trails here are quite popular, you can still find a private spot to watch the sunset over Edinburgh Castle.

10. Paris, France

By: Alison Roberts-Tse of Up&AtEm Travel (Check out her blog on Instagram and Facebook)

The Louvre in Paris France.

To some, roaming around the city of romance as a solo female traveler, with all the happy couples floating around, would be a soul crushing disaster. But even though I am happily married to a man who enjoys travel almost as much as I do, I found exploring the streets of Paris on my own positively incredible.

 If you are a true arts enthusiast, you can take as long as you’d like at the fantastic art galleries or the stunning Palais Ganier opera house without a less enthusiastic companion nagging at you, “Are we done, yet?” You can also aimlessly stroll the charming streets, with a warm croissant in hand.

Exploring the French capital alone also gives you the ability to duck in and out of shops as much as you’d like. So Paris really is the perfect place to take time for yourself and explore lesser known areas at a leisurely pace.

Cheers to a Year Filled with Epic European Adventures for all you Solo Female Travelers Out There!

Oh hey, it’s me again! Did you miss me? Probably not because at this point your attention span has waned and you are now stalking your ex on Facebook, in the divine hope that you won the breakup. Oh and you did because he or she is a total loser for letting you go!

But enough about lame ass exes because this female travel blogger tribe has spoken, and these are the top European destinations that solo travelers and non-solo travelers should explore if they wanna be inspired and dare to be different. So cheers to 2018 and hopefully it doesn’t suck as much as that fruit cake that your aunt Mildred made for the holidays (Even the dog wouldn’t eat it. Never a good sign).

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Are you a #solo #female #traveler looking for a great city to visit in 2018? Then check this article out. Expert travel bloggers reveal the 10 cities in Europe that you need to visit if you're a solo female traveler in 2018! So check it out and see if your favorite European city made the list! #wanderlust #Europe #travel