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23 of the BEST places to stay in Bangkok!

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Looking for the ABSOLUTE best place to stay in Bangkok? Or, do you find yourself quietly wondering where to stay in Bangkok and where to find the best rooftop pool hotels in Bangkok?


If this even sounds just the littlest bit like you, then you’re  in luck because well, as the title aptly suggests, that’s exactly what this post is about.


Since I am quite a financially irresponsible person, there is really no way that I could ever afford to stay in twenty-one different hotels in Bangkok.

I mean:

I can barely afford to stay in one Bangkok accommodation, let alone twenty-three of them.

That’s why:

I did a bit of outsourcing and asked twenty-one of my favorite  travel experts (AKA travel bloggers) exactly where the best place to stay in Bangkok was.

And thankfully, they answered my barrage of questions. Plus:

They even gave me a RANGE of options (because they really are THAT awesome) that can be found throughout the city, and that cover a variety of different price points.


No matter what your budget is or where your interests lie, you’ll definitely be able to find the best place to stay in Bangkok for YOU!

That’s why:

I suggest that you grab a snuggie and some delicious Thai food take out right now! Because we’re about to get all up in twenty-three of the BEST hotels in Bangkok, Thailand (Not to worry though because I pinkie promise that there will be some hostels on this list too!).

Dear reader, since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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Best Places to Stay in Bangkok…on a BUDGET!

1.The Printing House Poshtel (Located in the Khao San/ Banglamphu Area)

The fun decor and comfy accommodations that you'll find at The Printing House Poshtel, one of the best places to stay in Bangkok.

The fun decor and comfy accommodations that you’ll find at The Printing House Poshtel, one of the best places to stay in Bangkok.

By: Lee of The Travel Scribes

Fall somewhere between a backpacker and a mid-range traveler?

If you’re emphatically nodding your head yes then a ‘flashpacker’ hotel or a poshtel will be right up your alley.

And one of the best accommodations in Bangkok, for this type of traveler, is undoubtedly the Printing House Poshtel.

What, you’ve never heard of a poshtel before?

Well, it’s the perfect mix of a hotel and a hostel since you get the social atmosphere (and affordability) of a hostel but with the luxe amenities of an upscale hotel (think high-quality sheets, posh bathrooms, and lots of private rooms)!

And The Printing House Poshtel?

Yeah, it delivers on all of these things and more since this poshtel offers guests uber-comfy beds, impeccably clean rooms, and a variety of different types of accommodations that include everything from cozy dormitories to gorgeous private rooms (Both of which lie on different floors of the building, just in case you’re not keen on the noise level emanating from most dorm rooms).


We really fell in love with this property because of the amazing service and the lovely staff, all of whom are incredibly friendly and only too happy to help in any way possible.

More than that though:

Their in-house restaurant offers up delicious, yet budget-friendly fare that includes a variety of international options (do try the burger!) as well as some more traditional Thai dishes that will leave your mouth watering and begging for more.

This accommodation also has the perfect location since it is close to various modes of public transportation, is just a stone’s throw away from Khao San Road, and sits right down the street from the incredibly affordable, Michelin-guide restaurant, Krua Apsorn.

PRICE: Dorm rooms start at $12 per night while private rooms start at $35 per night.

2. Suk 18 Hostel (Located in the Sukhumvit Area)

By: Max of Dame Cacao

Starting at just $15 a night for a single bed in a dorm room:

Suk18 is the perfect place to stay in Bangkok for anyone traveling on a budget.


This hostel may be a bit pricey when it comes to shared accommodations in Bangkok, but you get what you pay for.

And this hotel is well worth the price since it’s located in the upscale neighborhood of Sukhumvit, which is also one of the best places to live in Bangkok, and has some of the fluffiest, most comfortable beds that I have ever slept in while in Thailand

It’s also a quiet hostel that has two floors filled with rooms, as well as a rooftop area where you can enjoy a modest, complimentary breakfast.


While staying here, you also have twenty-four access to all communal facilities, including a kitchen area on the roof and a common area with a TV and cushions.

The staff here are also very helpful and accommodating, and willing to do just about anything to help make your stay here a bit more enjoyable.

Now, walking outside the hostel:

You’ll find not only Terminal 21 Mall but a BTS and MRT station too, both of which are just a five-minute walk away.

There’s also a 7-11 right next door, as well as several delicious, totally affordable restaurants where you can sit and enjoy either lunch or dinner (Pro-tip: There’s also a delicious mango sticky rice shop on the corner that you NEED to visit).


Do keep in mind that like with every hostel, you will encounter a few inconveniences while staying here, like carrying your own bags upstairs (since there is no elevator) and needing bug repellent to enjoy the hostel’s various outdoor spaces,

PRICE: Beds here start at $15 per night.

3. The Spades Hostel (Located in the Pratunam Area)

The simple, but clean and private dorm beds that you'll find at The Spades Hostel in Bangkok.

The simple, but clean and private dorm beds that you’ll find at The Spades Hostel in Bangkok.

By: Trijit of Budget Travel Buff

The Spades Hostel in Bangkok is a fun and energetic hostel that offers guests a relaxed environment during the day and a fun, party atmosphere in the evening.

Offering guests a variety of different accommodations, including a large family room and a deluxe dormitory room:

All rooms here are spacious, well air-conditioned, clean, include free WIFI and parking (as are the communal washrooms), and provide guests with access to a beautifully decorated common area, with a little garden.

That’s why:

This hostel’s great ambiance, coupled with its comfy beds, private curtains, personal reading lights, and personal lockers, all make this one of the best places to stay in Bangkok, especially since the hostel is located just a 5-minutes away from both the Ratchathewi BTS Station and the immortal, Jim Thompson House.


Guests here can enjoy a short visit to the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, which is just 800 m away. The night market is also within walking distance and is the perfect place for you to try some local street food.


If you’re looking for a modern, budget-friendly hostel that you can enjoy during your Thailand budget trip, then The Spades Hoste should be at the very top of the list.

PRICE: Single beds in a dorm room start $10 per night whereas a deluxe family room starts at $50 per night.

4. The LOL Elephant Hostel (Located in the Khao San/ Banglamphu Area)

By: Rai of A Rai of Light

Overlooking the Khlong Bang Lamphu Canal in Bangkok’s enchanting Old Town district:

The LOL Elephant Hostel is a super-fun, ultra-hip hostel that sits just minutes away from Khaosan Road.

This hostel is also located just 2 kilometers away from the nearest metro station, as well as the Grand Palace in Bangkok, making it the perfect place from which to explore the city.

In terms of accommodations:

Sleek mixed and female-only dorm rooms are clean, comfortable, and include free wifi, as well as private lockers, making this is a fantastic place to relax after a long day spent exploring the city.

And while the bathrooms here are quite small:

The rooms are very quiet and offer guests plenty of privacy, something that can be hard to come by in a hostel.


Private rooms at this hostel feature en suite facilities and typically include a beautiful view of the nearby canal.

Also included with your stay is a delightful, complimentary breakfast, as well as access to a modern lounge, kitchen, and an outdoor terrace that overlooks the adjacent canal.


Staff members here are wonderfully friendly and more than eager to assist you with any travel plans as they relate to the city. 

PRICE: Beds here start at $10 per night

5. Bed Station Hostel (Located in the Pratunam Area)

Bed Station Hostel is one of the many nice, but affordable hostels that you can find in Bangkok.

Bed Station Hostel is one of the many nice, but affordable, hostels that you can find in Bangkok.

By: Alexei of Travel Lexx

Bed Station Hostel is hands down one of my favorite hostels in Bangkok.

Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Khao San Rd:

This lovely, family-owned hostel is conveniently located in the heart of Bangkok’s city center and prides itself in excellent service and friendly staff members who will happily show you where to get that perfect pad thai you’ve been craving.

The modern, industrial-style decor here is also on point here and features chic, exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, stylish communal tables, and a bean bag-lined common area that makes the perfect place for socializing.


All rooms here include breakfast, as well as complimentary snacks and tea/coffee.


This hostel is located just meters (Literally) from Ratchatewi BTS station, making it within easy reach of some of the city’s most famous attractions, including Sukhumvit Rd and Chatuchak Market.

If you want:

You could even visit historic, Kanchanaburi, one of the absolute coolest day trips from Bangkok.

This hostel is also just a few BTS stations away from the Chao Phraya river, where you can catch a quick ferry to the Old City, and is just a short walk away from Phaya Thai Airport Link station, making the journey to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport a total breeze. 

PRICE: Dorm beds here start at $15 per night.

6. S-Box Hotel (Sukhumvit 31 in the Sukhumvit Area)

The cozy, but comfy, rooms at S-Box Hotel in Bangkok.

The cozy, but comfy, rooms at S-Box Hotel in Bangkok.

By: Allan of Boutique Bangkok


Bangkok serves as our base whenever we travel through Asia.

That’s why:

I don’t think we can count the number of different hotels that we’ve stayed at while in Bangkok. Because from hostels to some of the most elegant establishments in the city, we’ve tried them all.

But, the S-box Hotel is definitely our favorite.

Because when trying to cut costs on accommodations, we always look for the best value for our needs.

And our needs are generally pretty simple since we require nothing more than a clean and comfortable room, that efficiently uses space. We also like to avoid places with unnecessary facilities like swimming pools and gyms.

Which is one of the many reasons why we always come back to S-Box.

It’s a bit like a chic Japanese-style ‘salaryman’ business hotel that is perfectly located between the Asoke and Phrom Pong stations along the Sukhumvit Skytrain line.

At the same time though:

This budget hotel is actually part of a larger, luxury brand that never seems to downgrade their standards of comfort when creating chic, budget accommodations.


Included with all of the rooms at S-box Hotel are comfy bedding, branded toiletries, and a delicious, complimentary breakfast that serves food from their very own bakery.

If anything:

The rooms here may be a bit too compact for large bags and backpacks but are perfect for any quick stays in the city.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $30 per night.

7. D’Condo Airbnb Stay (Located in the Bang Wa Area)

By: Josh of Peanuts or Pretzels

Bangkok is loaded with amazing places to stay that seem to accommodate all different types of travelers.

That’s why:

After traveling throughout Southeast Asia for months, we finally decided to settle in Bangkok for a little while.


We wanted to find a place where we could unpack our bags; a place that we could comfortably call “home” for about a month.


We decided to go the Airbnb route and found a charming little place, called D Condo, that was located in the Bang Wa area and tucked away at the very end of one of the main BTS Skytrain lines.


This condo is not located in any of the main tourist or ex-pat areas of Bangkok. 


It’s located inside a local neighborhood and has one comfy bedroom, SUPER fast wifi, a small kitchen, and a great lounge area with a couch and TV.

There are also various working areas spread throughout the condo complex, as well as a gym and an amazing pool where we could relax during Bangkok’s notoriously hot afternoons.


There are a number of amazing restaurants just outside of the complex that all serve a wealth of cheap and delectable, local food.

And as always:

There is a 7-11 right around the corner, where delicious mango smoothies are made to order, making this one of the best places to stay in Bangkok for anyone who is looking for a local experience that still provides them easy access to some of the most unique things to do in Bangkok.

PRICE: The entire condo starts at $350 per MONTH.

Best Places to Stay in Bangkok, If You’re Looking for a Mid-range Hotel

8. New Siam Riverside (Located along the Bangkok Riverside)

By: Vanda of The Yogi Wanderer

If you’re looking for a mid-range hotel with great amenities and an awesome location in the heart of Bangkok, then New Siam Riverside is the place for you!

Situated along the riverfront of Bangkok’s enchanting Old Town:

This 3-star hotel sits near a local boat pier that is within walking distance of the city’s many top attractions, including Khao San Road which is just a 5-minute walk away and a must visit for party lovers and foodies alike.

During my first visit to Bangkok:

I had a fantastic, 5-night stay at New Siam Riverside hotel and thoroughly enjoyed the spacious, comfortable rooms here, which showcased simple, but elegant, Thai-style decor.


The hotel’s outdoor swimming pool and terrace area both overlook the river and make great relaxation areas after exploring Bangkok all day.

There’s also a restaurant on-site, as well as a tour desk, free Wi-Fi, laundry service (for an additional fee), and complimentary breakfast served on the terrace.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $63 per night

9. Ohm’s Canal House (Located along the Bangkok Riverside)

The view of Mon Canal from Ohm's Canal House in Bangkok, Thailand.

The view of Mon Canal from Ohm’s Canal House in Bangkok, Thailand.

By: Delilah of Our Travel Mix

Ohm’s canal house is a local Airbnb that is located just on the ‘other’ side of Bangkok’s famous Chao Phraya river. nestled along the edge of Mon canal. 

A stay at this quaint accommodation makes for a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the business and tourist districts, all while being just a ten-minute drive from the center of Bangkok.


There are also plenty of exciting attractions within walking distance of this amazing canal house, including fantastic street food, amazing restaurants, and vibrant, local markets (FYI; The lovely owner, Ohm, will be only too happy to recommend his favorites). 

Wat Arun, one of the most impressive temples in Bangkok, is also just a 10-minute walk away., as is the local ferry, which regularly departs from Wat Arun and can easily take you up or down the river (Trust me, it’s an incredibly affordable way to travel that also allows you to escape Bangkok’s notoriously hectic traffic).


If taking a local water taxi really isn’t your thing, then you can always just catch a GRAB to one of Bangkok’s rooftop bars instead.

And while this canal house certainly isn’t a ‘luxury’ accommodation:

It’s still an absolutely gorgeous, canal-side home, with simple furnishings and wood floors/ceilings, that is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to live more like the locals do.

PRICE: A room here starts at $100 per night.

10. Kokotel Bangkok Surawong (Located in the Silom Area)

By: Markus of The Roaming Fork

For our family:

Staying at the Kokotel Bangkok Surawong was a refreshing change of pace from the usual hotels that we tend to stay in while visiting cities like Bangkok.

That’s because this hotel has been specifically designed with families in mind and includes several features that help transform a boring hotel into a small, adventure playground that is perfect for children; all while simultaneously creating a comfortable environment in which adults can relax.

Facilities here that cater to children include sheep themed rooms with bunk beds, a kids’ playroom on the first floor, and a big slide that children can use to get from the playroom to the ground floor, where they’ll find adults quietly relaxing in the on-site café.

Breakfast is also served in the very same café and features an impressive choice of foods, including several, non-traditional breakfast items, like mini cheeseburgers and french fries, that are perfect for any picky eaters in your family.


Kokotel Bangkok Surawong is conveniently located in Bangkok’s central business district (close to Patpong Night Market) and is within walking distance of several morning markets filled with street food, as well as the Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain station.

Price: Rooms here start at $50 per night.

11. Shama Lakeview Asoke (Located in the Sukhumvit Area)

The chic, well-appointed, Scandinavian style rooms that you'll find at Shama Lakeview Asoke, one of the best places to stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

The chic, well-appointed, Scandinavian style rooms that you’ll find at Shama Lakeview Asoke, one of the best places to stay in Bangkok, Thailand.

By: Melissa of Thrifty Family Travels

The Shama Lakeview Asoke is a fairly new hotel in Bangkok that offers guests spacious, Scandinavian-style, modern rooms that feature large swaths of light, neutral colors.

That’s why:

All of the different types of rooms here, including studios as well as 2/3 bedroom apartments, have an elegant, almost minimalist feel about them.

Regardless of the room, you choose though:

All accommodations here will include both a kitchen (Studios have just basic kitchenettes while apartments have fully equipped kitchens) and a washer/dryer, making this perfect hotel for anyone planning a long-term stay.

Now, in terms of amenities:

This amazing place to stay in Bangkok has a large fitness center, as well as several massive, rooftop swimming pools that provide guests with fantastic views of the Bangkok skyline.

There’s even a little cafe called the Coffee Club in the lobby, as well as a convenience store right outside the front door.


This hotel is also within walking distance of the Asoke BTS Station and the Sukhumvit MRT Station, making it easy to visit many of Bangkok’s top attractions, like the Terminal 21 shopping mall.


The service at this hotel is impeccable.

I mean:

From the moment you arrive, you are always warmly welcomed and greeted with a smile, and a courteous hello, whenever you enter the hotel.

That’s why:

If you’re in search of a reasonably priced, modern, spacious, self-contained apartment in Bangkok, then Shama Lakeview Asoke is the perfect hotel for you!

PRICE: Rooms here start at $80 per night.

12. Citadines Sukhumvit 23 hotel (Located in the Sukhumvit Area)

By: Rachel of From East to West with RMS

One of the best places to stay in Bangkok is Citadines Sukhumvit 23.


I found this hotel by chance when I was searching for accommodations in the Sukhumvit neighborhood of Bangkok, an area I knew I wanted to stay in given my 2 Days in Bangkok Itinerary.

Because for me:

A hotel in Sukhumvit was ideal since the neighborhood is centrally located within the city and is one of the ‘fancier’ areas in Bangkok.

Something that was important to me since I wanted to feel totally safe while traveling Bangkok solo.


This specific hotel is situated near all of the main metro lines and features super clean, spacious rooms that come with just about any amenity you could ask for.


This hotel even has an on-site restaurant that provides guests with twenty-four room service, an added perk that I thoroughly enjoyed since I arrived in Bangkok at 11:30 pm, after traveling for twenty-five hours straight (PS: I ordered Pad Thai and it was amazing).


My all-time favorite part of this hotel was the beautiful, rooftop pool.

Because let’s be honest:

Bangkok is insanely hot and humid all year round.

That’s why:

A pool is a total necessity, especially if you want to cool off after a long day of touring the city. And given that this is a four-star hotel, rooms here start at an incredibly affordable, $83 per night, a price that all of my fellow solo travelers (and non-solo travelers alike) can enthusiastically get behind.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $83 per night.

13. Ibis Styles Phrakanong (Located in the Sukhumvit Area)

The beautiful facilities you'll find at Ibis Styles Phrakanong. The image above is courtesy of Agoda.

The beautiful facilities you’ll find at Ibis Styles Phrakanong. The image above is courtesy of Agoda.

By: Josh of The Lost Passport 

Ibis Styles Phrakanong has been my go-to, mid-range hotel in Bangkok for the past few years.


This hotel was only recently completed in 2017, which is why all of the rooms and amenities here are still quite new and well maintained.

All fo the chic, modern rooms here are also fully equipped with air conditioners, rain showers, large double beds, free Wi-Fi, a minibar fridge and tea/coffee makers.


There’s even an outdoor pool on the premises, as well as a pool-side bar, an airy café, and a 4th-floor restaurant that overlooks busy, Sukhumvit Road.

Now, in terms of the hotel’s location:

The Phrakanong area is a lively, Bangkok suburb that is located just 5 kilometers outside of the city center.


A stay in this part of the city will allow you to experience a part of local, Bangkok life that hasn’t been completely tarnished by the tourism industry.

There are also plenty of cafes and Thai restaurants in the vicinity (one of the best is “Best Beef” which is a typical, outdoor, Thai barbeque joint with a buffet dinner that starts at $10 per person), as well as the Phrakanong Skytrain station which is just a five-minute away from the hotel.

Because of its amazing accessibility:

Ibis Styles Phrakanong really is the perfect mid-range hotel for anyone looking to use the city as a base from which to explore an array of nearby Bangkok attractions.


You’ll find the Ekkamai Bus terminal just up the road, which is the perfect place to get public transportation to the islands east of Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport is also just a short, $10 taxi ride away).

PRICE: Rooms here start at $45 per night.

The Best LUXURY Places to Stay in Bangkok!

14. Le Meridien Bangkok (Located in the Silom Area)

The fantastic room service and luxe accommodations that you'll find at Le Meridien Bangkok.

The fantastic room service and luxe accommodations that you’ll find at Le Meridien Bangkok.

By: Sophie of Travels of Sophie

Le Meridien Bangkok is an award-winning, 5-star, luxury hotel that is perfectly located within the city’s vibrant, commercial district. 

Also situated near some of the best nightlife in Bangkok:

This hotel makes for the perfect home base from which to explore the city, with convenient access to both the sky train and subway.  

Now, upon arrival:

You’ll be greeted by the warm, smiling faces of staff members who will quickly learn your name and readily help you, no matter how big, or small, the request. 

In terms of the accommodations:

The spacious bedrooms here are bathed in natural light from a series of floor-to-ceiling windows that provide you with breathtaking views of the city. 

The bathrooms here are also flawlessly designed for relaxation, with a large bathtub and rain shower that will help you unwind after a busy day. 

But, should you need to relax any further:

You can always indulge in a divine spa treatment at their onsite spa or just laze under the sun as you sit bedside the hotel’s luxurious, outdoor pool.

And while the service, staff, and amenities at this hotel are all incredible:

What really stands out is the food that was served at the incredible, daily, complimentary, breakfast buffet.

However, If you’re looking for a real culinary treat:

Then be sure to stop by the hotel’s restaurant, Latest Recipe, for Sunday brunch. Just try and arrive hungry since this really is one of the best brunch spots in Bangkok.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $120 per night.

15. Chakrabongse Villas (Located in the Khao San/ Banglamphu Area)

The beautiful, ultra-luxe accommodations that you'll find at Chkarabongse Villas in Bangkok, Thailand.

The beautiful, ultra-luxe accommodations that you’ll find at Chkarabongse Villas in Bangkok, Thailand.

By: Wendy of World Wide Wendy

If you’re looking for a luxury place to stay in Bangkok:

Then you should consider Chakrabongse Villas.  Not only is the main house here an actual palace (No really! It was built in 1908 and is still home to a Thai Princess), but this charming hotel is also nestled along the beautiful banks of the Chao Phraya River.


There are several exquisite cottages spread throughout the hotel’s lush garden, some of which include the Chinese villa, the Pool View Suite (great for families since it has two bedrooms), and the River View Suite, which offers guests an amazing view of the river, even though noise from passing boats can be a bit of an issue.

Breakfast here is also superb. 

Sure, there’s no buffet and yes, you do have to order breakfast at least one day in advance.


It’s totally okay since the quality of the food served here more than makes up for these slight inconveniences.

I mean:

We loved the Thai Rice soup here, but you can also order eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, and a variety of other foods as well.

Breakfast is also served in a lovely, outdoor pavilion with exquisite views of Wat Arun, which sits just across the river (Stop by in the evening when Wat Arun is all lit up and looks like a total fairytale).

And added bonus?

The location of this Bangkok hotel could not be better since the Royal Palace and Wat Pho, home to the iconic, reclining Buddha, are both right across the street.

The public ferry that you can take to cross the river, to get to Wat Arun,  is also just two minutes away, as are a number of nice restaurants, making Chakrabongse Villas the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

PRICE: Rooms start at $220 per night.

16. Lebua at State Tower (Located along the Bangkok Riverside)

By: Nina of Where in the World is Nina?

Staying at the Lebua Hotel will definitely be the ultimate treat, especially if you’re backpacking Thailand like I was.
I had been living in the country for years and a friend of mine was coming to visit me.
This was the perfect excuse to splurge. And trust me, it was SOO worth it!
Because at the Lebua:
Even the cheapest rooms are like mini apartments and include a small living area so that you don’t have to hang out in your bed and can sit on an actual couch, like a civilized adult!
The bathrooms here are also chic AF and made of nothing but uber-posh, marble, and glass.
But, the best part of all?
Everyone gets a balcony (this is why you’ll see half-circles swirling all the way up the exterior of the building), from which you can enjoy next-level amazing views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya River below.
This Bangkok hotel also has a much-needed pool since you’ll get damn hot after strolling around the dusty city all day.
Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to stay here to enjoy this hotel’s fantastic amenities.
Their rooftop Skybar is what Bangkok dreams are made of and a must-visit for anyone in Bangkok, especially since it was featured in the comedy classic, The Hangover 2.
Trust me:
The views here are unmatched since Skybar is one of the highest rooftop bars in the world.
That being said:
There is a dress code. So, don’t show up in your raggedy a$$, 50 baht tank top and Havaianas because they definitely won’t let you in.
PRICE: Rooms here start at $126 per night.

17. So Sofitel (Located in the Silom Area)

Some of the incredibly colorful rooms that you'll find at So Sofitel in Bangkok.

Some of the incredibly colorful rooms that you’ll find at So Sofitel in Bangkok.

By: Heather of Conversant Traveller

So Sofitel is a branch of the well known, international luxury hotel chain, Sofitel.


Their ‘So’ range is a lot more upbeat and has a distinctly modern vibe that appeals to a younger generation of people who are looking for something a bit quirky but still luxurious.

That’s because:

The rooms here are all inspired by the five natural elements of nature: water, earth, wood, metal and fire, and come with an incredibly colorful decor scheme that you can choose to match your mood.


The infinity pool here is one of the best in the city and offers guests vast panoramas of Bangkok that are best enjoyed at the chilled out bar and sun-lounger deck area.

There are also several restaurants, some with incredible panoramic views of the city, near the hotel, as well as a divine, local chocolate factory, and cafe where you can sit and try to make your very own delicacies.  

So Sofitel Bangkok also sits right beside the tranquil Lumphini Park, a great place to relax when you need to escape the heat of the city, and is super close to the Lumphini MRT Subway Station, making it incredibly easy to visit all of Bangkok’s main attractions. 

PRICE: Rooms here start at $120 per night and increase in price as the rooms become more spacious.

18. Centara Grand at CentralWorld (Located in the Pathum Wan District)

By: Amelia of A Winter Escape

If you’re looking for a five-star hotel in the heart of Bangkok, then look no further than Centara Grand at CentralWorld.

Not only do the cool vibes of this amazing place expertly match the city, but this upscale hotel also provides guests with a beautiful oasis of calm that is often, a much-needed respite from the overwhelming chaos all around you.

Also located right in the heart of Bangkok’s cosmopolitan Pathum Wan district:

Centara Grand at CentralWorld has everything you need within walking distance, including several world-class restaurants (my favorite of which is a Mediterranean restaurant called UNO MAS) and a rooftop eatery with a champagne bar, just in case you were in need of something with a little extra wow-factor.


If you’re in need of some well-deserved chill-out time, not to worry because this lavish hotel also features a gorgeous pool (with a poolside bar and eatery) and an on-site spa with brilliant, reasonably priced spa packages.

Rooms here are also spacious and feature opulent, modern decor that is sure to please just about any type of traveler.


I’d recommend paying a little extra for the World Club-level room, which includes afternoon tea, canapes, and drinks at the on-site club, as well as additional concierge service, discounts, and free WiFi.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $170 per night.

19. The Peninsula Bangkok (Located along the Bangkok Riverside)

The exquisite views that you'll enjoy from the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok.

The exquisite views that you’ll enjoy from the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok.

By: Ivan of Mind the Travel

Located along the quieter side of the Chao Phraya River, in the Thonburi district of Bangkok:

The Peninsula Bangkok is a fabulous, luxury hotel with a wave-shaped design that includes floor to ceiling windows, with exquisite panoramic vies of the city, in all of its 370 rooms.

This luxury hotel is also situated near Sathorn Bridge, a local ferry station where you can board a boat to some of Bangkok’s major tourist attractions, including the Grand Palace; Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn; Wat Pho, the Reclining Buddha; etc.


What really sets this hotel apart are the amazing amenities available here, some of which include in-room technology that controls multi-layered window coverings, complimentary high-speed internet, a swimming pool, a bedside control panel, and wonderfully responsive concierge services, 


Just in case this hotel still isn’t luxurious enough for you, it’s also home to the Peninsula Spa, which features fourteen different treatment rooms, as well as a Tea Lounge and a series of Relaxation Rooms where you can enjoy tailor-made treatments that are designed to meet your personal needs.


There are a variety of on-site dining options for you to indulge in, like the world-renowned, Mei Jiang Cantonese restaurant, Thiptara riverside restaurant, The River Café, and The Terrace, an ever-popular breakfast venue that invites guests to experience the world through an outstanding selection of international dishes that are all prepared by multinational chefs.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $450 per night.

20. Pullman Bangkok King Power (Located in the Pratunam Area)

By: Jane and Duncan of To Travel Too

One of our favorite hotels in Bangkok is the luxurious, Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, which is located at 8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon-Phayathai, Ratchathewi.


We tend to visit Bangkok quite frequently since it makes the perfect stopover on our way from Sydney to Europe.

And when in the city:

We always stay at this hotel since it is right next door to both the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain and the Airport Rail Link.


If you enjoy duty-free shopping, then you’ll be delighted to know that the King Power Duty-Free Complex sits just behind the hotel and is home to some of the best duty-free shopping in the entire city.

After a long day of sightseeing though:

One of our favorite pastimes is to relax by the hotel’s fantastic infinity pool, which is also one of the largest in all of Bangkok.


If swimming and sunbathing aren’t really for you, then you can always enjoy a rejuvenating massage at the hotel’s posh, Le Spa.

Also on-site is the contemporary, Thai-style, Glen Bar, which is the perfect place to savor a pre-dinner cocktail while listening to some live music.

That being said:

What we really love most about this hotel is the personalized service and the warm welcome that we receive every time we stay here; something that always makes us feel as though we’re truly coming home.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $172 per night!

21. Shangri-La Hotel (Located along the Bangkok Riverside)

The beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River from the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok.

The beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River from the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok.

By: Bridget of The Flashpacker

Are you searching for a Bangkok hotel room with a view?

If so, then look no further than the Shangri-La Hotel.

Occupying a huge swathe of the Chao Phraya riverfront:

This luxury hotel brand has a prime location in the Silom neighborhood and is in close proximity to Bangkok’s main transportation hubs, including the BTS Sky Train and a local ferry station, which is the perfect place from which to embark on a charming, Bangkok boat tour.

And while this hotel does have a fantastic selection of in-house dining options for guests to enjoy, there are also some great restaurants within walking distance of the hotel too!

Now, in terms of hotel accommodations:

Rooms here are big and beautiful, with super comfy beds that will have you waking up bright and early for the hotel’s sumptuous, complimentary breakfast, which showcases a wide range of delicious, freshly cooked foods that will perfectly set you up for a full day of sightseeing. 

As for cooling off at the end of the day:

Take some time to relax by one of the hotel’s many outdoor pools or get a nice massage at the hotel’s on-site spa.

. PRICE: Rooms here start at $200 per night.

22. Hotel Muse Bangkok (Located in the Chit Lom Area of Bangkok)

One of the many plush, well-appointed rooms that you'll find at the Hotel Muse Bangkok.

One of the many plush, well-appointed rooms that you’ll find at the Hotel Muse Bangkok.

By: Marie of A Life Without Borders

An impressive, luxury hotel located in the popular Chit Lom area of Bangkok:

The Hotel Muse Bangkok Langsuan (MGallery Collection) is my favorite place to say when exploring Bangkok

Ideally situated between the Chit Lom and Phloen Chit BTS stations:

Both the Siam Paragon and MBK Shopping Centers are just a short Skytrain ride away from this amazing hotel.

However, if you prefer to explore Bangkok on foot:

Then you’ll be happy to learn that The Hotel Muse is surrounded by several modern coffee shops and is just a short walk away from both Lumphini Park, and Erawan Shrine.


What I really love most about staying at the Hotel Muse Bangkok is their indulgent, totally sublime, complimentary, buffet breakfast, which includes specialized options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diners alike.

I also adore the hotel’s spacious, stylish rooms, which feature decor that is reminiscent of the opulent 1920s, creating for guests a calming sanctuary that is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.


The true highlight of any visit to Hotel Muse is undoubtedlly a trip to their American, prohibition-era, speakeasy, Rooftop Bar. 

This multi-level, outdoor bar is located on the hotel’s 24thand 25th floors and offers patrons mesmerizing, panoramic views of central Bangkok.


Be sure to stop by and watch the sunset as you enjoy unique cocktails and delectable Asian canapes amidst an enchanting, rooftop garden.

Also, add in a fabulous outdoor pool and impeccable standards of service and you may find yourself never wanting to leave!

PRICE: Rooms here start at $130 per night.

23. Sathorn Vista, Bangkok – Marriott Executive Apartments (Located in the Sathorn Area)

By: Disha of Disha Discovers

After visiting Bangkok several times:

I feel like I finally hit the accommodation jackpot with Sathorn Vista, Bangkok – Marriott Executive Apartments since it really is the perfect place to stay in Bangkok.

I mean:

All of the rooms here are minimalist, clean, and comfortable suites, so you’re guaranteed to have a luxurious and relaxing stay that feels more like an awesome homestay than an actual hotel.


The staff here always seem to go above and beyond, just to ensure that you’re happy with your accommodations and have everything you could possibly need.


This hotel has the added benefit of being conveniently located in the Central Business District and is within easy walking distance of both an MRT and BTS station.


If you ever need a break from exploring the city, then you can always plan a relaxing day at the hotel since amenities here include a 24-hour gym, a pool, and several on-site restaurants like Momo Cafe and Pool Bar, both of which are delicious.

PRICE: Rooms here start at $120 per night

A Free Map of My picks for the BEST Place to Stay in Bangkok


So, there you have it my travel-loving peeps of the distinctly non-marshmallow variety. 

My insanely comprehensive guide to 23 of the BEST places to stay in Bangkok!

I bet you’re now SUPER relieved that you’ve finally made it to the end of this epic guide on where to stay in Bangkok!

And if this list of amazing Bangkok hotels has left you jonesing for a trip to Bangkok, then pin this post now and read it again later!

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