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2 If you are worried about heading out on your first solo trip then here are 6 Bits of Advice I can give you.

An Inspiring Solo Female Travelers Motivation to Travel Alone as a Woman (and Why you Should too)

By: Kathy James of Walkabout Wanderer

I always dreamed of traveling the world and helping people along the way.  I never dreamed though that I would have the motivation (from other inspiring solo female travelers) to travel alone as a woman. Following my crazy teenage years, which

Self-discovery is a motivation to travel alone as a woman.

The joys of solo travel and self discovery.

quickly extended into my early twenties, I realized that group tours were not for me. I wanted more from my travels than sunbathing by the pool and crazy nights out that were quickly followed by some wicked hangovers and a ton of blisters from walking in high heels that I didn’t even like anyway (I seriously cannot remember the last time I packed heels for a trip. Probably over 8 years ago).

Having taken a road trip with an ex boyfriend through both America and Canada, I realized that couple’s travel still wasn’t quite what I was looking for. You know, the once a year holiday with the stupid convertible car so that we could work on our tan while driving. Oh and don’t forget the lavish, comfortable beds at the Bed and Breakfast’s (which sometimes I still have) in different parts of North America. Although these amenities were lovely, they still didn’t quench my wanderlust gene.

I hope this stories inspires you and will give you the motivation to travel alone as a woman.

Hopefully Kathy’s inspiring story will give you the motivation to travel alone as a woman.

So in 2008, I had the motivation to travel alone as a woman to Guatemala. I didn’t even know quite where Guatemala was but the dates fit in nicely with my holiday from University. I went on the trip through a company that linked me to a charity called Houses to Homes. Here I built a house for a family who lived in the slums in a corn stalk home, the type which are often destroyed by passing monsoons. I stayed with a local family and made a ton of new friends from all over the globe. From there, I headed into Belize with a well thought out itinerary where everyday was meticulously planned.  I had such an amazing experience that I knew that this is how I wanted to travel and so, my motivation to travel alone as a woman was born.

I returned home, eagerly awaiting the chance to take another trip, vowing never to go on a package holiday again. At first I rigorously planned out all my trips ahead of time (knowing how I would get from one place to the next and pre-booking a flight home) but as my confidence level grew, so too did my travel spontaneity.
Now, I personally feel that planning restricts my travels since I like to be free to change my travel plans at the last minute. If I meet cool people at one hostel, my travels can take a completely different direction, I have literally ended up in Turkey rather than Nepal. This lack of planning permits me to stay in places I love longer as I renew visas and take on personal projects like rescuing dogs in the Philippines and starting a neutering scheme for the street dogs there.

Giving back to the world is a motivation to travel alone as a woman.

Helping dogs in the Philippines is all in a day’s work for Kathy.

Having travelled to over 60 countries, I feel that I am an experienced backpacker. I love to inspire people to travel and want everyone to know that they can travel solo too. Last year my motivation to travel alone as a woman led me to quit my job as a nurse, start my travel blog, and travel indefinitely.

My biggest advice to anyone looking for the motivation to travel alone as a woman is to just give it a go. If I can go from that once a year package holiday to traveling alone around the world then so can you. I personally guarantee that a month in India will cost you less that one week in Ibiza and you will see so much more.

If you are worried about heading out on your first solo trip then here are 6 Bits of Advice I can give you.

Learn how to travel to places like the Taj Mahal from inspiring solo female travelers like Kathy.

Learn how to travel alone from inspiring solo female travelers like Kathy.


1. Try a short trip first. Stay in a hostel, Couchsurf, or go on a tour. These are all great ways to meet people and feel less alone. If you are too nervous to try this then try taking a trip with a friend and spend a day apart from each other.

 2. Do an organized volunteering trip like I did to build up your confidence and motivation to travel alone as a woman. You will still have assistance through the company if you need it.

 3. Plan your first trip well with resources like Google Maps , Rome 2 Rio, and Wikitravel to understand how to get around with public transportation. Also have a backup plan just in case that bus company has stopped traveling on the route that you planned to use. Also try and go somewhere that is easy to travel in.

4. Let someone know where you are. I always send the address of my accommodations to my parents. I also let them know what flight I am getting on and if I expect to be away from WiFi for a few days.

5. Check out blogs by other inspiring solo female travelers. Read about their inspirational trips and check out the tips they provide. Plus, you can always make contact with them and seek support prior to your trip.

6. Relax, go with the flow, talk to people and most importantly… HAVE FUN!







Kathy is one of the most inspiring female travelers I know.

Kathy is one of the most inspiring female travelers I know.

Meet one of my favorite inspiring solo female travelers, Kathy from Walkabout Wanderer! She quit her job in 2016 as a nurse and is now wandering around the world. Having travelled to over 60 countries, she shares her travels on her blog along with tips to help you travel the world.



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