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Solo Travel Madrid: 10 Stunning Madrid Icons to Explore

Whether you want to Solo travel Madrid during a six-hour layover or are doing a 2-day business trip to Madrid, there are plenty of awesome attractions for anyone traveling solo in Madrid.

Now Truthfully:

When I first arrived, I wasn’t a huge fan of  Madrid’s majestic attractions. That’s because not only did I get lost for over an hour and a half while searching for my hostel (not one of the best hostels in Madrid for solo travelers), but when I finally did get there, I had to lug my rolling bag up three flights of stairs.


Once I finally started touring Madrid, someone picked my pocket and I lost some of my money. If only I had gotten out of the city and done one of these amazing day trips from Madrid instead. Sigh. Oh well, maybe next time. 

***Madrid is a safe city for solo travelers, but pickpockets can be a problem. Therefore, as you do your very own DIY Madrid Center Sights Walking Tour, keep your bag in sight at all times by using a high-quality, cross-body day bag. Also travel as lightly as possible by leaving. some cash and credit cards at your hotel. This way, if you do get pickpocketed, you’ll still have some money available to you. Lastly, do all your map and travel research before you leave for the day because a confused tourist attracts pickpockets like a flippin’ moth to a flame.***


I was super annoyed, wanted to punch Madrid in the face, and basically leave immediately since solo travel in Madrid really was biting the big one.

But once I finally got over my irritation:

I let a wave of Madrid beauty wash over me as I stopped to enjoy a variety of iconic things to do in Madrid in 3 days, like sitting in a vintage cafe with a plate of churros and cup of hot chocolate by my side.

I could also enjoy a peaceful stroll through the galleries of the Prado Museum and let the mastery of such talent and artistry engulf me with its beauty.


In this post, not only will we learn about Madrid, but we’ll find some of the best attractions for single travelers who want to spend two weeks or 2 days in Madrid. You may even learn about some of the best places for breakfast and brunch in Madrid too. 

You’ll also discover where to eat alone in Madrid,  learn some essential Madrid travel tips, and even get a sense of what going out alone in Madrid is really like.

So get ready for some amazing Madrid tourist attractions, as well as some secret Madrid highlights too!

Just some of the amazing architecture that you'll find while touring Madrid.
Just some of the amazing architecture that you’ll find while touring Madrid.

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1. Museo Nacional del Prado

Museums are the best for solo travelers since you’re supposed to be quiet anyway. So there’s no need to uncomfortably chat up a stranger to avoid any awkwardness associated with traveling alone.

But what if you hate museums?

Yeah, you should go to the Prado even if you hate art or museums because yes, this institution is THAT amazing and yes, this definitely is one of the best museums in Madrid.

For reals though, why all the praise for an art museum?

Well, the Museo del Prado isn’t just your average art museum. The Prado has one of the world’s best and largest collections of art, with over 7000 paintings in its private collections, 1500 of which are on display at any given time.

Now in case you’re not art history major, because I absolutely am not, they have a plethora of paintings by artists that are so immortal, that even I know who they are.

You know, epic ballers like Velázquez and Goya.

Now sure:
You could spend a few days exploring one of the best museums in Madrid, but ain’t nobody got time for that. So take as much or as little time as you want because there is a ton of artistic beauty to enjoy.
To access the museum, enter via the eastern Puerta de los Jerónimos entrance, with tickets on sale beneath the northern Puerta de Goya (avoid the queues and purchase your tickets in advance).
Once inside:
Grab a map which is kind of like a cheat sheet to the 50 most famous works of art in the museum and where they are located in


El Prado, the most famous museum in Madrid.
El Prado, the most famous museum in Madrid.

***If you need a place to stay in Madrid but don’t want to break the bank, then some of the best hostels in Madrid for solo travelers include Cat’s Hostel, Sungate ONE, La Posada de Huertas, and Room007 Chueca.***

2. Plaza Mayor: The Heart of Madrid’s City Center

Plaza Mayor is a stunning, enormous square of open space that serves as a refreshing contrast to the often narrow and crowded streets of Madrid (Don’t forget to stop by Mercado San Miguel and try some of the delicious food right next door to Plaza Mayor).

A must-see Madrid attraction for any solo female traveler (or solo male traveler) since this square is probably one of the most charming spaces in all of Spain.

Hosting an impressive array of architecture:

Plaza Mayor has a resplendent grandeur that makes this place the focal point of Madrid, and, conveniently, home to the city’s main tourist office (I am so directionally challenged that I doubt I would find the office, even with the central location).

Look Closely at the Balconies Above:

You’ll see a charming array of frescoes that were inspired by the former Royal Bakery because yeah, who doesn’t like carbs?

Not surprisingly:

The frescoes here aren’t actually from the 17th century and date way back to a time when cell phones were the size of bricks and when Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman. Yup, we’re bringin’ it back to 1992.

At That Time:

Government officials snazzified the plaza because Madrid was named the 1992 capital of Culture, oh la la.

While in the Area:

Visit the Market of San Miguel (aka Mercado de San Miguel), one of the most popular markets for tourists in Madrid.

Why is this Market (with awesome tapas bars) so popular?

Originally built in 1916, this historic covered market has over 30 different vendors that sell a wide variety of gourmet tapas, baked goods, and wine, making this the perfect stop for any solo traveler who doesn’t want to awkwardly eat alone.


The beautiful Plaza Mayor in Madrid.
The beautiful Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

3. Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

This place?

Ehh, it’s all right. I mean it’s just home to one of Spain’s most famous pieces of art so no big deal.


I jest obviously because seeing Picasso’s work entitled Guernica (room 206 on the 2nd floor) kind make me weak in the knees. Definitely a little swoon worthy for sure.

And unlike the Prado, which focuses on classical pieces of art:

The Centro de Arte Reina Sofía displays primarily displays the contemporary art of Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and more.

I just get excited when I actually know who a famous artist is!

The only weird thing about this museum is that works of art aren’t grouped by artist.

Centro de Arte Reina Sofia uses this funky theme approach that results in works of art by Picasso or Miró being scattered throughout two floors of the building.

So be prepared for the weirdness and grab a map when you enter the museum (you could also take a tour of the museum if you want to make things EVEN easier).


Some of the amazing, contemporary art you'll find in Madrid, Spain.
Some of the amazing, contemporary art you’ll find in Madrid, Spain.
***Don’t miss Salvador Dalí’s El gran Masturbador and a bizarre bust by the name of Joelle.***

4. Churros and Chocolate: Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done

Let’s take a moment to honor the immortal beauty that is the Churro.

This sweet piece of long, fried dough has been charming the hearts and stomachs of late night partiers for as long as anyone can remember.


You must order a churro and then dip it into a cup of sweet, molten, and awesomely delicious hot chocolate. It’s kind of like hot fudge, only less sweet and with a thicker consistency.


Please be aware that the Churros in Spain, which are small and unsweetened since you dip them in chocolate, are nothing like the ones in the US. Here in the United States churros are thicker, longer, and covered in a hearty layer of cinnamon and sugar.

So, where can you find the best churros in Madrid?

Well, the most iconic place to go is Chocolatería San Ginés, which dates all the way back to 1894. This famous Chocolatería is hidden along a tiny side street that is adjacent to Plaza Mayor. So yes, it’s pretty easy to find.


This quaint chocolateria oozes charm with nostalgic decor that uses marble tables, vintage lamps, and mirrored walls to evoke the subtle charm of decades gone by.


Whatever you do, make sure you have some churros and chocolate while visiting Madrid.
Whatever you do, make sure you have some churros and chocolate while visiting Madrid.

***Other great places to snag some churros and chocolate are Chocolatería Valor, Churreria Siglo XIX,  Los Artesanos 1902, and La Antigua Churrería.And no, none of these places are any vegan guide to Madrid, except Los Artesanos 1902 but that’s because they are total rockstars.***

5.  Templo de Debod at Parque Oeste: Walk Like an Egyptian

When I planned my Madrid trip:

I didn’t expect to add an Egyptian temple to my Madrid itinerary.

But that’s exactly what I did since watching the sunset at Templo de Debod at Parque Oeste is truly amazing and is oen of the best places for going out alone in Madrid.


Gorgeous is a total understatement since Templo De Debod is truly mesmerizing under the glow of the setting sun and with a charming, panoramic view of Casa de Campo, from this lovely,  elevated hilltop.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy gazing up at the stars as they come to life before you.

The eternal beauty of Templo de Debod in Madrid.
The eternal beauty of Templo de Debod in Madrid.

***If you’re looking to kill time before sunset, explore the park across the street. There you’ll find some outdoor vendors that sell some pretty cool merchandise. Yeah, I choose poorly and got a useless polka dot scarf so don’t be like me.***.

6. Parque de Buen Retiro

Like Central Park, this green space is a large and beautiful, natural oasis that has become an enchanting symbol of an amazing city.


Unlike it’s US counterpart, Parque de Buen Retiro has an orderly layout that is dotted with marble monuments, landscaped lawns, and elegant buildings, giving this park a distinct, European feel.

Be Prepared Though:

This place is insane during the weekend. I was bombarded by men hawking cheap sunglasses while an entire Mariachi band was playing music in the background.


This park is enormous, so it is relatively easy to escape this intense urban chaos by exploring Palacio de Cristla, Jardin de los Planteles, and La Rosaleda or the Rose Garden, which has over 4000 roses.

Also visit the park’s iconic, artificial lake, where rowboats freely bob along the surface and a massive, Monument to Alfonso XII regally stands in the background, flanked by a pair of marble lions.


The iconic beauty of Parque Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain.
The iconic beauty of Parque de Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain.

***If you have time, check out Fuente Egipcia which is decorated with sphinxes (Legend has it that there is buried treasure here from Felipe IV. So we can do a real life, National Treasure, Spanish style).***

***You can also check out Madrid’s oldest tree, a Mexican conifer that was planted in 1633, just inside the Puerta de Felipe IV.***

7. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza


I know you might be a little museumed out but I swear, this one is different from all of the other museums on this list.


The neat thing about the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is that rather than displaying an in-depth collection of one artist’s work, this museum showcases a diversity of art that represents different artistic styles and compositions.


You’ll see a ton of paintings from epic, badass artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Sisley, Renoir, Pissarro, Gaugin, Cezanne, and Degas (Psst! You can skip the line and get your tickets in advance here).


You'll find amazing contemporary art, like this Juan Carlos Sculpture, all throughout Madrid.
You’ll find amazing contemporary art, like this Juan Carlos Sculpture, all throughout Madrid.

***Stop in Room 5 to see Italy’s Piero Della Francesca and a Portrait of King Henry VIII by Holbein the Younger (Even if you’re not an art buff, you’ll recognize this piece).***

***Also visit the ground floor because room 46 displays Joan Miró’s Catalan Peasant with a Guitar and Jackson Pollock’s Brown and Silver. A great place for any contemporary art lover to explore. ***

8. Palacio Real: Pinkie’s Up Because We’re Fancy!

When I got to Spain, I totally forgot that they had a royal family. Whoops.

But I’m super glad they do because this palace brings opulence to a whole new level.

Why all the glitz and glam?

Supposedly, Felipe V was pissed that the old palace burned down on Christmas Day in 1734 (talk about the worst gift ever). To make himself feel better, Felipe decided to build a palace that would make any other European, royal residence, look like a shack.

And that’s why this Italian, Baroque style residence has something like 2800 rooms. Yup, that would be one epic game of Marco Polo. You’d have to use smoke signals!

Perhaps the piece de resistance of the entire palace is the Salón de Gasparini, with an ornately decorated, stucco ceiling and walls covered in are richly embroidered silks.

Before you mosey on over to the Palacio Real:

Whatever you do, purchase tickets in advance! The queue for tickets is so long that you begin to wonder if you’re waiting in line to meet an actual royal.

Also snag an audio tour so that you can wander through the 50 rooms on display, at your own pace.


The ever lovely, Palacio Real in Madrid, Spain.
The ever lovely, Palacio Real in Madrid, Spain.

***Worried about solo travel loneliness? As a die hard. anti-social introvert, this has never been a problem for me. However, if you’re worried about loneliness, there are a ton of resources available that can help solo travelers in Madrid meet people. Meetup is a great website that gives visitors information about local events where you can meet people and make new friends. Madrid also has a variety of walking tours, food tours, and Flamenco tours that are a great way to meet new people.***

9. Tapas in La Latina: A Divine Culinary Delight for Anyone Who Doesn’t Know Where to Eat in Madrid Alone

Tapas time, because I LOVE a good Tapas bar!! Nom nom nom.

But in case you have no idea what a tapas restaurant is, let me explain. At these lovely restaurants, they serve small plates of food that you share with friends.


I can taste as many dishes as I want because I’ve convinced myself that tapas are so small that I can order my plates of food by the dozen. Yup, denial is a beautiful thing.

And while the tapas in La Latina neighborhood are the stuff that foodie dreams are made of, this Madrid neighborhood has so much more to offer than Tapas.

Not only is this neighborhood one of the oldest in Madrid, but it is also one of the coolest with a series of charming boutiques that are set against a historic, medieval style streetscape.

Before you leave though:

It is mandatory because you will be graded, to visit Calle de la Cava Baja for some of the best tapas in Spain. Also wander downhill, to Lavapiés, and explore the beating heart of multicultural Madrid,

Embrace the quirky and cool side of Madrid in the La Latina neighborhood.
Embrace the quirky and cool side of Madrid in the La Latina neighborhood.

***If you have a hot minute, and are looking for more Madrid day trips, do some train travel and check out the El Rastro flea market on Sundays or the incredible Basílica de San Francisco El Grande. You can also hop the train and add Barcelona or Valencia to your Spain itinerary. ***

10. Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

So in case you didn’t:

Spain is a very Catholic country. Therefore, how could I not put a super cool church like Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida in this Madrid travel guide?

Phew, glad we agree!

Because this church is well worth a visit, even if you’re Damion himself. Richly decorated with resplendent frescoed ceilings that were recently been restored to their pristine, former glory, this exquisite church is one of those places where you kind of has to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Before you leave:

Visit the two small chapels in the Southern end of the complex and marvel at some fantastic examples of Goya’s work in its original setting (circa 1798 and truly amazing to behold). In this work,

Some of the amazing Cathedral architecture you'll encounter in Madrid.
Some of the amazing Cathedral architecture you’ll encounter in Madrid.

Well, dear reader, you now have a comprehensive Madrid solo travel guide that you can use to make the most out of your 2 day Madrid itinerary, or however long your trip to Madrid lasts. 

Just stick with this list of Madrid top attractions and I promise, you’ll be able to plan the perfect trip, even if you’re not sure what to do in Madrid alone. 

So if you’re ready to start solo traveling in Madrid then pin this now and read it again later!

If you're planning travel alone in Madrid, then this is the guide for you! Check out 10 unique and amazingly fun things to do in Madrid as a solo traveler. Between the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor, and Retiro Park, Madrid is the perfect place for a solo traveler. #Madrid #Spaintravel #wanderlust #travelguide #Europetravel #solotravel


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I have been to Madrid a few times and I think it is a great city. I like all your suggestions! Way to go!


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Oh thank you so much and thanks for reading!

Christine Fieser

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Great post! So much to see! Have you been to Valencia, Spain?


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I have! I loved it there. How about you?

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Saturday 16th of December 2017

There's just so much to see in Madrid. I'd probably add Barrio de las Letras while you're doing the museums. Thanks for adding in all the extra practical information.


Monday 21st of August 2017

I may be going back to Madrid soon and the one thing I didn't get to do last time that I must do is the Parque de Buen Retiro. I hope the weather cooperates. Oh and thanks for the restaurant recommendations, can always use those.


Sunday 20th of August 2017

Thank you for writing such a comprehensive post! Spain is my tour European Bucket List destination which, of course, means that Madrid is on my must-visit list. I appreciate all of the details you include with each item. Definitely added a few to my bucket list. I can totally relate to not immediately falling in love with a city too.

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