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What Do You Need to Enter Colombia During the Pandemic?

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If you’re looking to visit a country that is diverse in both landscape and culture, then look no further than Colombia.

This Latin American powerhouse has two oceans on its borders, a wide range of climates, and some of the most energetic cities in all of South America.

Whether you’re looking for gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, or vibrant nightlife, Colombia has something to offer everyone.

And If you’ve already decided that you want to visit Colombia then you are probably wondering what you need to enter this country.

After all, required documents and entry restrictions have been changing quite rapidly due to the ongoing pandemic, emerging virus variants, and ever-changing rules that seem too complicated to grasp.

So, what do you need to enter Colombia during the Covid-19 pandemic? Make sure to read on to learn all about Colombia’s entry requirements so that you can quickly and easily prepare for your trip to this vibrant country!

The Colombia Check-MIG Form

The Colombian Government has made one specific document a mandatory requirement for anyone crossing the Colombian border, regardless of whether you are entering or leaving the country.

And the one document that everyone must have to enter Colombia is a completed Check-MIG Form, which is, simply put, an online health and travel declaration.

The Colombian Check-MIG Form must be completed within 24 hours of crossing the Colombian border (going either way).

This form is also accessible online and can be easily completed with the required information using a phone, laptop, or any other device connected to the internet.

Upon completion, you’ll get a PDF confirmation of the Colombian Check-MIG form in your email inbox that can then be easily downloaded, printed, or saved as an electronic copy for your travels.

How to fill out the Colombia Check-MIG form?

The Check-MIG Colombia form is available to be filled out online following a few simple steps.

The most important part is entering the data required by the Colombian Government, which must be done thoroughly and carefully.

The information provided in the form must be correct and up-to-date to ensure the Colombian authorities that your visit in the country won’t be dangerous for others.

So, fill out the Colombian Check-MIG form with the following information:

  • The border point you’ll be entering/exiting from
  • Means of transport selected
  • Details of your trip to or from Colombia (mainly time of arrival at the border)
  • Check if your entering or leaving Colombia
  • Your country of origin
  • Details of your health status
  • Some personal information

Once you’ve entered all this data into the online application form, double-check everything to make sure it’s free from any misspellings or errors.

How will I receive the Colombia Check-MIG form confirmation?

Confirmation of completion of the Colombian Check-MIG form will arrive via email in PDF form.

You should then download the document and keep it in both electronic and paper form in preparation for your planned trip to or from Colombia.

Also be aware that the border officials will be checking the Colombian Check-MIG form of every person crossing the border to ensure that the required safety measures for the country being respected.

Who can enter Colombia during the pandemic?

The Colombian Government has specific entry rules for foreign travelers and has stipulated that foreign nationals can only enter Colombia if they are fully vaccinated, with the last dose taken 14 days prior to the planned date of your trip.

If your vaccination scheme has not been completed yet, i.e., you have only taken one dose of the vaccination or it’s been less than 14 days from your last dose, you must take either:

  • A PCR test within 72 hours of arrival
  • An antigen test within 24 hours of arrival

All foreign travelers must also fill out the Colombia Check-MIG form upon entering and leaving Colombia within 24 hours of crossing the Colombian border.

Please note! Unvaccinated travellers cannot enter Colombia during the ongoing pandemic.

Entry rules for Colombian citizens, residents, diplomats, and their dependents aged 18 and over

Colombian citizens, residents, diplomats, and their dependents aged 18 and over can enter Colombia unvaccinated only if they provide a negative test result of either:

  • A PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival
  • An antigen test taken within 24 hours of arrival

The Check-MIG form must also be completed within 24 hours of your planned arrival at the border.

Entry rules for underage travellers

Underage travelers (aged under 18) visiting Colombia by plane are exempt from testing and vaccination requirements.

If you’re traveling to Colombia fully vaccinated, make sure to prepare your vaccination certificate along with your passport and completed Check-MIG form to present to border officials upon arrival.

You can read more about the current entry restrictions on the official tourism website of the Republic of Colombia.

Safety measures taken within Colombia

Colombia’s health authorities have implemented a number of additional safety measures within the country to help keep the general public safe.

This includes biosafety protocols issued for business, entities, and airports operating within Colombia and the certified ‘Check-In’ Seal issued for tourism sector businesses that comply with the introduced Covid-19 guidelines.

The Colombian Government is making sure that all businesses are adhering to the implemented guidelines to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 cases within the country and keep both Colombian citizens, residents, and foreign nationals safe while they stay in Colombia.

Colombia Visa Requirements

The Colombian Government has established an extremely travel-friendly visa policy. As a result, 75 countries – in addition to the entire European Union – can enter Colombia visa-free for up to 90 days.

Moreover, Colombia is adding even more countries to its visa-free program very soon, e.g., Oman and Kazakhstan. However, this policy has yet to be ratified.

However, if your country of origin has not been listed as eligible for the visa-free entry, you may need to obtain a Colombian visa to enter the country.

Some countries that need to get an appropriate Colombian visa prior to departure are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Benin, Chad, Congo, Eritrea, and more.

Substitute visa for Colombia

The Colombian Government has enacted special measures for citizens of the following countries:

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Macau (180 days)
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

If your home country is one of the nations listed above, you may visit Colombia visa-free for up to 90 days if you are a holder of a visa or residence permit from either the United States or any Schengen Area country.

Check your eligibility for the visa-free program or the substitute visa program on the official Colombia Government website or check for updated Colombia Visa Policy on Wikipedia.

Documents Check-List for Entering Colombia During the Pandemic

For fully vaccinated foreign travelers:

  • Your vaccination certificate
  • A completed Check-MIG form
  • Valid passport or ID (depends on your nationality)
  • A Colombia visa (if required for your nationality)

Please note: If your vaccination series has not been completed, you must take a Covid-19 test, either PCR or antigen, prior to departure.

The PCR tests should be taken within 72 hours of arrival, while the antigen tests should be taken within 24 hours of arrival.

For unvaccinated Colombian, citizens, residents, diplomats, and their adult dependents:

  • Completed Check-MIG form
  • A PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival or an antigen test taken within 24 hours of arrival in Colombia

And there you have it! That just about wraps up this post about current entry requirements for Columbia!

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any additional questions, feel free to share them below.