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Is there someone in your life who has an undying love for and and all things New York City? If the answer is yes then this list of New York City gift ideas is for you!

Because I get it:

New York City is kind of a big deal. Not only is it one of the most iconic, and dare I say greatest, cities in the world, but you could literally spend an entire lifetime here and still not see everything that this city has to offer.

That’s why:

I totally understand why someone would want to bring a thin slice of New York City awesome home with them.

But honestly?

After the age of 21, does anyone want a 12-pack of New York City shot glasses?


They look kind of cheap, which is not the message you want to send someone you actually care about.

Because truthfully:

othing says, “I love you, but only $5 worth”, like a nice NYC shot glass or keychain.

Now no:

You don’t have to go out and spend a small fortune on some authentic, NYC, framed pop art.

But let’s at least give your loved ones something that they can use that is emblematic of New York City.

Ya feel?

So if you’re picking’ up what I’m throwin’ down, then read on for 15 fantastic, New York City gift ideas and NYC souvenirs.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases

1. “I love NY” T-shirt (the most iconic of all NYC souvenirs)

The immortal "I love NY" shirt is probably the most obvious of my many New York City gift ideas.
The immortal “I love NY” shirt is probably th most obvious of my many New York City gift ideas.

A quintessential New York City souvenir and absolutely perfect for anyone who lives outside of New York City but who still wants to profess their eternal devotion to this magical place.

Because real talk?

No respectable New Yorker would ever wear an “I love NY” shirt while walking the not-so-mean streets of NYC.

Sorry, but we’re (supposedly) way cooler than that.

So save all the t-shirt wearing for when you get home.

You know, that magical place where no one will see your shirt and immediately think, “Excellent, total tourist. Let’s pillage them now.”

But wait, it gets better!

This t-shirt on Amazon? Yeah, it costs a whopping $5.00 and is WAY cheaper than anything you’ll find in an actual, NYC souvenir shop.

Awesome right?

Plus, the quality is top-notch since the fabric is soft and light, but not thin.

Only downside?

The cut of this shirt is more of a slim modern fit. AKA, they run a little small so definitely try and get a size bigger than you normally would.

***If you’re shopping for someone who lives in New York City, then why not give them an amazing trip to Peekamoose Blue Hole? It’s an amazing swimming hole in the Catskills that would make the perfect weekend getaway from New York City.***

2. New York City Calendar

A New York City calendar is the perfect gift for someone who loves New York City but who you have no idea what to get.
A New York City calendar is the perfect gift for someone who loves New York City but who you have no idea what to get.

Nothing screams, “I have no idea what to get you” like a wall calendar.

Am I right?

But let’s be honest. We all have that one, great aunt Mildred that we see once, maybe twice a year.

We don’t really know her, or how we’re actually related to her, and she kind of smells like mothballs.


We’re obliged to get her something, either for her birthday or Christmas.


We look like a stereotypical, totally ungrateful, little millennial who thinks the world revolves around him or her (the thought of being classified that way legit, just gave me shivers).

So, to keep our rep intact, procure dear old auntie an NYC wall calendar.

Because if she loves NYC but doesn’t really want to leave her couch and the beautiful comfort of binge-watching Murder She Wrote, until the end of time, then this NYC calendar is where it’s at.

And trust me, this isn’t your ordinary wall calendar.

The images are stunning (think Ansel Adams level epic), the calendar is durable and well-constructed (so it won’t crumble like Pompeii in 2.5 seconds), and the date boxes are large enough so that you can actually write a note that you’ll understand.

Trust me:

Light years better than some of those generic calendars you’ll find at your local calnder store.

3. Ess-A-Bagels

I love food so I definitely think that bagels are one of the best New York City gift ideas out there.


Obviously, Amazon sells New York City bagels because I mean really, what doesn’t Amazon sell?

Hmm…maybe I can get that pony I always wanted. Sorry, moving on.


These bagels? Yeah, not so fab. But that’s okay since well, nothing’s perfect, not even Amazon.


I will not be recommending those to you as one of my favorite NYC food gifts.

But clearly:

You need New York bagels since they’re flippin’ delicious.


There’s really nothing quite as distinctly New York as bagels. Okay maybe pizza, but bagels are WAY easier to transport across the country.


Short of smuggling dozens of bagels onto the plane with you, how can you procure New York bagels for that special carb lover in your life?

Simple, Goldbelly.

This amazing company ships almost any food you can imagine, right to your door, from anywhere in America.

And yes, they even ship crazy stuff like Chicago deep dish pizza.


It’s a little pricey, but not as expensive as booking a trip to New York City just for some Ess-A-Bagels.

Plus, Ess-A-Bagels really are the best bagels in the world, so it’s totally worth it to order them.

4. Official New York Yankees Hat

You're not a real New Yorker if you've never bought or owned this iconic, New York Yankees hat.
You’re not a real New Yorker if you’ve never bought or owned this iconic, New York Yankees hat.


New York City has two baseball teams, the Mets and the Yankees.


I personally root for the Yankees and would NEVER be caught dead in a METS hat.


I consider the Yankees more of New York’s team since this franchise is more internationally recognized


How many world famous rappers do you see walking around with a New York Mets hat on?

Exactly, I rest my case.

Now, while there are a ton of different Yankees hats out there, this is the one and only Yankees hat that any New Yorker will ever wear, making this one of the great gifts for New Yorkers.

And if you really wanna look like a local and wear this hat correctly, then you CANNOT bend the brim and you must keep the sticker on; at least if you want to keep your New York swagger intact.

Do this and we (New Yorkers) will welcome you as one of us.

But seriously, I’ve had one for years and totally love it.

Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they’re durable, come in a variety of colors, protect you from the sun, and are perfect for any baseball fan.


Buying this hat online is WAY cheaper than buying them at Yankee Stadium.

5. NYC Skyline Necklace

I love this New York City skyline necklace which is simple but beautiful.
I love this New York City skyline necklace which is simple but beautiful.

Nothing says, “I’m a baller who’s in a New York state of mind”, quite like this New York City skyline necklace.

In fairness though:

This necklace isn’t THAT baller since it’s pretty delicate and only costs $12.88.

But for the price point, this piece of jewelry is pretty awesome.

First of all:

It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust or tarnish and leave you looking a bit green.

It’s also simple, but beautiful, making it the perfect accent piece for everyday wear.

And if you’re not a fan of NYC (gasps in horror):

No worries because this manufacturer also sells necklaces that outline both the London and Paris skylines.

So all in all:

A perfect NYC gift for any traveler who wants to show some love for their favorite city.

6. Timberland Boots (one of the perfect gifts for New Yorkers since we wear these ALL the time)

The first rule of being a New Yorker? You buy Timberland boots!
The first rule of being a New Yorker? You buy Timberland boots!

If one piece of clothing was the unofficial uniform of New York City then Tims (aka Timberland boots) would be it.

And it makes sense since the streets of New York City are absolutely filthy.

That’s why:

Everyone from construction workers to Wall Street professionals all need a sturdy pair of work boots to keep their feet warm, and dry, as the wrath of the polar vortex rains down upon New York City.


Because Timberlands are work boots, you may feel like they’ll be clunky and make your feet look Big Foot level enormous.

But that perception couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Not only do Timberlands hold up MUCH better than UGGS in the rain and snow, but they’re comfortable, last a long time, and come in a variety of different colors and styles that suit any and every taste.

I mean:

They now make Timberlands in high heels and colors like pale pink. Need I say more?


Tims do run a little big so I would suggest getting a half size smaller than you normally do.

This way:

They’ll still be comfortable but easy to wear with a pair of heavy socks.


These boots are super versatile, so you can wear them with the laces done up, or only half way up, with the tongue sticking out (and they won’t slip out because of the boot’s high ankle).

And added bonus:

They look wicked good with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into the boot or with your socks coming out of the boot and over your skinny jeans (they look awesome with leggings too).

Definitely a fantastic pair of boots that will make you look and feel like a true New Yorker.

6. Junior’s Cheesecake

Personally, I think Junior's cheesecake makes a great gift since it's some of the best cheesecake in New York City.
Personally, I think Junior’s cheesecake makes a great gift since it’s some of the best cheesecake in New York City.

Full disclosure:

The above cheesecake is NOT Junior’s Cheesecake. It may be delicious but I’ve never had it and am also not spending $54 on a cheesecake.

Sorry, not sorry. However:

Amazon does sell Junior’s Cheesecake (one of the many awesome NYC food gifts out there) in epic flavors like chocolate swirl, raspberry swirl, original, chocolate fudge, and carrot cake, and all for only $12 -$14 a pie.

Sadly though:

I couldn’t find a link to any of their Junior’s cheesecakes so I linked to this imposter instead.

But really, why am I all about Junior’s cheesecake?

Well, this Brooklyn, cheesecake mecca, has been serving up some of the best desserts in New York City since the 1950s.

And no way do you stay in business that long if you don’t know how to make a killer, New York style cheesecake (very different and much sweeter/creamier than Italian style cheesecake).

To attain cheesecake immortality:

Junior’s performs some foodie magic and combines cream cheese, whipping cream, eggs, and a dash of vanilla, to create the smoothest and creamiest cheesecake that I’ve ever eaten.

And yes, I’ve eaten my body weight in New York style cheesecake.

So if you want some New York style cheesecake, but can’t physically get to New York, then definitely order some NY style cheesecake for yourself… I mean as a gift.

7. NYC Cuff Bracelet (one of the perfect New York gifts for her)

The perfect New York City themed gift for anyone who loves jewelry and considers New York home.
The perfect New York City themed gift for anyone who loves jewelry and considers New York home.

I’m not a huge jewelry person.


Anything I do have is generally small, understated, and something that I’ll probably wear until I die.

Because once I put on a piece of jewelry, I never take it off.

So obviously I won’t be blinged out, with diamonds dripping from my grill.

Don’t get me wrong:

That look is great, but I’m just not swagerific enough to pull it off. That’s why I go for jewelry that is a bit more subtle.

Which is why I love this NY cuff bracelet.

Not only does it get me all nostalgic and remind me that NY will always be my home (even though I constantly complain about rats the size of house cats and about all the people constantly in a rush), but it’s made of high-quality aluminum that will definitely last.


It’s well sized to fit most wrists, with letters that are hand stamped so that no two brackets are exactly the same.

So like you, this bracelet is a TOTAL original! I know, super sappy but still true!

And it’s not ridiculously expensive (only $20) so that’s an added bonus too.

8. NYC Phone Case

A great, inexpensive phone case for anyone who has an iPhone and who loves NYC.
A great, inexpensive phone case for anyone who has an iPhone and who loves NYC.

Since you’re technologically savvy enough to read this post on the internet:

Then I’m going to assume that you probably don’t use two tin cans, connected by a string, as your mobile device.

And If my not so mind boggling, powers of deduction are correct:

Then this soft gel, protective cell phone cover (for iPhones 7 and 8) might be perfect for anyone in your life who is constantly in a New York state of mind (this includes you by the way).


It’s not fancy. No bells and whistles or built-in chargers. Just a pretty, plastic case.


This case gets the job done. It stays in place, protects your phone from scratches, and lasts well over a year (at least it did on my last phone).


It’s only $12 so not exactly a HUGE financial investment.

Just be aware that:

The upper portion of the case is see-through. Therefore, if you don’t have a rose gold color phone then OBVIOUSLY the case won’t look like the picture above.


For the price point, I think this case is awesome and makes a great NYC themed gift.

9. NYC Skyline Wall Decor

A beautiful piece of home decor for anyone who loves NYC.
A beautiful piece of home decor for anyone who loves NYC.

My friend and I have this running joke that when it comes to interior design, I am the ultra-minimalist.

And by minimalist:

I mean that I have no home decor at all, minus the four walls that hold my house up.

I mean:

My friend brought me into Home Goods once and I just didn’t get it.

I kept asking why anyone would spend money on a metal Ferris wheel that holds tea candles or on a geometric terrarium that resembles a space ship that David Bowie would ride in.

Needless to say:

I was not invited back to Home Goods with her. But, this does make her the perfect person to ask about wall decor since I’m utterly useless.


When I inquired about NYC themed gifts and home decor, she immediately gushed about the wall art above.

First of all:

This canvas art is incredibly high-quality (the wrap around the edges is perfectly done), with beautifully vivid and vibrant colors that pop out against any wall.

So much so that you feel like you’re actually standing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge while gazing at this decorative piece.


At $80 per set, the price is extremely reasonable for the quality fo the product.

But it gets even better!

You can feel good about supporting this company because they’re a small family business with excellent customer service.

And added bonus:

Every time you buy from them, they’ll send you the sweetest, hand-written thank you card EVER.


But if cityscapes are not your thing, no worries because they have 18 other images that you can choose from.

10. NYC LeSportsac Bag

LeSportsac makes a fantastic travel bag that embodies the vivaciousspiritm of New York City.
LeSportsac makes a fantastic travel bag that embodies the vivacious spirit of New York City.

We’ve all been to those souvenir shops.

You know, the ones where everything looks like it’s made in about 2.5 seconds, is incredibly expensive and is emblazoned with tacky, NYC decals.

And while I am no fashionista:

I am also way too old to be toting around a bag like that.

Sorry, but I would feel ridiculous toting around something like that, especially since I’m a local.


And while my LeSportsac lovin’ days are long gone, I was definitely obsessed with this brand, and their style, throughout my 20s.


I feel as though I’ve matured past this bag and look for a tote that is a bit chicer and more sophisticated.


This Hobo style bag is fantastic for anyone who wants a bag with a more vibrant and youthful look; a bag that embraces the bold, vibrant, and colorful atmosphere of NYC and that is just one of the best NYC themed gifts out there.

But the best part?

Not only do these bags last forever (I always got tired of my bags before they ever wore out), but they’re easy to clean, are lightweight, and perfect for travel.

Just store your passport and glasses in the exterior pockets, and use the roomy interior to carry your wallet, tablet, and camera.

This bag even comes with a small cosmetic bag and a zippered interior pocket for additional storage.

So if you’re looking for a mildly stylish bag that screams out, ” I love NYC” then definitely chek this bag out.

11. NYC Luggage Tags

These luggage tags are not only pretty but help you find your luggage when it gets lost.
These luggage tags are not only pretty but help you find your luggage when it gets lost.


Could there be a more boring gift than luggage tags?

Probably not.

But we all need them so might as well get some tags are easy on the eyes and that show your love for New York City.

Because really:

You never know when your luggage will get lost or when you’ll need to check your carry on because the plane is too full.

Yup, that contact info comes in mighty handy.

And these tags are pretty epic, at least as far as luggage tags go.

Not only do they come in four different patterns (I like the MetroCard style myself), but they are thick, durable, easily seen to help you find your luggage faster, and have a privacy panel, on the back, to keep your personal information somewhat hidden.

Pretty wicked and essential for any travelers out there.

12. NYC mini notebooks

New York City mini-journals that are perfect for any traveler.
New York City mini-journals that are perfect for any traveler.

Much smaller, and easier to carry, than typical travel notebooks:

These mini-notebooks are well-made, decorated with an assortment of awesome, vintage graphics, and are relatively inexpensive since you receive a set of three for $12.

They also make great party favors and are the perfect place to jot down any notes while you’re traveling.

The only slight negative?

Each notebook comes with a different style of paper on the interior.


One notebook has blank paper, the other has lined paper, and the third has graph paper.

So just keep that in mind before you order this quaint little set of notebooks.

13. Lonely Planet Travel Guide for New York City

This Lonely Planet is small, up to date, and perfect for anyone who wants to explore NYC.
This Lonely Planet is small, up to date, and perfect for anyone who wants to explore NYC.

As a travel blogger:

You are probably NOT surprised to hear that I do NOT use travel guides.


I find them to be out of date and cumbersom to carry.


Everyone seems to use the same brand, so all those “secret” tips end up being not so secret.


I understand that some people like the comfort of carrying a travel guide with them.


If you must purchase a travel guide, I find that Lonely Planet is definitely the best and most informative brand out there ( I used them all the time before I was a blogger).


Make sure that you purchase the latest edition so that all the information is as up to date as possible.


If you feel like a travel guide is too heavy to carry, you can always download it on your phone, or go old school and make copies of any relevant info.


I’ll say no more about guidebooks since I don’t actually use them myself (I used Lonely Planet back in the day when no one knew what a blog was).

14. Playbill

Nothing makes a better NYC souvenir than a Broadway playbill.
Nothing makes a better NYC souvenir than a Broadway playbill.

As a self-confessed theater fanatic:

I not only attend a ton of Broadway shows (I only buy cheap Broadway tickets), but I also bring home all the playbills.


I’ll convince myself to save them so that I can create a stunning collage…some day.

But inevitably, some day never comes.

And they either get thrown out or hung up and framed when my roommate gets sick of looking at them.

But just because I suck at DIY projects, doesn’t mean that you should throw your playbill out.

Quite the contrary.

Playbills have always been an iconic, New York City souvenir (a Broadway show ticket also makes a great NYC gift experience) that everyone loves.


They are a great, inexpensive way to share the beauty of your trip to New York City with a loved one.


If you accidentally threw your playbill out (whoops), or are looking for an extra special, signed playbill for a loved one, then definitely consider ordering the playbill above.

Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but the show was amazing and it’s signed by the entire cast, making this a true, once in a lifetime gift from NYC.

***On a budget? You can also order regular playbills for as little as $20.***

15. Monopoly: New York City Edition

This fun, New York City edition of Monopoly makes a great gift for kids and adults.
Monopoly is my all time favorite game and is a perfect gift for adults and kids.

Umm, who doesn’t love Monopoly?

I know I do!

And while this is one of my more unique New York gifts, it’s also the most iconic game of my childhood since my friends and I would stay up all night at sleepovers, just playing monopoly.


If you’re a boardgames aficionado or have a child that you need to pry away from the TV (or tablet or computer) then why not get them the New York City Edition of Monopoly?

It’s super fun, entertains you for hours, and is relatively cheap compared to most video games.

Want to save even more money?

Then skip the name brand version and get the knock off of Monopoly instead (you’ll save $30 and I doubt it makes that much of a difference).

There you have it, my list of 15 amazing New York City gift ideas.

So, what do you think of all these different New York gifts and New York souvenirs?

I personally love them all and anyone who gave me any of these gifts, minus the travel guide, would earn my undying love and devotion.

Okay, that’s a total exaggeration but whatever. I still think all of these NYC themed gifts are totally kick ass.

So, if all of these unique New York gifts make you wanna go on a shopping spree (Either for yourself or for someone else. No judgment here), then pin this now and read it again later!