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Solo Female Travel Destinations: 25 of the Best Cities to Travel Alone

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Are you an avid solo female traveler like me, looking for some of the best solo female travel destinations?

A person who doesn’t wait for other to book a trip because then, yeah, you wouldn’t travel anywhere except the grocery store (me, bitter? No way)? Do you shudder every time someone looks at you weirdly when you, GASP, SHOCK, HORROR, say you’re traveling ALONE? Do you get tired of your parents lecturing you and telling you to, “be careful” even though you’re well into adulthood?

No mom and dad, I’m gonna be super reckless and wear only a thong, into the bad part of town, in the hope that someone will pillage me.

Talk about winning at vacation.

But I get it. Safety is a huge concern for solo female travelers and an important factor when determining if a city is one of the great places to travel alone.

That’s why I created this handy-dandy list of some of the best places to travel alone female, to help you avoid insanity, chaos, and terror at every turn!

Actually, scratch that, I created NOTHING.

Instead, I found the raddest and baddest solo female travelers around. And these kick ass and take names kind of ladies were awesome enough to share, with me, their list of great places to travel alone.

This is the time to grab some popcorn and your snuggie because it’s about to get ultra real up in here!

Sorry, but not every city can be added to this epic list of best places to travel alone female. Because when it comes to female solo travel, some cities are total duds, not studs.

So take a look, get inspired, and see if you agree with this list of awesome solo travel destinations. You never know, there might be some super important, up and coming, solo female travel destinations that these pro bloggers missed.

It could happen! Angels in the Outfield reference anyone? Bueller? 

***If you’re planning to visit all of these magnificent places, then check out this perfect, solo female RTW packing list or try a perfect solo vacation package.***

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1. Taipei, Taiwan

By: Patti from The Savvy Globetrotter (Check out her blog on Twitter and Facebook)

Taipei is a safe, fun and interesting city for any solo traveler to visit.
Taipei is a safe, fun and interesting city for any solo traveler to visit.

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is one of the best cities for solo travel.  But for some reason, Taipei is off the radar and doesn’t receive as much attention or, visitors as other capital cities in Asia!

I mean:

Taipei wasn’t even on my list of best places to travel alone until I randomly chose to visit.


When I visited, I was so impressed by this urban oasis that it quickly became one of my favorite solo travel destinations in the world.


Whether you’re a fan of culture, food, themed cafes, shopping, skyscrapers, temples, museums, national monuments (with changing of the guard’s ceremonies), or stunning natural landscapes, Taipei has it all and is worth a visit even if you only have twenty-four hours in Taipei.


Taipei is an easy, safe, and pleasant city to explore by foot or by public transportation since the metro system is clean and efficient. The locals are also kind, helpful, and friendly, making this an extremely safe city for solo female travelers.

But the main reason I loved Taipei so much was the food!  Taiwan is truly a food lovers paradise since one of the best things you can do is explore one of the many night markets and taste an assortment of delicious Taiwanese dishes and snacks.

So no matter who you are or what you like, Taipei really does have something for every type of traveler.

2. Tokyo, Japan

By: Kristine Li of the Petite Wanderess (Check her out on Instagram and Twitter)

Tokyo is a beautifully exciting city that is the perfect place for any solo female traveler to explore.
Tokyo is a beautifully exciting city that is the perfect place for any solo female traveler to explore.


You’re not crazy for considering a solo trip to Tokyo. In terms of safety – a top concern for solo female travelers – Tokyo’s got you covered.  Low crime rates, female only hotel floors, and trains with female-only cabins all make Tokyo one of the safest cities for solo female travelers.

Plus, Tokyo is an incredibly easy city to navigate since trains are everything here.

Just grab a train map and it will take you anywhere you like. Plus, you’ll even feel a sense of achievement when you finally figure out where you’re going.

What, you can’t speak or read Japanese? No worries, many people in Tokyo speak English if you need some help. 

From day until night, experience the eccentric, traditional, and modern aspects of Tokyo life.

You can even explore some public parks, go hike a mountain (yes! In Tokyo!), or just watch the seasons change with stunning cherry blossoms in spring or vibrantly colored leaves in the autumn.

Enjoy shopping?

Then check out the independent boutiques in Harajuku and Shibuya. And when you’re totally exhausted by the end of each day, there’s nothing like a good bowl of ramen to help you unwind.

3. Ecuador

By: Jen Ruiz of Jen on a Jet Plane (Check her out on Instagram and Facebook)

The old world beauty of Cuenca in Ecuador.
The old world beauty of Cuenca in Ecuador.

Ecuador, one of the best places to travel alone female since it has three things that are guaranteed to make your next solo female vacation a success: adventure, affordability, and chocolate.


With new direct flights from the continental United States to Quito, it is now easier than ever to access this country for less and spend two days in Quito.

Once in Quito:

Visit the Museo Intiñan which sits atop the Equator, at the center of the world. Walk the Equatorial line and see water swirl in different directions, depending upon the hemisphere that you are in.

Be sure to enter the chocolate tent too and watch them turn Cacao beans into Ecuadorian chocolate.

Just don’t forget to bring your passport and get a Mitad del Mundo stamp as a souvenir.

Those craving adventures can head to Baños, Ecuador, a town that is just four hours away from Quito by bus (plus it only costs $4.00 to get there).

Once there:

You can swing off the edge of the world, go rappelling, try bungee jumping, fly down a zip line, soak in thermal baths, or brave Class V rapids on a whitewater rafting trip.

The options are endless and affordable since most of these activities cost only $20-$40 per person.

And if you’re looking for another destination that is a bit closer to home, then consider doing a bit of solo travel in Mexico.  

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

By: Tara Kenyon of Nutrition Abroad (Check her out on Instagram and Facebook)

While in Chiang Mai, you can explore one of the many beautiful temples there.
While in Chiang Mai, you can explore one of the many beautiful temples there.

While Thailand is generally considered a safe country to visit, Chiang Mai, a city in the north of Thailand, is definitely one of the best trips for solo travelers in Thailand.

Not only is Chiang Mai much smaller than Bangkok (and a great place to stop while backpacking Thailand), but most of the city’s major attractions are adjacent to one another, making it an easy place to explore.

This city is also safe and free from many of the tourist scams that plague Bangkok, so a female traveler can feel comfortable walking around Chiang Mai alone.


This city is filled with travelers from all over the world, so you are guaranteed to find great friends with whom you can explore the city and possibly travel with to other destinations.

Chiang Mai also offers visitors an assortment of activities to choose from like exploring ancient ruins, visiting breathtaking temples, making new friends at the elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai, cliff jumping at the ‘Grand Canyon,’ eating every type of food imaginable, dancing the night away, and even shopping until your heart gives out.


Pai, one of the chillest, rural towns in Thailand, is just a short van ride away. Once in Pai, you can cruise around back roads by motorbike, explore art cafes, or visit local villages.

So check out Chiang Mai; a city that is a convenient vacation stop for anyone doing Thailand solo travel.

5. Luang Prabang, Laos

By: Matilda of the Travel Sisters (Check her out on Twitter and Facebook)

Some of the amazing waterfalls you'll see in Luang Prabang, Laos.
Some of the amazing waterfalls you’ll see in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Luang Prabang is one of my favorite places and is probably one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers.

Located in northern Laos:

Luang Prabang is one of the most delightful and charming cities in all of Southeast Asia, with friendly locals and a laid-back vibe.

Dotted with beautiful buildings and ancient Buddhist temples, the entire town has become a designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

And while Luang Prabang is a great destination for travelers who want to spend the day at a local cafe, there is no shortage of activities for more adventurous visitors.


The city is small in scale, making it safe (one of the many safe destinations for solo female travelers), cheap and easy to explore by foot.

One of the best things to do when trekking Luang Prabang is to take a tour or hire a tuk-tuk and head to the nearby Kuang Si Falls, a spectacular multi-tier waterfall where you can take a dip in warm, iridescent, turquoise water.

If you’re up for it:

you can even wake up early and devour some local food at the morning market or watch orange-robed monks emerge from their temples to collect alms at dawn.

Other exciting activities include a sunset cruise on the Mekong River, shopping at the night market, or taking a cooking class.

6. Honolulu, Hawaii (USA)

By: Christabel Lobo of Wheres Bel (Check her out on Facebook and Twitter)

One of the many fabulous beaches that you'll find in Honolulu, Hawaii.
One of the many fabulous beaches that you’ll find in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I moved to Hawaii the summer I graduated from college and spent a few months there, volunteering at a local animal clinic, wondering what my post-college plans would be.
I didn’t know anyone in Honolulu except for my aunt, and spent most of my time exploring the island on my own…and I LOVED every minute of it!
Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in the US, and most of the time, you don’t even feel like you’re in America.
I also don’t think I’ve ever come across people friendlier than the locals in Honolulu. If I got lost and needed directions, people were more than willing to steer me in the right direction.
In my free time:
I’d explore the island by myself, sunbath at the beach, dine out at local restaurants, or go out to local bars, never once feeling unsafe.
So if you’re wondering where to go on your next solo trip in the United States then consider Honolulu!
There’s plenty to do like snorkeling in Waimea Bay, hiking to the Manoa Falls, surfing in Waikiki, or tanning at a hidden beach along the North Shore.
Plus, the food here is amazing too.
Downtown Honolulu has some incredible restaurants, with a local food truck meet up, called Eat the Street, every Friday. So come to paradise and check out Honolulu for one of the best beach vacations for solo female travelers!

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 By: Meghan Ramsey of Meghan the Traveling Teacher (Check her out on Facebook and Instagram)
The Palm represents the insane beauty and wealth of Dubai in the United Arba Emirates.
The Palm represents the insane beauty and wealth of Dubai in the United Arba Emirates. So if you’re wondering where to stay in Dubai, definitely check out The Palm. 
Dubai is much easier for female solo travelers than I expected.
See, Dubai is one of those places that people in the US see as unsafe. However, I found it to be completely safe and felt totally comfortable the entire time.
One of the best things about Dubai and planning a Dubai itinerary is that public transportation is cheap and easy to use, with signs clearly marked in English. Something that makes it really easy to stay within your Dubai travel budget.
While I was there:
I took the women-only train car for my visit to Burj Khalifa where I saw amazing views, explored the Dubai mall, and even saw the local aquarium.
But my favorite part of Dubai was going on a desert safari. I booked a local tour and took off into the desert for an evening spent with other international travelers.
I was nervous about visiting Dubai alone, but I am so happy that I did it and encourage you to do the same because Dubai really is one of the best places for solo travelers.

8. Singapore

By: Raksha Rao of the Roving Heart (Check her out on Instagram and Facebook)

The exquisite Garden by the Bay in Singapore.
The exquisite Garden by the Bay in Singapore.

Looking for one of the best solo travel destinations (Not to worry traveling families because there are a ton of great things to do in Singapore with kids too)?

Then consider Singapore! It’s one of those amazing places where you can easily stroll across the city or go shopping at Mustafa Centre at 3 AM without worrying about your safety.

I mean:

The people here are so nice that even if you leave your cell phone in a cab, you’ll probably get it back in just a day or two. But this makes sense since Singapore’s crime rates are some of the lowest in the world (probably due to a harsh punishment policy for even low-level offenses), making this tiny country one of the safest countries for solo female travelers.

Unlike the rest of Southeast Asia:
There is hardly any haggling in Singapore, except in Little India, China town, and Arab Street. Therefore, you know that you won’t be overcharged because you’re a tourist who isn’t familiar with the cost of local goods.
Even though Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, budget travel can be done by using the efficient public transport, pre-booking prominent attractions, and by staying in cheaper areas of the city, like Mustafa Center.
So consider Singapore solo travel and don’t forget to take in the views from Marina Bay Sands, explore the stunning gardens by the bay, visit Universal Studios, or bungee jump at G-Max Extreme Bungee in Clark Quay.

9. Osaka, Japan

By Rhiannon Flatman of Rhiannon Travels (Check her out on Facebook and Instagram)
One of the many beautiful castles you'll find in Osaka, Japan.
One of the many beautiful castles you’ll find in Osaka, Japan.

Japan is one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers.

It is also one of those countries that can change a person. I know for a fact that it changed me and entirely for the better.

After spending an entire month exploring this incredible country:

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could easily move there, and be happier than I’ve ever been. And Osaka, in particular, is one of the safest, cleanest, most exciting, most colorful and friendliest cities that I have ever visited.


Millions of people are there and are ready to help you whenever they can. Plus, the public transportation system is easy to use and navigate, with awesome convenience stores that sell almost anything you could ever need.

What can I say?

Osaka is just one of those magical cities that you will want to visit again and again. Japan in general though is one of the safest countries for solo female travelers, and Osaka is no exception.

I had absolutely no issues, and although I visited with my partner, I would feel totally at ease traveling to Osaka alone. That’s why I believe Osaka, Japan should be on everyone’s list of best solo travel destinations.

10. Gold Coast, Australia

By: Lucy Frank of A Traveller’s Footsteps (Check her out on Facebook and Instagram)
The incredible natural beauty of the Gold Coast in Australia.
The incredible natural beauty of the Gold Coast in Australia.
The Gold Coast is an ideal destination for solo travelers in Australia and should be on anyone’s Australia bucket list!
Not only is it one of the safest places for female travelers, but the Gold Coast is easy to get around and is filled with a ton of backpackers that you can become friends with.
There are a ton of fun things to do there. Between world-class surfing, lush rainforests, vibrant nightlife, and endless dining options, boredom will not be a problem.
I have actually lived in the Gold Coast for seven years now and still find exciting hidden gems all the time like beaches, lookouts, waterfalls, and pristine swimming holes.
That’s why the Gold Coast truly is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers alike.
Even if shopping and dining are more your speed, the Gold Coast will still appeal to you. Just make sure that you visit Burleigh Heads National Park to experience some of the wildlife and natural beauty that make this place truly special to anyone who visits.

11. Kolkata (or Calcutta), India

By: Madhurima Chakraborty of Orange Wayfarer (Check her out on Twitter and Instagram)

The beautiful Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, India.
The beautiful Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, India.

When I discuss solo female travel in India, I try to be practical and suggest places where I have felt the most comfortable.

On the banks of the River Hooghly, lies an old city that was founded in the 17th century. Slumbering in the haze of the decaying British empire lies Kolkata, one of the best travel sites for solo travelers.

This is a city that knows exactly how to roll cottage cheese into a ball and soak it in sugar syrup to create a delightful treat known as Rosogolla. This city also knows the secret recipe for serving steamed carp al dente in a fine, mustard gravy.


This city has been a place of worship for the Hindu goddess Kali (Sotee Peeth of kalighat, a place believed to have the deceased ruins of Hindu goddesses), making Kolkata a safe haven for female travelers.

The people here have also nurtured a deep literary tradition that immortalizes female deities and queen while becoming home to a myriad of faiths like Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.
In a few day’s time:
You can explore the northern part of the city, a hub of education and a home to some of the oldest bookshops in the city.
Before you leave:

Be sure to visit the Colonial district of the Esplanade which has stunning architecture and serves as a gateway to amazing places like Gadiwara (a place where three rivers confluence) and Raychawk (near the Bay of Bengal and Henry’s Island).

12. Coron, Philippines

By: Aleah Taboclaon of Solitary Wanderer (Check her out on Facebook and Instagram)

The natural beauty of Coron, Philipines.
The natural beauty of Coron, Philipines.

Coron, located in the Palawan province of the Philippines, should be on everyone’s list of top solo travel destinations.

Palawan, as a whole, is a spectacular place with crystal clear waters and quiet, white sand beaches that have hidden lagoons that are the perfect place for you and your diving squad to live it up and do a little scuba diving!

There are even some secluded islands here that are home to an incredible array of wildlife and that have amazing panoramic, ocean views.

The most important thing is that the town is friendly towards solo travelers. Plus, there are a diverse number of hotels in Coron, that start at $12 a night, so you can choose the hostel,  guesthouse, hotel, or private resort that is perfect for you.
Island tours and activities are also quite affordable since tour groups accept single travelers. All you have to do is inquire about the tour at your hotel front desk and staff will provide you with a list of tours that are ready to accept solo travelers
That’s why:
When it comes to picking my favorite solo travel destination, Coron is always my number one choice!

13. Istanbul, Turkey

By: Julie of A Not So Young Woman Abroad (Check her blog out on Facebook and Instagram)

One of the amazing Cathedrals you'll find in Istanbul.
One of the amazing Cathedrals you’ll find in Istanbul.

Sometimes the best solo female travel destinations are those that push us out of our comfort zone! And Istanbul is one of those places that will challenge you while simultaneously capturing your heart,

That’s why:

Istanbul is definitely my pick for the top solo female travel destination. It’s a beautiful combination of East meets West and old meets new. A dynamic city that wakes up early with the morning call to prayer.


You can easily spend a few days wandering the streets, taking in a variety of distinctive architectural and cultural experiences. You can even go on a boat cruise along the Bosphorus, explore the Grand Bazaar or visit beautiful mosques like the Blue Mosque or Sophia Haglia.

But amazing sites are not all that Istanbul has to offer.

With a public transportation system that is easy to navigate and with some very welcoming locals, you’ll have no trouble getting around on your own.

And added bonus:

Many of the accommodations in Istanbul are very budget-friendly so you won’t go broke as you solo travel Istanbul.

Just be sure to research exactly what to wear in Turkey before you go so that you’re fully prepared and can have an amazing trip. 

14. New York City, New York (USA)

By: Kristi Evans of Travel Love Fashion (Check her blog out on Instagram and Twitter)

The iconic electric beauty of Times Square in New York City.
The iconic electric beauty of Times Square in New York City.

With a population of over eight million people and seemingly endless attractions:

New York City is an ideal destination for any solo female traveler, especially since you can use Limo Find to make your way to and from the airport. The bustling streets here are full of crowds that make you feel like you are never alone (if you’re looking for a slightly quieter US destination for solo female travelers, then check out the beauty of Tacoma, Washington).


Not only is NYC is a welcoming place for parties of one, but it’s safe, easy to get around, and filled with a ton of fascinating activities.

So whether you are in New York City for twenty-four hours, or for two weeks, you’ll never get bored as you solo travel New York City.


If you choose to explore NYC alone, it’s easy to disappear into the beat of the city and wander around without getting hassled or feeling like a spectacle.


If you yearn for companionship, this city has boundless opportunities to meet and connect with other travelers from all over the world.

Couple this with NYC’s world-class art galleries, exceptional retail stores, and many fine dining options, and you have a solo female travel destination that thrills visitors who are on their first, or two hundred and fifty-first, trip to this incredible city.

15. Siem Reap, Cambodia

By: Elise Pickersgill of Travel Work and Play (Check her blog out on Twitter and Instagram)

A Buddhist monk in Siem Reap.
A Buddhist monk in Siem Reap.

My favorite city for solo female travelers is, undoubtedly, Siem Reap. Although there is the occasional bag snatching, like in the rest of Southeast Asia, this location is remarkably safe and welcoming for solo travelers.

While visiting Cambodia and Siem Reap:

I have never once felt uncomfortable or in danger, since Khmer people are extremely friendly, and will never make you feel out of place or alone.

This charming temple town has a thriving core with bustling markets, a great food scene, and a buzzing expat community; a community that is filled with writers, photographers, NGO workers, teachers and people who just never left!

As a result:

Siem Reap has a cosmopolitan vibe, complete with a ton of activities that the local visitor’s community to choose from.

This city is small enough to travel around via bicycle but big enough to ensure that you won’t get bored.

City highlights include the Angkor marathon and photo festival, Khmer New Year parties, weekly farmers markets, eclectic food options, vibrant nightlife, and temples galore.

Be sure to visit Kandal village for amazing coffee and delectable eats. Also explore Sok San, or Taphul village for leafy pools, lively bars, and lesser known temples.

16. Helsinki, Finland

By: Jeanine Romo of Le Wild Explorer (Check out her blog on Pinterest and Instagram)

The romantic charm and beauty of Helsinki, Finland.
The romantic charm and beauty of Helsinki, Finland.

With a low crime rate, happy people, and an easy-to-navigate layout, Helsinki, Finland is one of the best places to travel alone female.

But don’t take my word for it.

The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report of 2017 actually ranked Finland as the safest country in the world, so clearly, this city is one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers. 

Sitting adjacent to the Gulf of Finland:

Helsinki is not only picturesque but the largest city in Finland, making it a top urban destination for many travelers in Scandinavia.


English is widely spoken and understood by much of the population, making it easy for foreigners to get around.


Helsinki is home to the largest university in Finland, the University of Helsinki; a school that has a large number of international students, creating a diverse community that is welcoming to all.  

Also don’t forget to check out a traditional Finnish sauna, a national pass time that is enjoyed by Finns all over the country. 

17. Tallinn, Estonia

By: Natalia of Mytriphack (Check out her blog on Twitter and Facebook)

The beauty of Tallinn, Estonia in the winter.
The beauty of Tallinn, Estonia in the winter.

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, expertly intertwines history and modern innovations, making this one of the best solo vacations.

Due to its diverse history:

Tallinn is an interesting destination for architectural enthusiasts and photography lovers alike. Between the Baroque style Kadriorg palace and the narrow, quaint, colorful streets of the Old Town, there is no shortage of places to explore in this vibrant city.

There are even a ton of Soviet Era buildings that make up the Rotermann Quarter, creating a location that is perfect for every type of traveler.

You can also find plenty of budget accommodations that are perfect for solo female travelers who have no one to split the cost of a room with.

Locals are also very friendly and helpful and are all too ready to assist you if you get lost.

That’s why overall:

Tallinn is one of my favorite cities in the world for solo travelers.

18. Valencia, Spain

By: Sanne Wesselman of Spend Life Traveling (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

The beautiful modern architecture of the Ciudad de Artes in Valencia, Spain.
The beautiful modern architecture of the Ciudad de Artes in Valencia, Spain.

Do you love the beach, palm trees, good food, a great climate, rich history, and beautiful architecture?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you have to plan at least a short visit to Valencia, Spain! Not only is it less touristy than either Barcelona or Madrid, but it’s much less expensive too.

That’s why this stunning city is one of the best destinations for solo travelers.

Valencia has a lot to offer and the world seems to be slowly catching on since more travelers are making their way here every year. and creating their own Valencia, Spain itinerary.

I have been visiting Valencia for many years, often on my own, and love how perfect this city is for solo female travelers. Its safe, the people are friendly, and the city center can easily be explored in just 2 or 3 days.

But even though Valencia is probably one of the safest places for solo female travelers:

It’s not one of those artificially manicured cities: it has a bit of a grungy feel to it that is exemplified by great street art, narrow streets, historic buildings and dimly lit, late night bars.

At the same time:

Valencia has impressive parks, gorgeous sandy beaches, and a number of outdoor activities that you can enjoy every day.

So if you’re wondering where to travel alone then definitely visit Valencia, Spain.

19. Girona, Spain

By: Kiara Gallop of Gallop Around the Globe (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)
The unique urban landscape of Girona, Spain.
The unique urban landscape of Girona, Spain.
Girona, in Northern Catalonia, is an enchanting network of cobbled lanes and medieval walls that make it a wonderful place for a relaxing wander.
It’s a laid-back, compact, and stylish city, that offers visitors a mix of history, culture, architecture, and diverse dining options.

Take a walk along the ancient city walls or enjoy some peace and quiet in one of the city’s many hidden gardens. Also take a moment to stop and photograph Girona’s iconic, red bridge, designed by Gustaf Eiffel.

And while you’re at it:

Be sure to eat some Wonka-esque ice cream created by a Michelin-star rated chef. You can even check out some Game of Thrones filming locations, and learn about the city’s unique history in one of the city’s many fascinating, local museums.

So even though Girona isn’t one of Spain’s most well-known cities, it’s the perfect destination for solo female travelers who are looking to escape the hordes of tourists in Barcelona and Madrid.

20. Dublin, Ireland

By: Gina Tarmacki of One Day in a City (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

The world famous Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland.
The world famous Trinity College Library in Dublin, Ireland.

Although I have traveled solo before:

Dublin was the first place that I traveled to alone after I got married. And I have to say, It was a great city to visit as a solo female traveler since there are so many things to do in Ireland. 

Not only is this city welcoming and safe, but most of central Dublin, where all the top attractions are located, is extremely walkable, making this city a great destination if you have just one or two days in Dublin.


You won’t waste time worrying about cabs or getting lost in subways by yourself. In Dublin, I was able to easily and efficiently navigate my way through the city and even enjoyed some solo touring through an assortment of churches and museums that

And if you find the time, definitely consider taking one of the best day trips from Dublin, up to the Giant’s Causeway or Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In the evenings:

Visit some of the local pubs, enjoy some live music, and make friends with some of the lovely people there. Dublin also has a ton of hostels that are the perfect place to meet other solo travelers.

But if your budget allows:

Try staying in a local bed and breakfast since they are the perfect place to chat with a local homeowner and get a feel for local Irish culture.

21. Lisbon, Portugal

By: Clarissa Linnitt of An Orcadian Abroad (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)
The historic beauty of Lisbon's Commerical Square.
The historic beauty of Lisbon’s Commerical Square.
Lisbon, Portugal’s esteemed capital, is one of those cities that quietly nudges its way onto people’s bucket lists while retaining a certain air of modesty.
It feels underrated but everyone who talks about it seems to absolutely adore this charming city and all of the stunning attractions that Lisbon has to offer.
So, naturally, I expected to fall for Lisbon, but I was surprised by how hard I did.
Lisbon is also the perfect city for solo female travelers since it’s easy to get around, packs a ton of beauty into a small area, and most importantly, it’s the safest European city I’ve ever been to.
So whether you’re watching the sunset over the orange rooftops of Alfama, wandering through Lisbon’s quaint and colorful cobblestone alleyways, or devouring your weight in pastries, it’s not hard to see why Lisbon is quickly becoming a highly sought-after travel destination.
But the best part?
Lisbon is still relatively affordable, which means more Pastel de Natas (traditional egg tarts) for you!
So make sure you visit Lisbon before all the selfie stick-wielding tourists take over and this beautiful capital city loses some of its charm and affordability.

22. Leiden, the Netherlands

By: Maria of 203 Challenges (Check out her blog on Facebook and Twitter)

The city of Leiden in the Netherlands has a very Dutch, small-town feel in the architecture.
The city of Leiden in the Netherlands has a very Dutch, small-town feel in the architecture.

The city of Leiden is a great stop for solo female travelers who are looking for the perfect day trip from Amsterdam or the Hague.

This quaint city has the classic ‘Dutch’ scenery (bike lanes, scenic bridges spanning canals, LEGO-like houses) of a place like Amsterdam but minus the masses of tourists who are always invading your personal space.

Leiden is also the perfect destination for anyone who loves art and culture since Leiden is the birthplace of none other than Rembrandt.

This town is also home to one of the first universities in the Netherlands, as well as the National Museum of Antiquities, which displays an array of ancient Egyptian artifacts.


Is there anything better for a solo traveler’s soul than a good, slow walk through the past and into the present of a city’s cultural scene?

And while walking here is great:

Renting a bike here is even better (you’re in the Netherlands after all)! So hop on a bike and explore a maze of tiny cobbled streets.

You can even leave the city altogether and explore the Hague (where you’ll find the Scheveningen beach area), which is only an hour away from Leiden by bike.

Before you leave though:

B sure to climb the citadel and get a stunning, panoramic view of the entire city. And if you’re tired after all that climbing, you can always stop and relax at one of the many art cafes in the area.

23. The Azores, Portugal

By: Sarah Swank of Suitcase Six (Check out her blog on Facebook and Instagram)

A beautiful areal view of the Azores in Portugal.
A beautiful areal view of the Azores in Portugal.

In 2017, I fell in love with the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. It truly is one of the many great places to travel alone since it’s safe and gives visitors a variety of outdoor activities to choose from.

I know safety isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s one of my biggest concerns for solo travelers. Plus, constantly looking over your shoulder while you’re traveling gets exhausting.

But in the Azores:

I felt safe no matter where I was. Which makes sense since the island has a low crime rate and a small population that, from my experience, is friendly, active, and nature-loving.

I felt totally secure walking around at night and didn’t feel like I stood out on the streets while carrying my backpack or camera.

And the island itself is incredibly picturesque, with outdoor activities being one of the biggest highlights.

While here:

Ladies can see stunning landscapes — beaches, mountains, hot springs, cliff-side farms, volcanoes — without being rushed since the island is so easy to get around.

So while Sao Miguel is a quiet island, it’s also a great destination for women seeking a little adventure in their lives.

24. Edinburgh, Scotland

By: Michelle Joy of Harbors and Havens (Check out her blog on Instagram and Facebook)
A gorgeous winter sunrise in Edinburgh, Scotland.
A gorgeous winter sunrise in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I typically travel with my husband.

But when I had the chance to take my first international, solo trip, I knew Edinburgh would be an ideal spot.

Since English is the primary language (albeit a unique brand of English), it’s simple to get around the city.  And with a compact tourist zone centered in the Old Town and New Town areas, you can easily walk or hop on a bus to discover all of Edinburgh’s top attractions.


If you’re itching for some company, people are always flooding the streets around The Royal Mile, which brims with pubs, coffee shops, and about a thousand places to buy tartan scarves.

Various free group tours also have meeting points here for both day and night excursions that delve into the rich, and sometimes gruesome, history of Edinburgh.

Several big museums are free too, like the Scottish National Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland.

Away from the hubbub:

Holyrood Park is an amazing park that invites hikers to make their way up Arthur’s Seat and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

And while the trails here are popular, you can still find a private spot to relax and watch the sunset over Edinburgh Castle.

25. Paris, France

By: Alison Roberts-Tse of Up&AtEm Travel (Check out her blog on Instagram and Facebook)

A gorgeous Paris sunset over the Seine.
A gorgeous Paris sunset over the Seine.

To some:

Roaming around the city of romance as a solo female traveler, with happy couples everywhere, would be a soul-crushing disaster.

But even though I am happily married to a man who enjoys travel almost as much as I do, I found exploring the streets of Paris on my own to be positively incredible.

If you’re an art lover:

Paris solo travel means that you can take as long as you want in the fantastic art galleries or the stunning Palais Garnier without an unenthusiastic companion nagging at you, “Are we done, yet?”

You can also aimlessly stroll along the charming streets, with a warm croissant in hand.

Exploring the French capital alone also gives you the ability to duck in and out of shops as much as you’d like.

That’s why Paris really is the perfect place to take some time for yourself and explore the city’s lesser-known areas at a leisurely pace.

TADA! Our mission to find the 25 best solo female travel destinations is complete!

I hope you found this list inspiring because I know I did. Sure, I’ve been to a couple of these cities but many of these places are cities I’ve never even heard of, let alone visited.

So if you need me, I’ll be livin’ la vida loca during one of my best solo vacations ever! Sorry but I gotta go get my solo female travel swerve on!

But if this list of the absolute best trips to take alone makes you want to do some solo travel planning for yourself, then pin this now and read it again later!

Expert female travel bloggers reveal their picks for the 25 best solo female travel destinations in the world. These cities are not only fun but safe cities for solo female travelers. So check it out and see if your favorite city made the list. #solotravel #traveldestinations #travelideas #solofemaletravel #solotraveltips
Expert female travel bloggers reveal their picks for the 25 best solo female travel destinations in the world. These cities are not only fun but safe cities for solo female travelers. So check it out and see if your favorite city made the list. #solotravel #traveldestinations #travelideas #solofemaletravel #solotraveltips


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Thank you! Would you suggest some African countries?


Monday 9th of May 2022

Sure. Cape Town, South Africa, Kilifi, Kenya, Lake Malawi, Malawi and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe & Zambia. Hope that helps!


Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Love this! I would have never thought of traveling alone to some of these places.


Sunday 24th of February 2019

So happy you enjoyed the post!


Tuesday 19th of February 2019

Great post! There are so many great suggestions on this list. I've been to many but reading a list makes me remember just how many other destinations there are that I haven't been to yet. I completely agree with Tallinn (and Estonia as whole). It is such a beautiful city that is easy to get around in and is very safe. I always recommend that people get out of the old town and explore the rest of Tallinn because it has so much more to offer. I love the old town just as much as anybody else, but I love that I explored the rest of the city as well.


Wednesday 20th of February 2019

I have heard such great things about Tallinn and Estonia and I am dying to visit for myself. Definitely gonna try and visit this year if I can. Thanks for reminding me just how awesome it is!


Sunday 16th of September 2018

Thanks for the tips! Planning to go to NY in January to celebrate my birthday, turning 30 (Auch!). No way I want to be home then (living in Utrecht, the Netherlands). I am sure you could make a similar post with some European destinations! Kind of miss them on the list and there are plenty of cities save for women to travel to!


Monday 17th of September 2018

So true! I think that is a great idea because Europe is a great place for solo female travelers!

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