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7 Amazing Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Travel Memories

What, just got back from your dream destination? If so then it is extremely likely that you have a boatload of travel photos after using one of the best cameras for hiking

However, it is also probably likely that you have no idea how to display those memories in a refreshing and innovative way.

Because let’s face it, no one seems to like ancient travel relics, and old-school photo albums are just beyond dull – especially since you’ll probably only go through it once or twice…MAX.

So, how do you give new life to your travel memories and keep them looking fab throughout the years? Well, it’s easy! Just channel your inner creativity goddess after you peruse through these seven tips and you’ll be able to beautifully display all of your most cherished travel memories in a new and exciting way. 

1. Get Something Big

Small souvenirs can quickly be forgotten with the passage of time. They soon become mundane AF and just beyond boring to look at.

That’s why, if you want a sure-fire way to make some of your favorite travel memories last forever, then purchasing something exceptionally big is the way to go.

A goal that is easily attainable if you buy a local sculpture that is made using glass sculpting or wood crafting from the travel destination of your choice.

You could also be a total baller about it and make an enormous purchase from a museum and bring a real piece of art into your very own home.

Or why not get an aquarium shipped home with a few super snazzy fish that are not naturally found near you? At least, as long as your country of residence actually allows this sort of thing.

You could also opt for something a little more traditional like furniture, an area rug, a lamp, etc., all of which will retain their value over time and refresh the aura of your living space.

However, another fantastic option would be to get a hand-painted portrait of yourself and your loved ones from a local artisan – a precious travel memento that you could cherish for the rest of your life. 

2. Make Your Souvenirs Pop with a Special Canvas

Most other methods of displaying images can get boring over time.

However, not so with the eternal charm and appeal of canvases. I mean, really, nothing says ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ better than a beautifully hand-crafted and hand-stretched canvas.

Plus, to achieve this beautiful look at home, all you really need to do is choose a beautiful travel memory that you want to display and get it canvased.

And the ever-classy look of your favorite print mounted on a canvas? Well, it just looks wicked awesome on any kind of wall you can imagine.

Just opt for a special picture with a little pop of color for a chic look on a mostly unadorned, white wall. However, a simpler image with minimal colors and much less going on in the background is an ideal choice for a more colorful and sparkly wall.

Canvases also look exceptionally classy when placed leaning against a wall and paired with other artifacts such as a rustic wooden showcase or a modern home gadget. 

And one of the best custom canvas prints you can get your hands on today is specially made for you by CanvasPop. All you need to do is provide them with the picture you want to be canvassed, your preferred dimensions, and they’ll take care of the rest. 

Yup, it really is THAT easy!

3. Get scrapbooking

One way to steer clear of boring travel photo albums while still fully utilizing your amazing travel photos is with a scrapbook.

Trust me on this though, you definitely don’t need any special scrapbooking talent or an eye for design.

Instead, just try to add in whatever you remember and cherish, and you will quickly create an immortal art piece that you will be proud of for years to come.

Begin by getting a high-quality scrapbook, a few highlighters, some awesome pens, and by creating a list of beautiful memories that you want to preserve forever!

Next, adorn your scrapbook with a wealth of candid polaroids, black and white photos, restaurant menus, train/museum tickets, and anything else that can easily be affixed to a piece of paper.

Now, once you’ve finally added all of your fave pictures into your scrapbook, you can then write down your favorite memory associated with that image.

You can then try creating some simple borders, add in a few quotes, or just let the pictures do the talking.

Regardless of what you do though, a scrapbook will help you remember some of the most minuscule details of your dream vacation, like the food you ate in a boho-chic restaurant or a random subway station in which you saw a local celebrity. 

4. Display Unique Souvenirs for Out of the Box Memories

If you want to go a bit rogue and totally avoid the mainstream, then try collecting actual artifacts or three-dimensional objects as opposed to taking photos.

You can collect anything from a flower you saw in a foreign garden to an exotic feather that you happened upon in a foreign zoo – provided your country of origin actually allows you to bring these sort of things home with you. 

And once you finally do arrive home, feel free to get creative about the way in which you display these items. I mean, you can literally do all sorts of things, like create resin cast bookmarks, design combs, or make gorgeous hairpins.

If you want, you can even look for seashells on a foreign beach and display them inside a glass bowl on your coffee table.

Other ideas include:

  • Collecting multi-colored sand from different travel locations and display them together inside a glass bowl.
  • Starting a mug collection.
  • Displaying maps of cities you’ve visited.
  • Framing well-designed chocolate wrappers from a confectionery store you visited.
  • Decorating pebbles you’ve found in your favorite travel destination. 

Basically, just bring home anything and everything that excites you!

5. Create a Wall of Travels

Fundamentally, this is similar to the scrapbook idea, only on a much bigger scale.

See, a scrapbook is a quiet place where you can collect all of your personal memories.

Therefore, if you want your travel memories to be displayed in a big and bold way, then reserve an entire wall of your home for an art canvas full of your favorite travel souvenirs.

Next, adorn this wall with a variety of different pictures, decorative items, souvenirs, and artifacts that you’ve brought home with you.

If you want, you can even paint the wall with traditional colors or use an exotic painting technique that you learned throughout the course of your travels. 

Whatever you do though, don’t feel like you need to limit your personal creativity since you can quite literally display anything you like – be it an exotic vase, a dreamcatcher made by a small business owner, or an ornate mirror hand-crafted by a village artisan. 

6. Create a Memory List

Is there any better way to reignite your travel memories? And the correct answer to that question is of course no.

Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to overlook certain details from your travels over time. I mean, a certain mistake you made or inconvenience you faced might lead you to forget about a good time that you had or a great hotel that you stayed at. 

So, instead of just relying on pictures to refresh your memories, try to keep a travel journal on hand so that you can write down all of your favorite travel moments – everything from a tune you heard in a pub to a description of the stunning chandeliers in your hotel suite to a description of the remarkable local flora and fauna that you saw.

Then, as time passes and you go through this list, you’ll be able to recall some of the more minute details from your greatest vacations. Memories that will help you feel like you’re, once again, revisiting some of your favorite travel destinations. 

7. Start Blogging

Starting a blog, creating a YouTube channel, or editing your personal travel videos can be a great way to put life into otherwise silent and dull travel photos.

Plus, when you create a blog, you can actually help people travel to some of your favorite travel destinations while making a little extra money on the side. 

And all you really need to start blogging is some solid camera gear or some lenses for your phone that will help you take better photos.

Eventually, you can work your way up to more sophisticated equipment if you decide this is something you really want to pursue.

And if you’re feeling extra energetic, you can even think about starting a YouTube channel too. It’s easy to do and you can definitely link your blog to your Youtube channel for a more seamless user experience.

This way, both you and your audience can revisit your fave travel memories at the same time. 


Well, there you have it!

That just about concludes this post on some of my favorite ways to revitalize your travel memories and display them in new and exciting ways, 

I also love that all of the ideas mentioned here are easy to recreate and customize to your personal needs.

So, with all of these ideas in hand, you can now go forth, mosey on down memory lane, and let nostalgia do ithe rest.