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What to Wear When Traveling to Paris in 2024

Figuring out what to wear when traveling to Paris can be tricky, even if you’re planning just one day in Paris.

But never fear! I have been to Paris many many times and have had more than enough time to adapt to Parisian ways. As a result, I have figured out exactly what to wear in Paris.

And I want to share this amazing advice with you. This way you don’t have to stress out about creating the perfect Paris packing list.

I just want you to be able to quickly and easily select and pack the perfect Paris outfits for you.

So, after you read this post, you’ll be totally prepared for your trip and will understand exactly how to dress in Paris.

Additionally, you’ll learn all about Parisian attire and will understand exactly what clothing you need to create the PERF Paris wardrobe for your next trip.

Now, let’s swan dive into this mega epic post about what to wear in Paris.

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A view of the Eiffel Tower on a sunny summer day in Paris.
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What Do People Wear in Paris?

When learning how to dress in Paris, it’s essential to embody the chic and conservative, but edgy, style that the city is known for.

Parisian style is refined, featuring a monochromatic color scheme. So, when figuring out what to wear in Paris, try not to use more than three colors in any given outfit.

To seamlessly blend in with the locals, avoid wearing UGG boots, big tennis shoes, flip-flops, and sweatpants.

After all, Parisian attire is always impeccable, effortlessly radiating elegance and sophistication.

So, when planning your Paris outfits, you want to maintain a balance between comfort and femininity, with a little edge thrown in for good measure.

However, don’t rock something that makes you look like you’re going to the office. Instead, try wearing a slightly formal top with skinny jeans/fitted pants. This will be perfect for walking around Paris.

When selecting what to wear in Paris, also take practical considerations into account. Therefore, wear weather-appropriate clothes and use beach/gym attire for those specific activities only.

Do this and your Paris wardrobe will have you looking like a local in no time.

What are the Best Shoes for Paris?

Navigating the charming yet challenging cobblestone streets of Paris requires careful consideration when it comes to footwear.

Sure, they look really pretty. But, cobblestone streets can be super difficult to walk on when they are wet, uneven, and hilly.

For the best trip possible, consider adding these shoes to your Paris packing list.

  • Sandals for the Summer – In the summer you will want to look stylish but you will also want your feet to be able to breathe. I love Birkenstocks but if you something a bit more stylish then try these lovely Taos Sandals. They are a bit expensive but worth the extra money.
  • Waterproof Boots – These are an absolute MUST in the spring when the weather is rainy and in the winter when it is snowy. This way your toes will stay warm and dry and toasty.
  • Comfy Shoes for Walking – Any shoe that is comfortable and won’t hurt your feet while you’re walking through Paris shopping arcades.

Pro Tip: I know you may want to pack heels but they can be a real pain on cobblestone streets. So, try wedges instead. They give you height but are a little easier to walk in.

You’ll also want to pack one more formal outfit. This way you can feel and look well-dressed when going out at night.

What Should I Wear in Paris?

When preparing for a trip to Paris, prepare a Paris packing list based on the weather forecast and what activities you will be doing.

Therefore, always check the weather forecast before your visit since your packing list for Paris can vary greatly based on the weather.

Trust me, you don’t want to be unprepared with the wrong attire. Being cold, wet, and miserable will just detract from the joy of exploring the best hidden gems in Paris.

Additionally, what you wear in Paris in the summer can differ dramatically from what you wear in Paris in the winter.

Now, once you understand the local weather at the time of your visit, create a capsule travel wardrobe, curating a selection of versatile pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.

This wardrobe should comfortably fit in your carry-on suitcase with the help of packing cubes.

What to Wear in Paris in Spring

A view of the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris. You can see flowers in the front, a green lawn behind it was a tall pole, and the historic palace behind it. Paris in spring is wet so use this guide to figure out what to wear when traveling to Paris.

What is the Weather in Paris in Spring?

Spring in Paris includes the months of March, April, and May. The weather at this time of year is crazy and super hard to predict. So, pack plenty of layers.

This way you’re prepared no matter what comes your way. Additionally, check the local weather before you travel. This way you know what to expect.

Now, your March/April Paris packing list will probably have some winter clothes in it, depending on the weather.

Meanwhile, your May Paris wardrobe will have a more summer feel to it since the city will start to have warmer weather.

In general, the weather in Paris in Spring is as follows:

  • March – High of 55°F, low of 42°F, and nine days of rain.
  • April – High of 62°F, low of 46°F, and eight days of rain.
  • May – High of 68°F, low of 52°F, and nine days of rain.

What Clothes Should I Wear in Paris in Spring?

Because the weather in Paris is so crazy and hard to predict in spring, try packing layers.

Paris essentials in spring include a jacket, a sweater (not super heavy), t-shirts/long-sleeve shirts, tailored pants, long skirts, and comfy ankle boots.

Now, if you want to wear a dress then add a black Maxi dress to your Paris wardrobe for spring. You can then add little pops of color to your Paris outfit with accessories like a scarf, handbag, belt, and jewelry.

Additionally, don’t forget a raincoat/an umbrella and waterproof shoes since spring in Paris can be very rainy.

What Shoes Should I Wear in Paris in Spring?

Waterproof shoes are always a good start when planning your Paris packing list for spring since it rains quite a bit at this time of year.

Whatever you do though, DO NOT OVERPACK! Bring no more than two or three pairs of shoes in neutral colors.

This way you can do a lot of mixing and matching and still have room in your bag for fun Paris souvenirs.

Also, if you buy new shoes for your trip to Paris, make sure you have broken them in before your trip since you’ll be doing a lot of walking. Yeah, no one has time for blisters as they solo travel Paris.

My top picks for the best shoes for spring in Paris are these ankle boots. Ankle boots also make a great waterproof shoe if they are made out of leather.

You could also wear ballet flats and nice wedges in the evening. Just be sure to pack one pair of good walking shoes that will keep your feet happy.

I adore these Jenn Ardor sneakers since they have no laces (easy to slip on), are really comfy, and come in a ton of colors.

Paris Packing List for Spring

  • Slip-on sneakers (1)
  • Dress (1)
  • Skirt (1)
  • Leggings (1)
  • Jeans (1)
  • T-shirts (2)
  • Long Sleeve Top (1)
  • Ballet Flats for a nice night out (1)
  • Nice Cardigan (1)
  • Chunky Knit Sweater in case it gets chilly (1)
  • Rainjacket or Heavy Jacket (1)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Bras (7)
  • Clothes to Sleep in (1)
  • Try to wear more floral patterns that match the season
  • Pack layers since the weather can be unpredictable

What to Wear in Paris in the Fall

A view of the leaves changing to yellow and brown on the right and a green leafed tree on the left with Notre Dame poking out in the back on a bright, sunny day in Paris.

What is the Weather in Paris in Fall?

Fall in Paris covers the months of September, October, and November. It means chilly, but gorgeous, weather that is well-suited for layering.

The weather also varies greatly between September and November. So, feel free to add some dresses to your Paris wardrobe in September.

In contrast, you may want to add some Paris winter outfits to your Paris wardrobe for October and November since it can get quite chilly, especially at night.

Also, pack lots of fall colors or even some bright-colored pieces. This way your outfit will contrast well with the gray skies of Paris in the fall.

In general, the weather is:

  • September – Highs of 71°F, lows of 55°F, and seven days of rain.
  • October – Highs of 63°F, lows of 50°F, and eight days of rain.
  • November – Highs of 52°F, lows of 43°F, and nine days of rain.

What Clothes Should I Wear in Paris in the Fall?

As always, ankle boots are a great option when traveling to Paris in the fall. You can pair them with leather/faux-leather pants (Parisians love leather), or dark skinny jeans and a light, well-fitting jacket.

I just like leather at this time of year since it is waterproof, warm, and will help protect you on cold nights.

Because you are in a transitional season, you can also wear fashionable black leggings beneath dresses and shorts for a nice, seasonally appropriate-outfit that will still keep you warm.

I never wear them since they are not my thing but jumpsuits are an option. You can even pair a jumpsuit with a blazer if you want a sleek Paris outfit.

Additionally, bring some T-shirts/long-sleeve shirts. Use them as a base for your fall Paris outfits. Scarves can also be added to any ensemble to keep you warm and for some added style to your clothes.

What Shoes Should I Wear in Paris in the Fall?

Like I always say, when planning what to wear when traveling to Paris, pack no more than two or three pairs of shoes.

Also, make sure that your shoes are comfortable and reflect the weather/activities you will be enjoying.

Ideally, pack one pair of comfy shoes for sightseeing and that have already been broken in.

Other shoes you might want to add to your fall Paris packing list include waterproof ankle boots, stylish sneakers, and tall leather boots.

I wouldn’t pack two pairs of boots though and would opt for taller boots during colder months. Ballet flats are also an option on warm days but are not great if you’re gonna be walking around all day.

Finally, rock a pair of wedges if you want to look night when heading out in the evening.

Paris Packing List for Fall

  • Leather Ankle Boots (1)
  • Raincoat with extra insulation or a Leather Jacket (1)
  • Umbrella (1)
  • Jeans (1)
  • Leggings (1)
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Short Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Clothes to Sleep in
  • Bras (3)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Slip-on sneakers (1)
  • Neutral skirt (1)
  • Long Sleeve Dress (with tights or leggings if it’s cold) (1)
  • If it’s really cold then add gloves, a hat, a heavy coat, and a scarf.

What to Wear in Paris in Winter

View of a Parisian cafe with red, whick seats outside and tables that are covered in snow with snow on the ground during winter in Paris.

What is the Weather in Paris in Winter?

Winter weather in Paris can be extremely cold. See, winter includes the months of December, January, and February.

These are the coldest months of the year and your Paris packing list should reflect this fact. Weather can also be very wet, so waterproof layers are key.

Therefore, wear/pack long-sleeve shirts, stylish warm sweaters, long underwear to wear beneath skinny jeans, and waterproof, high-leather boots with good grip.

You know, just in case you have to walk on slippery walkways after it rains/snows.

In general, the weather in Paris in winter is as follows:

  • December – Highs of 46°F, lows of 37°F, and nine days of snow/rain.
  • January – Highs of 48°F, lows of 37°F, and eight days of snow/rain.
  • February – Highs of 55°F, lows of 42°F, and nine days of snow/rain.

What Clothes Should I Wear in Paris in Winter?

Start with a nice pair of tall, comfortable, leather boots that are waterproof. For added warmth, wear boots with a nice wool lining, especially if you will be outside for an extended period.

For added warmth and a nice, clean look, tuck dark skinny jeans or warm-fitted pants into your boots.

Just don’t forget layers, layers, and more layers since they are super important if you want to stay warm in winter.

Therefore, long-sleeve shirts, thermal underwear, nice jeans/warm fitted pants, warm sweaters, and heavy coats are key during winter in Paris.

Don’t forget to add stylish/vibrant gloves, scarves, and hats to your Paris wardrobe. This can bring a pop of color to your neutral outfits.

What Shoes Should I Wear in Paris in Winter?

Check the weather before you pack winter shoes. Because if it snows, you’ll want waterproof shoes with a good grip so that you don’t fall on ice.

Also, if the weather is going to be very cold, pack tall, leather boots with wool lining to keep your feet extra warm.

Neutral shoes are also best and pack no more than two or three pairs of shoes for your trip. You could even wear leather sneakers on mild days when you want to walk around the city.

Pro Tip: Pair sneakers with tights that are skin-tone so that you can keep warm and still have a stylish Paris outfit. Yeah, cold, exposed ankles in winter are the worst.

Paris Packing List for Winter

  • Sweater (1)
  • Fleece (1)
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Heavy Sweaters (2)
  • Jeans (1)
  • Black Leggings (1)
  • Sweater Dress (1)
  • Thermals for Layers (1)
  • Heavy Socks (3)
  • Bras (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Clothes to Sleep in
  • Waterproof Boots with fleece lining or Snowboots (1)
  • Heavy Scarf
  • Warm Hat
  • Gloves gloves
  • Warm jacket (leather is warm and durable)

What to Wear in Paris in Summer

A view down Rue Lamark in summer in Paris. You can see Haussmann-style buildings on wither side and buildings in the distance.

What is the Weather in Paris in Summer?

Adjust what you wear in Paris in the summer since the weather can get very hot and humid. It can also be very sunny, so be sure to pack a sunhat and some sunscreen too.

It’s also worth noting that summer in Paris includes the months of June, July, and August. Because of this, the weather in June can be very different from the weather in August.

So, as usual, always check the weather before you travel. However, in general, the weather in Paris in spring is as follows:

  • June – High of 74°F, low of 57°F, and eight days of rain.
  • July – High of 78°F, low of 61°F, and seven days of rain.
  • August – High of 78°F, low of 60°F, and six days of rain.

What Clothes Should I Wear in Paris in Summer?

If you’re wondering what to wear when traveling to Paris in the summer, start with a cute Maxi dress or summer dress. Cotton, linen, and rayon are all comfy fabrics when it comes to dresses.

They look great in photos, don’t take up much room in your suitcase, and will keep you nice and cool.

However, if you encounter a few crisp and cool days in June, be sure to pack neutral, slim pants or dark wash jeans that you can pair with ankle boots or a nice pair of wedge sandals.

Also, add a light jacket to your Paris packing list in case it rains or you encounter some cold weather.

Finally, have some fun and play with accessories like sunglasses and belts. You can even wear a belt with your dress to create a more polished look.

Pro Tip: Add a pop of color to your Paris outfits with some fun jewelry. Just make sure it isn’t anything too crazy.

What Shoes Should I Wear in Paris in Summer?

Try to add shoes to your Paris wardrobe that reflect the weather, look good, and are super comfy.

Again, add between two and three pairs of shoes to your Paris packing list to avoid overpacking.

Just be prepared to mix and match items. This way you can create a ton of different Paris outfits using only a few items.

Per usual, make sure your shoes have been thoroughly used before your trip to Paris.

In terms of specific pairs of shoes, my go-to summer shoes in Paris are comfy sandals, ballet flats (just not for walking all day,) and canvas sneakers when walking around the city.

When exploring Paris at night, I like to rock a nice pair of wedges. I would avoid flip-flops since Parisians only wear these to the beach.

You’ll also want a light cardigan or jacket to keep you warm at night since the temperatures tend to drop.

Pro Tip: Summer in Paris means many outdoor events. So, you’ll visit a lot of gardens and enjoy plenty of outdoor dining. Therefore, be sure to pack a nice cocktail dress for more formal, outdoor events.

Paris Packing List for Summer

  • Add 1-2 pairs of shorts instead of pants
  • Shorts (2)
  • Black Cardigan (1)
  • Dress (1)
  • Skirts (2)
  • Clothes to Sleep in
  • Bras (3)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Sunglasses (1)
  • Sunhat (1)
  • Bathing Suit and Cover Up (1 of each)
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable Water Bottle (1)
  • Conservative-ish tank top or t-shirts (3)
  • Comfy Slip-on Sneakers (1)
  • Comfy Sandals (1)
  • Light Jacket (1)

What is the Best Luggage for Paris?

You’ve finally packed for your trip to Paris! Difficult decisions needed to be made but you did it and figured out what to wear when traveling to Paris.

But, where are you gonna put all your stuff? What is the best luggage for Paris?

Well, there are many things to consider when choosing the best luggage for Paris. Are you doing a big trip across a lot of countries?

Will you be walking or using public transportation? Will you be staying in a hotel or a hostel?

All of these factors will affect the type of luggage you bring with you to Paris.

I prefer a backpack like this one right here to a rolling bag. First of all, backpacks are much easier to carry up and down stairs.

They are also easy to use when moving from one city to the next, especially if you are walking along cobblestone streets.

I especially love this one by Sinaliy. It has a 40-liter capacity, is small enough to use as a carry-on, can hold a 17-inch laptop, separates wet/dry items, and features waterproof fabric.

It’s also super well-priced (under $50.00) and is made of really high-quality, durable materials.

However, if you are only traveling to Paris and will use taxis to get around then consider a rolling bag with a hard case.

It should have four castors, so you can move it in any direction, and two compartments for easy packing.

The four castors make it easier to move your bag over cobblestones. If I am gonna use a rolling bag I use this one since it has a hard case that won’t get scratched as you move around Paris (and beyond).

Regardless of the bag you choose, be sure to use packing cubes. I was skeptical at first but they do help compress your clothes and keep everything organized.

This way you can fit more in your suitcase and can easily find what you’re looking for.

Pro Tip: Most budget airlines in Europe only allow carry-on bags 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. However, always check your airline’s baggage rules and regulations BEFORE you book your flight.

What to Pack for Paris Toiletries

When considering what toiletries to pack for your trip to Paris, you’ll want to include some essential items like:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • body wash
  • moisturizer (for your face/body)
  • deodorant
  • sunscreen
  • razor
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • hair brush

For makeup, keep it simple and bring essentials like mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and lip gloss that you can also use as blush. After all, Parisians like to keep their make-up simple.

Other essentials you don’t want to forget include hair ties/hair clips, bobby pins, and dry shampoo.

Now, if you’re concerned about fitting all of your toiletries, makeup, skincare products, and hair-styling tools into your suitcase, try putting important products in travel-size containers to save space.

You can also purchase some essentials once you get to Paris or use toiletries provided to you by your hotel.

Additionally, select styling tools that have dual voltage and bring a travel adapter for all of your electronics.

What to Wear When Traveling to Paris FAQs

Sorbonne Chapel in the Latin Quarter on a sunny day and surrounded by green trees.

What Should I NOT Pack for Paris?

Avoid packing:

  • blowdryer (you can probably use one at the hotel)
  • too many shoes (stick to 2-3 pairs)
  • high heels
  • UGG boots
  • Big tennis shoes
  • flip flops (unless you’re going to the beach)
  • sweatpants (unless they’re for bed)
  • Lots of colorful clothes

What to Wear and What Not to Wear in Paris?

You should wear dark skinny jeans, plain T-shirts (no logos), leather shoes, and use neutral bags. Avoid baseball caps, sneakers, colorful backpacks, fanny packs, and white socks if you want to look like a local.

Is it OK to Wear Jeans in Paris?

Yes, you can wear jeans in Paris. Just make sure that they are dark blue/black and that they are well-fitted. Do this and you will blend right in.

How Should I Dress in Paris?

Try wearing a nice top (something that you’d bring to work) and pair it was dark, fitted jeans and a pair of ankle boots in a neutral color.

What Does the Average Woman Wear in Paris?

The average woman in Paris keeps it simple and uses one statement piece per outfit. So, when you put on your formal shirt and dark pants, only wear one scarf or hat and pair it with simple jewelry.

Is It Okay to Wear Leggings in Paris?

You can wear leggings in Paris. But, they are too casual for Parisians and you definitely won’t look like a local.

If you need to wear leggings, make sure they are a fashionable black pair and wear them beneath tunics or Parisian dresses.

What to Wear in Paris Travel Tips

View of two people holding glasses of Champagne with the Seine in the background.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Paris?

The best time to visit Paris is NOT during the summer. It is hot/humid (lots of hotels also do not have A/C), lines are long, and a lot of businesses are closed in August for vacation.

Instead, opt to visit in the fall when temperatures are cooler, prices are better, and everything is less crowded. This is my fave time to visit Paris.

What is the Weather Like in Paris?

Summers in Paris are hot and humid, with lots of sunny days where highs are in the 80s (F). Then, temperatures fall slightly in the autumn and get even colder in winter. In particular, December is super rainy.

That being said, the weather in Paris can be very unpredictable. So, always check the forecast one week before your trip and then again three days before your trip.

This will help you decide what to pack for Paris. If you need help, Accuweather and Holiday Weather are both great websites that can help you check the weather.

What are the Best Accommodations in Paris?

Many people use Airbnb in Paris. But, I prefer hotels. Some of my fave hotels include Hôtel Wallace – Orso Hotels (budget), Hotel Le Mille Rose (mid-range), and InterContinental Paris Le Grand (luxury).

What’s the Best Way to Get to Paris?

The best way to get to Paris depends on where you are coming from. If I am coming from the States, I fly with Ryan Air, easyJet, TAP Portugal, etc.

However, I always compare rates on Skyscanner first to make sure I am getting the best deal.

But, if you are traveling to Paris from within Europe, the train and bus (I use Flixbus) are always an option.

The bus tends to be cheaper but is usually slower. For the train to be cheap, you will need to book tickets well in advance.

How to Get Around Paris?

Paris has a fantastic metro system that makes it easy to travel around the city. The city also has a bus and train system to get you to and from the airport.

However, walking is another great way to explore the city and its beautiful architecture, especially after the best brunch in Paris.

Best Things to Do in Paris

Paris is an amazing city with so many incredible sights to see. Some of the best attractions in Paris include:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre-Dame
  • Luxembourg Gardens
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Centre Pompidou
  • The Catacombs
  • The Champs-Élysées
The famous red windmill at the Moulin Rouge all lit-up in the evening in Paris.

Safety Tips for Paris

When traveling to Paris (and anywhere really), safety should always be a top priority.

As in many popular destinations, the risk of pickpocketing can cause concerns. However, by adopting a few safety measures, you can considerably reduce the stress associated with traveling in Paris.

Firstly, be mindful of where you store your cash and personal belongings. Opt for clothing with secure pockets to keep your valuables safe.

Additionally, bring only what you need for the day and leave everything else inside the safe at your hotel.

This includes your passport since you can bring a photocopy of this document with you around the city.

To keep your cash and credit safe while sightseeing, try using underwear with pockets or a secret pouch that you can affix to your bra.

Also, be vigilant of purse snatchers who may either slash the strap or the bottom of your bag.

To avoid this, wear your bag across your body with the zipper facing forward. For added protection, try:

  • Bra stash
  • Neck pouch
  • Money belt with RFID protection
  • Anti-theft crossbody bag
  • Passport case
  • TSA-approved luggage lock
  • Clothing with hidden pockets

There you have it! That wraps up this post about what to wear in Paris.

Did your fave items make it on this Paris packing list? If not let me know now.

And if you found this post helpful be sure to join our email list and Facebook Group for even more travel tips.


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