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Where to Stay in Brussels: 10 of the Best Places to Stay in Brussels

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Looking for a decent hotel that won’t cost me my first born (not that I have one but just sayin’) is my least favorite aspect of traveling. That’s why when I booked my trip to Brussels, I dreaded the hellish process of figuring out where to stay in Brussels. Because yeah, I had no clue where the best places to stay in Brussels were.


You can log on to one of those industrial hotel bookings sites and read a ton of generic reviews about a billion different “amazing” hotels.


You never know what you’re getting into until you get there.

And nobody wants to start their dream vacation at one of those sketch hotels in Brussels that is more like a roach hotel than an actual people hotel.

Ya feel?

And let’s just say that magically, you somehow, stumble into a dream world where all your fears are totally unfounded.

And your Bruseels hotel really does appear to be one of the best places to stay in Brussels.


You realize that your hotel is in the outer reaches of Siberia and that it’ll take you at least an hour to get to any mildly redeeming, top attraction in Brussels.

Talk about a Debbie Downer.

So let’s avoid all that unnecessary confusion about where to stay in Brussels.


Just sit back in your super comfy adult onesie, grab a cup of hot cocoa (with milk and marshmallows because anything else is blasphemy), drink it with a Twizzler straw, and enjoy this epic list of 10 of the best places to stay in Brussels.

Yes, friends, all these top hotels in Brussels (and hostels) are kid tested and mother approved.

Wait no, that’s not right.

What I’m trying to say poorly is that I have seen, touched, and tasted the food at all of these places and my mildly discerning palete approves.

The luxury, mid-range, and budget Brussels accommodations listed here are all great values for their price point; places that I would absolutely stay at if and when I visit this magical city again.  


If money was no object and I won the lottery tomorrow, then I’d baller it up at one of the top luxury hotels in Brussels, listed here.


More than likely, you’ll find me, not so slumming it up, at one of the more budget-friendly, top hostels in Brussels. 

Bot onwards to this list of the top ten best places to stay in Brussels, because yeah, you’ve NEVER seen a top ten list before, especially when it comes to travel.

(insert sarcasm here)

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1. Residence Les Ecrins (Mid-Range Hotel)

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Le petit déjeuner

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Tucked away on a quiet street in central Brussels:

Residence Les Ecrins is a lovely, historic building that is a short walk from the St. Catherine metro station and many of Brussels top attractions (probably one of my favorite places to stay in Brussels).


This TINY hotel is located in an area that is infinitely trendier than me.


You’ll find a food coop (hipsters of the world rejoice), lovely seafood restaurants, some upscale bars, and some not so upscale, dive bars du jour in this lively corner of Brussels. 

But aside from the location:

This hotel is pretty lovely too. Is it the Ritz? No, so don’t expect glam coming out of your ears. Think more plain Jane. 


This is a great mid-range hotel option that gives you way more than you would expect for the price.

Guests here will find spacious and inviting modern rooms that make the perfect home away from home in Brussels.

And with budget, apartment, comfort, and suite room options, there is a room type to fit any budget.

But no matter your budget:

All rooms come fully equipped with a… Transformer!!!


Rooms actually come with wifi, an ensuite bathroom (and hairdryer), flat screen tv, phone, and probably a ton of other stuff that I can’t remember.

The one annoying thing?

The front desk is only open til 10 pm so plan accordingly. 

But they do offer a lovely, continental breakfast for €8.00 per person per day. 


I chose to skip the breakfast and eat elsewhere since I found some cafes that were slightly cheaper. 

Trust me, I never actually skip a meal. 

Address: Rue du Rouleau 15, B-1000 Brussels

Price: Starts at $64 a night for a private room

2. Meininger Hotel (One of the great cheap hotels in Brussels)

What do I love most about this place?

This Brussels accomodation has the feel of a hotel but with the price tag of a hostel. So even though technically speaking, this place really is a hostel, there is no super social, party vibes with oodles of activities.

Which may sadden everyone, except this super, antisocial chick right here.


What you do get is a central location, on Canal de Charleroi, that is just a 15-minute walk from the Grand Place (one of the best areas to stay in Brussels).

The hostel is also super safe since you need a keycard to use the elevator.

And the rooms themselves?

There are an assortment of rooms yes to choose from, like single, double and multiple-bed rooms or dormitories.

But the good news?

All these room types come with bed linens, 3-piece bathrooms and a TV (only private rooms come with towels. For those in dorm rooms, the front desk has towels you can rent).

These rooms also have a simple, clean, modern aesthetic that is lovely but definitely grossly outshone by the vibrant, inviting, and fun vibe of the decor throughout many of the hostel’s common rooms.

I mean:

There is a comic-book theme throughout the building, with super snazzy walls and tables that are all adorned with comic book characters and street art motifs.

Yup, I might have swooned a little from happiness. 


There is also a bar (only drinks no food), wifi, internet terminals for those without computers, a full kitchen, washers and dryers, a Wii game system, and a pool table where you can bond with other travelers. 

And wait for it…

The entire hostel is CO2 neutral so you can feel good about staying here since your stay won’t harm the planet.


Ahh! I almost forgot the showers?

They are AMAZEBALLS. Not only do the ensuite bathrooms come with soap and shampoo, but the shower is actually separate from the toilet. 

A super nice detail when someone has to use the toilet while you’re showering it up.  


Guest lockers are a bit on the small side. The staff are also lovely but always very busy, so it can be difficult to get individual service since you tend to fell rushed. 


They do have a lovely, all you can eat, breakfast buffet (€9.90) that comes with just about anything a girl could want, like yogurt, baguettes, cheese, meats, fruit, and so much more.

Not gonna lie:

The breakfast won my heart when I saw it was all you can eat. 

Address: Quai du Hainut / Henegouwenkaai 33, Brussels

Price: Dorm rooms start at $40 a night

3. Sleep Well Youth Hostel (Budget Hotel)

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This hostel is about as central as it gets and is within walking distance of Central Station and North Station.


No need to freak out and worry about getting lost in Brussels when you first arrive and are trying to find your hotel. 


This super snazzy hostel, with uber new and modern furniture in all the common rooms,  is just down the street from many of Brussels most iconic attractions, like the Markt, Grand Place, Manneken Pis and the Botanic Gardens.

Did I mention that they also offer a complimentary breakfast?

Heck yeah!

I LOVE a free breakfast buffet with fruit, cereal, bread, eggs, and more.

All this, and I haven’t even mentioned the rooms, which are all newly renovated, outfitted with cushy bed linens, and fully equipped with free wifi. 

Something that makes this internet junkie breathe sigh a relief. 

And no matter what your budget or room preferences are, there is a room here that will work for you. 

Just choose between dorm rooms with 1 to 6 beds (lockout between 11 am and 3 pm ), private superior twin rooms, or triple rooms (FYI all the private rooms have a flatscreen tv and a mini fridge). 

These rooms are also super secure too since you need a room key if you want to go anywhere within the hostel. 

Three cheers for safety!

And if you’re more social than me (which is not hard to do):

You can chat with other travelers at the bar, or over a game of ping-pong or foosball.

There are also board games, a book swap, and 3 computers with free internet that are available for people like me who avoid any form of social interaction, at all costs. 

And that’s not even the best part.

The hostel also offers guests free guided tours, free luggage storage, bike rentals, and washing machines/dryers (paid), 

Only down side?

Oddly enough, the age limit on the dorm rooms in 35, unless you book the entire room. 

But whatever. I guess there’s a method to the madness. 

Address: 23 rue Damier, 1000 Brussels

Price: Dorms start at $30 a night

4. Hotel Amigo (Luxury Hotel)

One look at the price of a room at Hotel Amigo and you might involuntarily shriek in horror, unless you’re some badass movie star or high power politician a la House of Cards.


Once you set foot in this magical mecca of hospitality, you begin to understand why the rates here are so hefty and why this is one of the best hotels in Brussels.


There’s the amazing location, which couldn’t really get any better unless you were a guest at the Royal Palace.

I mean:

Rooms here literally look out onto Hôtel de Ville, where you can see ancient statues doing battle along the spires of the area’s many historic buildings. 

And then there are the exquisite rooms.

Done in an understated but luxurious, Belgian aesthetic, the rooms of this hotel are outfitted with anything you could possibly need. 

With stylish marble bathrooms and tiers of luxury suites (like the Tin Tin family suite. Yes, all my childhood dreams just came true), you can find a level of luxury that fits your needs and tastes.


Baller suites here have a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city. Come on, can it get any more fancy pants than that? 

I think not!

And the service here is pretty epic too. It feels like the staff is almost psychic and intuitively know what you need before you’ve even thought of it.

But in a non-creepy, discreet way that is a sign of true luxury service. 

There’s also an on-site gym, Italian restaurant, and super snazzy bar.

The one down side?

They have an insanely delicious and expansive breakfast buffet that is NOT included in the price of the room.

I know.

For the amount of money you pay per night, you think they could at least give you a divine breakfast buffet for free.

But that’s yet another of my many, not so serious, first world problems.

Address: Rue de l’Amigo 1-3, Brussels, 1000, Belgium.

Price: Rooms start at $240 per night

5. Hotel des Galeries (Mid-Range Hotel)

I love boutique hotels.

The name alone makes me feel infinitely posher as soon as I walk in the doors, and Hotel des Galeries is no exception.

Located near the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert shopping arcade, all of Brussels top points of interest are within walking distance of the hotel, like the  Grand Place, Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, and more.

Just FYI:

Avoid the nearby Rue des Bouchers since it’s littered with overpriced, tourist trap restaurants that are high in price but not in quality.

As for the building itself:

It retains a historic charm but with all the added conveniences of an ultra-modern hotel; with amenities like a 24-hour reception desk, a charming courtyard garden, a restaurant/bar, and, oh la la, room service!

Spread throughout four floors:

The rooms here are light and airy, with high ceilings and a minimalist design aesthetic that makes all the rooms feel bright and refreshing. 


All the rooms in the hotel have a free-standing tub that is separate from the shower, with fancy pants bathroom products that are all the way from New York City!

Heck yeah!!

All this and we haven’t even gotten to my favorite part…breakfast!

Served in the hotel restaurant:

The breakfast buffet includes such gastronomic awesomeness as eggs made to order, waffles, cheese, smoked salmon, and more. 

A great place to stay if you’re looking for a bit of luxury but without going totally broke. 

Address: 38 rue de Bouchers, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Price: $150 per night

6. Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe (Luxury Hotel)

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Bathroom of the Pillows Suite

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This four-star hotel and winery is near the Grand Place and is one of the best luxury hotels in Brussels.

Here, guests can find anything they could possibly want, from a delicious breakfast to fresh coffee and tea served in the hotel common room.

Add in some innovative decor in this classic building and you may never want to leave, especially with the epic meals that come out of the Shokki Restaurant kitchen.

And don’t even get me started on the insanely comfortable rooms, which all come with free WIFI, large bathrooms, and insanely comfortable beds, 

The downside?

The breakfast buffet is a bit expensive and there is no gym or on-site parking.

I for one was not disappointed about the lack of a gym.

But with such fantastic amenities, you may be able to overlook those tiny drawbacks. 

Address: Place Rouppe 17, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Price: $180 per night

7. Le Chatelain Hotel (Luxury Hotel)

Located in the super swanky Châtelain district:

This five-star hotel does not disappoint guests with 107 rooms that have chic, modern decor.


All rooms here are soundproofed and spacious, with enchanting wood furniture, and firm beds that you can instantly fall asleep in. 

Perfect for chronic insomniacs like me.

Superior rooms also come with bath and shower combos, while more expensive rooms have a bathtub with a separate shower. 

And toiletries?

Yeah, they’re from none other than L’Occitane.

There’s also a Wi-Fi sound system, an iPod station, a minibar, a safe, and a hairdryer, plus a Nespresso coffee machine in every room.

Not gonna lie.

The idea of not having to leave my room for a latte totally sealed the deal for me.

There’s even a uniformed doorman to greet you and take your luggage; truly elegant service that is only enhanced by a hotel gym, sauna, garden courtyard, and a super helpful 24-hour reception desk. 


For all that this hotel offers guests, the price is quite reasonable, even if this hotel is a bit out of the way.

Address: Rue du Châtelain 17, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Price: $115 per night

8. Pantone Hotel (Mid-range Hotel)

With a fun and funky color scheme:

This boutique hotel definitely leaves a lasting impression with 61 fun, colorful, contemporary, and cleanly designed rooms that are accompanied by free WIFI, a lounge with books for rent, and a hotel restaurant with a sumptuous breakfast buffet, for a fee of course.

SIGH. I always dream of a free breakfast buffet.

And while the hotel itself is fun and refreshing, it also has poor sound-proofing (not great for a terrible sleeper like me) and is rather inconveniently located.


The hotel is adjacent to the Avenue Louise tram station, but it’s also a half an hour walk away from many of Brussels main attractions.

So keep that in mind before booking a room here.

Address: Place Loix 1, Saint-Gilles, Brussels 1060, Belgium

Price: $60 per night

9. Aloft Brussels (Mid-range Hotel)

I’ll admit it.

The location of this hotel isn’t ideal unless you’re doing business in the European Quarter.

But with rates like these:

You can easily walk to many of Brussels major attractions since this city is compact and quite walkable.

And once you walk into the hotel:

You’ll be amazed by the light and airy feel of this hotel, with rooms that are spacious, quiet, and decked out with insanely comfortable beds and showers that will make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa. 

And while the dining options here are not so fab:

The hotel does have a gym, free wifi, a bar, and parking, making this hotel a great, budget-friendly option for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice weekend getaway in Brussels.


This hotel caters to business travelers, so room rates plummet during the weekend. 

Address: Place Jean Rey, Brussels, 1040

Price: $65 per night

10. Brussels Welcome Hotel (Mid-range Hotel)

Looking for a more distinctive hotel?

Then the Brussels Welcome Hotel is for you!

With rooms that have an exotic travel theme, based on the experiences of the owners, the decor here definitely won’t bore you, with fantastical rooms that are hidden by a rather unassuming exterior.

All the rooms here reflect the style of a different nation, with signposts throughout the hotel that lead to different destinations, AKA rooms.


While standard rooms only come with fans, superior rooms come with AC and in-room coffee makers (sign me up). 


The location of this hotel is pretty perfect since it sits along the Place Sainte-Catherine; an open but quiet part of the city that is just a stone’s throw away from the Grand Place.

As far as hotel services:

Guests have ticketing services, airport transfers, and romantic weekended packages available to them.

The hotel library even has an assortment of travel guides that guests can use.

The staff are also incredibly helpful and can advise you about some of the best things to do in the area. 

But it gets better!

There’s even a 1920s style restaurant that serves a fantastic breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, artisan breads (because food always sounds better when you put the word artisan in front of it), homemade jam, meats and cheeses, waffles, pancakes, etc.

Excuse me while I go staisfy my HANGRY beast within.

Address: Quai Au Bois A Bruler 23, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

Price: $95 a night

So if you’re wondering where to stay in Brussels, then hopefully this list has answered your question.

Because, whether you’re looking for one of the best hostels in Brussels, or are yearning to experience some of the best luxury hotels in Brussels, this list has you covered with 10 of the best places to stay in Brussels.

And if this list of the best places to stay in Brussels inspires you to plan a trip to Brussels, then pin this now and read it again later!

Wondering where to stay in Brussels? Then check out this guide to 10 of the best places to stay in Brussels. Filled with recommendations for the best hotels, and hostels in Brussels, this list is perfect for travelers in Brussels who are on any type of budget. #Brusselstravel #Brusselstips #Brusselshotels #Brusselshostels #BrusselsBelgium