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5 Pairs of Womens ​Travel Pants that Don’t Suck

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Can we talk about something for just a minute? You know them, you love to hate them, and you hate wearing them if they give you the dreaded muffin top of doom…womens travel pants!

I know:

Not as sexy as Justin Timberlake in a speedo, but alas, we all need them and want to feel comfy in them.


You’re a magical unicorn of a woman who can be prim, proper, and dainty in skirts and dresses, all day everyday.

In which case, can I be you? 

No really? I am about as dainty as a linebacker so when I wear anything that doesn’t cover my nether regions completely, I inadvertently spread eagle and give everyone a crotch shot.

Because I’m all classy like that. 

Hence the reason why I need fantastic travel pants for women, and I need them now damnit! 

But not just any female travel pants because momma got a little junk in the trunk.

So they need to be comfy.

And not give me a huge ass muffin top that makes me want to stop eating for a month so that I don’t look and feel like a beached whale in my new travel clothes for women.


I need pants that are reasonably priced (I’m broke), that quick dry (mold free way to be), that are light (no way am I paying excess baggage fees), have pockets for storage, that are durable, that are stylish, that make me look like Cindy Crawford (I’ll settle for looking like a second rate reality TV star, I’m not proud), and a partridge in a pear tree!

Scratch the last one, LoL. But I’m not asking for too much from my women’s travel trousers am I?

Okay, maybe I am. 

But I swear, unlike the Lochness Monster, pants like this do exist! I know because I have found these women’s travel pants of wonder and am sharing them with you today.

And while some pairs of female travel pants are better than others, all of these are a thin slice of awesome, otherwise they wouldn’t be on this list.

So without further verbiage, check out my picks for 5 of the best travel pants for women!

Trust me, you do not want this to be you, trying to squeeze your pants back on after going to the bathroom. 

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1. Elephant Pants

Do you hate wearing jeans during long transatlantic journies? Are they just too constricting and are you constantly moving around in your seat, trying to adjust your pants so that they feel more comfortable?

If so then these are the pants for you (one of the many outfits you can wear in Paris)!

I’ve been there. Jeans can look nice but be insanely uncomfortable when you’re sitting fin an airplane or hours at a time.

And that’s where these amazing elephant pants come in.

Light and baggy, with a comfortable elastic waist, these harem pants are insanely comfortable and incredibly light, making them especially awesome during the summer.


These pants come in fashion forward, Bohemian style patterns that are easily paired with a solid top and slip on sneakers, creating a comfortable yet stylish outfit that you can wear on a plane, without feeling uncomfortable or worrying about wrinkles.

All this and they are only $20 a pair! 

Heck, they even come with deep side pockets where you can store things while moving around the airport. 

But my favorite part?

This company is socially conscious and donates $1 from every item sold to Elephant charities, like Space for Giants, that work towards wildlife protection, conserving habitat, connecting people with nature, and minimizing the cost of living with nature.


I bought my first pair of elephant pants when I went to a green living expo and have not looked back since. 

So far:

I have bought two pairs of pants and one pair of shorts, and seriously could not be happier.

Not only are the pants super comfortable, but they last a long time since I have had each pair for well over a year.

The only down side? 

I feel like the pockets aren’t super useful and look weird when you try to put things inside them. 

They are also not great at keeping you warm, and are a bit snug around the butt but other than that, I love them and will continue to buy more in the future.


My ass is huge so the whole snug butt thing could just be me. 

And they also sell tops and leggings in regular and plus sizes so they truly sell something for everyone!

2. Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants with Side & Inner Pockets Tummy Control Workout Running 4 Way Stretch Sports Leggings

If I could:

I would write a love letter and profess my undying devotion to these leggings. I would tell them how much I adore them for being soft and comfy. 

I would also thank them profusely for not bunching at the waist while I’m moving around, and for covering the entirety of my abnormally large backside.


Nothing see through which is a total miracle, especially since just last week I inadvertently walked around, all day, in a pair of leggings with about a million holes in them.

Nothing hurt, except my pride. And added bonus?

These epically awesome leggings are durable, comfy, have a control waist top so I look slim and trim, and even have pockets that fit my cell phone!

And all for just $22 a pair!

The only down side?

I’m a bit short, so there are a smidge too long but not a deal breaker. They also look like athletic yoga pants so it’s not like you can wear them under a dress and go out on the town.


These are the type of leggings that you can wear hiking or to do something mildly athletic.

Not that I hike. The only hike I’ll do is to the fridge in the middle of the night for a midnight snack.

And yes:

The only time you’ll catch me running is if the police are chasing me. 

Oh, I almost forgot!

They are pretty true to size. I typically wear an 8 or a medium and the 8 fit well on me. 

3. Aviator Travel Jeans

Stop the presses! These are by far the best travel jeans that I have ever worn!

No joke!

I can now wear jeans on a plane and actually feel comfortable. Heck, I could even wear these as pajama pants and still be comfortable.

I probably will never wear another pair of jeans again.


Don’t even get me started on the pockets. They are huge and deep, like Grand Canyon level deep. And stylish too. And there are 5 of them! Yup, pockets for days!


When I wanna be all cheap and avoid baggage fees, I can just shove all my crap in my pockets and lighten up my luggage! Heck yeah!

If only it was this easy to solve all of life’s problems.

These jeans are also SUPER high quality, so gone are the days of heavy jeans that smell not so great after awhile.


Replace them with durable, flexible, breathable and super comfortable jeans, like stretchy yoga pant level comfortable.

The only downside?

They are $110 a pair. Yeah,  don’t know about you but that is kind of steep for me.


They are so comfortable and last so long that I feel like it’s an investment in a high-quality product.


If you go to their website and sign up for their email list, you get 15% off, which is not too shabby (you can add this to your Lndon packing list)


4. PrAna Women’s Halle Pant

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I don’t even know where to start gushing about the awesomeness of these pants.


I wore them to Scotland and they actually withstood the dampness of the city, which was a miracle in and of itself (and they are quick dry!). 

But they also look stylish and don’t scream, “I’m a tourist in my cargo pocket pants! Pillage me please!”


I’m a size 8 and they fit perfectly on me. I got the short though since I am rather vertically challenged.


There’s this handy drawstring on the inside of the waist so you can adjust the fit of the pants to your liking. 

And wait for it…

They make you’re but look nice while having room in the hips for you to move around! It’s a fashion miracle!

The only thing I don’t like?

The pockets are a bit small so you can’t fit too much in them but I guess that’s what backpacks are for. 


This company ACTUALLY has a conscience. Crazy right?

Believe it or not:

From the farm, all the way to the factory, the clothing PrAna creates is made sustainably (aka respects the planet, instead of trashing it).

So not only do you get an awesome pair of pants:

But you can feel good about buying from a company that actively promotes the preservation of our planet. 

***Don’t forget your SPANX! I love them and wear them under all my dresses because they suck everything in and make me look 10 pounds lighter! One of my many travel must ahves. WOOT, WOOT!***

5. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans. 

These are probably my least favorite of all the womens travel pants listed here.

It’s not that they’re bad…

It’s just that all the other womens travel pants on this list are better.

The first annoying this is that they don’t really have pockets. Which is not a huge deal but would be an added bonus.

I also didn’t like that after washing these jeans, they shrunk significantly.

So if I had to do it over:

I would get a size up and then just wash and dry them before I wore them. 


The good news is that they do have an elastic waistband that stretches with you but that doesn’t stretch out.


No muffin top!!! Hip hip hooray. The give in the waist and the medium to the high rise of the pant covers your body (muffin top) while. still giving you plenty of space to move comfortably. 

I also love that they are stretchy but still made of a real jean material. That’s why it doesn’t look like you’re wearing some cheap ass jegging. 

So a great pair of comfortable travel pants for those of us who can’t really afford to spend $100 on a pair of jeans.

There you have it, my list of the 5 most comfortable womens travel plants out there; and believe me, I’ve worn my fair share of comfortable travel pants.

So use this list of awesome travel clothes for women if you have no idea what to wear during your next international flight or crazy long car trip. 

Because yes, all of these stylish travel clothes are items that I legitimately use in my daily life and that won;t make you go broke while trying to look good. 

So if you’re feeling inspired to go on an impulsive, travel fueled shopping spree, then pin this now and read it again later!