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  • Harmony, Momma To Go 6 months ago

    these are def some great tips. I once read with regard to hair, nails, waxing those things, if you go lets say every 4 weeks, stretch it to 5 (or whatever numbers make it work for you) and that is a way to save on those things. I did start coloring my hair at home, big savings, i dont see much difference.

  • Bri 6 months ago

    Your posts never fail to make me laugh! I love your humor haha. These are great tips!! For me, I don’t have a social life to save money and I haven’t gone shopping in ages (like, my shoes have holes in them in lol) but it’s so worth it!

  • Danielle @ The Wanderlover 6 months ago

    You are HILARIOUS! I feel your pain, so many people associate “traveling” with “luxury vacations” and assume everything has to be expensive.. and they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes when we actually take a normal trip! I will definitely try cutting out one expensive item a week that’s a good one, I actually just recently switched to Cricket too from Verizon! Great tips 🙂

  • Anisa 6 months ago

    So many great ideas here! I am going to try that Expensify app, I really need to be better about budgeting.

  • Tamar 6 months ago

    I love these ideas on saving for trips! Actually, they’re really good budgeting tips in general, but when you’ve got the travel bug, these will help out big time!

  • Vanessa 6 months ago

    Great tips! I do a few of these, but could always do more to fund my travel addiction. Thanks for sharing. P.S. love all the memes!

  • Brooke 6 months ago

    Hahahah I was smiling the whole time reading this! Love your writing style and all of the memes. I could tell you put a lot of effort into this post and these are great tips! One I would add is the Schwab high yield investor account which gives you a checking account can use that debit card at any ATM in the world and they actually reimburse you for all fees the ATM charges you in addition to no foreign transaction or conversion fees. Best. Thing. Ever. Not really a way to make money but it saved me over $800 on my year long trip I just got back from!

    • girlwiththepassport 6 months ago

      Great advice and thank you so much for the tip!! Will totally look into it and so glad to hear that!!

  • Plaid Shirt Yoga Pants 6 months ago

    My other tip is to budget what you think you will spend for the month and put whatever left over into savings. I have two savings accounts ‘life’ and ‘vacation’ each paycheck I automatically put $50 in the vacation account. I charge everything on my credit card so when I’m back from a vacation I just move that money from my savings to checking (cue Keving Hart joke here) and pay off my CC

  • Vincenzo Woten 6 months ago

    Great site! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Cherene Saradar 6 months ago

    Your posts area always entertaining. Great tips here. I do much of the same except I socialize with a dog, not a baby. All these things really do add up and save a ton. I am so sick of people assuming I’m rich. I stay in hostels and take public bus when traveling…would Kim K do that??? LOL

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