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15 Best Cafes in Barcelona

Looking for some of the best cafes in Barcelona?

Umm yeah, who isn’t?

I mean, who doesn’t want to escape the stifling heat of Barcelona in a wicked awesome cafe where you can watch the hapless tourists saunter by as you quietly savor a wicked good cup of coffee and ponder the vibrantly unique, modern beauty of the exquisite Gaudi architecture that is literally all around you. 

Geez, that reminds me of just how much I miss Barcelona and need to get back to Barcelona, ASAP.

But all looming pangs of Barcelona related nostalgia aside:

The cafe scene here really is something special. I mean, these cafes practically worship coffee and straight-up revere it like its a God of the most epic importance, something that I 110% support.


There is also a beautiful diversity of cafes here, And as trite as it may sound, you really can find something for everyone. 


Whether you’re looking to see and be seen in one of the trendiest cafes around, or you want to while away the hours in a cafe that gives you a first-class coffee experience, where you can learn about the subtle nuances of coffee-making too, there is a fantastic little shop in Barcelona that is just waiting for you to walk on in

A coffee-related paradise if you will, where you can get your inner, coffee snob on and learn about the subtle, fruity/herbal nuances of freshly roasted coffee; a refined drink that is, thankfully, galaxies away from the Sanka, instant coffee nightmare that you were forced to endure in your college cafeteria of food-related horrors.

But enough of my mildly amusing (I know at least one person out there totally gets my weird sense of humor) ramblings.

Let’s delve into this epic list of the 16 best cafes in Barcelona, and pretend to be slightly self-indulgent hipsters, with organic threads, who can taste the difference between fair-trade and non-fair trade coffee.

Because yeah:

Hipsters are magical, coffee tasting unicorns like that. Sigh, if only I was THAT cool.

But let’s move onwards, to the coffee awesomeness that lies within (Come on, you know you want to)!

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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1. Nomad Roasters Home

Ordering coffee from Nomad Roasters is ALWAYS a good idea.
Ordering a coffee from Nomad Roasters is ALWAYS a good idea.

Home to the headquarters of internationally renowned, Nomad coffee roasters (they actually have three separate cafes in Barcelona alone), this specialty coffee shop does one thing, and one thing extremely well…espresso.

With a small menu that includes classics like espresso, americano, tallat, cappuccino, flat white, etc:

This iconic, Barcelona cafe is the perfect place to learn, taste, question, and understand the subtle art of coffee making.

Because trust me, this place isn’t just your average coffee shop.

Part shop, part café, and part coffee roaster extraordinaire, the staff here welcome questions from anyone who is the least bit inquisitive about the coffee-making process since the one thing that is truly important to this specialty coffee shop, is serving a divine cup of coffee.

And spoiler alert, they do this extremely well.

A simple but brilliant philosophy that is reflected in the shop’s industrial, minimalist style decor (Think bare wood, steel, and glass everywhere. Very no-frills); a design aesthetic that detracts nothing from the real star of this shop, the coffee. 

Address: Carrer de Pujades, 95, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Nearest Metro Station: Llacuna

2. Espai Joliu

Because at Espai Joliu, the only thing better than the coffee is the botanical bliss everywhere.
Because at Espai Joliu, the only thing better than the coffee is the botanical bliss everywhere.

Located near Bogatell Beach, in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona:

Coffee, meet this fun and funky plant concept store. And yes, you read that right. I typed Plant with a not-so-capital P.

Because this alluring Barcelona cafe?

Yeah, it’s named for Joliu, a bulb plant that is related to the hyacinth and that is found in the Pyrenees.

And that name total fits the feel of this place since this oh-so-quirky cafe has an awesome vintage, botanical vibe that pairs beautifully with one of their fantastic cups of coffee, which is supplied by none other than the coffee wizards at Nomad Coffee Roasters.

But trust me, this place is so much more than a cafe.

This chic, concept store/cafe doubles as a gallery and showcases a variety of innovative, plant-inspired illustrations, ceramics, and designs from local artists.

The result?

An alluring, totally unique design aesthetic that showcases an assortment of flowery Pompilio plants and Bas pots that immediately seduce anyone who walks in the door.

And yes, they also have ample amounts of wicked fast, totally free WIFI.

See, caffeine-related dreams really do come true!


You are absolutely forbidden to leave without devouring one of their EPIC, avocado-cheese sandwiches first.


While you’re at it, order a slice of one fo their heavenly, freshly-baked, artisanal cakes since they do NOT disappoint.

Just come prepared and be sure to rock a pair of VERY elastic waist pants before you enter this fine establishment.

Address: Carrer de Badajoz, 95

Nearest Metro Station: Llacuna

3. Orval Barcelona

If you visit Orval Barcelona on a Friday, do NOT leave without purchasing a vegan doughnut. And yes, that is an order.
If you visit Orval Barcelona on a Friday, do NOT leave without purchasing a vegan doughnut. And yes, that is an order.

If you’re feeling like the plant vibes here mimic those of Espai Joliu, then you’d be 110% right since the owner and operator of Espai Jolu also opened this second cafe in 2019.

Located in the Poblenou neighborhood, just minutes from the Arc de Triumf and Park de la Ciutadell:

Orval is fondly referred to as Espai Joliu’s evil twin since the refined decor here is a little less sweet and a bit more somber and straightforward.


Imagine copious amounts of light, plants galore (DUH), and fresh cups of coffee everywhere, or espresso as the case may be.

Because the alluring espresso here is provided by none other than Nomad Coffee Roasters, while the filtered coffee is supplied by Three Marks Coffee.

Added bonus?

There’s an impressive, high-quality breakfast menu here that rivals those you’d find at any local, artisanal, gastro market.


Prepare to wipe a huge pool of drool from your mouth as you imagine Yellow Bakery bread toast, exquisite pastries, delicious buns from The Cake Man (they’re elevated to the next level with home-made butter and a variety of different compotes), and even VEGAN doughnuts from La Donutería, but only on Fridays.

So yeah:

This is definitely the place where you throw any and all delusions of maintaining a somewhat reasonable diet right out the window.

Because trust me, this cafe is neither the place nor the time for that kind of behavior.

And if you’re feeling EXTRA adventurous:

Head up to the second floor and you’ll find an awesome, ceramic oven that the owner uses to create coffee cups, as well as pots for all of the plants in the cafe.

Pretty cool right? I wish I had that kind of artistic skill.

But sadly, stick figures are where all of my artistic leanings begin and end. SIGH.

Address: Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 31

Nearest Metro Station: Arc de Triomf

4. Cafes El Magnifico

One of the many things that makes Cafes El Magnifico one of the best cafes in Barcelona, are the friendly and helpful, expert baristas who work here.
One of the many things that makes Cafes El Magnifico one of the best cafes in Barcelona, is the friendly and helpful, expert baristas who work here.

First opened in ye olde 1989:

This fine purveyor of all things coffee has it all. We’re talking coffee roasting, coffee for wholesale, and even single-origin and exceptional blend coffee for retail sale too!

And while there is a lot of buying and selling of coffee beans here:

I pinkie promise that you have nothing to worry about since this cafe/roastery still has a quaint little area where you can sit and savor your cup of coffee awesomeness.

Is it cheap?

Nope, not a chance. But the quality of the coffee here is totally worth the added cost, especially when it comes to their divine cappuccinos.

Address: Argentería, 64 08003 Barcelona

Nearest Metro Station: Jaume I

5. Satan’s Coffee Corner

Don't leave Satan's Coffee Corner without trying their awesome, Japanese stye breakfast.
Don’t leave Satan’s Coffee Corner without trying their awesome, Japanese style breakfast.

Tucked away in Barcelona’s historic, El Gotic neighborhood is Satan’s Coffee Corner.

It’s a  bright, modern, spacious cafe (it actually takes up an entire corner of a building) that is uniquely divided into a bar that is open to the public in the front, and a slew of cozy tables that sit just behind it in the back.

And yes:

Making a trip here really does mean that you care a WHOLE lot about coffee since this fantastic little shop is nestled within a sea of nothingness…or a bunch of random office buildings that are none too appealing to the tourist crowd.


If you’ve made it here, then you’re looking for an out of this world coffee experience, and I promise, you’ll get it.

Dare I say it?

This specialty coffee shop is DEVILISHLY good (See the lame punage there?) and without a doubt, serves up one of the best cups of coffee in all of Barcelona.

I mean:

Their innovative filtration system actually reduces the coffee’s overall acidity, making it delightfully sweet; a fact that makes the addition of sugar totally unnecessary when sipping on one of their epic, Right Side Coffee blends.

But wait, it gets better!

Their unique and innovative of Right Side Coffee blends are always on rotation. Therefore, you’ll always have something new and exciting to try. 

Wahoo!! And in terms of food (because we all know I never miss a meal):

They offer doughnuts, HELL YES, as well as a fantastic, Japanese style breakfast that includes rice, an omelet, spinach, miso soup and of course, coffee.

Because yes, everything served here pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Address: Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon del Call, 11

Nearest Metro Station: Liceu

6. Federal Cafe

Located in Barcelona’s enchanting, Gothic neighborhood:

This branch of the Poble Sec Federal chain of cafes was first opened in 2015 and created out of a love of Federal, a small town along Binna Burra Road, that sits halfway between Possum Creek and Goonengerry in Northern New South Wales, Australia.

This industrial-chic cafe pays homage to that tiny town by giving you a beautiful space where you can sit and dream the day away.

Filled with chic, circular, light fixtures, modern, wooden, cubist seating areas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a mixture of gray and exposed brick walls, don’t let the ultra-posh design aesthetic, or sea of buzzing Macbooks intimidate you. 

This ethereal cafe truly is a warm and welcoming space where you can stop and enjoy a delicious coffee that is made with nothing but the highest quality milk.


If you’re feeling a bit peckish while you’re here, feel free to dive into their well-priced food menu, which includes a variety of Australian-inspired, brunch items like baked eggs with feta and chorizo, and avocado toast.

Personally though:

My fave was the french toast with fresh berry compote.

It’s a warm, comforting, dish that feels like something my grandmother would have made me.

If she was actually capable of cooking.

And sadly, she was not. LOL

Address: Passatge de la Pau, 11

Nearest Metro Station: Catalunya

7. Skye Coffee Co.

If you love Matcha Lattes, then definitely try one from Hidden Cafe's extensive match menu.
Remember, going to Sky Coffee Co. to get a coffee is always a good idea.

Located in the industrial, office laden district of Sant Marti:

Skye Coffe Co. has become a haven of creativity and quirkiness for nearby workers, who need an escape from the daily GRIND (See, snuck another lame pun in there. Three cheers for punning like a champ!) of their every day, 9 to 5, office job.

And eclectic is exactly what you get in this awesome, Barcelona cafe.

Because believe it or not, this old warehouse has been converted into a large, bright, and industrial feeling cafe in which your coffee is served to you from a quaint, silver, Citröen HY van.

No, your eyes did not deceive you.

There is indeed a cute, silver, van sitting inside this cafe, just waiting to serve you some nectar of the gods…AKA coffee.


Because this chic little cafe likes to keep it simple and serve Right Side Coffee in its purest form, the resulting menu is a bit brief, but still delicious since the beautiful taste of the coffee here speaks for itself.


Walk inside Skye Coffee Co. and choose between an espresso, cortado, a flat white, a V60, and an Aeropress…and that’s it. 

No syrups, no spices, no creams, no nothing since owners want to encourage patrons to savor the true essence of their coffee.

And trust me, the essence of their coffee is DEFINITELY worth savoring.

They also serve some pretty delicious chia pudding that you might want to consider ordering with that badass cup of coffee of yours (They also have porridge but that’s not really my thing).

Go on, all the cool kids are ordering it.

Besides, chia pudding is basically like the ultimate, bougie, hipster treat!

Address: Carrer de Pamplona, 88

Nearest Metro Station: Bogatell

8. Ruma’s 

In addition to serving amazing coffee, Ruma's also has a variety of different pastries and chocolates  that  you MUST try!
In addition to serving amazing coffee, Ruma’s also has a variety of different pastries and chocolates that you MUST try!

Located just three minutes away from Placa Catalunya:

Ruma’s is a nifty little cafe in the center of Barcelona that serves two of my ALL TIME favorite things in the whole wide world…coffee and chocolate.

Yeah, not gonna lie:

The chocolate croissant I devoured here was probably one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.


If you’re looking for something a bit healthier, then try their energy bar. It was pretty dang epic too since I may or may not have licked my fingers clean.

But, let’s be real:

Coffee is the true king here since Ruma’s uses exceptional coffee beans toasted by Hidden and treats coffee more like an art form than a warm beverage.

And the result?

A perfectly balanced cup of coffee, and a combination of quality and service that is hard to beat.

Do yourself a favor though:

Order either a flat white or their filtered coffee since both are rich with flavor and totally delicious.


Definitely save room for an assortment of their homemade bonbons, cakes, and various other artisanal delights that I briefly mentioned above.

Excuse me while I grab myself a much needed moist towelette.

Address: Ronda Universitat, 10 Dreta de l’Eixample

Nearest Metro Station: Universitat

9. SlowMov

Started in 2015:

SlowMov prides itself on producing high-quality, locally sourced, specialty coffee that is transformed into one epic brew using a super awesome, totally green, Giesen Roaster (you can actually see it at work in the cafe, which is pretty cool).

That’s why:

It’s not surprising that this fantastic little cafe and roastery concept store in Gracia has become THE go-to place for an epic cup of Joe.

I mean:

Not only can you get a fantastic, espresso-based beverage here (the cortado is particularly amazing), but you can also order Chemex, drip, and cold-pressed varieties of coffee too!

This cafe in Barcelona even has a quaint little interior patio where you can sit and marvel at the beautiful tile work all along the floor.

So yeah:

This place is basically like this uber-cool workshop where you can find all these ultra-fab, coffee making geniuses (aka baristas) from all over Barcelona.

That’s why:

It should come as no surprise that the staff here are incredibly knowledgable and only too happy to answer any coffee-related questions that you may have (Sorry, no marriage counseling here. It’s not THAT kind of cafe).

Added bonus?

The operators of SlowMov will routinely open up their behind-the-scenes, coffee-making workshop to the public, allowing guests to taste a wide variety of seasonal coffees from around the world. 

Wait, I almost forgot!

They also have a lovely food menu that includes a variety of different home-made cakes, pastries, bagels, yogurts, and salads.

But you know me:

I stayed FAR, FAR away from the greenery and made a beeline straight for the bagel, which was pretty good.

And trust me:

That means a lot coming from an NYC bagel snob like me. 

Address: Luis Antúnez, 18 Gràcia

Nearest Metro Station: Gràcia

10. Black Remedy

Black Remedy not only has amazing coffee, but they smoke their own meats too! Easily making this one of the best cafes in Barcelona.
Black Remedy not only has amazing coffee, but they smoke their own meats too! Easily making this one of the best cafes in Barcelona.

Meat lovers of the world rejoice because Black Remedy is here for all of your meat-related pleasures.

No, I’m dead serious!

Just think of this cafe in Barri Gòtic as an artisanal fast food shop where you can order a variety of totally un-processed sandwiches that are made with delicious, Cloudstreet Bakery bread.

And yes:

They even smoke their own meats too!  And for some ridiculous amount of time like 15 hours!

It’s pure foodie mayhem I tell you!

So that Reuben that you’ve been eyeing on their extensive menu (Think all-day brunch items like huevos rancheros, french toast, yogurt bowl, etc.)?

Yeah, you should probably order that since my friend heartily proclaimed that it was the stuff that meat-eating dreams are made of (I’ve heard good things about their pulled pork sandwich too).

She also insisted that I take a small break from my vegetarianism just to ingest this meaty goodness.


I respectfully declined, although I did appreciate the sentiment.

And don’t worry herbivorous friends:

Because Black Remedy has some amazing salads for you too!

I mean:

Their salads are SO out of this world that they actually make me want to ditch my dessert of choice in favor of a nice bowl of greens.

Okay, maybe for just a moment but that’s huge for a hardcore sugar addict like me (I did try one of their doughnuts though, which were pretty bangin’)!

In fairness though:

I did order the Mexican Ceasar Salad, which is served with a huge pile of tortilla chips on top but whatever. Those chips were made of corn and corn is a vegetable so obviously, they’re good for you!

Am I right?

And yes, this specialty coffee shop does indeed serve a divine cup of coffee, using none other than Slayer espresso to SLAY your tastebuds.

Sorry, it was too easy! I just HAD to SLAY that pun!  However:

If you’re looking for a non-espresso based coffee, then you’ll be delighted to know that Black Remedy also has Kalita, Aeropress, nitro cold brew, and cold brew coffees available, for all the coffee kids out there who are WAY cooler than me.

But it’s all good.

Because I have no regrets. I ordered a basic latte and loved every minute of it.

Address: Ciutat, 5 Barri Gòtic

Nearest Metro Station: Jaume I

11. Animal Coffee

Serving up fresh and delicious coffee beans from none other than, you guessed it, Nomad Coffee Roasters, Animal Cafe is a charming little coffee shop that sits in the residential neighborhood of Hospitalet.

Started in 2015:

This once small, specialty coffee shop has now turned into a bit of a THING since they’ve morphed into a multi-purpose coffee roastery and barista training center.

That’s why:

This chic, simply decorated, modern cafe proudly displays their coffee machine in the center of the store with cute little chalk drawings of an upended capital letter “A”‘s with whiskers all over it, just in case you couldn’t figure out why this place was named Animal Coffee.

I know, talk about precious! So:

Definitely haul ass over here and stop on by, before this place gets way too popular for its own good.

And if you do happen to stop by and order just one thing, then make it a cortado (the choco latte was good too).

Truth be told:

There’s no set recipe for this drink in Barcelona. Therefore, every cortado that you get does taste a little different, depending on the cafe that you order it from.


Animal Coffee definitely serves one of my favorite Cortados in the entire city.

Which makes sense when you realize that they use only the freshest, highest quality milk in all of their drinks here.

Just be sure to pair your Cortado with one of their fantastic, butter croissants, for a light and delicious breakfast that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Address: Carrer de l’Avenir, 44

Nearest Metro Station: Provençana

12. Syra

This cozy, hole in the wall cafe is tucked all the way at the end of a quiet little side street near Mercat de   Liberta

And sure:

This coffee shop may be small. But, what it lacks in size, it makes up for with highly caffeinated deliciousness.

Just look for the shop with black curtains and a back-lit sign that says,” Coffee & Pastries to Go”:

Once you’ve located this paradise of coffee creation:

Walk inside and you’ll find warm and welcoming staff, beautiful wooden furniture, and fantastic to-go cups of coffee that elevate this warm beverage from a drink to an experience.

In truth though:

You probably won’t be able to find a place to sit amongst the hordes of young, loquacious students who treat this oasis of sugar and caffeine like a second home.


Do NOT let that stop you from grabbing a delicious latte to go.

While you’re at it:

Don’t forget to order a piece of their deliciously delightful carrot cake or a decadent,   Lukumas glazed doughnut.

Both are basically legalized food crack so prepare for the foodgasm of your life.

And feel free to lick your fingers clean because, at Girl with the Passport, we don’t judge. We ENCOURAGE that kind of wonderfully glutinous behavior!

Address: Carrer de Siracusa, 13

Nearest Metro Station: Provença–Diagonal

13. Onna Coffee 

Whatever you do,do not leave Onna Cafe without trying one of their delicious, almond croissants.
Whatever you do not leave Onna Cafe without trying one of their delicious, almond croissants.

Known for being one of Barcelona’s first specialty coffee shops:

Onna Coffee is a cozy (AKA there are only a few tables in this cafe, so seating is SUPER limited) and inviting cafe in Gracia that serves only the finest of Costa Rican coffees.


Unlike many other top cafes in Barcelona, this shop actually takes the time to tell you the story behind each coffee and why it was selected for the shop.

That’s why:

This quaint little cafe has become a true ambassador of Costa Rican coffee culture, and all while serving a fantastic selection of both hot and cold drinks that include cappuccinos, flat whites, and even cold brew options.


If you’re not sure what to order, then definitely go with their cold brew since it’s some of the best I’ve ever had. 


Just because this place is known for their coffee, doesn’t mean that you should ignore their food menu.

Because that would be SO wrong on SO many levels.

Luckily for you though, I’m here to help you avoid that HUGE mistake. 

And while their food menu does showcase just a small selection of sandwiches, salads, and pastries, they’re all done really well and packed with a whole lot of flavor.


Not surprisingly, my personal favorite is the almond croissant (They also have a great coffee and filled baguette deal that is pretty delicious and inexpensive too).

That’s why:

You are without a doubt, not allowed to leave this place without ordering an almond croissant.

Yup, it’s your gastronomic duty to the world.

Address: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1

Nearest Metro Station: Diagonal 

14. Hidden Cafe 

If you love Matcha Lattes, then definitely try one from Hidden Cafe's extensive match menu.
If you love Matcha Lattes, then definitely try one from Hidden Cafe’s extensive match menu.

This not-so-hidden cafe sits behind L’illa Shopping Center and offers guests a dynamic array of coffees from throughout Europe.

But the best part?

They also serve a wide variety of hot drink alternatives for any of my non-coffee lovin’ homies out there who are in HOT pursuit of some of the best cafes in Barcelona.


Hidden Cafe can be a little tricky to enter since the hidden aspect of this place is definitely the doorknob.

It’s this interesting, coffee cup-shaped door handle where you have to insert your index finger into a slot that is then gently pulled down to release the doorknob.

Yet, once you finally make it through the threshold:

You’ll be delighted to find the holy grail of all coffee machines waiting for you, the American manufactured, Slayer Espresso machine.


The helpful, knowledgeable, and totally friendly baristas here will be only too happy to use this amazing piece of coffee making machinery to create the perfect, flat white of your dreams.

And if you’re not in a coffee drinking mood (I don’t know how that’s possible but let’s pretend it is):

Then order a matcha latte from their extensive matcha menu.

No joke:

It comes out with this beautiful foam swan on top that makes you ALMOST not want to drink it.

But trust me, I know you’ll find a way to guzzle it down.

I also love that this place has a fairly extensive food menu that includes Taquitos, a plethora of different types of toast, croissants, salads, yogurt bowls, flatbread, open-faced sandwiches, and a variety of different confectionary delights, like Oreo cupcakes (Yum. PSST, that’s my subtle way of telling you to order this cupcake while you’re here!). 


While the reggae music in the background may be a bit loud, and the tables a bit too crowded with students who are glued to their laptops, Hidden Cafe is still worth a visit the next time that you find yourself planning a Barcelona itinerary of your very own.

Address: C/ Constança Esquina Déu i Mata

Nearest Metro Station: Les Corts

15. En Aparte

En Aparte is the perfect place to go if you're looking for a fantastic brunch spot in Barcelona.
En Aparte is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a fantastic brunch spot in Barcelona.

Found just off of the quiet, Placa Sant Pere:

This relaxed and sunny, French-inspired bistro is larger than it first appears.

Upon entering:

You’ll find a spacious dining area that is outfitted with worn, sewing machine, wooden tables,  and matching chairs, that are illuminated in large swaths of light from the cafe’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the back, up high up on a shelf:

You’ll even see a quaint collection of vintage coffee mills that add a bit of ambiance and character to one of the best cafes in Barcelona.

The rich and delicious coffee here is served in thick, tall, black coffee cups, while menu mainstays include an assortment of French cheeses ,charcuterie, and French wines, for my alcohol lovin’ homies out there (They also have a banging’, weekend brunch menu, served between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm, that includes foodie fan faves like French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Muesli with Yogurt, and more)


During my visit, I opted for the menu of the day, which is served Monday through Friday, and includes a starter (a soup or salad), an entree (like a quiche or a filo dough pastry filled with savory items), and a drink, for just 12.50 Euro.

A price that I personally think is a total steal.

And while this cafe does get a bit crowded and noisy around lunchtime, the food here makes this place well worth a trip, regardless of the noise.

During my visit:

I ordered the pepper quiche, which was served with some freshly toasted bread and a well-dressed, side salad.

And yes, it was utterly delicious.

I wanted to lick the plate clean but social norms helped restrain me.

Address: LLuis el Plados, 2

Nearest Metro Station: Arc de Triomf

There you have it my Barcelona lovin’ peeps, my picks for 15 of the absolute best cafes in Barcelona.

Tell me, what do you think of my list? Did your fave Barcelona cafe make the cut? If not, let me know and I’ll definitely swing by the next time I find myself in this gorgeous, urban oasis of coffee and food-related bliss.

And if this post has left your stomach growling and your head thinking that a trip to Barcelona might just be the BEST idea ever, then pin this now and read it again later.

I promise you will not regret any and all pinnage. Or maybe you will. But if you do, just don’t tell me about it. LOL. 

When it comes to that sort of stuff, I am for sure, not on a need to know basis.

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Hi there,

I love your list of where to get some coffee in Barcelona. You have some really good ideas about the city, you did a great job. If you are ever back in Barcelona I would love to show you some amazing places to eat in the city. I run a food tour company called Eye on Food Tours drop me a line some time.

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Monday 2nd of September 2019

Great post! I love Barcelona, it was kind of my home away from home for a while. You know, that placeyou always come back to :)


Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

I can't wait to go back myself. It's been WAY too long.

Kathryn Dickson

Saturday 31st of August 2019

Oh man! Why didn't I see this BEFORE I went to Barcelona. What a great list you compiled of Cafes here. I stayed on Las Ramblas and loved it! So much charm and a lot of great cafes there.


Saturday 31st of August 2019

Well, hopefully you can save this for any future trips that you might take. And thanks so much for such kind words!

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