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12 Best Food Tours in Toronto from a Local in 2024

Grab a pair of super stretchy elastic pants because we’re about to swan dive into a list of the 12 best food tours in Toronto right now.

Because as you probably already know, Toronto is a super multicultural city that is brimming over with delicious, authentic cuisine from all around the world.

However, if you’re visiting for the first time then it can be difficult to know where to go and what to eat.

And that’s where this list of the best food tours Toronto has to offer comes in mighty handy.

Not only will these expert, local guides take you around the city, but they’ll introduce you to a variety of secret spots that serve some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.

Trust me on this. I’ve been to Toronto more times than I care to mention. And a Toronto food tour is a great way to quickly and easily enjoy the best that the Toronto food scene.

So, stop spending tons of money on mediocre at best food and start living it up with this list of the top food tours in Toronto.

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Best Food Tours in Toronto

1. Canadian Food Discovery at the St Lawrence Market

Breakfast poutine is easily the best brunch in Toronto.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (3 Reviews) Price: $76 Duration: 3 hours📍Meeting Point: Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame Building Tour Operator: Intrepid Urban Adventures – Canada Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

One of the best places in Toronto for food is the historic St. Lawrence Market! And The Canadian Food Discovery tour takes visitors to one of the best food markets in the world to sample famous Canadian foods!

So, over the course of 3 hours, your eco-certified tour operator will take you through parts of old Toronto to learn about the area and to see some of its major attractions.

Additionally, you’ll make stops to sample delicious coffee and learn about where to find a slice of delicious apple cake!

“Great way to see the market, learn about the history and taste some great food. The apple cake, pea meal sandwich, and butter tart were delicious. My guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour really great. Highly recommend.”

Get Your Guide Traveler from the USA (read more reviews now)

Then, next up is St. Lawrence Market. So, while exploring this area you’ll learn about its incredible history before sampling some of the best food in Canada!

Then, at one of the best stops in the market you’ll sample the official food of Toronto, the peameal bacon sandwich. You’ll also hear all about the sandwich’s backstory and what celebrities have indulged in one!

However, a few other tasty foods that tour guests will sample include Montreal-style bagels, maple candy, and butter tarts.

Finally, the tour ends at a local pub that’s been a staple of the community for decades. And on the last stop of the tour, guests will dine on what is one of the most iconic Canadian dishes, poutine!

All In all, this epic food tour in Toronto is the perfect way to sample some of the best food Canada has to offer!

Then, afterward, you can relax at one of the best hotels in Toronto with a jacuzzi.

Plenty of food to tryThe tour does not run on Sunday and Monday since the market is closed
Can accommodate vegetarians
Private group tours available
Eco-certified tour operator
Child-friendly tour

2. Kensington Market Chinatown Walking Tour

A plate of döners with french fries that you can enjoy during one of the best food tours in Toronto.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (8 Reviews) Price: $26.25 Duration: 2 hours📍Meeting Point: The Campbell House, 160 Queen St W, Toronto, Tour Operator: Top Dog Tours Toronto Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

During this Kensington Market Chinatown Walking Tour, you’ll explore one of the most unique places in Toronto and uncover its top food stops too!

See, this incredible 2-hour walking tour takes you to a number of historic sights and lots of incredible cafes and restaurants within Kensington Market.

Plus, you’ll learn about Toronto’s diverse food culture as you depart from the Campbell House on Queen Street West and wander through the streets of Chinatown.

“Really enjoyed our experience. Our guide Rachel was excellent and very knowledgeable! She was also very accommodating. Would highly recommend!”

Get Your Guide Traveler from Canada (read more reviews now)

Take some time to learn all about the old and new Chinatown as you explore the neighborhood’s incredible street art, cultural markets, and more!

The tour then continues on to Kensington Market, an eclectic neighborhood that is a testament to the city’s vibrant multiculturalism!

Just be sure to come hungry since there are a lot of great stops along the way where you can try a variety of different foods and drinks.

However, a few highlights include the Lucky Moose Food Mart, Moonbeam Coffee, and Nu Bugel.

Not gonna lie though, one of the top food stops of them all is Otto’s Berliner Döner since they have one of the best döners in Toronto!

Overall, this is a wonderful tour that combines a visit to some of Toronto’s most unique places with awesome food!

Budget-friendlyFood not included in the price of the tour
Plenty of food stops
Tours run daily

3. Local Craft Beer, History and Culture Tour

Flight of four beers

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5.0 (49 Reviews) Price: $74.26 per night Duration: 4 hours📍Meeting Point: Outside the Hockey Hall of Fame Tour Operator: Intrepid Urban Adventures – Canada Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

Get hoppy on this Local Craft Beer, History and Culture Tour in Toronto!

Because this tour introduces you to the Toronto craft beer scene and explains exactly how beer has played a major role in the city’s unique history.

Plus, this four-hour tour will walk you through old Toronto as your tour guide shares what the city was like in the 1800s and reveals tales about historic York, which was the city’s original name.

“We had the best time on this tour, we learn lots, drank delicious beer and also had the best tour mates which really topped the whole thing off! our tour guide was the absolute best and really fitted the tour to the group. we will be back in toronto next year and will 1000% be taking this again purely to see our tour guide again. it was honestly like sharing a couple of beers with budies and telling great stories. If you are looking for something to do this is it.”

Courtnei (read more reviews now)

Then, jump through time and enjoy more modern tales as you make three main pub stops, two at historic pubs and one as a craft brewpub.

So, in addition to sipping some of the best craft beers the city has to offer, you’ll hear interesting stories about how beer was used throughout the city’s history – from its use as a social lubricant at communal gatherings to curing diseases.

Then, before the tour ends in the Distillery District, you’ll make a stop at the St. Lawrence, where you’ll be able to grab some amazing local delicacies.

Beer is included in the priceFood is not included
Tours run all year longThe tour is long at 4 hours
Stops at top attractions like St. Lawrence Market & Distillery District

4. 3-Hour Secret Food Tour

Classic Canadian BLT sandwich.

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5.0 (13 Reviews) Price: $70.41 Duration: 3 hours📍Meeting Point: St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. Across from Berczy Park Tour Operator: Essor Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

This awesome Secret Food Tour in Toronto dishes out expert tips on where to find the best hidden gems in the city when it comes to food!

So, starting at the St. Lawrence Market, tour-goers will get the opportunity to sample a variety of different dishes.

You’ll then learn all about the oldest market in Toronto, discuss its cool architecture, and get the 411 on the city’s local food scene.

Then, while exploring the market you’ll learn all about Canadian cuisine before stopping for fun photo-ops and food tastings that include fish and chips, pierogis, and a Canadian classic BLT sandwich with peameal bacon!

“We totally would do this experience again! Our guy was amazing and very informative. We didn’t really know what to expect and wasn’t sure if it was something we would like but it was everything we expected and more. We left extremely full and the food was all delicious. We would suggest this at the beginning of your trip!”

Patrick (read more reviews now)

And in addition to sampling traditional Canadian comfort food, this tour will reveal a few secrets about traditional local foods that you probably didn’t even know were Canadian!

Finally, this amazing food tour will bring you to a local hidden gem that sits just across the street from Berczy Park.

While here, you’ll indulge in one last sweet secret bite as you finish up one of the best food tours in Toronto.

And with six different tastings in total, this tour is great for visitors and locals who want to experience a unique part of the Toronto food scene.

A small group that is limited to 10 peopleNo hotel pick-up is available
Lots of food
All food and drinks are included

5. Explore and Taste The Junction, Toronto’s Hippest Neighbourhood

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (5 Reviews) Price: $75.81 Duration: 3 hours📍Meeting Point: 3224 Dundas St W Tour Operator: Toronto Food Adventures Details: Read more on Viator now!

Many visitors to Toronto go to popular places like Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market. But this Toronto food tour explores a unique area that’s not on most tourists’ radar.

See, the Explore and Taste The Junction food tour takes visitors through one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods.

And during this 3-hour walking tour, you’ll learn all about the fascinating history of The Junction. Your guide will also share tons of interesting info, like the fact that this neighborhood only lifted its prohibition on alcohol two decades ago.

Plus, you’ll discover some of the top places to eat during one of the best food tours in Toronto!

“We had a wonderful day walking around in the Junction Neighbourhood of Toronto. We had some great food learned more about the city and saw how charming the Junction is. Scott and David our guides, were amazing. I highly recommend this tour. It’s a great way to spend a day learning about food and the wonderful city of Toronto.”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

Because this walking and tasting tour takes you to five unique restaurants. And you’ll really get to enjoy each stop since the pace of the tour is relaxed. Therefore, you won’t feel rushed while enjoying your food.

Therefore, this tour is a great option for anyone looking to explore a different side of Toronto. Plus, it’s fun for locals too who want to learn more about the area.

Lunch is includedNot wheelchair accessible
Small groups of 8 people maxOnly offered on Saturdays
Get off the beaten path
Relaxed pace and not rushed

6. Kensington Market -Toronto’s Neighborhood International Food Tour

Bowl of ramen that you can try during one of the best food tours Toronto has to offer.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (361 Reviews) Price: $74.28 Duration: 2.5 hours📍Meeting Point: 240 Augusta Ave Operator: Chopsticks and Forks Details: Read more on Viator now!

This Kensington Market International Food Tour enables you to try a wide array of cuisines from all around the world!

Because during this 2.5-hour walking tour, visitors get to explore one of the best neighborhoods in Toronto.

After all, Kensington Market is filled with vintage shops, cute cafes, and fabulous street art that makes for some of the best free things to do in Toronto.

Plus, this super cool area is also home to a smorgasbord of foods from various countries. However, with so many places to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Well, luckily for you your knowledgeable, local guide will help steer you in the right direction. Therefore, this tour will only stop at the best restaurants and cafes that Kensington Market has to offer.

“It was an excellent food tour that brought Kensington market and its history to such a beautiful memory for us. Jessica managed to explain everything about the place with such passion and understanding that we would now like to eat our way through Kensington market. So much knowledge about food, but also respect for the history and owners of the restaurants and small businesses there…we can only recommend you to book this tour and enjoy a wonderful hours spent together with a group of people with similar passion like yours.”

Stefanie (read more reviews now)

So, come hungry since this epic Toronto food tour will introduce you to six different international dishes, including everything from Jamaican patties to Tibetan momos!

Plus, this is one of the best food tours in Toronto that has options available for vegetarians and pescatarians, with built-in flexibility for people with other dietary needs.

Additionally, this tour is fit for all ages and abilities since it covers a small area and doesn’t include a lot of walking.

So, if you’re looking for the best food tours in Toronto that cover a wide range of cuisines then this International Food Tour is for you!

Lots of food to tryNot wheelchair accessible
Vegetarian options availableNo hotel pick-up or drop-off
All ages welcomeOnly offered on weekends
Small group with a max if 14 people

7. Underground Donut Tour in Toronto

An assortment of donuts with colorful icing.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (2 Reviews) Price: $50.00 Duration: 2 hours📍Meeting Point: 445 Adelaide St W Details: Read more on Viator now!

One of the sweetest food tours in Toronto is the Underground Donut Tour!

See, this 2-hour walking tour takes visitors from the Fashion District to Kensington Market and Chinatown.

And as the name suggests, tour-goers will be eating their way through Toronto’s donut scene!

So, the tour will begin in the heart of downtown Toronto, where you’ll be sampling confectionary delights from COPS Doughnuts!

“We can to Toronto to see the play Harry Potter. The play was on Sunday and we needed something to do on Saturday. This was a perfect tour for myself and my daughters. Our tour guide, Etain, was a wealth of knowledge; During the tour we felt that he was a part of our group. Etain pointed out some of the beautiful murals along the walk. The city is full of murals, it was good to see them up close and personal. The donuts were devine. Know that we are home reviewing the donut emersion experience, it hard to decide which one was our favorite. I would love to come back and do this tour again with my grandchildren.”

Mary S (read more reviews now)

Not only are their tiny doughnuts adorable but so is their cute pink shop!

Next, head to Bloomer’s, an incredible vegan donut shop on Queen Street West where you’ll get another tasting.

Plus, your guide will share some interesting stories about the shop as well as the neighborhood’s unique history.

Then, after making your way to Kensington Market, you’ll be escorted to two additional surprise donut stops!

Because with more and more artisanal donut shops popping up across the city, this tour offers you a fun way to check out a bunch of them!

Lots of donuts to tryNot wheelchair accessible
Great tour for anyone with kidsLarger groups of up to 20 people

8. Toronto: Craft Brewery Tour

A beer tasting at Torch and Crown, one of the best breweries in NYC

⭐️ Rating: 4.4/5.0 (2 Reviews) Price: $78.76 Duration: 3.5 hours📍Meeting Point: In front of the station on Keele street Tour Operator: Canadian Craft Tours Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

Drink your way through some of the best breweries in the city during this Toronto Craft Brewery Tour!

See, this craft beer tour takes guests to three different breweries in Toronto’s west end before going on a behind-the-scenes tour of a local brewery!

You’ll also get to travel in style since this 3.5 to 4-hour tour includes transportation from a local transit hub.

And once on board the mini-bus, you’ll be driven to all of your stops. Therefore, minimal walking and stumbling required – especially if you imbibe in a few too many.

“Alex was very easy to work with in setting up. We found the van easily and had a great time!”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

Plus, once you arrive at each of the breweries you’ll enjoy a flight of beer that includes over 20 ounces of premium craft beer.

This fun tour also gives you ample time at each destination. Therefore, you won’t feel rushed and even learn all about the history of the craft beer scene in Ontario.

You’ll also receive an official tasting lesson that includes flavor profiles and more!

And if you want to add food to your beer tasting, menus are available for pre-order. Also, be prepared for some fun trivia too!

Small group of only 10 people maxNot suitable for families
Beer tasting included at each stopFood is not included with the price of the tour
Premium seating at each stop
Transportation to/from the Keele Subway station

9. Riverside +Leslieville Food Tour

Up-close shot of the best apple fritters in Toronto.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (1296 Reviews) Price: $86 Duration: 3 hours📍Meeting Point: SE corner of Queen St. East + Broadview Ave. Tour Operator: Culinary Adventure Co. Details: Read more on their website now!

For those of you looking to explore a truly unique food scene then try the Riverside and Leslieville Food Tour in Toronto!

See, Culinary Adventure Co., an award-winning food tour company in Canada, offers a wide array of food tours.

And for the last 9 years, they’ve been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence. So, you know their tours are top-notch.

Now, on their 3-hour Riverside and Leslieville Food Tour guests will explore these two exciting neighborhoods in Toronto’s east end.

Because in addition to being a hip neighborhood, this area is also home to some of the best eateries in Toronto!

And your local guide will take you to some of the most unique food stops in the area.

Along the way you’ll also learn about the area’s history and taste some incredible international dishes. Portions are big though so be prepared to eat well on this tour!

Your guide will also introduce you to some of the city’s best hidden gems when it comes to food, like a Lebanese lunch spot and the best place to get apple fritters in Toronto!

After all, this amazing tour company is all about introducing visitors to the best local foods while exposing them to culture and the people behind the food!

Pros Cons
Private tours on offerTour only available on Saturdays
Plenty of food
Senior discount

10. Small-Group Niagara Wine Region Tour

Glasses of wine

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5.0 (10 Reviews) Price: $127.14 Duration: 9 hours📍Meeting Point: 255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto Tour Operator: Redback Tours Inc. Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

Enjoy an amazing day trip from Toronto if you join this Small Group Niagara Wine Region Tour!

Just hop aboard a spacious luxury mini-bus and set off on a tour of Ontario’s wine region. After all, Niagara is known as one of the best wine regions in the world!

Now, this full-day tour runs for approximately 9 hours and includes a scenic drive around Lake Ontario as part of one of the best food tours in Toronto.

“Wine tour was great. Enjoyed the winery’s, all we’re informative and entertaining. Lunch was awesome at Harbour winery. Staff winery was entertaining and was beautiful.”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

Then, at each of four award-winning wineries, guests will enjoy a tasting of a selection of fabulous wines.

You’ll also learn about viticulture in the region and go behind the scenes at some of the wineries to learn how wine is made.

And just a few of the wineries you’ll get to visit during this tour include Pillitteri Estates Winery and Wayne Gretzky Estates.

You’ll also be treated to a lovely lunch stop at one of the wineries. However, lunch is not included in the price of the tour.

So, if you’re looking to explore more of the region beyond Toronto then this wine-tasting tour is a great option!

Pros Cons
Transportation from Toronto to Niagara includedLunch not included
Scenic driveHotel pick-up and drop-off not included
Wine tastings included
Small group

11. Best of Toronto Private, In-Car, Food + Sightseeing Tour

View of the CN Toiwer at sunset since the edgewalk is one of the cool things to do in Toronto.

⭐️ Rating: 4.0/5.0 (3 Reviews) Price: $256.54 Duration: 3-5 hours📍Meeting Point: 55 Front St W, Toronto Tour Operator: Eating Through T.O. Details: Read more on Viator now!

Explore the city on this Best of Toronto Private, In-Car, Food and Sightseeing Tour!

Because this fast-paced private tour takes guests around Toronto to see the city’s top attractions. Plus, you’ll get to eat your way through Toronto too, as this tour features plenty of tasty food stops!

“Wow, what a great host McKenzie was for our girls weekend in Toronto! He had done his homework and accomodated all our wishes for an interesting mix of esoteric sight seeing and finding interesting local food experiences that accommodated all our food needs including gluten free diet. The food and drink choices were diverse, plentiful and fun! We appreciated the passion that was shown for the city and it unique food offerings Highly recommended!”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

So, on this 3-to-5-hour tour of Toronto, your guide will drive you around the city in style! And as you cruise past sights like the CN Tower and Casa Loma you’ll learn about what makes them so special.

You’ll also make a bunch of fun stops too as you enjoy a photo shoot in Graffiti Alley and snap a selfie with the Toronto sign.

Plus, you’ll get to explore some of the city’s best neighborhoods like the Distillery District and Kensington Market!

But don’t worry because this is one of the best food tours in Toronto that features plenty of food stops too!

So, follow along as your guide introduces you to foodie hotspots like Chinatown and Queen Street West.

Plenty of food stop and sightseeingToo fast-paced for some
Private tourExpensive
Food includedNot wheel-chair accesible
Pick up from some hotels available
Transportation included

12. Taste the World in Kensington Market

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (179 Reviews) Price: $68.15 Duration: 2.5 hours📍Meeting Point: Moonbean Coffee Company Tour Operator: Tasty Tours Toronto Details: Read more on Viator now!

Another pick for one of the best food tours in Toronto, the Taste the World in Kensington Market tour is a fun foodie experience that introduces you to one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world!

So, it’s no surprise that you’ll discover a wealth of international cuisine throughout the city. And one of the best neighborhoods for delicious, multicultural cuisine is Kensington Market!

Therefore, during this food tour, you’ll explore this National Historic Site of Canada and eat at a number of the neighborhood’s best eateries.

Additionally, this fun walking tour runs for approximately 2.5 hours and introduces you to the area’s history, influences, and tasty food from around the world.

“I loved this tour! Damien was our guide and he was knowledgeable and super nice. We tried delicious food and learned a lot. Would for sure recommend this tour to anyone new to the city – it’s a great way to try new foods that you probably wouldn’t on your own. Thank you, Damien!”

Nancy (read more reviews now)

Plus, this unique food tour introduces you to a few hotspots but to plenty of hidden gems too!

Now, a few highlights include Syrian hummus, a staple in the diet of Canada’s Indigenous people, and a surprise dish!

All in all, this is a great guided food tour for those looking to try some new dishes. Plus, you’ll find plenty of hidden gems in Kensington, like street art, fun stores, and more as you check out some of the best views in Toronto too.

Pros Cons
Plenty of foodNot wheelchair accessible
A small group of no more than 10 peopleNo hotel pick-up or drop-off
Dietary flexibility

Best Food Tours in Toronto FAQ

What are the Best Places for Food Tours in Toronto?

The best places for food tours in Toronto are:

  • Secret Food Tours Toronto
  • Chopsticks+Forks
  • Culinary Adventure Co.
  • Intrepid Urban Adventures – Toronto
  • Toronto Urban Adventures

What is the Most Famous Food in Toronto?

The most famous food in Toronto is street meats like hot dogs and sausages.

What is a Foody Tour?

A foody tour is a specialized guided tour that is centered around food. Therefore, participants will learn all about the traditions and history of local people through their food.

Many of these tours also include samples of local food and drinks so that visitors can taste local food too.

How do you Organize a Food Tour?

You can organize a food tour by either contacting a food tour company directly or by booking one through a third-party site like Viator or Get Your Guide.

Additionally, you could also use various online resources to create your very own self-guided food tour.

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Additional Toronto Resources You’ll Love

There you have it! That just about wraps up this post on the best food tours in Toronto.

Tell me, did your picks for the best food tours Toronto has to offer make the list? If not then let me know in the comments below.

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