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21 Best Souvenirs in Belgium Right Now

Looking for the best souvenirs from Belgium? If so then you need this guide to the best Belgium souvenirs in your life right now.

After all, I have been to Belgium countless times. And every time I visit, I always pick up new and improved souvenirs in Belgium.

In fact, on my most recent visit, I picked up a wicked awesome pack of chocolate-covered marshmallows from Mary’s that my partner loved.

Because we all know that all of the best souvenirs from Belgium go in your tummy.

So, if you’re not sure what to buy in Belgium then give this post a read ASAP and pick up Belgian souvenirs people will actually love.

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Best Souvenirs from Belgium

1. Belgian Chocolate

Turquoise box of chocolates from Neuhaus that detail the history of one of the best chocolate shops in Brussels.

Without ruffling any feathers, it has to be said that Belgian chocolate is the world’s best chocolate.

In fact, this is where pralines were invented. They’re those luxuriously creamy candies with a firm chocolate casing and a nutty taste.

But, you can find all kinds of styles including novelty chocolates for kids and tubs of hot chocolate.

Therefore, a box of truffles or pralines is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium for pretty much anyone with a pulse.

Actually, some of the best chocolate stores in Brussels even cater to vegans and sugar-free diets.

Pro Tip: For the best Belgian chocolate head to Neahaus or Mary’s. Mary’s has these amazing homemade marshmallows coated in chocolate with a graham cracker crust. They are absolutely epic.

2. Belgian Lace

The pink hues and glass ceilings of Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in Brussels.

Belgian (or Brussels) lace refers to a specific type of lace weaved in the country. Essentially, it’s a variation of bobbin lace that originated from the Brussels area.

Now, the technique sees the continuous twisting, crossing, and plaiting of multiple threads wound on spools known as bobbins.

The result is a seriously intricate textile used for accessories, fashion, and homeware.

Obviously, authentic lace is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium for Bridgerton lovers out there.

Therefore, get yourself over to Manufacture Belge de Dentelles in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

This place stocks an assortment of handmade lace fans, handkerchiefs, table runners, and keepsakes that make for the best souvenirs Belgium has to offer.

3. Miniature Gabled House Ornaments

Pretty much all souvenir stores and markets across Belgium sell these adorable little trinkets.

After all, Flemish cities and towns are awash with gabled terrace buildings with colorful facades. They look like something straight out of a Christmas storybook or fairytale.

Now, these mini ceramic houses are the coolest souvenirs from Belgium that can only be found in the country.

So, these houses are sold as standalone ornaments and often are marked as a chocolatier, library, jeweler, or otherwise. Plus, you’ll find them in magnet and keychain form.

Therefore, if you’re not sure what to buy in Belgium then this is it.

4. Belgian Beer

A view of the pink elephant on a blue sign that represents Delirium Cafe in Brussels.

Belgium takes beer-making to the next level with hoppy pale ales, fruity blondes, unique Trappists, sour lambics, rich stouts, and more.

So, even a one-day Brussels itinerary must include a stop at a beer house. But, bottled beers are also one of the best souvenirs from Belgium.

In particular, Beer Mania stocks over 400 Belgian beers and is walkable from the Palais de Bruxelles.

Plus, they have a tasting room where you can sample the goods over a plate of Belgian fries.

Alternatively, De Biertempel is situated in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

Pro Tip: Check your airline’s terms for how much beer you’re allowed to carry.

5. Lidded Beer Stein

Now, if carrying beer back home isn’t possible – you can settle for a beer stein.

These uber-hefty ornamental drinking vessels are something that you (or your recipient) can keep forever and are one of the famous things to buy in Belgium.

In particular, De Biertempel stocks zillions of wacky, decorative beer steins with lids and glassware.

Although, you’ll want to focus on the ceramics section. Because glass is kinda risky when it comes to packing up your epic souvenirs from Belgium.

Besides, beer tastes so much better in one of these bad boys.

6. Speculoos Biscuits

The exterior of Maison Dandoy in the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in Brussels. The exterior is surrounded by marbel and has a windo with green cursive writting that says Galces Dandoy since this is Maison Dandoy makes the best waffles in Brussels.

Another of the best souvenirs from Belgium for your pals with a sweet tooth is speculoos.

In a nutshell, these cookies are warmly spiced gingerbread shortcrust biscuits with a taste of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. In fact, they’re similar to Biscoff. And we all know how yummy their cookie butter is.

Historically, speculoos were eaten on St. Nicholas Day in Belgium. But, they’re so popular that they’re readily available in chocolate ateliers, markets, and gift stores all over the capital and other cities.

Plus, they come with cute etchings depicting Belgian landmarks or seasonal scenes.

So, head to Maison Dandoy for the finest speculoos cookies in all of Belgian and sample some of the best waffles in Brussels too.

7. Manneken Pis Souvenir

A view of Manneken Pis in the center of Brussels during your one day in Brussels itinerary. The statue of the peeing biy is behind a black fence and sits in a marble fountain.

Alright, even if you’re only spending two days in Brussels, you have to go pay your respects to Manneken Pis.

Manneken Pis (the “Little Peeing Man”) is a bronze of a boy peeing into a water fountain. After he saved the city from fire by answering the call of nature, he became the city mascot.

And, gift stores honor him by flogging quirky figurines and trinkets. Basically, any souvenir store will have a selection of magnets, keychains, mugs, t-shirts, and chocolate figurines to choose from.

Hands down, these are some of the most unique souvenirs from Belgium and you can pick them up from some of the best museums in Brussels.

8. Beautiful Books

Now, after spending some time in Belgium, you’ll be dying to brush up on the country’s history.

Therefore, a good book is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium to buy for yourself.

In Brussels, make a beeline for Tropismes in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

See, this lavish bookstore is a visual treat and stocks books that include fiction, fine art, history, and travel.

I mean, most are in French but if you rummage around you’ll find a couple of English-language tomes. Or, a coffee table book with epic photos that makes for one of the best gifts from Belgium.

FYI, Waterstones (a British bookseller) has more English books. But, you should visit Tropismes for the vibes.

9. Christmas Decorations

One of the best souvenirs from Belgium is a handmade Christmas ornament.

See, local artisans and craftspeople make creative decorations that include everything from traditional tastes to modern styles.

Naturally, the best time to peruse Christmas trinkets is during November and December at the Yuletide markets.

In fact, don’t buy them in Brussels since Bruges is the capital of Christmas in Belgium. Otherwise, you’ll find holiday gifts year-round at New De Wolf in Brussels City Center.

They’re awesome for your family. Plus, even nomadic types will love having a portable little trinket they can hang up in their current hotel room or rental pad!

10. Snowglobe

Snowglobes never fail to give you that cuddly, cozy feeling in your tummy.

They’re totally nostalgic and the Belgians are masters at crafting snowglobes that’ll keep you mesmerized for hours. Again, this is something cool to shop for in the lead-up to Christmas.

But, you’ll always find a supply of quaint snowglobes in La Folie des Cadeaux in the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries.

Ultimately, this is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium that’s symbolic and safe to pack – provided you wrap it nicely and secure it inside a paris of socks.

Of course, snowglobes are great for kids but adults love them too.

11. Belgian Crystal

One of the more surprising souvenirs from Belgium, did you know the country excels at crystal ware?

See, Cristallerie du Val Saint Lambert has been churning out divine pieces since 1826.

They make a mix of vases, candle holders, lamps, and much more.

These days, the workshop works with in-house artisans and celebrated designers.

And, they’re committed to keeping abreast with the latest trends while remaining faithful to traditional methods.

The only snag is that they’re based in Seraing. Therefore, you’ll have to commute out on the train. Otherwise, you can get in touch via their website and try placing an order.

12. Magnets

It’s the classic vacation trinket but you can’t fault ‘em. Magnets are tiny, cheap, and easy as heck to pack.

Plus, they’re totally practical for all recipients – who doesn’t have a fridge?

See, the Brussels ones are available with typical Belgian foods, frothy beers, monuments, “I Love Brussels” plastered on them, and so forth.

They’re sold in all the souvenir stores around top Belgium attractions, like the Grand Place. Therefore, just keep your eyes peeled for a design that takes your fancy.

All in all, magnets are the best zero-effort souvenirs from Belgium for anyone in your circle.

13. Coffee Mug

drinking coffee while eating the best breakfast in Paris.

Another golden oldie, a coffee mug is an easy-peasy gift choice. And, it’s cool to collect them from each country you travel to and get a compilation going.

Now, these are the best souvenirs from Belgium that you can pick up in typical souvenir stores.

And, you’ll find a mix of typographical mugs and hand-painted ceramic vessels with icons of Brussels and other cities. Otherwise, some of the best cafes in Brussels sell mugs and bags of coffee.

On the other hand, you can swing by a boutique store such as Neuf. This store in Brussels sells stylish coffee mugs that bring a touch of Belgian style to your home.

14. Belgian Waffles

An assortment of waffles with chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream.

Naturally, munching on the best waffles in Brussels is going to factor high on your Belgian itinerary.

And, this is something you can take back home. Essentially, loads of the best chocolate stores in Brussels sell plain, packaged waffles that you can prepare back home with your favorite toppings.

For example, Elisabeth and Galler Chocolatier. So, all you need to do is choose between Brussels and Liège waffles.

Local Tip: Combine your waffle purchase with speculoos and you will not regret it.

This way you can enjoy two of the best souvenirs from Belgium in one swoop. Just squirt some cream on your waffles and sprinkle the cookie crumbs on top and you’ll be good to go.

15. Landmarks of Belgium Artwork

A print or a piece of artwork is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium to commemorate your vacation.

See, these take up next to no space in your luggage. Plus, every time you look at your print, you’ll be reminded of happy days on the road.

Now, you’ll find artists selling prints on the street outside major landmarks. Such as the Grand Place in Brussels and De Burg in Bruges.

Even better, sometimes you’ll encounter them sketching as you search for the best souvenirs from Brussels and beyond.

Naturally, the gift store of any art museum will have a selection to skim. Furthermore, all the souvenir stores and gift boutiques in major cities will stock little prints too.

16. Flemish Artwork

Alternatively, you can summon your inner art historian and invest in a replica print of a piece by one of the greatest Flemish artists of all time,

Now, Belgium used to be known as Flanders. And, from the late 1400s onwards, the nation birthed influential artists such as Peter Paul Rubens and Jan van Eyck.

Naturally, galleries such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Old Masters Museum in Brussels exhibit their paintings. So, you can find copies of their work in the gift stores.

Generally, you’ll find a mix of illustrated books, prints, fabrics, and other upmarket gifts from Belgium.

17. Comic Books

Smurfs exhibit at the Belgian Center for Comic Strip Art.

Now, here’s a kooky factoid. What do Tintin, Lucky Luke, and the Smurfs all have in common?

They all hail from the hands of Belgian cartoonists. In fact, Asterix and Obelix are also from Belgium too.

As such, comics are one of the quirkiest souvenirs from Belgium for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Now, there are several comic book stores in Brussels. However, the House of Comics is as good a place as anywhere to start the search.

Beyond the international comics, you’ll find plenty of other lesser-known cartoons that’ll prompt a giggle or sentimental moment as you search for things to buy in Belgium.

18. Belgian Glassware

Before waffles, chocolate, and beer took over, Belgium flourished as a center for glassblowing.

Which, is pretty apropos considering that beer is now currency in Brussels.

Now, glassware is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium for a special someone. The quality is high and it takes effort to transport it back home in one piece.

See, the item to look for is the traditional “tulip” glass. This design is custom-made to highlight the nuances in Belgian brews.

Again, De Biertempel stocks a solid range of glassware. Meanwhile, Beer Mania has its iconic Mea Culpa glass which is one of the best Belgium souvenirs.

19. Jewelry

Jewelry is a failsafe choice of souvenir while traveling in Belgium. Of course, you’ll find a mix of styles and budgets across gift boutiques and artisan markets throughout the country.

However, Galeries Royales Saint Hubert is home to the Christian Lanckvrind boutique. This is the best place to shop for high-quality antique and vintage pieces.

In fact, they carry a decent stock of Art Deco accessories. However, Les Ecuadors is a great place to go for playful costume jewelry.

Remember, if you wind up in Antwerp, this is a global hotspot for diamonds. So, the diamond district, Diamant, is teeming with jewelry stores if you want to treat yo’self to Belgian souvenirs.

This is also one reason why you should visit Antwerp now!

20. Belgian Cheese

A block of Limburger cheese which is a white cheese with a yellow rind. This block has a piece cut out and is one of the best souvenirs from Brussels.

While France claims all the glory for cheesemaking in Europe, Belgium also makes a rad variety of cheeses.

Now, cheese is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium if you’re not dealing with a long-haul flight.

Although, it can be done if you have a nifty plastic tub to store it safely in your carry-on. Just check in advance that it’ll clear customs.

In Brussels, check out Catherine or Antoinette et Marguerite.

Look out for Herve cheese, a soft type of rind cheese that is gentle and works on a cheeseboard or in a sandwich.

“Fromage de Bruxelles” is a spreadable cheese with a salty taste. And, Echte Loo is a semi-hard cheese that pairs with full-bodied red wines.
Couque De Dinant

Another type of biscuit, the Couque De Dinant is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium’s Walloon Region.

See, the clue is in the name. These cookies are made in the city of Dinant using only wheat and honey.

Now, these ingredients are mixed in equal weight which results in a caramelized biscuit that’s rock hard.

The trick is never to bite into them. Instead, you need to break them into small fragments and suck on them or dip them into a hot drink.

But, they’re baked in all kinds of unique designs such as animals and Belgian sights.

21. Couque De Dinant

Another type of cookie, the Couque De Dinant is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium’s Walloon Region.

See, the clue is in the name. These cookies are made in the city of Dinant using only wheat and honey.

Now, these ingredients are mixed in equal weight which results in a caramelized biscuit that’s rock hard.

The trick is never to bite into them. Instead, you need to break them into small fragments and suck on them or dip them into a hot drink.

But, they’re baked in all kinds of unique designs such as animals and Belgian sights which makes this one of the most unusual souvenirs in Belgium.

Best Souvenirs from Belgium FAQs

What Souvenirs Are Found in Belgium?

Seeing as Belgium is famous for its exquisite pralines, chocolate is one of the best souvenirs from Belgium. These come in posh gift boxes, no-frills pouches, and in novelty shapes.

However, non-edible souvenirs include traditional lace, miniature gabled house mementos, and handmade Christmas decorations.

Specifically in Brussels, a Manneken Pis trinket is a unique souvenir from Belgium that everyone will love.

What Product is Famous in Belgium?

Chocolate is the most famous product in Belgium. Artisanal pralines and Belgian beer are two of the best souvenirs from Belgium.

However, the country also has a history of traditional lace-making and glassblowing as well as a lineage of successful comic book brands.

What Should You Buy in Antwerp?

If you visit Antwerp, you can splurge on one of the most luxurious souvenirs from Belgium: diamonds.

In fact, the Diamant district specializes in the retail of rough diamonds. Essentially, rough diamonds are those that have yet to be cut and polished.

Therefore, the prices are a little lower than you might pay elsewhere. As the precious stones are sold in their raw state, it’s your choice whether you submit them for polishing elsewhere or “rock” the natural look.

What is Brussels Famous For?

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is famous for food such as waffles, chocolate, fries, and beer.

Plus, the city is the seat of the European Union. However, historical monuments include the Grand Place, the Royal Palace of Brussels, Brussels Cathedral, the Mont des Artes, and the Manneken Pis fountain.

The Atomium (a giant atom structure linked by escalators) is also another famous sight just on the outskirts of the city center.

There you have it. That just about wraps up this guide to the best souvenirs from Belgium.

Tell me, did your top picks for the best Belgium souvenirs make the list? If not then let me know now.

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