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The Ultimate Bali Solo Travel Guide

Guys, I must admit, there ain’t no travel like Bali solo travel. Especially if you have this Bali travel guide handy.

I mean:

Read just a single page out of a little book called ‘Eat Pray Love’ and you’ll totally understand why the Island of the Gods has long been regarded as a fantastic destination for anyone going it alone, especially if you’re looking for an affordable private villa in Ubud.

No joke:

This island of awesome is chilled out, friendly, safe, and teeming with fellow backpackers who are just waiting to become your new BFF. That’s why Bali is routinely considered one of the best places to visit in Asia.


I’d even be bold enough to declare Bali a BETTER travel destination for anyone rockin’ it alone, especially since Bali is part of Indonesia, one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world!


Because let’s be real, we all know that solo travel is awesome.

Not only do you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, but you also get to create meaningful, new relationships while learning all about yourself in the process.

Something that is especially true in Bali. Because in Bali:

Local hospitality is second-to-none.

Opt for a homestay during your Bali 2 week itinerary and you’ll instantly feel like your host family’s long-lost American daughter as you immerse yourself in the island’s fascinatingly beautiful culture.


Bali is also an amazing place to do some soul-searching…

… which is 10,000 times easier when your travel companion isn’t chattering in your ear 24/7.


Finding a spiritual connection is a huuuuge deal on this island, which is why Bali is full of awesome spots for yoga, massages, journaling, meditation, and more.

Dalai Lama eat your heart out.

It’s also easy to make friends here since Bali has a vibrant, wicked awesome digital nomad community.

I mean:

Canggu and Ubud, in particular, are packed with expats who are building their empires, making their fortunes, and taking over the world (a la Pinkie and the Brain), but in the nicest possible way.


It’s inspiring AF. Who knows, after your 10 day Bali itinerary, you might just come away with a whole new dream!

Okay, okay.

I could wax lyrical prose about Bali solo travel all day, but what about other, more practical concerns, like where is Bali located and safety?


Violent crime is almost non-existent in Bali, making it the perfect destination for any solo traveler.


Like any place in the world that attracts a ton of tourists, scams are fairly common here, making it easy to fall prey to one if you don’t know what to look for.

But, that’s why I’m here.

I want your trip to be as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

That’s why:

I’ve packed this Bali guide with a ton of uber useful Bali travel tips that will help you stay safe and make the most of your time on this epic lil’ island.


In this post, you’ll learn all about some of the top things to do in Bali, the best places to stay in Bali, and get only the hottest tips on how to rock going it alone, Balinese style.


I’ve even thrown in a sample Bali itinerary and info on the best time to visit Bali, just to make life a tidbit easier.

Because trust me:

No one wants to travel to Bali during monsoon season and spend their entire vacation looking like a drowned rat.

Yeah, not a good look…EVER!

But, enough of my incoherent babble about the awesomeness of solo travel in Bali.

Let’s do this shizzle and swan dive into this EPIC, Bali solo travel guide.

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Just some of the beauty you'll find in Ubud as you solo travel Bali.
Just some of the beauty you’ll find in Ubud as you solo travel Bali.
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Bali Solo Travel Safety Tips

Taking a solo trip is undoubtedly awesome. But, it’s also only natural to be a bit more concerned with safety than usual.


Fear not, dear friends. I’m here to set your mind at ease and give you the 411 on how to stay as safe as possible while in Bali.

1. Petty Theft

Crime in Bali is relatively rare, although there are occasional incidents where thieves on motorbikes will drive by and rip your belongings right out of your hand, even before you can say, “Accico purse” (Please ignore me if you’re not into Harry Potter because that’s the summoning spell).


Anti-theft backpacks are probably the safest bag for you to carry around while enjoying all that this magical island has to offer (If you need recs, see this post here). So yeah, definitely add this item to your Bali packing list.

***WARNING: Never carry all of your belongings with you at one time. Instead, pack only what you need for the day and leave the remainder of your money/credit cards in the safe, back at your hotel. This way, if someone does steal all your stuff, you’ll still have access to money.***


Make sure that you keep your valuables inside your bag while walking around.

Trust me:

You don’t want would-be thieves to see you and immediately think, “jackpot”.


While at the beach, don’t leave your belongings unattended as you frolic through the waves.


Either rent a locker or buy yourself a waterproof pouch that you can use to carry your phone and money with you.

2. Step AWAY from the Monkey

The monkeys in Bali look all cute and cuddly. But, do yourself a favor and just stay away from them.
The monkeys in Bali look all cute and cuddly. But, do yourself a favor and just stay away from them.

Who’d a thunk it, eh? 

I mean, they look all cute and Curious George level adorable.


Looks can be deceiving, especially since these pesky little fiends can be a definite safety risk.


They have sharp teeth and know how to use them if you get all up in their business.

That’s why:

Whenever you’re in a monkey’s territory (AKA in the forest), try to avoid using plastic bags since these greedy little so-and-sos will assume that there’s food inside.


Keep your sunnies, jewelry, phone, and other valuables safely inside your backpack when there are monkeys around.


Aunt Mildred’s priceless diamond ring might just go missing.

Because like the rest of us, monkeys sure do love pretty, sparkly things too.


And try not to show your teeth when you’re face-to-face with a monkey since they interpret this as a sign of aggression.

Of course:

Now the only thing that you’ll want to do is laugh hysterically and show your teeth but hey, at least I tried.

For real though:

You DO NOT want to get into an altercation with a HANGRY monkey since they can and do bite.

I mean:

No one wants to take an impromptu trip to the hospital because they pissed off the wrong monkey and now need a slew of Rabies shots.

Yeah, that’s no one’s idea of an epic good time.


Step away from the monkey and all will be right with the world.

3. Burglaries

Few things in life are dreamier than an open-concept, Balinese villa that overlooks the serene beauty of the ocean.


There’s also no better way to showcase your buffet of valuables to thieves when you’re not home.

So, long story short:

Avoid the open-air, Balinese villas and take some of your belongings with you when you go out.

And for heavier items that you don’t fancy taking with you (Because no-one wants to lug a laptop around a nightclub)?

Yeah, leave those in a travel safe and stash it out of sight, well away from prying eyes.

4. Money Changing Scams

There are a lot of places in Bali where you can quickly and easily exchange your money in Bali.


Many of these places can also just as easily rip you off.

(Insert sad face here)

See, many of these so-called “businesses” use rigged calculators to create favorable exchange rates and secure themselves an extra chunk of your hard-earned (I’m assuming, anyway) cash.

That’s why:

It’s best to use BMC bank, Central Kuta Money Exchange, or PT Dirgahayu Valuta Prima branch ATMs (that’s a mouthful, huh?) whenever possible – though like anywhere in the world, always check for card skimmers and cover your PIN with your hand while using the ATM.


These guys are all super legit and definitely won’t swindle you out of your hard-earned Benjamins.

5. Sampling Arak

Arak is Indonesia’s version of local moonshine.

And while you may be tempted to try it, doing so comes with a few risks.

In the past: 

There have been instances where tourists have actually lost their sight – or worse – since dodgy dealers like to save money by substituting ethanol with methanol, a seemingly minor change that can lead to some serious health consequences.

Don’t get me wrong:

I’m not saying don’t try it at all – you know I’m not a buzzkill like that.


If you’re gonna drink it, do so at a reputable bar, like Su’s Bar in Kuta, which is a fun little spot where you can enjoy some seriously fantastic arak cocktails.


If you’re concerned, you can always just stick to beer.

I know, it’s a hard life, eh? 

6. Walking Alone in Kuta

Kuta is amazing. But wandering around alone, at night? Yeah, not so much.
Kuta is amazing. But wandering around alone, at night? Yeah, not so much.

Kuta is like the Cabo of Bali, so basically party central.

And while it can be a ton of fun, it’s also one of the very few places in Bali where walking alone at night is not recommended.


Sneaky thieves like to wait around at night and pounce on any unsuspecting drunken partygoers that come their way.

That’s why it’s not exact;y the best idea to wander around by yourself at night.

Don’t get me wrong:

By all means, go wild, get crazy, and have an amazing time.


Always remember the buddy system and share a taxi home, with your new-found party pals, when you’re ready to call it a night in Bali or Antwerp or anywhere else..

How to Get Around Bali

The beautiful rice fields of Bali.
The beautiful rice fields of Bali.

Okay, so the best way to get around Bali is by scooter of course! Unless you’re going from Bali airport to Ubud because that’s a LONG trip.


It’s the method of transportation that everyone uses and it’s a ton of fun too…at least if you’re not totally uncoordinated and likely to fall off a stationary bike, like this chick right here.

But seriously:

Who doesn’t want to drive through the beautiful Balinese countryside with the wind in your hair (just kidding, wear a helmet, you fool) and the serene sound of the ocean lapping up against the shore in the distance?

Yeah, super romantic.

Until you realize that local drivers are insane (to put it mildly) and that traffic is horrendous throughout much of the island.

That’s why:

You may not want to commandeer your very own motorbike just yet, especially if you don’t use them on the REG.

And that’s cool since better safe than sorry is my life motto.

So, if solo motorbiking has you feeling a bit anxious, then you can always use Blue Bird taxi or the rideshare apps Grab/Go-Jek to get around the island.

The number for Blue Bird is +62 (0)361 701111, but, DUH, they’ve got an app for that.

The Best Time to Visit Bali

One of the many temples you'll find throughout Bali.
One of the many temples you’ll find throughout Bali.

Ok, so there’s no bad time to solo travel Bali.

I mean, it’s BALI after all. But:

I would recommend avoiding the wet season, between October and April, if at all possible (unless you’re craving solitude so that you can get your spiritual swerve on).

Trust me:

If you can’t, it’s not going to ruin your trip, but generally speaking, sunshine > rain.


The wet season is really nice too since it’s not raining 24/7.

In fact:

It’ll be sunny more often than not, minus the once-daily, almighty, torrential downpour of doom.


It rarely lasts longer than an hour or two and does help cool things down a bit which is always nice.


If you’re a social solo traveler (and not an anti-social hermit like me), then definitely visit between May and September, when the sun is shining 24/7 and when the hostels are jam-packed with fellow travelers.


August is probably my favorite month to visit since that’s when the annual Kite Festival takes place.

Yup, it really is just as cool as it sounds. 

See, all of these local teams come together and create these giant, uber-elaborate kites that transform the sky into a stunning, kaleidoscope of colors.

It’s seriously amazing. That’s why:

If you can, definitely try to visit Bali during this one-of-a-kind festival.

How to Get to and From the Airport

The obvious answer is a taxi, right?

Well, yes.

When going TO the airport, just use Grab or Go Jek and it’ll be easy peasy.


Getting to your digs FROM the airport… yeah, that’s a little bit more complicated.


Only official Bali airport taxis are allowed into arrivals at Nagurah Rah airport and, not surprisingly, they charge ridiculously inflated prices.


You can either suck it up and pay or use my sneaky little technique.

Now, because regular taxis and rideshare services are allowed to drop people off at departures, or in the airport parking lot, what’s to stop them from say picking up a new passenger while they’re there?

See where I’m going with this?

So, when you arrive, just use your cellphone to hail a Grab or Go Jek from the airport parking lot, you smart little cookie, you.


If your cellphone is being difficult, you can always just walk to departures and hop in a Blue Bird cab. (They’re the light blue ones with – you guessed it – a little birdy logo).

Three cheers for sneaky tricks where we get to stick it to the man. 

Top Bali Solo Travel Destinations

1. Ubud

Some of the beautiful scenery that you'll find throughout Ubud.
Some of the beautiful scenery that you’ll find throughout Ubud.

Wanna feel like Julia Roberts as she ate, prayed and loved her way through Bali?

If you do then Ubud is the place for you and creating your own personal Ubud itinerary is a must. 

With its lush green rice fields and magical, creative energy, Ubud will charm the pants right off of you (and replace them with batik yoga pants instead).

It’s the perfect place for quiet reflection, relaxation and, of course, exploring.

What, still not sure what to do in Ubud? Well:

It’s also FILLED with picture-perfect ‘Bali swings’ that will have you soaring through the jungle with the greatest of ease.

And while there are five swings in all:

The Aloha Ubud swing is probably the best place to go for incredible views of the Tegallalang rice terraces.

While you’re here:

You can also check out the nearby human bird’s nests and snag a picture-perfect photo op for your ever-growing, Insta fandom.

And of course:

Don’t forget to visit the rice terraces and Pura Gunung Kawi as well, an ancient temple complex that is carved entirely out of stone and replete with shrines and caves aplenty (PSST: Be sure to dress appropriately when you visit).

The Monkey Forest is also worth a visit, although I chose not to go since they don’t practice ethical animal tourism and shoot slingshots at the monkeys.

But obviously, the choice is yours.

Added bonus?

Ubud even has some spectacular waterfalls for you to explore (I know, Ubud really does have it all).

Out of all of them though:

Tegenungan is definitely the most popular, although you can attempt to evade the hordes of selfie stick-wielding tourists by visiting Kanto Lampo instead.


Just be your super awesome self and go to both because yes, that really is what all the cool kids are doing.

***If you’re short on time, you can always join this tour and enjoy mesmerizing views of the Tegalalang Rice Terraces as you visit Batuan Temple and Ubud Monkey Forest. You can also do a day trip to Sekumpul Waterfall if you have an extra day in Ubud.***

2. Kuta

In Kuta, you can definitely relax on the beach as you recover from last night's hangover.
In Kuta, you can definitely relax on the beach as you recover from last night’s hangover.

If Ubud is Bali’s soul, then Kuta is the part of Bali’s brain that makes you think it’s a SUPER good idea to do seven tequila shots in a row.


It’s party central and the perfect place to bond with fellow travelers as you you each attempt to recover from last night’s, alcohol-fueled hangover from hell.


I’m not a huge fan since I find it a bit devoid of culture.


If you do choose to visit Kuta, you can easily spend the day at Waterbom, an EPIC water park with rides that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

You can also check out Kuta Beach and see just how rad you are at surfing (I really hope you’re better than me. I definitely almost drowned and looked more like a dead fish than a surfer).

And shopping?

Yup, Kuta’s got loads of stores that are perfect for all of the up and coming fashionistas out there.


Feel free to enjoy some of the swank shops along the Beachwalk or head to the Kuta Art Market for some locally made gems instead.

Either way, you can’t go wrong.

But with all this shopping, partying, and exploring, I know you’re gonna get hungry.

If this sounds like you, then head straight to Warung Chef Bagus for some mouth-watering Balinese cuisine (supposedly the pork ribs are really good but clearly not on the menu for a veg like me).

Benih Cafe is another great Kuta foodie hotspot that serves delicious, European-style brunch which, let’s be honest, we all need after ingesting copious amounts of alcohol all night long.

They even create these beautiful, Bali-style smoothie bowls that make your tastebuds sing with delight.

And in the evening (if you’re not feeling too much like the walking dead):

Live it up with some live music at the Bali Beach Club. Or, party until the wee hours of the morning at either the Bounty Discotheque or Paddy’s Pub.

Just be cool and don’t do anything that this Golden Girl right here wouldn’t do (Okay, definitely stay up past 10:00 pm. That’s 100% allowed).

3. Seminyak

The ethereal, beachside beauty of Seminyak.
The ethereal, beachside beauty of Seminyak.

Seminyak is basically Kuta’s fancy cousin. 

It’s heavy on partying, light on culture, and filled with exquisite beach clubs, upscale resorts, and posh restaurants that all help make this place feel extra fancy.

But, of all Seminyak’s uber-chic beach clubs:

Potato Head Beach Club is definitely the most beloved with its beautiful decor, stylish infinity pool, posh cabanas, and retro beanbag chairs.


If you can manage to tear yourself away from the luxe beach club life, for even just a minute, then stroll on over to nearby Nyaman Gallery and experience the local art scene there.

Once inside:

You’ll find a variety of intricate wood carvings, hand-blown glassware, and wearable jewelry that are all for sale.

And while souvenirs are awesome, do try and restrain yourself since you probably want to keep the trip-related, credit card debt to a minimum.


All the money that you save on souvenirs can be put towards going horseback riding…along the beach…AT SUNSET!

I know.

Does it get anymore nauseatingly romantic than that?

Hmmm, probably not.

Unless of course, you pack a pint-sized minstrel who can continually belt out lyrical sonnets of love.

But I digress, per usual.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

So yeah, horseback riding along the beaches of Seminyak should take approximately two hours since most tours will have you ride both to and from Canggu (DUH, obviously you’ll have to ride back).


Since the sun usually sets around 6 pm, definitely plan your trip so that you can enjoy the beauty of the setting sun during your ride.

And what about food?

Well, whatever you do, do not miss Bambu restaurant. they are known for their incredible Balinese food, friendly service, and enchanting atmosphere (Why is it that food always tastes better poolside? I guess the world may never know)

4. Canggu

The ethereal beauty of Tanah Lot Temple in Canggu, Bali.
The ethereal beauty of Tanah Lot Temple in Canggu, Bali.

With its friendly, laid-back vibes and vibrant digital nomad community, Canggu is a beautifully down to earth place that is filled with intriguing businesses, casual cafes, incredible beaches, lively nightlife, and so much more.


This area is even littered with a variety of different surf shacks where staff can teach you all about the fine art of surfing (FYI: In Da Surf Camp is one of the best) after you enjoy a relaxing night in one of the best Canggu Bali villas.


If surfing is a bit too gnarly for you (Sorry, but I had to get at least one high-quality surf pun in there) then you can always get your downward dog on at one of Canggu’s many fantastic yoga studios.

Because whether you’re a beginner or a total pro, Canggu is the perfect place to try a yoga class…or two…or ten.

And if you’re brave enough:

You could even experiment with a brand new type of yoga – aerial yoga, anyone (I’ll take a hard pass since I’d get a concussion)?

While you’re in Canggu:

You should also visit at least a temple or two since the gorgeous Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali’s most famous ocean temples, is literally just a hop, skip, and jump away.

Set atop a large rock that is just 20 meters from shore, this historical Hindu temple is the pure definition of magnificent.

I mean:

It even has this bizarre, underwater cave that somehow, mysteriously fills with fresh water.

Crazy right? Talk about some straight-up Harry Potter level wizardry.

Wait! One more thing before you leave!

Don’t forget to check out La Brisa beach club since this boho-chic, oasis of awesome sits right on Echo Beach and serves AMAZING TAPAS.

Excuse me while I grab myself an impromptu snack.

5. Gili Trawangan

The natural beauty of Gili Trawangan.
The natural beauty of Gili Trawangan.


So technically speaking, Gili Trawangan isn’t actually a part of Bali.


It’s so close that it really should be included in every solo traveler’s Bali itinerary.

Just two hours away from Bali by boat:

Gili T – as I will now refer to it since, let’s face it, ‘Trawangan’ is a bit of a mouthful – is a small, super friendly island where you can get back to nature and actually snorkel with sea turtles.


You just swim out to them from the beach, like it’s no big deal.

How Crocodile Hunter is that (Okay, maybe not very but just humor me)?

While you’re here, you can also explore a stunning variety of technicolor reefs or sneak a peek at some eerie, underwater sculptures if you want to embrace your inner mermaid and experience life under the sea.

If you’re feeling super adventurous:

You can even graduate from snorkeling and get your diver’s license at either Manta Dive or Blue Marlin.

And the sunsets here?

Yeah, they’re some of the best in Southeast Asia. Plus, after the sun goes down, you can even catch an outdoor movie screening at one of the island’s local beach bars.

Talk about EPIC!

Just don’t forget to grab some grub at the night market while you’re here since this is probably the best place on the island for you to conceive a food baby.

And if you feel like becoming an honorary member of the bad girl’s club, then there are a ton of booze cruises, pool parties, and bars here that will keep you entertained and ensure the total loss of any and all dignity.

Kidding – but not really. 

6. Gili Air

The other worldly, natural landscape of Gili Air.
The otherworldly, natural landscape of Gili Air.

Gili Air is just as stunning as Gili T but a lot quieter – perfect for any solitude-seeking solo travelers out there.

Like it’s hard-partying cousin:

Gili Air is even more amazing when experienced underwater.

And this small island community is committed to keeping it that way, with regular reef clean-ups.

Three cheers for environmental preservation!

That’s why you should definitely take advantage of the island’s tropical, blue waters and try some snorkeling, diving, or even free diving (if you’re brave enough) while you’re here!

(For those not in the know, that means diving WITHOUT breathing apparatus. Crazy!)

If you opt for the latter:

Go with Freedive Flow. They’re super professional, which is exactly what you need for that kind of risky business.


Another great thing about Gili Air is that because it’s so small, you could easily walk around the entire island in just a few hours.


Feel free to strap some sweet shoes on your feet so that you can get out there and see what this island has to offer.

Who knows:

You might even meet a local or two, and I’m not just referring to humans.


Gili Air is a very feline-friendly island, so cats are literally EVERYWHERE.

No dogs allowed though – sorry, dog people. 

7. Lovina

As you solo travel Bali, take some time to stop and enjoy the serene beaches of Lovina.
As you solo travel Bali, take some time to stop and enjoy the serene beaches of Lovina.

Solo travelers will fall in love with Lovina. (Sorry, I had to.)

It’s a sleepy part of Bali that is brimming over with beautiful black sand beaches and exquisite, mountain scenery.

Added bonus?

It’s definitely OTBT (off the beaten trail) and perfect for anyone who is looking for a totally serene, solo trip.

Depending on what you’re into:

You could try taking a cooking class at Warung Bambu Pemaron and learn all about Balinese cuisine.

Added bonus?

They have several different classes to choose from and even offer veggie and dessert focused programs, as well as advanced classes for all the pros out there who want to embrace their inner Martha Stewart.

Now, randomly enough:

Bull racing is actually Lovina’s local sport. And while I don’t recommend trying this one at home, feel free to catch a bull race at around 4 pm every Friday.

Talk about a totally unique Bali experience! 

Aaaand last but not least… Lovina is best known for:


Eek! That’s right – you get to see adorable dolphins up close!

Believe it or not:

There’s actually an incredible bond between Lovina’s fishermen and local dolphins, who routinely follow the boats as they go out to sea.

Can you imagine heading out to work every day with your favorite dolphin buddy in tow?

Awww! I want a dolphin as a best friend!


If you love dolphins as much as I do, then definitely arrange a dolphin watching tour, through your hotel, with one of these knowledgeable chaps.

Be forewarned though:

These tours start wicked early, but are 100% worth it!

8. Nusa Pineda

Nusa Pineda's Beautiful Kelingking cliff.
Nusa Pineda’s Beautiful Kelingking cliff.

The largest of all the Nusa islands:

Nusa Pineda is a sleepy, relaxing, less touristy place that is perfect for anyone doing a bit of Bali solo travel.

In fact:

People often remark that Nusa Penida is, “what Bali was like 20 years ago” before it became a tourist mecca of sorts.

Sigh, the good old days. Thanks, over-tourism.

It also doesn’t hurt that this island is absolutely stunning and hands down, one of the most beautiful places in Bali!

I mean:

Nusa Penida has these exquisite, sheer cliff faces that will make you feel like you’re on the set of a Jurassic Park movie.

Which is fitting since the most famous of all these cliffs is known as the ‘T-Rex’.


It’s technically the Kelingking cliff and it has become an Insta-famous, photo opp of sorts since this place is THAT epically beautiful.

But, if none of that awesomeness appeals to you:

You can always try snorkeling with manta rays, exploring tide pools, taking in the views from the Thousand Island viewpoint, or watching the sunset from the Banah cliffs.

No joke:

I really could go on and on because Nusa Penida is just that AWESOME!

9. Uluwatu

The incredible natural beauty that you'll find in Uluwatu.
The incredible natural beauty that you’ll find in Uluwatu.

Uluwatu is the perfect combination of luxury resorts and laid back surfer vibes.

Sprinkle in some trendy beach clubs, secret beaches, and quiet little surfing spots and you have one of the most enchanting places in all of Bali.

And FYI:

Hanging out at Green Bowl Beach is a total must since this hidden gem of a place has a secret, beachside cave where you can chillax and escape the intense heat of the Balinese sun.

But seriously:

It is your duty to beach hop while you’re here since this area is home to some of the best beaches in all of Bali, including Melasti, Pandawa, and Nyang Nyang.


Don’t forget to take it easy and watch the sunset at either Single Fin or Ulu Cliff House, at least if you want to treat yo’self to a swanky AF sunset experience.

What, looking for something a bit more cultural?

Then visit Uluwatu Temple, one of the most famous temples on the entire island.

It’s built on top of a rather steep cliff and is kinda shaped like a triple-decker mushroom.

Definitely the prettiest mushroom I’ve ever seen.

If you can, try and time your visit around sunset so that you can catch some traditional, Kecak fire dancing afterward.

Trust me, it’s even cooler than it sounds. 

Oh, and while you’re here, treat yourself to a delicious meal at DAVA Steak & Seafood – because yes, you’re totally worth it.

10. Sanur

Sanur is a sleepy little beach town that is known for its totally tubular surfing.

I nailed that slang, didn’t I? #dork

Anyway, Sanur is also home to a ton amazing snorkeling spots since a string of exquisite, coral reefs sit just offshore.

So yeah, not surprisingly:

They’re kind of big on water sports here, which means that you can try anything from paragliding to windsurfing to wakeboarding.


If land-based sports are more your thing, you can always borrow a bike from Baikbike and cycle along Sanur’s many picturesque, coastal roads.

And while Sanur may be the spot where Bali tourism first took off – the OG backpacker destination, if you will – it’s also one of the best places to connect with locals and get your Balinese foodie fix.


Feel free to gorge on seafood at Warung Mak Beng, devour delicious curry at Lilla Warung, and sample authentic, Indonesian home cooking at Made’s Kitchen.


But aside from eating food, you can also learn about Balinese culture at Blanjong Pillar, the oldest known structure on the entire island.

It dates all the way back to the year 914 and the days of the first king of Bali.

Sadly though:

Its ancient text can no longer be translated since it’s written in a long lost, ancient language.

Bali Solo Travel: A Sample 10 day Bali Itinerary

When planning your Bali vacation:

It definitely won’t be difficult to find a variety of places that you really want to visit.


The real challenge will be to create a fantastic, Bali itinerary that actually includes as many of the top things to do in Bali as humanly possible.


Whatever you do, don’t stress.


Take a deep, calming breath and Namastay it up (See, I’m preparing you for Bali already) because I’m here to help.


I’ve created this handy, 10 day Bali itinerary to (hopefully) help make trip planning just a little easier.


Per usual, this is just a suggestion. Therefore, feel free to edit this itinerary to fit your own personal tastes and needs.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bali.
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, one of the most famous Hindu temples in Bali.

Seminyak – 2 nights

Not only is Seminyak close to the airport, but it’s also surrounded by a superb assortment of ultra-luxe, accommodations.

That’s why:

This is the perfect place to relax and sleep off any residual jet-lag that you may be feeling after your wicked long flight.

Once here:

Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the time change, as you sip on a multitude of delicious cocktails from the Potato Head Beach Club.

Trust me:

You’re gonna need all the strength you can get as we move on to a slightly more cultural part of Bali.

And of course, I’m talking about…

Ubud – 4 nights

Roughly a 90-minute drive from Seminyak is our next stop, Ubud.


Because there are so many things to do here, and amazing day trips to take, 4 days is the absolute minimum amount of time that you should allot to this spiritual wonderland.

Any less and your sense of FOMO will get all too real.

You might even begin to have strange thoughts like, “Damn, if only I’d listened to that Girl with the Passport…’


But, my conscience is clear. You’ve been adequately warned!

Canggu – 2 nights

Next up?

Canggu, which is just a quick (depending on traffic), one hour drive from Ubud.

Once here:

It’ll be two nights spent amidst Canggu’s cool mix of chic villas, radiant beaches, and authentic cultural experiences.

And while Canggu may be a whole lot less hippy-dippy than Ubud. it’s still a great place to chillax and meditate like a boss.

Or party. 

Or just lie on the beach with a cocktail! Whatever works for you, no judgment here!

One of the many Hindu gates that you'll find as you solo travel Bali.
One of the many Hindu gates that you’ll find as you solo travel Bali.

Uluwatu – 2 nights

After Canggu:

Get OTBT and immerse yourself in Uluwatu’s beautiful culture.

Take it easy here and enjoy some well-deserved “me time” after trudging through some of Bali’s more touristy areas.

Because in this part of the island:

It’s all about getting back to nature and finding remote beaches, so 2 nights minimum for sure.

And if you Have Extra Time…

Kuta – 2 nights

After you’ve recharged your batteries, Uluwatu-style, it’s time to head into the belly of the beast at Kuta!

I recommend two nights here – the first to check out the party scene and the second to get some shut-eye before a very early ferry to our next destination.

(OR you could pull an all-nighter and catch the ferry. However, that’s a risky tactic and I hereby accept no responsibility if you miss your boat!)

Gili Trawangan OR Gili Air – 3 nights

If you want to party, go to Gili T. 

But if it’s peace and quiet that you’re after, then choose Gili Air instead.

Either way:

Your three nights on either of these stunning islands will be well spent.


The fast boats leave from Pedgang Bai and take about an hour to get to either Gili T or Gili Air.

Sanur – 3 nights

From the Gilis:

Take a boat back to Sanur for a final dose of Balinese culture and spirituality.

Added bonus?

Sanur is just THIRTY minutes from the airport so it’s a super convenient final stop.

Because let’s be real:

You’re gonna be SUPER SAD to leave Bali anyway and definitely don’t want to couple that with a ridiculously long taxi ride.

The incredibly high steps that you'll find at Pura Lempuyang Luhur temple in Bali.
The incredibly high stone ladders that you’ll find at Pura Lempuyang Luhur temple in Bali.

Best Places to Stay in Bali

If you’re not sure where to stay in Bali, Indonesia during your trip, here’s a quick list of places that I think you’ll love!

1. Puri Garden – Ubud (Budget)

Luxury hostels are the perfect solution for solo travelers who want the sociable atmosphere of a hostel but with the surroundings of an uber plus resort.

Enter: Puri Garden

Rooms at this gorgeous, Boho-style hotel and hostel start at just $45 per night and include free WIFI, a 24-hour reception desk, laundry facilities, and even an on-site pool!

Oh, la la!

There’s also a warm and welcoming atmosphere here that makes it easy to befriend like-minded travelers.

But the best part?

They offer free yoga AND puppy therapy! See, dreams really do come true!

2. Lay Day Surf Hostel – Canggu (Budget)

If you took Canggu’s laid back surfer vibe and distilled it into a hostel, I’m pretty sure that Lay Day would be the end product.

Which is awesome since rooms here are clean, comfortable, and start at just $21 per night.


You’ll have zero problem finding party pals to share a Bintang – or ten – with.

Yup, we call this living the dream.

3. Puri Rama – Kuta (Budget)

If you’re going to Kuta then you’re obviously going to party, and party HARD!


Might as well stay at the most epic party hostel of them all, Puri Rama, where rooms start at just $17 per night.


Day drinking is always better when a swim-up bar is involved.

Yup, Bali really is all about being extra AF. 

4. The Oasis Lagoon – Sanur (Mid-range)

Oasis Lagoon is an elegant, mid-range hotel where your money really does go a LONG way.

No really!

For just $80 a night you can enjoy a resplendent, ultra-modern resort that is just 5 minutes from the beach.

There’s also 24-hours a day room service, private balconies on every room, free Wifi, a mini gym, and an on-site spa.


Staying here really does make you feel like a total baller.


Take advantage of how far your dollar goes in Southeast Asia and now.

Side note:

The lagoon pool here is so pretty that you might end up neglecting the beach.

5. The Lovina Bali Resort – Lovina (Mid-range)

Tucked away, in between the Bedugal mountains and the sea is Lovina Resort, the perfect place for solo travelers to get a little r’n’r.

Check into one of their modern suites or exquisite beachfront villas (which come with their own private pool, thank you very much) and enjoy an on-site pool, fabulous beachside dining, and a luxurious in-house spa.

Looking for a bit of adventure?

Then head to the front desk and choose from a wide variety of tours and activities like dolphin watching, waterfall trekking, and diving or snorkeling around Menjangan island.

6. Double-Six Luxury Hotel – Seminyak (Luxury)


Don’t you just hate it when your hotel is lacking an infinity pool that overlooks a private beach? Or when there isn’t a gorgeous rooftop bar that you can escape to?

I know, the worst!

Well, thankfully you won’t have to suffer through those type of first-world problems at Double Siz, an ultra-luxe hotel that basically puts the awe in awesome.


The rooms start at a whopping $500 a night but with amenities like in-suite check-in, on-site medical service, and 24-hour on-call butler service, all I can say is, “Please sir, pass me the trust fund.”

7. Hakuna Matata Villas – Uluwatu (Luxury)

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase… 

And trust me, you really will have no worries for the rest of your days (at least in Bali) if you stay at one of these GORGEOUS, fantastically named villas.

Starting at just $175 per night:

Accommodations here are within walking distance of Padang-Padang Beach and include exquisite sea views, elegant, Balinese style decor, in-room air conditioning, and a fully equipped kitchen.


If you’re looking to enjoy some solo time as you take a dip in your own private pool, then look no further than Hakuna Matata Villas my friend.

The beautiful sunrise over the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali.
The beautiful sunrise over the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali.

Best Places to Eat in Bali


So I’ve scattered a few different restaurant recommendations throughout this Bali solo travel guide.


You’d better believe that more are coming your way since, well, we all know how I feel about FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!

1. Give Cafe – Canggu

Were you even in Bali if you didn’t order a smoothie bowl and then take about a million photos of it?

And no is the correct answer here since Balinese smoothie bowls are EVERYTHING.


The only thing BETTER than a Balinese smoothie bowl is a Balinese smoothie bowl with a conscience, which is exactly what Give Cafe is.

Not only do they serve deliciously vibrant smoothie bowls, but they also give 100% of the profits to charity.


They even let you choose which cause your pennies go to (Humans, animals, or Mother Earth…Oh my!) which is absolutely the best part of all.

So, eat well my friends and choose wisely.

2. Nook – Seminyak 

Wanna eat a delicious lunch in the middle of some lush green rice fields?

Thought so! 

Then check out this aesthetic AF restaurant, which serves up Western, Indonesian, and Balinese style food, but with a few funky fusions thrown in for good measure.

Seriously though:

You cannot leave the island without checking this place out, ‘kay?

3. Mr. Wayan – Ubud 

Let’s make a deal:

I’ll share my favorite Ubud hidden gem if you promise to love me forever.

Sound good? 

Great! Because Mr. Wayan’s spiced pork ribs are the stuff that every carnivore’s dreams are made of.

So yes:

You are 100% not allowed to leave without ordering them (or so I’m told since I’m a veg myself).

I mean:

We’re talking authentic Balinese cuisine here people. Food that could easily have you walking out a solid 30 lbs heavier.


It’s really not just about the food. The staff here are also super friendly and take such good care of you that you’ll probably beg them to adopt you so that they can continue to eat their delicious food forever.


4. Warung Adi – Sanur

Warung Adi is so good, that even the Indonesian president himself eats here.

True story!

And if that doesn’t convince you to check this place out, then I. really don’t know what will.

Just make sure that you try the pork satay and their homemade sambal (Indonesian chilli paste). Oh, and their boiled eggs. And the shredded curry chicken.

Ok, ok, scrap that.

Just order EVERYTHING, wear elastic waist pants, and eat as much as humanly possible!

And so, in the immortal words of the one and only Looney Tunes, that’s all folks! 

Hopefully, by now, you’ve become a total Bali solo travel know-it-all. 

And if not, well then you clearly you weren’t paying attention and I just suck at my job.

I kid. But Seriously:

Go forth and use your newfound wisdom to plan an epic, Bali solo trip that’s perfect for you, whether you’re a socially awkward traveler like me or a bat-outta-hell kinda person like Lindsey Lohan. 

Either way:

Be sure to pin this post for future reference. I mean, I know I’m pretty unforgettable, but why take the risk? Lol. #justsayin’

Planning some Bali solo travel and have no idea where to go or what to do? Concerned about safety? Then read on. You'll learn how to stay safe and discover all of the amazing things that you can do in Bali by yourself. From Hindu temples to scenic rice fields, to exotic beaches, Bali has a ton of amazing attractions that are even more fun as a solo traveler. #VisitBali #BaliGuide #SoloTravel #BaliTravel

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