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Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travelers? An Expert’s Guide for 2024

Wondering, “Is Barcelona safe for solo female travelers?” The short answer is yes.

As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is a vibrant and vivacious city where it’s easy to meet people and feel safe while walking down the street.

That’s why I regularly rank Barcelona among the best destinations for solo female travelers. There are a wide variety of things to do, friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and amazing hostels.

You can also explore a wealth of stunning architecture that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Seriously visit Sagrada Familia and I dare you not to be impressed.

Add in cool bars, delicious restaurants, and incredible nightlife, and you’ll always be coming back for more. That being said, pickpockets are EVERYWHERE – especially in the metro.

But, if you keep an eye on your belongings and use theft-proof items like a Pacsafe Backpack then you should be just fine.

To be fully prepared, let’s dive into this guide to solo female travel in Barcelona and look at everything you need to know to stay safe in Barcelona.

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So, Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

A birds eye view of Barcelona from the rooftop of Palau Nacional in Barcelona. You can see the Magic Fountain as you look down at the city from the rooftop on an overcast day.

Safety is always a top priority for solo female travelers. Well, the good news is that Barcelona is a popular destination in Spain with a relatively good safety record.

While incidents of petty crime (i.e. pickpocketing) in very busy tourist areas, you should be just fine if you remain vigilant and add theft-proof items like this Pacsafe backpack to your packing list for Barcelona.

I have used this super cute bag for YEARS and have had no issues. It’s still in great condition and comes with me on every one of my trips.

Sure, it is a bit expensive but is worth the investment since you won’t have to get another one for a long time.

In addition to using safety devices for your belongings, stay on well-lit streets at night. Avoid dark alleys with few people and always remain aware of your surroundings.

You also won’t have to worry about getting lost since Barcelona has a comprehensive public transportation system that is well-marked and easy to use.

So, solo travelers in Barcelona can easily use the metro, buses, and taxis to get around the city.

And if you do get lost, feel free to ask a local for help. They are very friendly and many people speak fluent English. So, you’ll have no problem getting help if you need it.

What is the Crime Rate in Barcelona?

Despite a recent upward trend in crime within Barcelona, the city council’s report from late in 2022 indicates a decline in criminal activity, with theft incidents falling by 22.4% and a reduction of 12.5% in violent street robberies.

However, for more information, please check out this article.

Pro Tip: I like to register with my home embassy (USA) and check travel conditions on the state website before I visit, This way I can make more informed decisions as a solo female traveler in Barcelona.

How to Get Around Barcelona on Your Own

Is Barcelona safe for solo female travelers? It is as long as you stick to safe neighborhoods like the Gothic Quarter which is pictured here with a historic, covered arway.

One of the MANY things that I love about Barcelona is that it is a super walkable city. Most of the city’s best things to do will be within a ten to thirty-minute walk of where you’re staying.

However, to access more remote spots, you can always use the city’s extensive metro system.

It’s very well-connected to most tourist attractions, is easy to use, and is an affordable way to travel. Just purchase a T-card and you can use the metro regularly.

It includes 10 trips and is much cheaper than buying individual tickets.

But, if you want to get around the city after a late night of partying, just download the app Free Now. It’s a local ride-share app that you can use to order a taxi to take you home safely.

Where to Stay as a Solo Female Traveler in Barcelona

Below are some of the best and safest neighborhoods for solo female travelers in Barcelona.


Easily one of the safest and most famous neighborhoods in Barcelona, Eixample stands out with its neat, grid-like layout, expansive avenues, and signature architectural marvels like Sagrada Familia.

It’s a tranquil, upscale, residential quarter that is filled with eateries, boutiques, and markets that solo travelers will love.

There is even a metro line that takes you right into the center of the neighborhood. Add in numerous green spaces and you have a tranquil spot that still sits at the heart of the city.

Locals are also exceptionally friendly. So, you are sure to feel welcome in this part of the city.


If it’s your first time in Barcelona, the Gracia neighborhood makes from an ideal home base.

This vibrant area is home to a ton of cool landmarks like Park Gϋell and Plaça del Sol.

There are also a variety of stores and cool places to eat if you’re not sure what you do during the day.

Then at night, local eateries come alive with activity, all without being too intense for solo travelers.

So, you can get a taste of the nightlife scene in Barcelona without being overwhelmed.

The Gothic Quarter

Situated right near La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter is stunning. It features narrow, medieval streets lined with trendy bars, vibrant clubs, and delicious restaurants.

You can also visit the Museu d’Història de Barcelona to see cool Roman ruins or pick up epic Barcelona souvenirs around Barcelona Cathedral and at the weekend art market in Plaça del Pi.

Also, be on the lookout for incredible architecture since many of the buildings here are very historic and Catalonian in style.

So, relax on a terrace and watch the people go by from one of the best neighborhoods in Barcelona.

Barcelona Sants

Barcelona Sants is a tranquil, family-oriented area in the southwest corner of Barcelona that is home to the Barcelona Sants railway station.

This part of the city has a quiet charm about it that is enhanced by modest food markets and cute little shops.

Although there are a few bars to enjoy, Sants is more of a residential area. It is also somewhat removed from the center of the city, so you can’t walk to some of the top attractions in Barcelona.

Instead, use the metro to make the most of your 3-day Barcelona itinerary.

Also, given its remote location, it is very safe. So, for solo travelers looking for an authentic cultural experience in Barcelona, Sants will show you what life is really like in the city.

La Rambla

Aerial view of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. It is a pedestrian walkway surrounded by trees and buildings in the center of the center. You'll also find some of the best hostels in Barcelona here.

Yes, this neighborhood is SUPER touristy. But, it’s centrally located and provides you with easy access to some of the top attractions in Barcelona.

Plus, there are plenty of vibrant eateries and fun bars in the area. Therefore, you’ll never run out of things to do or cool people to meet.

You’re also conveniently located near public transportation, with a variety of accommodation options available to suit any budget.

So, get ready to take a stroll along the enchanting, tree-lined streets and experience all that Barcelona has to offer.

El Born

El Born is a super trendy area where solo travelers in Barcelona can feel safe while exploring the ancient streets.

After all, the area is filled with high-end stores and charming cafes that become cocktails bars filled with Samba music at night.

Also be sure to visit the amazing stained glass at Santa Maria del Mar Basilica before marveling at the works on display at the Picasso Museum.

Areas to Avoid in Barcelona as a Solo Female Traveler

El Raval

El Raval is celebrated for its dynamic cultural scene since it if filled with amazing street art, vibrant music, and fun nightlife.

But, it’s also an area where visitors should exercise caution due to safety concerns. After all, El Raval is known for elevated crime rates, especially at night.

Issues to be aware of include petty theft, drug trafficking, and violent crimes. Personally, I would avoid the area at night altogether and just exercise caution during the day.

El Born/The Gothic Quarter at Night

The Gothic Quarter is beautiful and a must-visit. But, as a solo traveler, I would steer clear of the area at night.

Yeah, the maze-like layout and wealth or quiet alleys make it a hotspot for petty crime once the sun sets.

So, stick to well-lit areas and make sure your belongings are secure at all times.


I love the beach but Barceloneta is filled with pickpockets and bag snatchers. So, if you leave your belongings unattended they will get stolen.

This is also an area that you will want to avoid at night. It is not safe and you will save yourself a whole lot of problems if you just leave before the sun goes down.

Las Ramblas/The Metro

This street is literally heaving with people day and night since it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.

Therefore, you always need to be on the lookout for pickpockets and petty thieves. The same goes with the metro for that matter. It’s not unsafe and you don’t have to worry about violent crime.

But, you should have a money belt or a theft-proof bag so that your money/credit cards don’t get stolen.

Pro Tip: Be extra careful of pickpockets and thieves in the metro. They like to steal things as the doors are closing so you don’t chase after them.

Parc de la Ciutadella in the Evening

Cascade at Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona. There is a bright blue sky and a set of three arches with a set of three gold horses on top. Down below on the ground of the park you see the sculpture at the center of a fountain.

Parc de la Ciutadella is an amazing greenspace in Barcelona and a total must-see. However, this spot is best avoided in the evening.

Reduced light and minimal crowds increase crime rates in the evening. In fact, robberies and muggings sometimes occur in remote parts of the park. So, avoid this area as a solo traveler once the sun sets.

Best Hotels for Solo Female Travelers in Barcelona

Not sure what the best hotels for solo female travelers in Barcelona are? Then check out this expert’s guide. It details the safest and most social places to stay in Barcelona, regardless of your budget.

  • Kimpton Vividora Hotel (luxury) – This stunning boutique hotel in the Gothic Quarter has an elegant design and an on-site Mediterranean restaurant. There’s also a rooftop pool with plenty of sunbeds and daily yoga classes. Take in epic views from the rooftop terrace and grab some free wine every day starting at 6:00 pm.
  • Hotel Motel One Barcelona-Ciutadella (mid-range) – This hotel in El Born is a great place for solo travelers to relax since they have a killer breakfast, a spacious lounge, and an amazing rooftop terrace with lots of comfy sofas.
  • YEAH Hostel (budget) – This hostel is clean, well-equipped, well-located, and the staff is lovely. It’s also full of life so it’s easy to meet people while backpacking Barcelona. There’s also an awesome buffet breakfast and a rad communal dinner nightly. Plus, you’re like 10 minutes from Sagrada Familia.

Barcelona Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

A close up view of Barcelona's Columbus Statue on a bright blue day. He has his finger pointing at America in the distance.

1. Never Leave You Phone/Belongings Unattended

A common scam in Barcelona is that someone will come up to you and distract you. Then, while you’re not looking another person will come along and grab your phone/valuables off the table.

So, make sure your belongings are secure and safe at all times. I like to have my phone attached to my wrist and store my valuables in a secret place.

Just don’t leave your bag hanging on a chair or lying on the table, especially when dining outside.

2. Bring Only What You Need For the Day

I always leave my valuables and passport in a safe back at my hotel. I only bring the cash/credit card that I need for the day with me.

This way if someone manages to steal my belongings, I still have cash and credit cards that I can use back at the hotel. Trust me, this practice has saved my butt A LOT>

I also never carry my passport and ONLY have a copy on me while I walk around. I also have a picture on my phone should anyone need to see my ID.

3. Avoid Carrying A Lot of Cash

This is kind of common sense, but I’m gonna mention it anyway. They accept credit cards everywhere in Barcelona. So, there’s no need to carry a ton of cash.

Do this and you just make it easy for pickpockets to steal your money. Try to use a credit card. This way if it gets stolen you can always get a new one and won’t be responsible for any fraudulent purchases.

4. Use a Money Belt, Not a Backpack

Pickpockets are everywhere in Barcelona. I cannot emphasize this enough. So, as a solo female traveler in Barcelona, the last thing you want is to have all your valuables stolen when you’re alone.

To prevent this, try using a money belt. You can put it underneath your clothes and then you don’t have to worry about pickpockets targeting your backpack.

This one also has RFID protection and is just really comfortable to wear. Additionally, try visiting in February or March when crowds are minimal.

This will help with pickpockets since it won’t be as easy for thieves to remain hidden in the crowds while they sneak up on you in packed areas filled with tourists.

5. Never Leave Your Belongings Unattended at the Beach

Aerial view of Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona. You can see the bright blue water and people sitting on the sand. the beach is surrounded by tall skyscrapers.

You’re probably sensing a theme here with this travel advice for solo female travelers. But, there are pickpockets everywhere on the beach – especially Barceloneta

So, if don’t want something stolen then you cannot leave it unattended, like ever. Therefore, either go to the beach with friends or invest in a dry bag.

I love dry bags because you can put all your valuables inside and then bring everything in the water. They are also pretty small so you can just put them around your wrist and just float around.

Pro Tip: If you can visit some of the beaches outside of Barcelona. They are less touristy and more local and less likely to have pickpockets.

6. Don’t Walk Around Alone at Night

Just like any other city, the cover of darkness brings a lot of not-so-nice people out into the streets.

So, if you plan to enjoy some of the best things to do in Barcelona at night then try to stay in a group. This way you’re less likely to be targeted by predators who see you as a vulnerable, solo traveler.

Plus, traveling with other people just makes evening outings a lot more fun. Yes, I have walked around alone at night but you just have to be super vigilant and hyper-aware of what’s going on around you.

7. Avoid The Beach Alone at Night

The beach is not a place you want to be at night. It is dark and secluded and if you’re alone there in the evening then you could be the target of a robbery, drowning, or physical assault.

The truth is, none of this is likely to happen. But, it’s better to be safe than sorry by avoiding the beach once the sun goes down.

8. Do a Bit of Planning Before You Arrive

I love just flying by the seat of my pants and figuring things out as I go along. But, that is not the thing to do when it comes to traveling in Barcelona alone.

Planning ahead means you’ll know exactly where to stay so that you can be safe and meet awesome people.

Plus, you won’t have to stress out after a long flight since you’ll know how to quickly and affordably get to/from the airport.

You’ll also have an efficient itinerary ready to go so that you can efficiently see everything you want to see. It’s also a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed upon arrival.

9. Research is KEY

This kind of goes hand in hand with planning ahead. But, do some research about places to avoid and safe places to stay.

I always read RECENT reviews so I know exactly what to expect from hotels, tours, restaurants, etc.

This is also a great way to stay safe since you’ll know how to get around the city and when/where you can do that safely.

Also, be aware of cultural norms. Like, most people in Barcelona speak Catalan, which is different from Spanish.

Additionally, there is a huge independence movement here. So, it’s worth knowing about these things so that you can remain culturally sensitive and don’t do anything to inadvertently offend people.

Additional FAQs for Solo Female Travelers in Barcelona

How Safe is Barcelona as a Solo Female Travel Destination?

Barcelona is a very safe solo female travel destination. Yes, petty theft and pickpocketing are very common.

However, violent crime is extremely rare. So, solo female travelers in Barcelona can feel safe while enjoying various budget activities in Barcelona, both day and night.

Just use common sense, stay alert, and you’ll have a great trip.

Is It Safe for a Single Woman to Travel to Barcelona?

Barcelona is a very safe city for a single woman to travel to. It’s also an exceptionally fun city with plenty of things to do in Barcelona on your own. Highlights include mesmerizing architecture, stunning Barcelona viewpoints, and gorgeous beaches.

Is It Safe to Walk Alone at Night in Barcelona?

Yes, it is safe to walk alone at night in Barcelona. Just watch your alcohol consumption, remain aware of your surroundings, watch your belongings, and you should be just fine.

At that time of day, things you need to worry about are bag snatching, tourist scams, pickpocketing, and any other petty crimes.

What is the Safest Country for Solo Female Travelers?

The safest countries for solo female travelers are:

  • Spain
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Slovenia
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium

Is Barcelona a Good City for Solo Travel?

Yes, Barcelona is a great city for solo travel. I have been a solo traveler in Barcelona many times and always find something to do or new people to meet at cool Barcelona hostels.

Highlights include relaxing on the beach, enjoying some tapas, sipping on Sangria, visiting museums, and admiring the stunning architecture.

That wraps up this guide about solo female travel in Barcelona.

I think you now know the answer to the question, “Is Barcelona safe for solo female travelers?”

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