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42 Amazing Spain Holiday Destinations

I’m not a psychic, but if I were a betting woman (and I’m not but that’s beside the point), I’d guess that you were here looking for some hella awesome, Spain holiday destinations.

Am I right?

Knew it. But only because the not-so-original title above kind of gave your true intentions away.

But let’s be brutally honest for a moment, shall we?

Because seriously, who isn’t looking for some amazing places to visit in Spain?

I mean:

Between the sangria, castles, beaches, tapas, paella, historic culture, and vast, natural beauty, who doesn’t wanna travel all day, everyday in Spain? Or maybe even prolong their stay by getting a retirement visa in Spain?


Glad we can agree on the REALLY important things in life (insert sarcasm here), like how awesome day trips from Malaga really are.


If you feel like I do about Spain (and I’m sure you do because that’s probably why you’re here), then this list of 42 insanely gorgeous, fairytale level pretty places to visit in Spain is for you.

Especially if you’re trying to plan a fantastic, Spain itinerary, but have no idea where to start.


Feel free to grab yourself a giant glass of Sangria and a plate of Papas Bravas (just to get yourself in a very Spanish mood) because we’re about to swan dive into this post about 42 of the best places to visit in Spain.

You can also learn even more about this amazing country by checking out this epic list of the best books on Spain.

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure  for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Granada

The beauty of the Alhambra, a historic palace and fortress complex that is located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.
The beauty of the Alhambra, a historic palace and fortress complex that is located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

By: Dhara from It’s Not About the Miles

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, then you definitely must add Granada to your shortlist of top Spain holiday destinations!

Located in the hills of Andalusia, Spain’s southern province:

Granada is home to the world-famous Alhambra Palace which, along with the adjoining Generalife Gardens, is part of Granada’s UNESCO World Heritage site.


Because this amazing castle and fortress complex is also an incredibly popular tourist attraction, be sure to book your tickets well in advance if you do wish to visit.

And while exploring the Alhambra Palace should definitely be at the top of your list of things to do in Granada:

There are many other experiences that you can enjoy in this charming, Moorish-style city.

Try strolling through the labyrinth of cobblestone streets that form the historic, Albayzin quarter,  or visiting the immortal, caves of Sacromonte.


You can even do a tapas tour through the city and taste some of the best food that Granada has to offer.


If you’re looking for a nice, sit-down meal, then stop by Los Jardines de Zoraya for fantastic views, even better food, and for amazing flamenco shows that will perfectly complement your meal.

And if need a nice place to stay while in Grenada:

Then consider booking a room at Eurostars Catedral, a fantastic, centrally located hotel that offers guests spacious rooms with contemporary furnishings and comfortable beds.

2. Guadalest

The beautiful village of Guadalest in Spain.
The beautiful village of Guadalest in Costa Blanca, Spain.

By: Sarah of A Social Nomad

The gorgeous village of Guadalest can be found sitting atop a granite mountain, high above the coast, in the Costa Blanca region of Spain.

It is perhaps the most visited village in all of Spain, given its close proximity to the concrete jungles of immortal, Costa Brava resorts like Benidorm.


This charming, Spanish town, of just 300 permanent residents, also has a long history that dates back more than 1,000 years.


Guadalest is also home to an eclectic assortment of fantastic museums that include the sal and pepper shaker museum and the museum of tortures.

So yes:

There really is something for everyone along the narrow, cobblestone streets of this tiny town.

Before you leave though:

Be sure to visit the upper village, which is home to an ancient castle. Just trek to the top of the tallest tower and you’ll be rewarded with sweeping, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside below.


If you’re looking for a superb place to relax (try booking a room at the ever-amazing, Casa Novas boutique hotel), sip on some local wine, and savor some delicious, regional cuisine (For the best views and food in town, try El Mirador de Guadalest restaurant) then Guadalest is the perfect Spain holiday destination for you.

3. San Sebastian

A beautiful view of the amazing beaches that you'll find when visiting San Sebastian, Spain.
A beautiful view of the amazing beaches that you’ll find when visiting San Sebastian, Spain.

By: Whitney of GoFam Travel

Located in the Basque Region of Spain is San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the country.
It’s also a popular destination among foreigners, who love to cool off at La Concha Beach, which has been voted one of the Best Beaches in the World for 2019 by Trip Advisor.
It’s a long, dreamy,  “C” shaped beach that is perfect for relaxing, walking, and swimming in the stunning, turquoise blue water, which is remarkably warm, at least during the summer months.
And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious:
You can even take a stroll along the stunning, beachside trail here or hike up a luscious, green hill to a beautiful, local castle.
Trust me:

The view from the top is breathtaking and makes for a fantastic Instagram opportunity.

But, in addition to the beautiful views and amazing beaches:
San Sebastian is also known as one of the food capitals of Europe.
The local food scene here is superb, especially if you want to visit some of the best pintxo bars in San Sebastian, like local favorites Bar Ganbara and Bar Sport.
However, before you call it a night:
Be sure to meander through the city’s bustling promenade, where you’ll encounter a plethora of amazing street artists that regularly perform here.
And if you’re planning to spend the night here as part of your perfect Spain itinerary:
Then you can never go wrong with a night spent at the uber-luxe, Maria Cristina, Luxury Collection Hotel.

4. Cabo de Gata

The vibrant, natural beauty of Cabo de Gata in Almeria, Spain.
The vibrant, natural beauty of Cabo de Gata in Almeria, Spain.

By: Natalie of Love and Road

If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches, stunning views and crystal clear water, then be sure to find your way to Almeria city.
Once here:
You can easily rent a car or hop on a bus and travel to Cabo de Gata Natural Park.
Because while It’s difficult to choose a favorite Spain holiday destination,  Cabo de Gata definitely stole our hearts.
I mean:
This natural park is home to the largest protected coastal area in Spain and includes 460 km of pure, natural beauty, as well as a number of quaint towns, fishing villages, and charming little bed & breakfasts.
Our favorite towns in the area include San Jose, Mojacar, and Carboneras, the last of which has a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and bars for you to enjoy.
If you’re looking for a more rustic experience while in Cabo de Gata, then you can always rent a campervan and stay at one of the many campsites in the park, many of which come with amazing, beachfront views. 
To fully enjoy the park though:
Take advantage of the area’s many fantastic hiking trails and explore a new beach, like Playa de Los Muertos or Cala San Pedro, every day.
Do always be sure to pack plenty of water and food, as well as sunscreen and sunglasses, since many of the beaches and trails here don’t have any shops or restaurants.

5. Seville

Some of the amazing, architectural beauty that you'll find in Seville, Spain.
Some of the amazing, architectural beauty that you’ll find in Seville, Spain.

By: Addie of Addie Abroad

If you’re looking for a town that will take your breath away, then Seville is the place to go.

From picturesque, winding streets to delicious tapas around every corner, Seville truly is one of the best places to visit in Spain.

So whether you want to explore the Real Alcazar (Get your tickets to the Royal Palace here), see a flamenco performance, check out a Game of Thrones filming location, or enjoy some of the amazing views from atop the Metropol Parasol (a fascinating, wooden structure that almost resembles a mushroom), Seville has something amazing for you to do.

And if you’re really interested in historic architecture:

Then be sure to visit both the Seville Cathedral and the Plaza de España, for a better understanding of this city’s fascinating past during your 3 days in Seville.


One thing that really makes Seville stand out as of the best places to visit in Spain is the delicious tapas (and food in general) that you’ll find here.


If you’re wondering where to eat in Seville, then be sure to stop by Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas, one of the most famous tapas bars in the entire city since it’s cheap and delicious (Los Coloniales and Bar El Baratillo are great choices too).

And for a great, centrally located, budget-friendly place to stay, I highly recommend Cathedral House Sevilla, as well as some of the best family hotels in Seville, Spain.

6. Lanzarote

The exotic beauty of Lanzarote island, part of Spain's iconic Canary Islands.
The exotic beauty of Lanzarote island, part of Spain’s iconic Canary Islands.

By: Claire of ZigZag On Earth

Just a short 3 to 5 hour plane ride away from many of the major cities in Western Europe, is Lanzarote, an exotic island in the Canary Islands that is filled with Spanish culture.

Located just off the coast of Western Africa:

This island is the perfect place to rent a car and discover some of the many amazing things to do in Lanzarote, like hike around one of the area’s many volcanoes (my fave is Montana Cuervo), visit one the island’s stunning beaches, tour the  magnificent Timanfaya National Park (think mesmerizing, volcanic landscapes), explore some of the lava tubes created by César Manrique, tour a local winery, and more!

And if you need a place to stay while you’re here:

Then you’ll be delighted to know that there are three major resort towns that you can stay in: Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen, and Costa Teguise.

Sure, it may not be as centrally located as some of the other towns mentioned:

But Playa Blanca offers visitors the perfect combination of beaches, shops, and fun, especially if you stay at the beautiful Princesa Yaiza resort.


While you’re here, you can also take a trip to the tiny village of  Playa Quemada, along the East Coast, for some of the most authentic cuisine and delicious seafood on the island.

7. Ibiza

A beautiful view of Ibiza, the notorious party island that is part of Spain's Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
A beautiful view of Ibiza, the notorious party island that is part of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

By: Jodie of A La Jode

Ibiza has so much to offer that it’s hard not to fall in love while this magical destination.

Because between late-night dance parties, world-renowned DJs, quiet yoga retreats, and ultra-luxe spas, what’s not to love?


It’s an island where anything goes since glitter and neon are perfectly acceptable things to wear in Ibiza, at any time of the day.


Ibiza is the perfect place to relax and truly be the best version of yourself.


Ibiza also has some wonderful, lesser-known spots, like Ibiza Town, that are much quieter than the area’s busy tourist hubs.

No really!

Ibiza Town might possibly be one of the quaintest towns in all of Spain with its collection of colorful buildings and historic castle walls that make the perfect backdrop for a long walk or a spontaneous picnic.

The town itself is also filled with a variety of unique boutiques and fantastic restaurants that provide visitors with stunning, seaside views.

In short:

Ibiza is just one of many amazing Spain holiday destinations if you’re looking for the perfect balance of vibrant nightlife, wellness, and chilled out excursions, all rolled into one.

8. Lloret de Mar

The beautiful, beachside beauty of Lloret de Mar in the Costa Brava region of Spain.
The beautiful, beachside beauty of Lloret de Mar in the Costa Brava region of Spain.
By: Michael of Go See Write
Lloret de Mar is located right along the coast of the Spanish region of Costa Brava and sits about halfway between Barcelona and the French border.
During the summer:
This area has a large influx of foreign tourists who are all looking for a bit of fun in the sun.
However, in spite of the crowds:
I still think this town retains much of its natural charm. Although, it definitely doesn’t hurt that there are gelato shops on just about every corner.
If you’re here on July 24th, you’ll be able to experience the area’s main festival, which honors the patron saint Santa Cristina.
 It’s a wonderful celebration that includes a huge square dance, groups creating human towers called castells, and even, the “S’amorra Amorra” regatta at Santa Cristina beach.
If you can, do try and plan your visit for either the Spring or Fall since there are fewer tourists in the area and all of the local businesses are still open.
I recommend staying at the moderately priced hotel, Hotel Delamar while you’re in Lloret de Mar since It is located right in town and is only about four blocks away from the beach.
It is also an adult-only hotel that includes free Wifi and that sits right next to some of the best restaurants in town, all of which serve amazing, incredibly fresh, seafood.

9. Gibraltar (Technically a British territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula)

The enchanting, natural beauty of Gibraltar, a British territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.
The enchanting, natural beauty of Gibraltar, a British territory at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula.
By: Paulina of Paulina on the Road
One of the most exciting day trips from Malaga is definitely an excursion to Gibraltar.
Well, because it allows you to travel to an entirely different country for the day.
Gibraltar is actually a British territory that can easily be visited as part of a day trip from either Seville, Malaga or Cadiz.
Gibraltar is famous for its cheeky monkeys and an extensive cave system that was first engineered by the military.
I’d recommend climbing up the Gibraltar rock during your visit so that you can enjoy some of the stunning views of the Andalusian coast from here.
If you’re feeling a bit lazy, you can always take the cable car up to the top instead.
Do be aware of the monkeys since they have been known to grab a purse or two while looking for food.
And speaking of food:
The Landings Restaurant is actually one of the most famous places to eat in Gibraltar and a must-try for any die-hard foodies out there.
The Rock Hotel is also one of the best hotels in Gibraltar and is a fantastic place to stay if you fancy spending the night in this beautiful place.

10. Córdoba

Some of the amazing, architectural beauty you'll find in Cordoba, one of the best Spain holiday destinations.
Some of the amazing, architectural beauty you’ll find in Cordoba, one of the best Spain holiday destinations.

By: Michael of The World Was Here First

One of the best places to visit in Southern Spain is undoubtedly the city of Córdoba.

And while many travelers visit Córdoba as a day trip from Seville, I would recommend spending a bit more time in the city, if your travel plans allow for it.


While in Cordoba, the Mezquita-Catedral (also known as the Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral) is undoubtedly a must-see.

Because throughout the city’s extensive history, Cordoba has been controlled by both Christian and Muslim rulers.


This iconic, Cathedral/Mosque has stunning elements of both Christian and Muslim architectural design, resulting in a spectacularly unique interior that is truly amazing to see.


You can also climb the Bell Tower, inside the church, and enjoy stellar views of the surrounding city.


Other sites worth seeing in Córdoba include the Alcázar, Roman Bridge, and the Jewish Quarter.


Being in the heart of Andalucía means that Córdoba has a fantastic food scene, with some of our favorites including Bar Casa Patri (you can get large portions of iconic Spanish dishes here) and Taberna La Alquería (they offer a delicious, set lunch menu at a great price).

There are also plenty of fantastic accommodations in Cordoba that will suit any and all budgets, like OptionBe Córdoba Hostel (perfect for budget backpackers) and Hesperia Córdoba (a fantastic, boutique hotel).

11. Santander

Some of the historic ships that you'll find on display at Santander's Peninsula de la Magdalena.
Some of the historic ships that you’ll find on display at Santander’s Peninsula de la Magdalena.

By: Jennifer of Sidewalk Safari

Santander is one of my favorite places to spend a day in Spain.

To start:

Do a little shopping at Mercado de la Esperanza, a Santander market hall that sells local sweet treats, produce, clothing, and regional souvenirs.

From here:

You can then embark on an enchanting coastal walk from Jardines de Piquio, with its ample shade and picturesque views of the Bay of Biscay, along the waterfront and towards the Peninsula de la Magdalena.

Once you arrive at the peninsula:

You can check out the sea lions and penguins at the marine zoo, explore the historic ships on display here, or visit Palacio de La Magdalena, which was first built in the early 1900s for the Spanish royal family.

However, if you have time:

You can also stop by the city’s Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria and get a better understanding of the region’s local history and finish your day watching the sunset at Centro Botin Arts Center, a facility that is home to a diverse array of modern art exhibits.

And If you’re only spending a day in Santander:

Then be sure to stop by El Diluvio, a modern tapas bar that serves juicy mini-hamburgers and delicious Spanish Rioja (La Casa del Indiano in Mercado Municipal del Este and Ramonoteca are two other cools tapas bars that you might want to try).

12. Las Palmas in Gran Canaria

The quaint charm of Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in Spain.
The quaint charm of Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in Spain.

By: Milene of Surf & Unwind

Gran Canaria’s capital, Las Palmas, is often overlooked by many visitors.

That’s because when people think about this island, they often associate it with popular resorts like Maspalomas or Playa del Ingles, which makes sense since Las Palmas has perfect beach weather all-year-round, with the exception of some cloudy months between July and September.


If getting your feet sandy isn’t your thing, then hop on a local bus, or Guaguas as locals refer to them, and visit Las Palmas charming Old Town with its cobblestone streets, colonial houses, and museums will suit you perfectly.

While here:

Not only will you find a wide range of lovely cafes, restaurants, and bars that serve amazing tapas (don’t miss the Canarian papas arrugadas (crinkly potatoes) and wash it down with a refreshing caña (half pint)), but you’ll also find some superb markets like Mercado del Puerto in Las Canteras and Mercado de Vegueta.

13. Costa Tropical

The amazing, seaside views that you'll find while visiting Spain's Costa Tropical.
The amazing, seaside views that you’ll find while visiting Spain’s, Costa Tropical.

By: Joanna of The World in my Pocket

Costa Tropical makes a fantastic holiday destination in Spain and is a great alternative to the over-saturated Costa del Sol.

Less than an hour drive from Malaga Airport, this is the perfect place to go after spending a day in Malaga

Costa Tropical is a veritable paradise for visitors, with a micro-climate that results in year-round, high temperatures and a series of picturesque towns with white historic centers and beautiful Moorish Castles overlooking the sea.


Costa Tropical is a great destination if you love either water sports or vast mountain ranges.

Because the beaches here are sandy, stretch on for miles, and have crystal clear waters that are perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, or diving.

And because this area is a lot less touristy, you can rent a speed boat here for a fraction of what it would cost at nearby Costa del Sol.


If mountains are more your thing, then you’ll be delighted to know that Costa Tropical sits in close proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which are home to the highest peaks in Spain.


It will take you just forty minutes to drive from the Sierra Nevada ski resort to the beaches of Motril and Salobrena, meaning that you can easily ski in the morning and sunbathe in the evening.

While in the area:

You can also trek along some of the fantastic cliffside hiking trails here or head inland, to the canyons that have been carved out by the Rio Verde.

And if you want:

You can even continue up into the hills and explore some of the wineries and almond liquor producers that are found on this part of the island.

14. Tarifa

The beautiful beaches of Tarifa, Spain, the southernmost point in Europe.
The beautiful beaches of Tarifa, Spain, the southernmost point in Europe.

By: Iris of Mind of a Hitchhiker

I honestly didn’t have high expectations when I hitchhiked to Tarifa.

I mean:

It’s a peninsula that forms the southernmost part of Europe and I really only envisioned staying there for maybe a day or two.

And then I left, almost two weeks later since it is one of those amazing, non-touristy places in southern Spain

While I was there, my host actually invited me to join him at the annual Real Feria de Tarifa – a festival on the first Sunday of September that includes a lot of horse riders galumphing through the Puerta de Jerez, women in traditional Andalucían dress, and a busy fairground.


If you can, definitely try and visit during this festival, or during the shoulder season (in either spring or autumn) in general, since Tarifa is less crowded and a whole lot cheaper during this time of year.


Aside from the amazing Andalucían culture, the tasty tapas/wine, the awesomeness of seeing Morocco from the beach, the beauty of the beaches themselves, and the opportunities to practice wind sports, Tarifa is also an excellent location for anyone starting out as a digital nomad.

It’s a place where I first made contact with people who work online and travel perpetually.

That’s why:

I’ve been plotting my return for quite some time, but still haven’t managed to make it happen yet.


I can go back to Tarifa and learn how to kitesurf, revitalize my Spanish, or take the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangiers or Ceuta.

15. La Alberca 

The quaint, small-town charm os La Alberca in Spain.
The quaint, small-town charm os La Alberca in Spain.

By: Brittany of The Sweetest Wanderlust

I discovered La Alberca as a volunteer in Spain and have been dreaming about returning to this adorable town ever since, with its winding roads, rich history, and unique melding of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian cultures. 

On arrival in La Alberca, a small village in Salamanca:

I checked into the Hotel Doña Teresa, which is a centrally located hotel with bright, clean rooms and delicious food that will definitely leave you wanting seconds.

After settling into the hotel:

I decided to stroll through the town’s many quaint lanes, only to come face to face with a wild(ish) pig, known locally as El Marrano de San Antón (the pig of Saint Anthony).


Every summer in La Alberca, a pig is blessed by the local priest and released into the streets.

Over the months:

The pig is then fed by locals and housed in city hall (If you should see this pig in the streets during your visit, be sure to take a photo and give it a pat for good luck).

In January, on the feast day of Saint Anthony:

The pig (or the sum of its parts) is then raffled off in a lottery and transformed into a famous, regional dish, known as jamón ibérico (made from local acorn-fed black pigs).

16. Bilbao

The iconic, modern architecture of the Guggenheim, modern art museum in Bilbao, Spain.
The iconic, modern architecture of the Guggenheim, modern art museum in Bilbao, Spain.

By: Karen of Are We There Yet Kids

Centrally located in Northern Spain’s Basque Country:

Bilbao is a fantastic Spain holiday destination that is full of vibrant art, delicious food, and beautiful buildings.

That’s why:

A trip to the Guggenheim should definitely be at the top of your list of things to do in Bilbao.

Not only is this exquisite, contemporary art museum full of interesting modern art installations, but the building itself was designed by Frank Gehry and is a truly notable work of art too (If you’re interested in more traditional styles of art, you can always visit the Museum of Fine Art instead).


Bilbao isn’t just about great art since the city’s historic old town is a beautiful place to explore and try some traditional pintxos(Basque-style tapas tasting plates).

That’s why:

I’d suggest skipping the traditional restaurant experience altogether and just sampling a small plate from each bar that you pass instead.


Do try and take a 20-minute drive to Vizcaya bridge, a UNESCO world heritage site that joins the towns of Portugalete and Getxo.

Sure, you can take a floating gondola across the Nervion Estuary.

But, I’d recommend foregoing the gondola ride and crossing over the top of the bridge instead, for some truly mesmerizing views of the surrounding area.


If you’re in search of a fantastic, reasonably priced, luxury hotel that is right in the city center, then I recommend the Hotel Carlton. It’s a fabulous, 5-star hotel that is also home to one of the best restaurants in the entire area.

17. Valencia

Valencia's lovely, historic city center is the perfect place to walk around and get to know the city just a little better,
Valencia’s lovely, historic city center is the perfect place to walk around and get to know the city just a little better,

By: Chrysoula of Historic European Castles

Even though Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain:

It’s still much less visited than either Barcelona or Madrid, a fact that adds to the city’s overall authenticity and makes it one of my favorite Spain holiday destinations.


Most of Valencia’s main attractions are actually situated within mere minutes of each another, allowing you to quickly and easily see most of what this city has to offer, even if you’re only planning a 3 day Valencia itinerary.


While you’re in town, be sure to explore amazing places like the Jardín del Turia, the Barrio El Carmen, the Central Market and the Plaza de la Virgen, a spectacular square where you can grab a drink and just watch the people as they stroll on by.

You can also take some time to visit the wealth of galleries, museums, cathedrals, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that sit just inside Valencia’s, stunning historic center.

And when it comes to cuisine:

Valencia certainly has you covered, with a variety of delicious, local delicacies like squid ink rice (Arròs negre), gazpacho, cured meats, and of course, paella, which is served up in all of the area’s top restaurants.


Because Valencia is located along the eastern coast of Spain, it has a relatively mild climate and is home to a variety of beautiful, sandy beaches that you can enjoy all year long.

18. Cuenca

The enchanting, Casas Colgantes (Hanging Houses) pf Cuenca, Spain.
The enchanting, Casas Colgantes (Hanging Houses) pf Cuenca, Spain.

By: James of Travel Collecting

Cuenca may be a small village, but it packs a BIG punch.

That’s because this quaint, Spanish town sits atop a rocky outcrop that is nestled along the edge of a deep gorge.

It also has a network of narrow, cobblestone streets that are lined with a variety of different shops and cafes that are just waiting to be discovered.

However, once you find yourself inside of Cuenca’s Plaza Mayor (the main square):

Be sure to take some time to relax, while enjoying some tapas at Restaurante Mangana, and marvel at an entire building made of arches that seamlessly allow cars to pass through.


Of all the things to do in Cuenca, this town is most famous for the Casas Colgantes (Hanging Houses), a small section of houses, just near the Puente de San Pablo (Saint Pablo Bridge), that are built right into the edge of a cliff.

The white houses here have beautiful, wooden balconies that jut out from the main building, creating the architectural illusion that the buildings here are actually “hanging” out over the gorge below.

Trust me:

This entire area is incredibly picturesque and best photographed from the Puente de San Pablo bridge.

And while Cuenca can be visited as part of a day trip from Madrid:

I’d suggest spending the night at either the Posada de San Jose (a small boutique hotel with lots of character and rooms that sit along the edge of the gorge) or in the Parador de Cuenca (a four-star hotel in a former monastery) to truly appreciate everything that this town has to offer.

19. Galician Coast

The raw, natural beauty of Spain's Galician Coast.
The raw, natural beauty of Spain’s Galician Coast.

By: Inma of A World to Travel

The fact that I am Galician and that I have almost always lived near the sea may have a lot to do with what I am about to tell you.

But, be that as it may:

The fact remains that I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with the Costa Gallega.

From the border with Portugal to Ribadeo (where the next autonomous community of Spain, Asturias, begins) this majestiic coastline is full of amazing places that deserve to be visited.

Some of my favorite places along the Galician Coast include the beach of the cathedrals in Ribadeo (think ethereal, stone arches of worldwide fame), the scenic route to Fouciño do Porco in Viveiro, the beaches of northern Ferrol (a surfing mecca, known for being a mecca, especially Doniños and Pantín, Coruña (one of the largest cities in Galicia), the stunning Death Coast (aka Costa da Morte), the Rías Baixas, (especially the northernmost: the estuary of Muros and Noia), the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, and so much more.


If you’re searching for the Spain holiday destination of your dreams, then look no further than the stunning, natural beauty of the Galician Coast.

20. Siurana

Some of the exquisite views you'll find in the tiny, Spanish town of Siurana.
Some of the exquisite views you’ll find in the tiny, Spanish town of Siurana.

By: Cal of Once in a Lifetime Journey

Siurana is a tiny village in Catalonia that is home to some of the most beautiful views in the entire country.

And while being in Siurana will bring you nothing but glee and excitement:

This tiny town does have a tragic past, which is reflected in a local legend where Abdelazaia, the Moorish Queen, tried to ride her white steed off a nearby cliff, when she saw that Christian conquerors were about to attack the city.


The horse got frightened and stopped just meters before the edge of the cliff.


To this day, that horseshoe print remains, as a reminder of Muslim resistance against Christian invaders.

Apart from this tragic tale though:

Siurana is also famous for its spectacular, panoramic views.

That’s why:

One of the best things to do in Siurana is to simply walk along the area’s many cobblestone streets

Along the way:

You can even visit a local castle or stop by the Romanesque Church with its exquisite, 360-degree views of the cliffs below.

And if you fancy spending the night in this picturesque, little town:

The absolute best place to stay is at the Mirador de Siurana, with its central location and sweeping views of the surrounding area.


if you can’t afford the minimum 2-night stay here, which will cost you around 2,000 euro, then you can always opt for the Hotel La Siuranella instead.

21. Gran Canaria

Some of the historic beauty that you'll find on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain's Canary Islands.
Some of the historic beauty that you’ll find on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain’s Canary Islands

By: Michelle of Greedy Gourmet

One of the best places to visit in Spain is by far, the island of Gran Canaria.

As part of the infamous Canary Islands, located right off the northwestern coast of Africa. this amazing place is just a short and inexpensive flight away from mainland Europe.

Upon arrival:

You’ll find that there are plenty of things you can do on the island of Gran Canaria, like visit the enchanting capital city of Las Palmas. There, you can explore the dynamic city center and take a stroll through the city’s many charming, historic streets.


Don’t miss out on the island’s many famous, sandy beaches, like the Playa des Ingles, or the stunning sand dunes of Maspalomas.

And if you’re a foodie at heart:

That’s great because there are no shortage of amazing restaurants on the island, some of which include ZOE Food, 360º Restaurant (fine dining with exquisite ocean views at the Bohemia Suites Hotel), Bioloco (100% vegan), Casa del Caminero, and so much more.

And if you are in search of one of the best places to stay on the island:

Then you can’t go wrong with the Bohemia Suites & Spa Hotel, which is a 100% adult-only, five-star hotel.

22. Menorca

One of the secluded beaches that you'll find on the beautiful Spanish island of Menorca.
One of the secluded beaches that you’ll find on the beautiful Spanish island of Menorca.

By: Nadine of Le Long Weekend

Most people visit the Balearic Island of Menorca in search of relaxation.

Which makes sense since this is the perfect place to enjoy long, hot days at the beach, with a good book, and cool, crisp nights sampling delicious, local, food and wine.


If you’re in search of a more active holiday in Spain, then Menorca is a fantastic place to do a bit of hiking since the island is encircled by an ancient walking trail known as the Camí de Cavalls.

And while you’d need a good week or so to complete the entire track:

Many sections make excellent day walks, taking you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the Mediterranean and to some of the most beautiful beaches in Menorca!

After a full day of exploring though:

Head back to the capital of Mahón for tapas and a tipple of the island’s famed gin.


Cruise over to Cova d’en Xoroi for a nightcap and to enjoy some of the best sunset views on the island, before you call it a night at the beautiful, Menorca Experimental hotel.

23. Rio Verde in the Sierras de Tejeda

The beautiful, turquoise water of the Rio Verde in the Sierras de Tejeda of Spain.
The beautiful, turquoise water of the Rio Verde in the Sierras de Tejeda of Spain.

By: Julie of Ruhls of the Road

Located in the Sierras de Tejeda mountain range along Spain’s southern border:
Rio Verde is a MUST for anyone who enjoys a fun, outdoor adventure.
In fact:
This was our favorite hike in ALL of Spain, and trust me, we hiked all over Southern Spain!
What really sets Rio Verde (Spanish for the Green River) apart is the incredible beauty and stunning views that you’ll find along the many trails through this enormous, Spanish mountain range.
And while this hike is a long, 8-miles round trip:
The good news is that you’ll actually be hiking downhill on your way to the river, and hiking back uphill during your return trip.
But wait, it gets better.
Because the real reason why we loved this hike so much was the river itself, with its brilliant, Emerald Green water that serenely flows over the many, vibrant, orange and yellow stones here.
Don’t expect to do too much swimming since the water here is actually quite cold, but also refreshing after your long hike through the intense heat of Southern Spain.
Do yourself a favor and the next time that you’re planning a trip to Spain, be sure to put Rio Verde at the very top of your bucket list.

24. Cadiz

The historic, Baroque-style Cathedral that you'll find in the center of Cadiz, Spain.
The historic, Baroque-style Cathedral that you’ll find in the center of Cadiz, Spain.

By: Maura of Travel Kiwis

Cadiz sits along the Andalusian coast of Spain is one of the oldest cities in all of Western Europe.

That’s because in the past:

Cadiz was a strategically important port for the Phoenicians, Romans, and even Napoleon himself.

That’s why:

When wandering through the charming streets of Cadiz today, you’ll be able to find historic towers (like the 45-meter tall, Torre Tavira), ethereal Roman ruins (including a Roman Amphitheatre along the waterfront that dates all the way back to the 1st century), canons left behind by Napoleon, and the Barque-style, Cadiz Cathedral.

If you have time:

Be sure to climb the bell tower of this ancient church since you’ll be rewarded with stellar, panoramic views of the ocean and city. You can also take some time to visit La Caleta Beach and stop at La Casa Manteca, along the way, for some of the most amazing tapas in the entire city.

And for an amazing place to stay in Cadiz:

Try the Hotel Patagonia Sur, a three-star hotel that is centrally located in the Old Town, with incredibly clean rooms and wonderfully helpful staff.

25. Monachil

The lovely, Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros in Monachil, Spain.
The lovely, Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros in Monachil, Spain.

By: Gemma of Two Scots Abroad

Located just 8 km from the city of Granada:

Monachil is a small village in Sierra Nevada National Park where you can go to escape the heat and hike amidst the cool shade of the area’s vast wilderness.

That’s why:

Taking a day trip to Monachil is definitely one of my favorite things to do in Granada, Spain.

To visit for yourself:

Just hop on a public bus, or take a taxi, so that you can enjoy a wealth of hiking opportunities along the river and even cross a local rope bridge known as the Hanging Bridges of Los Cahorros.

Along the way:

You’ll come across locals playing in the river and see a few cafes where you can stop for a beverage.

And if you’re in Monachil for dinner:

Visit La Barberia, a relaxed restaurant where you can indulge in some delicious tapas and a cold beer while savoring the amazing views from their outdoor seating area.

Now, accommodation wise:

There are over 30 hotels and apartments in Monachil. But, since this village is so close to Granada, you can always spend the night in the city instead, at the beautiful, Moorish-style buildings of Granada’s Alhambra Palace.

26. Logrono

The historic cathedral that you'll find at the center of Logrono, Spain.
The historic cathedral that you’ll find at the center of Logrono, Spain.

By: Amber of Food and Drink Destinations

Logrono is one of the main cities from which you can explore the famous, Rioja wine region of Spain.

Arguably the most famous wine region in all of Spain:

Logrono is the capital of the area and home to over 150,000 year-round residents.

It can also easily be explored on foot, is a stop along Spain’s famed Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. and is the perfect place from which to explore this part of Spain.

Like most cities across Spain:

The centerpiece of Logrono is its Gothic-style cathedral, the Catedral de Santa María de la Redonda, which was originally built in the 15th century.

Another one of the most recognizable attractions in Logrono is the Puente de Piedra, or Stone Bridge, which was rebuilt in 1871 and is one of four bridges that traverse the Ebro River.

Once you’ve finished exploring some of Logrono’s many top attractions:

Treat yourself to some delicious Pinchos, a traditional dish in Northern Spain that is easily paired with some local, Rioja wine,

For the best Pinchos in the area:

Visit Calle Laurel, the Logonro tapas street, where dozens of pinchos bars serve tasty tapas.

And after you’re eaten all the pinchos you can stomach:

Spend the night at the fabulous, Hotel Calle Mayor, a luxury, boutique hotel that sits right in the center of town.

27. Segovia

The enchanting, Espana La Bella in Segovia, Spain.
The enchanting, Espana La Bella in Segovia, Spain.

By: Jessica of Wine, Dine, and Roam

Segovia is a small town in Spain that sits just an hour outside of Madrid (and a half hour an hour away by high-speed train).

That’s why:

If you’re looking for a fantastic day trip from the Spanish capital, then consider Segovia since the entire city center is a designated, UNESCO World Heritage site that has one of the most well preserved sections of a Roman aqueduct in the world.

Trust me:

The entire structure is 17 kilometers long and absolutely stunning to behold!


This town is also home to a lovely, 16th century, Gothic cathedral, known as Catedral de Segovia, as well as Alcázar de Segovia, an enchanting castle that dates all the way back to the early 12th century.


In terms of food, you absolutely must try Cochinillo (Suckling Pig) at El Bernardino, an absolutely delicious dish that consists of tender meat and a crispy skin that is normally served without sides.

And if you’re planning a trip to Ribera del Duero, an amazing wine region with delicious wines like this one from Territorio Luthier, then Segovia would make a perfect stop along the way!

28. Alquezar, Huesca (Northeast Spain)

Some of the sweeping views you'll find in the tiny town of Alquezar in Northern Spain.
Some of the sweeping views you’ll find in the tiny town of Alquezar in Northern Spain.

By: Allan of It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor

Alquezar is a remote, medieval village that is located in the northern Huesca province of Spain.

Surrounded by olive groves, winding roads, and some of the most magnificent limestone cliffs and valleys in the country, Alquezar is a truly charming Spain holiday destination that is home to no more than 400, permanent residents.

And while it can be tricky to reach Alquezar in Huesca (given that the nearest city is Zaragoza, which is around 140 kilometers away):

it is undoubtedly worth the effort since the serenity of this place makes you feel as though you have an entire, medieval settlement, all to yourself.


When it comes to tourist attractions, visitors should explore Saint Michael’s church, Collegiate church of Santa Maria, and the local, medieval castle.


The real appeal of this place is the delightful, al fresco dining along the cobbled, pedestrianized central square, at places like the fancy, yet affordable, Restaurante Casa Pardina.

And because this is a small village:

Don’t expect to find any big-name hotels here either.


You’ll encounter an assortment of lovely boutique hotels, like Hotel Villa de Alquezar, with reasonably priced rooms and adjoining balconies with expansive views of the area’s many valleys.

29. Zahara de la Sierra

The panoramic, mountain views, and exquisite, turquoise water that you'll find at Zahara de la Sierra in Spain.
The panoramic, mountain views, and exquisite, turquoise water that you’ll find at Zahara de la Sierra in Spain.

By: Linn of Brainy Backpackers

Zahara de la Sierra is a staggering, white village in Andalusia that offers visitors incredible, panoramic views of a deep, turquoise reservoir, known as Embalse de Zahara-el Gastor.

Situated inside the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, at 500 meters of altitude:

Zahara de la Sierra is an enchanting place that makes for a perfect day trip from Malaga and Ronda.

While in the area:

Be sure to explore the 17th century, Santa Maria de la Mesa Church, the19th century, San Juan de Letran chapel, the Roman-style, Palominos Bridge, and the local Clock Tower, which dates back to the 16th century. 

Also towering over the Zahara de La Sierra, are the remains of a 14th century, Moorish castle that was first built at the top of an old watchtower in the 8th century.

And while the castle itself isn’t a big deal:

This place is still worth a visit, even if it’s only for the breathtaking views that you’ll find at the top.

30. Mijas

The charming, mountainside town of Mijas, Spain.
The charming, mountainside town of Mijas, Spain.

By: Daniel of Layer Culture

If you’re looking for one of the best places to visit in Spain and love historic landmarks, then check out the old village of Mijas.
Located on the Costa del Sol:
A drive up into the mountains to Mijas is a must if you’re in the Andalusia region, especially since this village is situated in between Benalmadena and Fuengirola, and incredibly easy to get to from Malaga.
Once you get here:
Expect to find beautiful, whitewashed walls and narrow streets that create an authentic, village experience, with some local Spanish thrown in the mix,
And while many visitors enjoy a donkey or horse-drawn carriage ride through town:
You’ll need to climb a bit further up the village steps if you want some incredible views of the nearby coast (If you arrive in time for sunrise on a clear day, you can see all the way to the coast of Africa).
This town is also a bit bigger than it initially appears. So, you can easily spend a half a day here exploring a small local museum and a handful of shops as you discover some of the amazing things to do in Mijas, Spain.
And if you get hungry along the way:
Just stop by The Snug Restaurant, a unique eatery that has a fun atmosphere, delicious food, lovely drinks, and attentive service.

31. Estepona

The enchanting, flower pot lined streets of Estepona, Spain.
The enchanting, flower pot lined streets of Estepona, Spain.
By: Alex of Swedish Nomad
Estepona is one of Spain’s many great hidden gems, even though it’s found along the rather touristy Costa del Sol.
This amazing city has retained a relaxing vibe and is filled with an enchanting network of alleys that are all lined with colorful pots full of flowers.
Each alley here is lined with pots and flowers of one, unique color, giving this place a truly lovely feel.

There’s also a fantastic marina and beautiful beach here where you can go for a stroll and marvel at the beautiful houses and luxurious yachts in the area.


Estepona is home to a number of different restaurants, like Urban Tapas and El Tejar, that serve authentic, Spanish cuisine.
There are even several squares where you can sit, relax, and people watch. while enjoying some of the amazing street art that can be found within the city.

And in terms of accommodations:

H10 Estepona Palace is a lovely, 4-star hotel, (and spa) with beach access, that I highly recommend if you’re looking to spend the night in the area.

32. Toledo

Some of the historic architecture that you'll find in the ancient city of Toledo, Spain.
Some of the historic architecture that you’ll find in the ancient city of Toledo, Spain.

By: Kieren from Got My Backpack

Barely an hour south of the capital lies the ancient city and UNESCO world heritage site of Toledo.
And while I choose to visit Toledo as part of a day trip from Madrid, I could easily have spent a few days here.
As you enter through the city walls:
You’ll be greeted by a maze of cobblestone streets and imposing plazas that all combine to make you feel like you’re stepping back in time.
Also adding to the historic feel of this place are an array of shops that sell souvenir swords and suits of armor, a nod to the city’s historic tradition of creating fine, handcrafted swords.
Another beautiful part of Toldeo is its unique history of religious harmony.
Here, in this ancient city, communities of Christians, Muslims, and Jews all lived, side by side, for hundreds of years, even when religious wars were being conducted in other parts of the world.

Something that is still visible today, within the multitude of churches, synagogues, and mosques that are scattered throughout the city. Toledo is also home to an array of impressive, historic buildings, like the Toledo Cathedral, which has an enormous altar made of gold and is home to the largest bell in all of Spain, which weighs in at more than 17 tonnes. Other must-visit buildings in Toldeo include the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes and the Alcázar of Toledo, a fortified Roman palace that stands at the helm of the city.

33. Picos de Europa

The awe-inspiring, natural beauty of Picos de Europa National Park in Northern Spain.
The awe-inspiring, natural beauty of Picos de Europa National Park in Northern Spain.

By: Nesrine of KEVMRC

Located in the north of Spain, about two hours from Bilbao, is Picos de Europa, the first National Park in all of Spain.
That’s why:
It should come as no surpise that this amazing, natural area is full of mountains, rivers, lakes, and indigenous wildlife that all combine to make this the perfect place to go to experience a completely different side of Spain. 
Now, as you can imagine:

There are a lot of trails in Picos de Europa that you can explore.


Some of my favorite hikes through the area include Poncebos to Bulnes (Use this trail to visit Bulnes, a small village near the edge of the Canal del Texu), Bulnes to Sotres (a fantastic trail full of flower fields and wild animals), and Ruta del Cares (a trail that is carved into the side of the mountains and that gives you amazing, panoramic views).

To enjoy the best of Picos de Europa though:

Be sure to use Hostal Poncebos as a home base. Just book your bed here well in advance since this hostel is highly rated by guests and includes breakfast with your stay.

34. Plasencia

The medieval charm of The Plasencia Parador, a posh, luxury hotel in Plasencia, Spain.
The medieval charm of The Plasencia Parador, a posh, luxury hotel in Plasencia, Spain.

By: Wendy of The Nomadic Vegan

If you want to get off the beaten path and visit an authentic, medieval Spanish village where you’ll probably be the only tourist in the area, then the town of Plasencia in Extremadura is the place for you.
And while Plasencia is now a quiet, sleepy town in western Spain:
It was once a vibrant city and an integral part of the important, Vía de la Plata trade route, which was used by many of the Spanish conquistadores who colonized the New World.
That’s why:
During your time here, you’ll encounter a multitude of historic structures that include the medieval town walls (Be sure to climb to the top of the wall’s towers for a bird’s eye view of the town), the charming old quarter, the Plasencia Cathedral complex (which consists of the Old Cathedral, a 13th-century Romanesque building, and the New Cathedral, a 15th century, Gothic/Renaissance-style building), and so much more.
You’ll also find the lovely, Parque Los Pinos nearby, which features an assortment of beautiful ponds that are home to herons, storks, and even flamingos.
Now, after a full day of exploring:
Head to Casa Juan for dinner, an atmospheric, local restaurant that is hidden at the end of a narrow side alley and that serves traditional Extremaduran cuisine; dishes that are typically, quite meat-heavy, but that also include a few veg-friendly options like parrillada de verduras (grilled vegetables) and boletus al ajillo (porcini mushrooms in garlic and olive oil).
To truly enjoy all of these amazing things to do in Plasencia, you’ll obviously need a place to stay. And there is no place better than The Plasencia Parador, which is a swank, government-run, luxury hotel that sits inside a former,15th-century monastery!

35. Tenerife

The dynamic, natural landscape of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.
The dynamic, natural landscape of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

By: Ana of Merry-Go-Round. Slowly

Tenerife is the second largest of the Canary islands and really does have something for every type of traveler, and all at a fraction of the price that you’d encounter on many other islands in Spain, which is why you should definitely be planning to spend at least one week in Tenerife!

The climate here is also one of the best in the world since the island experiences mild temperatures throughout the winter and summer, making it one of the few places in Southern Europe where you actually remain warm in winter but also not burn to death in summer.


The natural landscape of Tenerife is incredibly varied, with almost Martian-like landscapes surrounding the Teide volcano, misty, jungle-like forests in the Northeast, sandy beaches in the south, and winding, mountainside roads along the cliffs of the west.

The roads along this relatively compact island are also very well-maintained, making it easy to explore most of what this island has to offer within a few short days


Even if you don’t drive (or decide not to because you want to taste some local wines along the way), that’s okay because this island has a fantastic public transportation system that will allow you to quickly and easily visit most of the island’s main attractions


Depending on your interests, there are a multitude of different areas that you can stay in while on Tenerife.


If you’re looking for warm sun and beaches, then be sure to choose a hotel in the South of the island.


if culture and cities are more your thing, then the north of the island is where you want to be.


If you’d like to party the night away, then Playa de Las Americas is the perfect location for you.


Regardless of where you decide to stay, be sure to stop at El Cordero restaurant, in the south of the island, for a true taste of amazing, local cuisine.

37. Barcelona

A beautiful view of Barcelona, one of the best Spain holiday destinations out there.
A beautiful view of Barcelona, one of the best Spain holiday destinations out there.

By: Vicki of Vicki Viaja

Barcelona is arguably the most popular city in Spain, at least considering the fact that nearly 8 million visitors travel to this Catalan capital every year.

That’s because this enchanting city has the perfect mixture of culture, delicious food, sunny beaches, and fantastic nightlife, which is why Barcelona is the perfect city break for basically any type of traveler.


Even if you have no interest in either culture or religion, a visit to the world-famous,  Sagrada Família is a must and should be a part of any Barcelona Itinerary.

Designed by famed, Barcelona architect Antoni Gaudí:

This impressive, Roman Catholic cathedral was started more than 100 years ago and to this day, has still not been completed.


A visit to this church’s stunning, vibrantly colored, modernist style interior is the highlight of any trip to Barcelona.

And if you’re looking for a fun beach holiday:

Then you’ll enjoy the many wonderful beaches that are waiting for you both in and around Barcelona, like the popular Costa Brava Beach,

So, as you can see:

Barcelona really is one of the best cities to visit in Spain, making it the perfect, Spain holiday destination.

***Not sure where to stay in Barcelona? Then check out this list of amazing hotels in Barcelona!***

38. Ronda

The mountainous beauty of Ronda, Spain.
The mountainous beauty of Ronda, Spain.

By: Laura of The Travelling Stomach

The Andalucia region of Southern Spain is well known for its amazing, beach holidays.


Head a bit inland and you’ll discover a different side of Andalucia, one filled with bustling cities, rolling hills, and quaint towns where you can find a bit of peace and tranquility.
One of the best examples of the latter of these is the small town of Ronda.
Located right in the heart of the region:
Ronda is a popular spot among visitors who are traveling to both Seville and Cordoba (usually as part of an Andalucian road trip) during their time in Spain.
Most well known for being built atop the striking Al Tajo gorge:
Ronda is surrounded by stunning mountain ranges (perfect for hiking) and is home to an iconic bridge that spans an expansive, valley below,
Ronda is also famous for its magnificent bullring since the city practically invented the “sport” in the 18th century.
This bullring still hosts bullfights, at certain times of the year, but it is also home to a lovely museum where you can learn about the history of this brutal “sport” and marvel at the amazing architecture of this structure.
And for a great, birdseye view of this historic building:
Simply head to Hotel Catalonia, just across the road, where you can enjoy a glass of wine at the rooftop bar that overlooks the Plaza de Toros (You can also enjoy a nice glass of sherry and some croquettes at Tragata, a buzzing tapas spot in the center of the town).
Hotel Catalonia is also our top pick for a place to stay in Ronda since their premium rooms include stunning views of the city and the mountains beyond.

39. Fuerteventura

An aerial view of Sotavento Beach in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain
An aerial view of Sotavento Beach in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

By: Gabor of Surfing the Planet

The Canary Islands are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Spain, with Fuerteventura island having some of our favorite beaches in the area.


The beaches here retain a natural quality, with the best beaches in Fuerteventura including Caribbean-style, white sand beaches as well as volcanic beaches with black stones.

Many of the beaches here are also several kilometers long, making them the perfect place to take a swim or go for a long stroll.


The wind here is quite strong, making this island a popular destination among surfers in Spain.

Apart from the beaches though:

The interior of the island is also charming and features a variety of viewpoints, historic windmills, and picture-perfect villages that you can explore.

You can also stop and try some fantastic, local cuisine at Los Pinchitos en Lajares, a great restaurant in a fairly rural area that has a menu full of hearty stews and various other local specialties.

And if you’re searching for an amazing place to stay in Fuerteventura:

Then try Laif Hotel. Located in the picturesque, west coast village of El Cotillo, this charming accommodation has a calm vibe but is also a fun place to explore.

40. Zaragoza

Some of the amazing architecture that you'll find in Zaragoza, Spain.
Some of the amazing architecture that you’ll find in Zaragoza, Spain.

By: Cat of For Two, Please

While Zaragoza might not be as well-known as either Madrid or Barcelona:

It is still Spain’s oldest settlement and has over 2,000 years of history that includes periods of rule by the Romans, the Moors, and a variety of Christian kings.

As a result:

This amazing town has a plethora of ancient sites that visitors can explore, including The Aljaferia Palace, a stunning, Moorish-style building that is a rare, architectural monument from the Taifas period.

Basilica del Pilar, the biggest baroque church in Spain, is another breathtaking, piece of architecture in Zaragoza. Just take the elevator to the top of the North Tower for a lovely, panoramic view of the city!

In addition to the town’s wealth of historic architecture:

Zaragoza is also home to The Goya Museum, which showcases a collection of fifteen paintings that were done by the immortal. 18th and 19th century, Spanish artist,  Francisco de Goya.

And for a taste of local cuisine:

Stop by Los Zarmientos Parrilla Aragonesa for a delicious lamb chop, Bar Hermanos Teresa offers a great selection of tapas, and Meli Melo for some fine, contemporary fare.

In terms of accommodations:

Hotel Sauce is a high-quality, well-located hotel that offers guests lovely rooms, at a fantastic, budget price (If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, consider Hotel Palafox Zaragoza).

41. Madrid

The iconic, Royal Palace in Spain's capital city of Madrid.
The iconic, Royal Palace in Spain’s capital city of Madrid.

By: Julianna of The Discoveries Of

Madrid is one of my favorite places to spend time in Spain since it has been the capital of the country for centuries, is filled with gorgeous architecture, like the royal palace, and is home to some of Spain’s most impressive museums,

That being said:

Madrid is more than just a multitude of impressive buildings and museums. It’s also a cool city that is filled with a ton of fun things to do, like visit the Embajadores and Lavapies neighborhoods.

Both areas are filled with amazing street art murals that have been created by local, as well as international artists like Bordalo II, Ben Eine and Okuda San Miguel.


If you prefer your art to be a bit more tradtional, then visit the Thyssen Bornemiza or the Prado Museum instead.

And while I’m not a huge fan of the Reina Sofia Museum myself, many people enjoy it because it’s home to Picasso’s famous, Guernica.

Eating and drinking-wise

Madrid has a number of cool rooftop bars for you to try. So, skip the super-busy Palacio de las Bellas Artes and head to the quieter, Palacio de Cibeles at Centro Centro instead.

Once here:

You can swing by Casa Revuelta, for some insanely good battered bacalao (salt cod). or eat your way through a multitude of local tapas bars while enjoiyng the beauty of the gorgeous, Mercado de San Miguel.

After you’ve had your fill and can eat no more:

Bed down for the night at the Axel Hotel Madrid, a super-stylish, well-located hotel where you can relax and prepare for another day full of adventure.

42. Mallorca

An aerial view of Mallorca's historic, capital city of Palma de Mallorca.
An aerial view of Mallorca’s historic, capital city of Palma de Mallorca.

By: Ioana of The World is My Playground

Renowned for its epic nightlife:

Mallorca is a fairly large island in Spain that has quickly become one of the most popular islands in the world.


Mallorca is so much more than a party destination. Not only does the capital city of Palma de Mallorca (or ‘Palma’) have an absolutely beautiful Gothic Quarter, but it’s also home to a stunning, 14th century cathedral with an impressive Gothic façade that towers over the rest of the city.

While you’re here:

You can also visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina (right next door to the cathedral) and stop for a bite to eat at any one of the amazing restaurants in the Old Town area.

And for a conveniently located place to stay:

Try Hotel Zurbaran in the old town since it’s within walking distance of some of the island’s best beaches and most amazing attractions, like the Castell de Bellver, with its spectacular panoramic views of the nearby bay.

Outside of Palma:

You can find many different limestone caves scattered throughout the island, the biggest and most popular of which is the Coves del Drac, with the beautiful, Castell de Caldepera perched atop a hill nearby.

There you have it my travel lovin’ homies, my EPIC list of 42 amazing Spain holiday destinations that you kind of sort of have to visit, like right now.

Also, a huge shout out to all of the awesome travel bloggers who helped me compile this insanely long list of amazing places to visit in Spain.

So, what do you think? Did your fave Spain destination make the list? If not, then let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out.

And, if this post has left you feeling mad inspired, and ready to plan a very Spanish vacay of your own, then you know the drill! Pin this now so that you can read it again later.

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Saturday 4th of January 2020

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Thursday 7th of November 2019

What??? No Figueres? The Dali Theatre and Museum is necessary for modern art lovers! We also stopped in Girona to walk the walls on the way back.


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Oh both sound amazing! Would love to visit both for myself.

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