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Best Pancakes Amsterdam: A Foodie Guide to Delicious Pancakes

A Foodie’s Tale of the Best Pancakes Amsterdam

***Best Pancakes Amsterdam Trigger Warning. Do NOT read this post, filled with carby, cheesy, and fatty goodness, if you are dieting in a vain attempt to try and fit into your skinny jeans.

Also, have a towel handy just in case there is a sudden appearance of drool on your keyboard. Okay, continue on with this list of best Amsterdam pancakes, if you dare. You have been warned.***

If you read my 3 day Amsterdam itinerary:

Then you know that I have a weird fetish for Dutch pancakes since they are one of the best things to eat in Amsterdam.

Literally, every other restaurant in my Amsterdam 1 day itinerary was an Amsterdam pancake restaurant of some sort. And since it was only a 3 day Amsterdam itinerary, I didn’t even get to mention all the fab restaurants that served the best pancakes in Amsterdam. Happened to me too when I was planning 2 days in Brussels Belgium..

Hence this Amsterdam Foodie Guide right here.

But the Real Kicker is:

This ignorant American didn’t even know what Dutch pancakes were before I ate my way through Amsterdam.

Now I’m obsessed with Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam and need a pair of elastic waist pants since I feel a food baby growing.

So for anyone out there who is clueless like me:

Pannekoeken, or Dutch pancakes in English, are typically large,  frying pan size pancakes that are skinnier, I mean thinner than their American brethren, but just not as thin as a French crepe,

But Like crepes:

They are served with savory items such as cheese, ham, and vegetables and made from a batter of eggs, milk, flour, and salt.

Now You Can Understand Why I was on a  Quest for the “best Dutch pancakes Amsterdam”.

So read gluttonous foodie friend and discover my picks for the 10 best pancakes in Amsterdam, of the Dutch and non-Dutch variety; a list that you can use whether you plan to spend 48 days or 48 hours in Amsterdam.

An Amsterdam life without pancakes is no life at all!
An Amsterdam life without pancakes is no life at all!

***For all my fellow Amsterdam foodies out there, you can take a neat, private food tour through the Red Light district. And if you want to skip the Red Light District part altogether, you can take a private food tour with an Amsterdam local! 

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1. The Pancake Bakery

The name says it all right?

A bakery of pancakes, what’s not to love? Okay, in all honesty, this place is a bit touristy. So most of the food tours in Amsterdam probably won’t stop here.

When I was here there was a group of fifteen kids on a teen tour who sat down to eat right next to me.

Yup, there was a wicked side roll on my part. 

And by eat I mean screeched the whole time about having no signal; something that quickly devolved into a selfie session that never seemed to end. Oh yeah, and they were loud AF.

Was I that annoying as a teenager? Probably but this just shows you that:

This place is neither a secret nor a local hangout du jour. But the food is yummy and they have a bunch of fantastic sweet pancake options that are perfect for kids.

Yeah, you’ll see a ton of tourist’s here since this is a very family friendly place.


The menu is huge and you can get anything you want really, even bite-sized poffertjes. 

Wait, pancakes aren’t your thing? What is this blasphemy? You bite your tongue good sir (or madam)!

Totally kidding. The Pancake Bakery has a ton of non-pancake related salads and soups if you aren’t a fan of this thin slice of awesome (aka the Dutch pancake).

And if you’re curious, yes, this is THAT “pancake house Amsterdam near Anne Frank” that everyone seems to be searching high and low for.

The pancakes at the Pancake Bakery are a total crowd pleaser!
The pancakes at the Pancake Bakery are a total crowd pleaser!

***Get the Poffertjes (aka mini pancakes Amsterdam) covered in powdered sugar. So good. You can also try the Thai red curry w/ fried chicken & bamboo shoots. I’m a veg so I skipped this and got a Dutch pancake with spinach, honey, cashew, and cheese. YUM!

2. Carousel Pancake House

Stop the presses, everybody!!

I think all my wildest dreams came true when I set foot in this restaurant. This is a pancake house that is decorated like a carousel.

Time Out!

How is this not in NYC because this is the best thing ever? Pancakes and Carousels are some of my most favorite things and go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But besides the quirky yet nostalgia-inducing decor:

This Amsterdam pancake restaurant is on this non-Michelin star related list because not only am I super unfancy, but the pancakes served here made my tummy super happy.

And that’s what really counts!

So when you visit, you can indulge in almost any type of pancake you like, from pancakes adorned with copious amounts of Nutella to more savory pancakes that are served with cheese and pineapple (they have ham but we all know that I don’t partake).

While you’re here, try a warm cup of Chocomel or Dutch hot chocolate.

Delicious but somehow, I think it would’ve been better in the winter when it’s not like 10,000 degrees outside (I was there during a heat wave so the Chocomel was delicious but didn’t quite hit the spot).

Carousel Pancake House white horses
No Carousel Pancake House horses were injured in the taking of this photo.

***This restaurant is in the De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam so if you’re here, also grab a Stroopwafel from the Original Stroopwafel stand at Albert Cuypmarkt.

3. The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is an informal pancake joint that serves up friendly staff with a side of delicious food (some of the best Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam).

I ordered a cheese, almond, and honey pancake that made me wish I could eat as many pancakes as I want, without getting supersized myself.

The menu here is informal though (and inexpensive) so you can build your own pancakes and create almost any pancake you can think of, from the list of available pancake add-ins of course.

They can try but I don't think pancakes get much prettier than the ones served at the Happy Pig pancake shop.
They can try but I don’t think pancakes get much prettier (or more delicious) than the ones served at the Happy Pig pancake shop.

*** Don’t stuff yourself silly with pancakes here. The BEST chocolate cookies of your life are two minutes down the road at Van Stapele Cookies. This vintage style bakery serves homemade chocolate cookies that are stuffed with a gooey, white chocolate center.

Just make sure to order extra, “for a friend”. 

4. Upstairs Pannekoeken

Not only are the pancakes at Upstairs Pannekoeken delicious, but the owners are also SUPER nice (they also only take cash) and let me sit down even though I had no reservation.

Now bear in Mind:

This place is upstairs (hence the name), but the stairs are super steep so pretend you’re a limpet and cling onto that railing for dear life.

Once You Make it to the Top:

You’ll find an eclectic restaurant with Dutch paraphernalia strung all along the ceiling and walls. Oh, and this place is also teeny weeny. Like 6 tables tiny.

But you must dine here since this is a local staple.

Just don’t be like me and be forced to rely on the kindness of strangers, Be a smart cool kid and make a reservation since this place is super popular.

While I was Here:

I was seated in a corner that was dedicated to the Royal family and chose a pineapple and cheese pancake. I know it sounds bizarre but it was really good. Kind of how I imagine pineapple on pizza to taste.

So in Short:

This Amsterdam pancake restaurant is totally worth a visit and a great place to eat either before or after a visit to the Rembrandt Museum.

***Save time and get your ticket to the Rembrandt Museum in advance.***

Delicious pineapple and cheese pancake from the Upstairs Pancake House in Amsterdam.
The delicious pineapple and cheese pancake at Upstairs Pannekoeken.


They didn’t have this when I was here but I heard through the pancake pipeline that you should get the pear, eggnog & chocolate sauce pancake.

5. The Breakfast Club

You won’t find any totally stereotypical and totally 80s, angsty teenagers at this breakfast spot.

And for me, that isn’t a bad thing. Instead:

You’ll find an all-day breakfast menu that is to die for. And with three locations to choose from, you can get your breakfast fix no matter where you are in Amsterdam.

And while the avocado toast here is pretty amazing, I am all about the New York style, buttermilk pancakes.

Seriously, just typing out buttermilk makes my heart happy.

These pancakes are topped with fresh fruit, a generous amount of powdered sugar, and of course, maple syrup!

Just do yourself a favor and leave your shame at home because you might just end up licking the plate.

Pancakes at the Breakfast Club are always a good idea.
Pancakes at the Breakfast Club are always a good idea.

***One of the locations is right across the street from Westerpark so this is a great place to stop if you plan on exploring this part of the city or are visiting the NDSM. 

6. CT Coffee and Coconuts

Start your day off right at CT Coffee and Coconuts!

Here you can indulge in some fantastic coffee and pancakes among the tropical vibes of an eatery that is housed in a former 1920s cinema.

Once Here:

Just sit down, choose from a selection of delicious but healthy menu items, and wait for one of the friendly and helpful servers to take your order.

Pancakes wise:

I love their coconut pancakes, made with almond and buckwheat flour, that are served with a berry compote (compote makes me sound so fancy) and maple syrup.

Not a morning person?

That’s cool because these pancakes are served all day. So no need to deprive yourself of some well-deserved beauty trest if you want to enjoy these perfect pancakes.

Even Though it’s Not a Pancake:

I also love the Green Coconut Bowl (I was trying to be mildly healthy). It’s a smoothie bowl with mango, passionfruit, avocado, spinach, and coconut milk. Totally yummy and I promise, you don’t taste any of the greenery.

The food at CT Coffee and Coconuts is almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST...
The food at CT Coffee and Coconuts is almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST…


***This neighborhood is super cool and puts the FUN back in funk. Therefore, you’ll need to absorb some of this coolness by checking out the Wake Me When I’m Famous Mural (One of the most Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam. You can see what it looks like here).

7. Bakers and Roasters

We’re getting super International here at Girl with the Passport since Bakers and Roasters is actually a New Zealand style brunch spot that can be found in de Pijp, one of the coolest and most culinarily delightful neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

Now While just About Everything on the Menu is Awesome:

I love their blueberry, American style pancake stack (no worries, you can get a short stack if you’re not super hungry).

These carb bombs of deliciousness also come with banana, blueberries and organic Canadian maple syrup.

It’s Okay. Calories Don’t Count if you Put Fruit on Top. 

SIDE NOTE: I know this is a post about the best pancakes ever (in Amsterdam) but the banana nut bread french toast with banana marmalade is pretty amazing. Yup, my tummy did a cartwheel for happiness. 

8. Pancakes!

So at home in NYC:

We have this pizza place called Pepe’s that is so dedicated to maintaining the quality and flavor of their pizza, that they actually bring all their water in from Connecticut!

Crazy right?

Well, Pancakes! is just like that pizza place. This fine purveyor of Dutch pancakes only uses flour from an authentic windmill in Hoofddorp.

Pretty cool right?

I guess the beauty is in the details.

But what if you want something other than a Dutch pancake?

Well never fear because this pancake house is rather international and has Russian blini, French clafoutis, and Korean pajeon on their menu.

Basically, the United Nations of restaurants.

Plus, they are actually open for breakfast, which is a total rarity in Amsterdam, so swing by early and indulge in a true breakfast of champions.

***If you have an I Amsterdam card, just show it to the owners before 1:00 pm and boom, you’ll get a 25% discount. We call this winning at life. 

Random picture of an Amsterdam windmill because stupidly, I forgot to take a picture of pancakes.
Random picture of an Amsterdam windmill because stupidly, I forgot to take a picture of pancakes.

9. De Vier Pilaren


I didn’t expect much from De Vier Pilaren. It’s right near Rijksmuseum and I thought it would be a glorified tourist trap, packed to the gills with clueless tourists like me.

But Thank God I was SOO Wrong!

The pancakes here are seriously some of the best pancakes in Amsterdam, and I had Amsterdam pancakes almost every day. So yes, this statement is mildly meaningful coming from me.


This restaurant is along a canal, making it a great place to sit outside and enjoy some of the perks of casual, canalside dining.


I ordered the vegetable pancake since well, I’m a vegetarian.

My verdict?  

It was flipping awesome! Get it? Pancakes are flipped! Okay yeah, I’m a total nerd.

And while yes, the service was mediocre at best,  this Amsterdam pancake restaurant is still well worth a visit.

And since you’re near the canal:

Don’t forget to commandeer a boat, Jack Sparrow style, and explore the many scenic canals of Amsterdam (by commandeering I mean join an organized canal tour).

A delicious vegetable and cheese pancake from De Vier Pilaren.
A delicious vegetable and cheese pancake from De Vier Pilaren.

10. Japanese Pancake World (Japanese Pancakes Amsterdam)

You Won’t find Dutch pancakes at Japanese Pancake World.

Yeah, the name kind of says it all. Not surprisingly, this is where you go for famous Japanese pancakes in Amsterdam. 

Here, they specialize in okonomiyaki or a pancake that is typically found in Hiroshima and made with a wheat and yam flour batter that has a bit of shredded cabbage too.

(They also serve another type of pancake that is made with potato purée and typically served in Osaka)

I know:

I’m not a huge fan of cabbage and really thought I would loathe these pancakes, but they’re super good!


They’re sprinkled with a bit of Worcestershire-esq sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. YUM.

And the Best Part?

They have an open kitchen so you can watch them make your pancakes right before your eyes. So basically dinner and a show.

Sadly Though;

This place randomly closes and closes for a long time. I just happened to be lucky and stop by when they were, gasp, actually open.


Before you visit, check online and make sure they are actually open.

Bring on the okonomiyaki of awesome!
Bring on the okonomiyaki of awesome!

11. Moak Pancakes – Pancakes The American Way

Long lineups are constantly present at the entrance, making Moak Pancakes easy to identify. There is a reason why the two eateries with an American old school hip-hop ambiance are so well-liked.

They are renowned for making American pancakes that are thick, fluffy, and densely loaded.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive and varied, with the most unique topping combinations and creative titles. The most costly pancake in the Netherlands is called The Gold Digger.

You may have a substantial pancake experience, complete with 22 carat gold leaves, a glass of champagne, and Versace service, for the outrageous price of 100 euros.

In addition to offering dine-in, carryout, and delivery services, Moak also sells its branded pancake mix and maple syrup in-store and has other product partnerships that include t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, pins, and other accessories.

This offers the prospective franchisee even another source of income, but it also offers a fantastic new channel for brand promotion.

The brand is well-liked by both residents and visitors and has a youthful, stylish, and recognizable feel.

It is not surprising that this brand is now prepared to grow and go worldwide, with goals to operate across various nations and view to establish over 25 outlets within the next five years, given its robust social media presence and excellent evaluations.

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So, What Do You Think of my Guide to the Best Pancakes in Amsterdam?

Is it horrible? Is it amazing? Should you throw a bunch of rotten tomatoes at me?

Did I forget to mention the best pancakes ever and commit a gastronomic crime against humanity?

Fill me in by leaving a comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

One of my favorite aspects of Amsterdam travel is trying all the delicious local foods! From Dutch pancakes to Stroopwafels, Amsterdam has so much delicious food that is the perfect destination for any foodie traveler. But one of my favorite Amsterdam things to do is try all the delicious pancakes that can be found throughout this city. So check out ten of the best pancakes in all of Amsterdam. #Netherlands #Amsterdam #foodie #travel
One of my favorite aspects of Amsterdam travel is trying all the delicious local foods! From Dutch pancakes to Stroopwafels, Amsterdam has so much delicious food that is the perfect destination for any foodie traveler. But one of my favorite Amsterdam things to do is try all the delicious pancakes that can be found throughout this city. So check out ten of the best pancakes in all of Amsterdam. #Netherlands #Amsterdam #foodie #travel