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Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you. And please don’t hate me forever for saying this, but…I don’t like shopping. Phew!. I said it out
loud. I seriously wish I loved shopping because I feel like most women love bargain hunting at some of the best places to shop in NYC on a budget.


It feels like cheap shopping in New York helps create these iconic sisterhoods that you see in shows like Sex and the City.

I mean:

Some of the show’s BEST girl talk occurs while shopping for a pair of Manolo Blahnik (Yeah, I don’t think any of the discount stores near me are that fancy but their shoes are exquisite).

And while most of us probably can’t afford Manolo’s:

You get the idea that bargain shopping in New York is about as  important to women as sporting events are to men,

That’s why it sometimes sucks that I hate shopping. Sure, I save money, but I also feel left out when all my girlfriends head out to various discount stores in NYC and leave me at home since I’d rather pull all out all my toenails out then go with them.

I’m being melodramatic.  Cheap shopping in NYC isn’t THAT bad but you get the idea).

So if you’re a total shopaholic who is in search of the best shopping places in New York City,, but have the bankroll of an almost homeless person, then check out this list of ultra-cheap shopping spots in NYC because when I cave and actually do go shopping, these are the places I go.

 If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then this post about cheap shopping NYC is for you!

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8 of My Favorite Stores for Discount Shopping in New York City! Because who doesn’t want to do a little retail therapy and shop all their feelings away?


Located in Chelsea (and well all across the city really):

This NYC discount shopping hotspot has been around since the ye olde year of 1993 (Geez I feel old because that doesn’t seem that long to me.LoL) and has quickly become one of New York City’s most reputable consignment stores.

Why, you may wonder?

This store’s epic reputation for selling high quality at insane discount prices comes from the fact that this store accepts only the highest quality merchandise for resale and has a multitude of fashion-forward items, at discounted prices, from iconic designers like Chanel, Pucci, BALLY, etc.


There are a bunch of different locations all over the city so it’s super easy to find an INA discount store near you.


I come here for the bookstore next door but if I have time, I stop by the thrift store, which has some pretty epic deals that even appeal to this non-shopper right here.


I just LOVE Housing Works Thrift Store and their social consciousness.

Believe it or not:

All the proceeds from this thrift shop go towards aid for the homeless and those afflicted with the AIDS virus.


While shopping here, you can feel good because you’re actually doing something for the good of humanity.  

And while you’re here:

You can even sell some of your own goods or just cruise the racks for vintage designs by Gucci, Givenchy, DVF, etc.


With locations all across the country:

Cash-poor, fashion-conscious New Yorkers can now rejoice since Primark Outlets, a UK-based company, now has stores conveniently located in Staten Island and Brooklyn.


You can happily frolic through this spacious store and fill your cart to the tippy top since you’ll find an assortment of amazingly trendy clothes at dirt cheap prices.

Just think casual cool, only minus the high price tag.

 And with 41 fitting rooms at your disposal,  you can nab all the apparel, shoes, and accessories that your little heart could EVER desire.

You can even purchase some wicked awesome home goods and beauty products, but just because you’re already here. 

All this, just minus the buyer’s remorse since items here can cost as little as $10 a piece.

In that case, I’ll take the entire store, wrapped please. 


This vintage style boutique in Williamsburg was started in 2007 by Wendy Chung and sells items that are predominantly imported from Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.

That’s why:

All the items here are affordable, unique, fashion-forward, and something that you can’t really find anywhere else.

Just think fun, flirty, and feminine, but with a dash of Asian funk thrown in for good measure. 


If you’re searching for a reasonably priced, one of a kind piece that has eccentric detailing, then Think Closet is the place for you.  


Nestled amidst the trendiness of hipster Brooklyn:

Flirt, is a budget-friendly, retro-style clothing store that is chock full of vintage dresses, blouses, and coats, that…wait for it… are all locally made!

Crazy right? I had no idea anything was made in the USA anymore.

From clothing to handmade accessories, Flirt has it all, and even accepts custom orders!  


If quirky printed tees and polka-dot bathing suits are totally your bag baby, then grab a sugar daddy and get your butt over here ASAP, especially since most pieces here are well under $100. 


This store even offers individual sewing classes where children and adults can learn how to sew from expert teachers.

Not my thing since I almost sewed my thumb to my boxer shorts in home economics, but something that might appeal to any of the more creative souls in the audience.

6. CENTURY 21 

No, not the real estate giant!

And I’m being absolutely serious since the first time I heard about this NYC discount store, I really thought my friend wanted to buy a house.

But that’s another story. 

Now, the first time I went to Century 21 I was only there because I had time to kill before seeing a Broadway play at Lincoln Center.

And I have to say,

This store did not disappoint. They have amazing deals and offer up to 70% off designer prices, on everything from shoes to handbags to workout gear.

But the best part?

This shopping outlet in New York City is actually spread out over something crazy like seven floors.


You actually have to room to shop and don’t have to fight the woman next to you for the last v-neck top in the rack.


Century 21 has multiple locations, so it’s easy to find a location near you; a store that is truly one of the best places for shopping in NYC.


Going to Little Italy for a nice slice of pizza and an enormous cup of gelato?

If you are:

 Then I’ll forgive your naivete since the Italian food along Arthur Avenue is infinitely cheaper and more delicious than the Italian food in Little Italy. 

That’s why no respectable New Yorker would eat Italian food in Little Italy.


Since you’re in the area, why not stop by this trendy shop, (preferably BEFORE you eat like a horse so that you don’t feel bloated) which is known for having in style fashions, at affordable prices.

Affordable garb is a plenty here, and the best part is that you get to avoid the department store hassle while nabbing great clothes for under $50.

What? Not gonna be in New York City any time soon?

No Problem! Necessary Clothing, once a humble Little Italy clothing boutique, is now an online megastore that can ship quality clothes, at discount prices, to women all across the US.

And by discount, I mean less than $20 for a cute dress,


I wish traveling around the globe was that inexpensive. 


I love this outlet mall with my whole heart since it’s outdoors and makes a great place to walk around on a nice, sunny day.

It’s also huge.

Like you need a map so you won’t get lost huge since this mall literally has hundreds of stores.

Seriously, there is an outlet for anything you can imagine, like Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ugg, Coach, Kate Spade, etc.

So grab a map and plan on making a day of it.


Wear a pair of uber comfortable sneakers since Woodbury Commons is quite large and requires a fair bit of walking; especially on the weekends when it’s crowded and the parking lots are all full.  

And if you get hungry from all this walking:

They have an amazing food court with delicious restaurants like Shake Shack and Yo Sushi. So no need to brown bag it with your lunch.

 The only down side?

This outlet paradise is located in Central Valley New York, which is about 40 minutes outside the city.


The discount prices make it totally worth the trip.

And if you don’t have a car, not to worry. because there are a ton of tour companies that offer excursions up here.

Just arrive early and stay late because this place isn’t exactly a secret. And I don’t know about you but crowds are just way too peopley for me. 

TADA (Insert jazz hands here)! There you have it, my local’s guide to 8 of the most amazing discount stores in all of New York City.

These stores are the perfect place to do any and all of your bargain shopping in New York City.

So if you’re broke but still want to look like a total baller, then use this list to find any and all discount stores near you.

And if this post has you jonesing for an impulsive, travel fueled shopping spree, then pin this now and read it again later. Pretty please with sugar on top!

Looking to do some budget shopping in NYC? Then check out this local's guide to all of the best discount stores and thrift shops in New York City. #NYCshopping #discountshopping #BudgetNYC #NYCtravel #NYCstores
Looking to do some budget shopping in NYC? Then check out this local's guide to all of the best discount stores and thrift shops in New York City. #NYCshopping #discountshopping #BudgetNYC #NYCtravel #NYCstores