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22 Best Souvenirs from Canada

Not sure what to buy in Canada? If so then check out this mega epic guide to 22 of the best souvenirs from Canada.

After all, I love a bit of retail therapy and have been to Canada more times than I can count since I have a lake house right by the border.

As a result, I know exactly what the best souvenirs from Canada really are.

So, if you want to shop like a real local and purchase a wealth of items to commemorate your epic trip then this is the post for you.

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⏰ Can take back just one of these epic souvenirs from Canada and don’t know what to pick? I recommend the Maple Syrup. It doesn’t get more Canadian than this! 🛒

Best Souvenirs from Canada – Food and Drinks

1. Maple Syrup

Four different types of maple syrup from Vermont

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5 (3,075 Reviews) Price: $24 Details: Read more on Amazon!

One of the most iconic things to buy in Canada is maple syrup! Because nothing says Canada like a bottle of this sweet liquid gold!

And during the late winter and spring farmers start tapping their maple trees across the country.

So, the result is extracted, sweet liquid that when processed becomes an incredible syrup that Canadians and visitors alike use it in a variety of sweet ways!

Therefore, feel free to use one of the best souvenirs from Canada as either a sweetener in coffee or baking.

“This syrup is delicious. It has a lite and subtle flavor, it is not a heavy overly sweet syrup like most others.”

William (read more reviews now!)

However, the most popular use is doing a generous pour over a stack of pancakes.

Plus, if you’re visiting Canada in the spring, one of the top activities is to attend a maple syrup festival!

Because st these festivals you can indulge in all things maple, like tasting the syrup straight from the tree, eating maple taffy rolled in the snow (ice), and more.

Also, as one of the best souvenirs from Canada, maple syrup can be found almost everywhere! Therefore, you can buy it directly from farms or in grocery stores and gift shops all over the country.

If you ask me, this is definitely one of the best things about living in Canada. Fresh maple syrup whenever you need it!

Fun Fact: With over 80% of the world’s supply coming from Canada, it’s easily the top producer in the world when it comes to maple syrup!

Luckily you can always get a replacement bottle when you finish all the Maple syrup you have bought, especially if you visit Vermont in the fall.

2. Tim Horton’s Coffee

Red cup with the Tim Horton's logo on it and a black top.

The classic image of most Canadians is with a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee in their hand! And that makes sense since Tim Horton’s is known as the Nation’s coffee shop.

Therefore, a visit to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and a donut is a must when you’re in Canada!

See, it all started in the 1970s when Canadian hockey players Tim Horton and Jim Charade opened the very first Tim Horton’s in Hamilton, Ontario.

Now there are over 3,500 Tim Horton’s shops dotting small towns and cities across Canada.

However, gone are the old brown cups since Tim Horton’s coffee is now served in a bold, red, Canadian-inspired cup!

So, Tim Horton’s coffee is easily one of the best souvenirs from Canada! And after picking up a bag of their coffee to bring home to brew, you’ll want to add one of their signature Tim Horton’s coffee cups too!

And, obviously, the best place to buy Tim Horton’s coffee is at one of their many coffee shops! However, you can also find their coffee in many supermarkets and other food stores too.

3. Ice Wine

Guess what? The world’s largest producer of ice wine is Canada! So, for wine enthusiasts, a couple of bottles of ice wine make for amazing souvenirs from Canada!

Now ice wine is typically considered a dessert wine because it is very sweet. Therefore, hosts serve it with dessert or at the end of a meal.

And this unique variety of wine derives its name from the fact that grapes used to make it are actually frozen on the vine.

Winemakers then swiftly pick and press the grapes before they can thaw to create a flavorful drink.

So, you can find this cool beverage in a few regions across Canada that produce ice wine, like British Columbia, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

However, the best ice wine comes from Ontario! And within Ontario, the stand-out region for this epic beverage is Niagara-on-the-Lake, which produces 60% of Canada’s ice wine!

In fact, the Niagara region even holds a world-famous Icewine Festival every January where visitors can partake in winery tours, tastings, and other cool events!

So, if you want you can buy bottles of ice wine from local wineries, liquor stores, and duty-free shops.

Local Tip: If you can’t decide which ice wine to choose, grab a bottle from Inniskillin. They are considered one of, if not the best, ice wines.

4. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars with chocolate on top make for one of the top souvenirs from Canada.

Anyone with a sweet tooth take note because this is one of the best souvenirs from Canada for you!

Because without a doubt one of the most popular desserts in Canada is Nanaimo bars! And their name comes from the fact that they originated in Nanaimo in British Columbia.

So, these tasty treats make for a sweet souvenir that consists of three distinct layers. The bottom is a coconut-graham base while the middle is a layer of custard that is then topped off with chocolate ganache.

Moist and sweet, they are often served at gatherings and at special occasions. Therefore, you can purchase a package, or two, at many supermarkets, local bakeries, and specialty restaurants.

5. Ketchup Chips

Inspired by the famous duo, fries and ketchup, Ketchup Chips have a murky history when it comes to who created them.

One thing is for sure though, in the 1980s these crispy snacks began winning the hearts of Canadians all across the country!

And with Hostess putting ketchup chips on grocery store shelves from coast to coast, it quickly became the flavor of the north one of the best Canadian souvenirs of them all.

Oddly enough though, ketchup chips don’t actually taste like ketchup. They are dusted with a mix of tomato powder, onion, spices, and garlic to create a smoky-sweet flavor. And be forewarned that after a few handfuls, you’ll not only be hooked but your fingers will be coated in a sweet red paste!

So, for foodies who want to bring a taste of Canada home with them, a bag of ketchup chips is a must-have memento!

6. Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

Canadian whiskey in a glass with rocks on a counter.

The most popular whiskey in Canada is Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey!

It was originally created in 1939 to honor Queen Elizabeth and King George VI during their visit to Canada.

And even today Crown Royal continues to be a favorite among Canadians and spirit drinkers worldwide!

Also, to make their presentation to the queen and king infinitely more memorable, the makers of this fine whiskey offered it to them in a purple bag.

And that bag has now a signature tote of their brand for well over 60 years!

But, what really makes Crown Royal special are a multitude of flavors that are enhanced with expert blends and special aging in bottling facilities throughout Manitoba and Ontario.

Therefore, Crown Royal is a must-add to any spirit lover’s list of top souvenirs from Canada!

7. Molson Canadian Beer

A flight of beers from Sebago Brewing Co.

With ads boasting, “I Am Canadian,” it’s no surprise that one of the top Canadian beers is Molson!

And as the second oldest beer company in Canada, Molson is a must-try for any visiting hops lovers out there!

Plus, this beer is purely Canadian and uses hops from British Columbia – in addition to barley from the Prairies and Canadian water – to expertly craft their unique brew.

As a result, their bottles feature clear beer with a crisp taste. So, make room for a case of Molson Canadian Beer in your suitcase for a refreshing taste of the Great North!

8. Smoked Salmon

Fresh smoked salmon from Canada.

Nothing says Canada like smoked salmon, especially if it’s from the West Coast!

In fact, I’d dare to say that every traveler to British Columbia must try their famous smoked sockeye salmon!

After all, salmon is full of healthy proteins and nutrients! Plus, sockeye is a great variety since it absorbs the wood smoke quickly – making it exceptionally flavorful.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift from Canada to bring home with you then pick up a package of smoked salmon!

And a beloved brand by locals is Sea Change Seafoods. They have various deals including a travel pack and a maple-glazed smoked salmon pack too.

Plus, their packaging comes in cedar boxes with incredible artwork by a famous Haida artist!

9. Canadian Dried Meat

Did you know that Canadians like to keep dried meat in their pantries? When it comes to jerky, this country has so many options. I’m not kidding. Bison, buffalo, fish, caribou… These are just a few types that I have seen while I was traveling.

The best part about dried meat is that you don’t have to worry about preserving it. They also come in nice vacuum sealed packets so you don’t have to worry about leakages or smell. 

What you do need to be aware of is the entry restrictions when it comes to transporting meat across borders. So make sure you check the custom rules of the country you are going to fly to before you leave.

10. Canadian Cider

If the Molson Canadian beer is not your thing then I would suggest trying the Canadian cider. These ciders are produced from the luscious apples that are grown in Canada. If you’ve tasted the apples in Canada, you know why I’m gushing about them.

Now depending on the origin of the apples, the taste of the cider changes. I would suggest trying out a couple of ciders before you pick up some to take homes as souvenirs from Canada.

A couple of local favorites are:

  • Rock Creek Cider
  • Broken Ladder Cider
  • Okanagan Premium Cider
  • Sea Cider
  • Molson Canadian Cider

Best Souvenirs from Canada – Art and Collectables

11. Dream Catchers

Canadian dream catcher on a turquoise background that makes for one of the best souvenirs from Canada.

For anyone looking for cultural souvenirs from Canada, consider picking up a dream catcher since these lovely items originated within Canada’s First Nations cultures.

And in the Anishinaabe culture in particular it is thought of as “the spider web charm” or a “dream snare.”

It’s also traditionally made from the branch of a willow tree that’s curved into a hoop and interwoven with strings or sinew to create a web-like design.

Oftentimes sacred items, like beads and feathers, are then added to the design since the dream catcher is believed to protect those sleeping beneath it from bad dreams.

Yup, they make lovely mementos from your visit to Canada and you can find them in many shopping centers and décor stores throughout the country.

Though, I strongly recommend purchasing one from an Indigenous shop or from a Pow Wow as you search out some of the best souvenirs from Canada.

12. Aboriginal Art

Many travelers opt to purchase a piece of art to remember their vacation. And while art varies greatly around the world, inn Canada, art by its Indigenous people is widely celebrated.

See, for millennia the First Nations people have created art in all sorts of forms. In fact, they started with pictographs on rock walls and have now moved to paintings on canvas.

Additionally, much of their art is based on traditional stories that are passed down from generation to generation. In fact, these stories and art often depict wildlife and are done in bright, bold colors.

Now, Canadian Indigenous art is available in many large galleries and stores selling décor across the country.

However, as mentioned above, consider attending a Pow Wow or visiting an Indigenous-owned gallery for one-of-a-kind pieces that easily make some of the best souvenirs from Canada.

13. Inukshuk Gifts

Inukshuk in front of a local body of water with flowers in front of ti that is made out of stone.

The Inukshuk is a cultural symbol of the Inuit and is also the centerpiece of the Nunavut flag.

Built of stones piled on top of one another, Inukshuks traditionally served as navigation markers. Today though the Inukshuk has become just one of many symbols of Canada.

So, an Inukshuk gift is a great item to bring home as a Canadian souvenir! And as souvenirs, they come in an assortment of sizes and styles.

Therefore, depending on your luggage allowance you can pick up a small pocket-sized piece or a large Inukshuk to place in your garden.

Additionally, Inukshuk gifts are found at many souvenir shops in Canada, as well as other stores selling décor.

Fun Fact: On Baffin Island in Nunavut, there are 100 Inukshuks at Inukshuk Point! It’s now a National Historic Site of Canada!

14. Collector’s Coins

Who doesn’t want to bring home a loonie from their vacation!? Because in Canada there are all sorts of fun coins to pocket as a classic Canadian souvenir, like loonies and toonies!

See, every year the Royal Canadian Mint releases various sets of Canadian coins fit for collectors! And new in 2022 is their new loonie with the image of Alexander Graham Bell.

And these collector coins and sets are actually produced in celebration of various people, places, and events. Many of them also have vivid colors added!

Coins also come in a variety of different metals, some in pure silver and gold. So, if you’re looking for a truly Canadian set pick up their ‘O Canada Gift Coin Set.’

And visitors can pick up specialty coin collections from Canada Post outlets, many of which are found within Shoppers Drug Mart, and at other select locations.

15. Canada Flag Speed Bottle Opener with Canadian Maple Leaf

Woman wrapped in the Canadian flag in Banff.

For anyone looking for budget-friendly souvenirs from Canada consider picking up a Canada flag speed bottle opener!

These fun keepsakes are small, cheap, and available at almost any of the many souvenir shops in Canada.

They are also decked out in the classic red and white colors of the Canadian flag with the iconic maple leaf at its center.

Therefore, these bottle openers make a great gift idea if you’re looking for affordable things to buy in Canada to give as gifts to friends and family back home.

16. Canada Flag Pin

Canada flag pin on someone's shirt and one of the Canada souvenirs of them all.

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5 (208 Reviews) Price: $10 Details: Read more on Amazon!

You can have a great reminder of your trip to Canada if you buy something with the Canadian flag on it!

And one of the best souvenirs from Canada that’s affordable is a Canada flag pin!

These lapel pins can be found at gift shops, department stores, and other retail outlets all over the country.

And thanks to their small size and cheap price tag, you can grab a handful to give as gifts too! Many flag pins are also made of high-quality steel and will basically last forever.

And if you forgot to get yours while you were shopping, don’t worry you can always order your pin online.

17. Ethically sourced Canadian Diamonds

Ethically sourced diamonds from Canada

Did you know that you can get diamonds from Canada? Well, you sure can.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate Canadian souvenir then consider purchasing Canadian diamonds.

After all, Canada has mines all across the Northwest Territories, as well as a few in other locations like Ontario and Quebec.

Therefore, Canadian diamonds are some of the most ethically sourced in the world!

Plus, the Canadian government has strict laws that force miners to use sustainable practices and to offer fair wages to employees.

Now, most diamonds in Canada come from the Ekati and Diavik diamond mines in the Northwest Territories.

And these Canadian diamonds are incredibly desirable due to their conflict-free origins. Plus, they feature a distinct structure that allows for better light flow through the stone and less internal irregularities.

So, jewelry-loving travelers can find ethically sourced Canadian diamonds at most jewelry stores in Canada, like Peoples and Ben Moss.

18. Stuffed Moose or Beaver

Some of the best souvenirs from Canada are the cute and cuddly variety! Plus, who can resist the two most iconic Canadian animals, aka the moose, and beaver?

And at souvenir shops all over Canada, you’ll find fun items like this that scream Canada!

One such item is a stuffed moose, which often comes dressed as a Mountie with a full-on uniform and hat. Another one is the beloved beaver!

Therefore, whether you’re looking for a great gift from Canada for the kids in your life or a plush memento for yourself, pick up a stuffed moose or beaver!

Best Souvenirs from Canada – Apparel

19. Roots Brand Clothing

It all started with a shoe and an idea from two Toronto friends in 1973.

See, they drew inspiration from comfort, style, and wild adventures to create Roots, which is now one of the most famous clothing brands in all of Canada.

In fact, nearly all Canadians own at least one piece of Roots apparel! And a few of their most popular items include their signature gray fleece sweatpants and sweatshirt.

Yup, cozy, comfortable and high quality, Roots clothing endures.

Because for a long time, Roots actually outfitted the Canadian Olympic team with classic red and white, thereby bringing their iconic brand to the world stage!

So, if you’re looking for a classic Canadian souvenir then pop into a Roots store and buy one of their amazing clothing items.

20. Hudson Bay Blanket

The beloved Hudson’s Bay Company is an iconic Canadian department store chair with centuries-old roots dating to the fur trade.

Founded in 1670, the Hudson’s Bay Company is the oldest running company in North America and one of the oldest companies in the world.

Now affectionately known as The Bay, they’re renowned for their iconic striped pattern.

Yup, this super snazzy pattern consists of green, red, yellow, and indigo stripes and is on many items found in the store.

However, their most sought-after piece, and one of the best souvenirs from Canada, is the Hudson Bay point blanket.

In fact, many families owb one of these thick and warm wool blankets, which come in more budget-friendly price points in the form of smaller throws and polar fleece.

Plus, if you love their iconic pattern, like most Canadians, The Bay sells a wide range of items with this distinct design, like sweaters and mittens!

21. Aritzia brand clothes

A favorite Canadian clothing brand for women, Aritzia was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, and sells quality fashion apparel that is timeless.

So, all of their upscale retail stores across Canada offer on-trend pieces that won’t become fast fashion! And even though all of their clothing is super high quality, their prices won’t break the bank!

Plus, they’re known for their unique stores which offer you a magical experience even when you step inside.

So, if you’re shopping in Canada for pieces to add to your travel capsule wardrobe, then Aritzia is the shop for you.

22. Canada Goose Brand

Another famous Toronto clothing brand is Canada Goose! Founded in 1957, the Canada Goose brand has been keeping Canadians warm for upwards of 60 years!

Best known for their ‘Big Red’ Expedition Parkas that are incredibly warm thanks to the sustainably-sourced goose down within, this incredible coat has been featured in various big blockbuster movies like National Treasure and The Day After Tomorrow!

In recent years, though, the company received a lot of criticism for its use of coyote fur to line the hood of its iconic coat.

So, the company made the decision to stop using coyote fur by the end of 2022.

This is also one of the best souvenirs from Canada since Canada Goose brand jackets are all made within the country.

And while these luxurious jackets are not cheap, they make for a warm souvenir to bring home from Canada!

Plus, Canada Goose has a few stores in Toronto and can even be purchased at other outdoor apparel stores in Canada, like Atmosphere.

⏰ Can take back just one of these epic souvenirs from Canada and don’t know what to pick? I recommend the Maple Syrup. It doesn’t get more Canadian than this! 🛒

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There you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to the best souvenirs from Canada!

Tell me, did your picks for the best Canada souvenirs of all time make the list? If not then let me know in the comments below.

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