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19 Best Souvenirs from Norway in 2024

If you’re planning an epic trip to this country then you are gonna need some of the best souvenirs from Norway to take home with you.

However, it can be hard to figure out what to buy from Norway. I mean, we all know Norway is famous for its stunning fjords.

But, it’s not like you can wrap those up and take them home as epic gifts from Norway.

Well, luckily for you I have been to Norway more than a few times, Therefore, I know exactly what Norway souvenirs you’ll want to take home to help you remember your mega epic trip.

So, stop stressing and start using this expert guide as you shop your way through Norway like a boss.

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Best Souvenirs from Norway

1. Outdoor Gear

A hiker in a red jacket standing on top of a rock at Trolltunga.

If you or someone you love is into the great outdoors then snag them some hiking essentials. It’s one of the best gifts from Norway since people here love going outside.

Therefore, there is a ton of epic outdoor equipment to choose from that is available at prices that are competitive with, if not better than, the international market.

Plus, since there is a big demand for high-end hiking accessories, you’ll always find a large supply of items available.

My faves include a Merino wool t-shirt, protective shell jackets, fleece, backpacks, trekking poles (gotta protect those knees while enjoying those Norway hiking trails), and more.

Another one I love is the ‘sitteunderlag’. It’s a compact pad that protects you from the cold and wet ground while portable pads provide comfort against the cold and damp terrain while seated outdoors.

Pro Tip: Before you consider what to buy in Norway, make sure you understand waterproof, windproof, and temperature ratings. This way the outdoor gear you buy will suit your needs.

2. Norwegian Trolls

A Norwegian troll with brown hair and a pointy nose is standing on a mountains with a white ice cream cone. This is one of the best gifts from Norway.

In Norwegian folklore, trolls are depicted as reclusive beings with tight-knit families that live in secluded mountains, rocks, and caves.

These mythical creatures are often harmful to people. However, trolls have still become a huge part of contemporary Norwegian culture.

So, you can find them well-represented in any Norwegian souvenir shop. Typically you’ll find an array of dolls, toys, key chains, and figurines that make a perfect gift for children.

However, for anyone with more eclectic taste, you could always bring a garden troll home with you.

These are also pretty affordable if you’re worried your trip to Norway might be too expensive.

3. Anything Pewter

If you’re wondering about the best things to buy in Norway then try getting something pewter.

Not only is this Norwegian souvenir high-quality and affordable, but it is authentic to Norway.

This tin-based alloy was once referred to as the “common man’s silver”, and is used in keepsakes, candle holders, cutlery, candle holders, cups, decorative pieces, and more.

But, the best part? You can pewter in basically any village in Norway. And if you stop by a local Norwegian souvenir shop you can get pewter adorned with awesome, traditional Nordic and Viking designs.

That being said, do know that some of these designs may not be authentically Norwegian. But, I seriously doubt anyone at home will know or care.

Pro Tip: For a more authentic souvenir from Norway, head to an antique store and see what kind of pewter items you can find. If they are super old, be careful because they may contain lead.

4. Knitwear

Six turtleneck sweaters from Norway. The comes in many patterns and make some of the best souvenirs from Norway.

As you probably already know, Norway gets pretty flipping cold in the winter. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Norwegians have been using knitwear to help them stay warm for a really long time.

So, one of the best souvenirs from Norway HAS to be some knitwear. It’s typically made from wool and comes in an array of super fun patterns.

Just be aware that while Dale of Norway is great, many cheaper items are actually imported from abroad and are not super authentic.

5. Yarn

Step inside Norway for five minutes and you’ll see a ton of sheep. So, if you or someone you love is a knitter then get them some authentic, Norwegian yarn.

Yarn made of 100% Norwegian wool is available everywhere in Norway. Plus, because knitting is such a popular activity, you can find good deals on the large volumes of yarn sold in stores.

For the best deals though, skip the yarn store and go to a Coop grocery store instead.

6. Rosemailing

Rosemailing is one of the best and most authentic souvenirs from Norway. Pronounced, “roo-suh-mah-ling” it means “rose painting” in English.

They are super pretty and an age-old art form that is typically used on wooden items. So, you’ll find it on a lot of plates, cutting boards, trunks, spoons, cake boxes, etc.

You can even find it inside many Norwegian museums if you don’t want to take some home with you. Just expect to pay a steep price since rose mailing is usually handmade and of high quality.

7. Sheep Pelts

Sheep pelts are popular and make for an epic gift from Norway since they are warm and versatile.

Unlike store-bought wool and rugs and what have you, the ones you’ll find in Norway are of much better quality, with thicker, longer hair.

You’ll also find them in every color and can seamlessly match them to your home decor.

Just check import rules and ensure the pelt is properly treated before taking this Norway souvenir home with you.

8. Reindeer Pelts

A herd of reindeer standing in the snow in Norway. They are grazing and eating.

I just like reindeer and would never want to take a pelt home with me. But, I have a lot of friends who LOVE reindeer pelts and think they are the best Norway souvenir ever.

I mean, they’re warm, have serious Norway vibes since reindeer are EVERYWHERE, and have a rustic feel to them that adds to the ambiance of your home.

Just remember that reindeer hair is hollow. So, don’t throw your pelt on the floor because it will get ruined. Instead, hang it on the wall or throw it on top of your bed.

It’s also good to check with border control and make sure you can bring one home. Also, check to see if the pelt is properly treated so you can travel with it (most sold in souvenir stores are).

Pro Tip: You can tell if a reindeer pelt has been treated if you flip it over and it has a clean, white look. If it’s tough and brown then it’s untreated.

9. Bunad or Festdrakt

A woman with dark brown hair wearing a Bunad. It is green and sits under a white colored shirt and has colorful flowers embroidered on it.

Hand downs this is one of the most authentic Norway souvenirs on this list. However, it is super pricey and will cost you around $2500.00 – not including any of the fancy silver buttons/jewelry.

But, if you have the cash to spend then splurge on yourself and get a Norwegian Bunad. It’s a traditional Norwegian outfit with distinct designs that vary from region to region.

Crafted from robust wool and designed to suit the cooler climes of Norway, the bunad is stunning and its creation is closely monitored to ensure this historic craft doesn’t die out.

In contrast, the festdrakt looks a lot like a bunad but is less regionally specific and doesn’t have strict rules surrounding its production.

As a result, the festdrakt comes in two versions: the ones that are pricey like the bunad, and more affordable ones.

If you have kids go with a Festdrakter since they’ll grow out of it quickly. But, both make great Norwegian souvenirs if you want to wear some authentic local gear.

10. Christmas Decor

When I don’t know what to get my great aunt Mildred (or anyone) I typically just get her a Christmas ornament from wherever I am and call it a day.

Well, this works exceptionally well in Norway since they have some pretty epic Christmas decorations.

If you want to go full Norwegian then get a gnome (aka a Norwegian nisse). They’re fairly cute and wear nifty little wool sweaters.

However, if gnomes aren’t your thing then try tealight lanterns, handcrafted ornaments, or a star for the top of the tree.

11. Akevitt

A pink, Akevitt cocktail sits in a stemless wine glass and is pink with green leaves as a garnish. There are silver muddlers and tools for mixing the cocktail in the background.

If you like to imbibe from time to time then Akevitt might just be the best souvenir from Norway for you.

Akevitt (or Aquavit) is a traditional Scandinavian spirit that is distilled from grains or potatoes and infused with a blend of herbs and spices.

It’s typically enjoyed neat and served at ambient temperature. For the ultimate Norwegian experience, pair it with a crisp Pilsner and every day will feel like a holiday.

It’s pretty strong though, so you may need to head to the Vinmonopolet for this Norwegian souvenir.

However, you can often find a better deal at duty-free shops before heading back home. Yeah, that’s one of the Norwegian travel tips I learned the hard way.

12. Tine

Pronounced as “tee-nuh” for anyone who doesn’t speak Norwegian, this classic gift from Norway is an old-school wooden container that is designed to store and transport cakes.

Yeah, think of it as the very first, super snazzy Tupperware. Anyway, it is one of the best souvenirs from Norway that is made from wood and features intricate carvings.

It can also have elaborate painted designs and even Norwegian rosemaling on it. And if you’re feeling really energetic, head to an antique store to see if you can find a cool vintage one.

13. Licorice

A line of red licorice straws laying on a white table.

I am not a big fan of licorice. But, it is an epic treat in Norway. So, if you’re not sure what to buy in Norway then you can always pick up this popular treat.

It’s also available in a ton of different textures and flavors. So, you should be able to find some licorice that you love.

However, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate-covered licorice ball. I mean, really? Who doesn’t like chocolate?

14. Norwegian Brown Cheese

A square of brown cheese sitting on a yellow plate with other brown cheese in the background. They all it on a wood table.

Yeah, I know it’s a little bizarre and I would not suggest getting Brown Cheese for just anyone. Because like cilantro, brown cheese is a “love it or hate it” kind of souvenir from Norway.

Anyway, it’s brown because it’s caramelized on the outside. TBH, it doesn’t taste anything like cheese but is very Norwegian. So, deffo taste it while you’re here and bring it home if you like it

Per usual, just check to make sure you can take milk-based products home on the plane with you.

In particular, Gudbrandsdalen brown cheese is quite good and made from a mixture of cow’s and goat’s milk that has been pasteurized and then cooked in whey.

It has a sweet flavor and can be picked up in just about any grocery store.

15. Whale Sausage

This is one of the best souvenirs from Norway for any adventurous eaters out there. Essentially, whale sausage is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s also very Norwegian since whale hunting has always been an important practice for anyone living on the coast.

Thankfully, whale hunting today is closely monitored today. So, you don’t have to feel terrible about purchasing this product.

I’d try and get this unique sausage in a specialty shop just because the percentage of whale meat in the sausages in the grocery store is usually quite low.

However, if you don’t want to take some home then try some whale meat at a local restaurant serving Norwegian cuisine.

16. Silver Jewelry

For a unique and portable Norwegian souvenir, consider classic silver jewelry.

It’s a subtle yet exquisite way to express one’s love of Norwegian culture, all without having to go broke on a Bunad.

While silver jewelry is readily available in most major jewelry stores, head to a specialty shop to get pieces handcrafted by a local artisan.

Yes, it will be expensive, but it’s worth it IMHO.

17. Norwegian Art

When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a piece of Norwegian art as an amazing souvenir from Norway.

After all, Norway is home to a wide array of contemporary, classic, and sometimes eclectic galleries where you can pick up paintings, statues, photographs, and more.

Just be sure you know something about art and deffo have it shipped home so that you don’t have to carry it around during your Norwegian road trip.

18. Hardangerbestikk

Do you or anyone you know love to cook? If so then get them some Hardangerbestikk cutlery.

After all, Hardanger cutlery is made of stainless steel and is known for its exceptionally good quality. It also features a sleek, Nordic design and can even go in the dishwasher.

Just do yourself a favor and check to see how much it weighs before attempting to bring it on the plane.

19. Chocolate

Three beautiful chocolate truffles sitting on a table. One is wrapped in gold and another has a vanilla top.

Hey, you can’t go wrong with chocolate since just about everyone loves chocolate. Now, like most countries, Norway has its very own brands and flavors.

I like Freia and Nidar, with Freia’s Firkløver being a personal fave since it comes with hazelnuts.

I also appreciate that Norwegian chocolate is quite different than American chocolate in terms of the balance of sweetness to bitterness.

So, if you’re looking for a nice, cheap Norwegian gift that everyone will love then you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Best Souvenirs from Norway FAQs

What’s the Best Thing to Buy in Norway?

The best thing to buy in Norway is some homemade knitwear. Whether you buy socks, sweaters, or mittens, you can’t go wrong with anything from Dale of Norway.

The quality and craftsmanship are second to none, with everything being 100% Norwegian.

What is Norway Most Famous For?

Norway is most famous for breathtaking mountains, stunning Norwegian fjords, lush forests, and outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing.

What Snacks to Buy in Norway?

Some of the best snacks to buy in Norway are Totenflak chips, Troika, Peanøtt kubbe, and Kvikk lunsj.

What is Norway Best For?

Norway is best for anyone who loves the great outdoors. You can explore the fjords, climb the mountains, and enjoy a wide array of activities that all involve being outside.

That wraps up this guide to the best souvenirs from Norway.

Did your picks for what to buy in Norway make the list? If not then let me know.

And if you found this post useful be sure to join our Facebook group and email list for even more incredible tips.