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12 Fantastic Brunch Places in London!

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As a distinctly anti-morning person who loves carbs, I’m always on the lookout for fantastic brunch places in London since I love food but loathe getting up early.


Finding a London brunch spot that’s delicious and that won’t cost you a year’s worth of college tuition is about as easy as finding a decent man (or woman) to go out with on Tinder.


Not very easy at all. Kind of like finding the proverbial neddle in a haystack if you will.


To assist me in my eternal quest for the ever elusive, best brunch in London, I’ve enlisted the help of some super savvy locals who love brunch just as much as I do.


If you’re looking to get your brunchie swerve on while in London, then check out this list of the 12 best brunch spots in London.

Filled with a variety of bottomless brunches in London, as well as boozy brunches in London, cheap brunches in London, brunches with a view in London, and even some fancy brunches in London, this post really does have something for anyone who is searching for some of the top brunch places in London.

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1. Dirty Bones in Shoreditch

By: Milly Youngman of Mini Adventures

Delicious Avocado Crumpets from the legendary Dirty Bones in London.
Enjoy some delicious Avocado Crumpets and a nice boozy brunch in London at the legendary Dirty Bones.

With four locations all across London:

Each Dirty Bones restaurant has it’s own unique character and makes a great spot to enjoy a fantastic, bottomless brunch in London.


I love the stylish, Shoreditch location with its high ceilings, light colored walls, charming vintage touches, and large, open windows that let in ample amounts of light.

And if you’re not sure what to order, then try the Avocado Crumpets for £8.50.

Because let’s be honest, avocado toast is SOO last Instagram update.

In all seriousness though, the avocado in this dish was refreshingly smooth and laced with a hint of garlic for an extra bit of bite.

The crumpets themselves were warm, buttery, and perfectly toasted, creating a fantastic textural contrast to the creamy avocado.


A dash of tangy sriracha was added to the hollandaise to create a unique flavor combination that makes your palate sing with happiness.

Need a refreshment?

Then indulge in the Dirty Bones Bottomless Boozy Brunch where, for an hour and a half, you can enjoy unlimited brunch cocktails for £22 per person.

Let’s cheers to that!

2. Las Banderas in SOHO

By: Katie Hughes of What’s Katie Doing

Some of the amazing brunch options you'll find at Las Banderas in London.
Some of the amazing brunch options you’ll find at Las Banderas in London.

Wondering where to have brunch in London?

Then look no further than Las Banderas, one of my favorite new brunch spots in London.

Centrally located in Soho, near Theatreland and various West End shopping centers, this tapas restaurant serves up delicious food in generous portions.

For just £32 (Fever has tickets for £26):

You can get a bottomless brunch at Las Banderas Soho, which includes one signature brunch dish, as well as unlimited hot drinks, orange juice, cava, and sangria for 90 minutes.

Each of the brunch entrees served are thoughtfully prepared using dishes found on the restaurant’s main menu. 

When I dined here:

I tried the meatballs brekkie, as well as the vegetarian version.

The meatballs were perfectly prepared in a vegetable and tomato sauce, with a fried egg on top and patatas bravas on the side.

Trust me:

There was plenty of food on the plate and the assortment of colors and flavors made me quite happy.

In contrast:

The vegetarian version included aubergines baked in a rich tomato and herb sauce, served with a classic Spanish tortilla.

A playful twist on a classic brunch dish like eggs with toast.

Other brunch options include a pancake dish, as well as a jamon sandwich, with a vegetarian that showcases halloumi and avocado.

Yes, there truly is something for everyone at this amazing brunch restaurant in London!

3. Cafe East

By: Gemma and Campbell of Highlands 2 Hammocks

Try the eggs Benedict on sourdough bread at Cafe East and you won’t regret it.

If you wander down Roman Road, near Mile End:

It’s not uncommon to see a long line of people, all queueing in eager anticipation for a hearty snack.

Follow this line of excited foodies and you’ll see a small, wooden door, with a simple sign in red writing that reads, “Café East”.

One of the top brunch places in London:

Café East is known for serving delicious food at a reasonable price.

So whether you’re in the mood for something classic, like smashed avocado, or something a little more modern, like a vegan fry-up, Cafe East has something that you’re sure to enjoy.

Our personal favorite os the Eggs Benedict on sourdough bread, AKA the ultimate hangover cure.

But trust me:

You can’t go wrong with anything that you order here.

You can even chase all this glorious food down with some freshly squeezed orange juice while you rub elbows with your neighbor and take in the restaurant’s warm and cozy atmosphere.

4. MILK, Balham

By: Jas and Bevan of The Travel Quandary

Breakfast for two at MILK in Balham.
Breakfast for two at MILK in Balham.

If you’re not a morning person, we guarantee that you will be after devouring brunch at MILK.

With regular queues of ravenous diners snaking down Hildreth Street on most weekend mornings, this eatery’s stellar reputation precedes itself as diners patiently wait to try some of the best coffee in London.

With a strict no reservation policy in place:

The staff of MILK will graciously pop outside and take your pre-brunch coffee order as you wait for an available table.

Once inside:

You’ll enjoy an array of ingredients that are sorced from fantastic, local suppliers like Cackleberry Farm in Gloucestershire, Cann Mills in Dorset and Northiam Diary in Sussex.

Even the coffee beans used in their legendary single origin espressos are imported from specialty coffee roasters like The Barn in Berlin and Koppi Coffee Roasters in Sweden.

When you’re ready to order:

Definitely try “The Convict” if you’re looking for full English fare.


You also can’t go wrong with the “Young Betty”, which consists of two poached eggs, served with roasted butternut squash, and atop some crispy, sourdough bread.

A true culinary delight of epic proportions.

5. Dishoom

By: Eniko Krix of Travel Hacker Girl

Dishoom has some of the best brunch dishes in all of London.
Dishoom has some of the best brunch dishes in all of London.

Home to some of the best Indian food in London:

Dishoom is the perfect place to relax and have brunch before you start an exhausting day of sightseeing around London.

Serving guests high-quality Indian food that makes you feel as though you’re actually in Mumbai, one of Dishoom’s most popular brunch specialties is the freshly made naan roll, which comes in varieties like sausage, egg, and omelet, all of which are topped with a bit of chili tomato jam.


And if you’re feeling a bit parched, try the delightfully sweet, house chai, which also comes with free refills!


The service is always top-notch, and the atmosphere is fun and relaxing since there is an assortment of eclectic messages and adverts all over the place.

Before, you leave though:

Be sure to visit the bathroom since the decor is quite cool. 

Also, remember that:

Even though Dishoom has several locations throughout central London, this eatery is very popular and gets quite crowded.


Always book ahead, especially on the weekends.

6. Sketch

By: Melissa Hogan of Suitcase and Heels

A delicious, deconstructed, English breakfast at Sketch in London.
A delicious, deconstructed, English breakfast at Sketch in London.

I’ll admit it:

I planned to brunch at Sketch because of Instagram.

All those photos of plush pink dining rooms were just mesmerizing and I wanted to see it all for myself.


What I didn’t realize, when I made my reservation, was that Sketch actually has a collection of dining rooms, all of with have unique designs.

And this vision in Pink? Yeah, it’s only found in The Gallery.

And as it turns out:

When I visited for brunch, I was served in the Parlour, which has a decorative style that is akin to Alice in Wonderland meets Louis XV on acid.

So even though it wasn’t pink:

This dining room was still a feast for the eyes which was great since I was dining alone and didn’t want to constantly have my nose in my phone.

Like everything else here:

The menu was a bit quirky, so I ordered a deconstructed full English that included two poached eggs with tomato concassé, Cumberland sausage, black pudding, Portobello mushrooms, and bacon, with a side of toast and a pot of tea.

Because I mean, when in England… am I right?

Well, this eatery somehow managed to simultaneously elevate and breakdown a typical full English.

And their efforts were delicious.

I also somehow missed their super Instagrammable bathroom pods since I was directed to this dark, mirrored, night club style toilet.

I guess this just means that I need to go back for Afternoon Tea, doesn’t it?


Brunch was a bit pricey at £15 for brunch and £4 for tea, but the ambiance and photo ops were all worth it.

That’s why brunch at Sketch is definitely one of the many super cool things to do in London.

7. London Chinatown Restaurant

By: Mei and Kerstin of Travel with Mei and Kerstin

When talking about brunch in London, most people think of Eggs Benedict, bacon, beans, pancakes, fresh fruit, and of course a glasses of mimosas.

While this all sounds delicious:

We prefer dim sum for brunch when visiting London. Translated to “heart’s delight” in English, dim sum consists of small, bite-size portions of Chinese food.


Most dim sum is steamed and served with hot tea, making this one of the healthier brunch option in London.

Truth be told:

We’ve actually had several travel mishaps in London, but we keep returning for the delicious dim sum that is found in London’s Chinatown.

In fact:

London has the best Chinatown, and some of the freshest and most authentic Chinese food, in all of Europe.

During our last visit two months ago:

We dined at “London Chinatown Restaurant” located at 27 Gerrard Street.


When dining in authentic, Chinese restaurants, always remember that what matters most to Chinese people is hot and delicious food that is served quickly.


Don’t expect fantastic service from a kind and patient waitstaff.


Expect nothing but delicious dim sum, and that’s exactly what you’ll get.


If you decide to visit London Chinatown Resturant for yourself, be sure to order the Ha Gao (shrimp dumplings), Siu Mai (pork dumplings), and Char Siu Bao (a fluffy barbecue-pork filled bun).


My favorites are the Cheung Fan (rice noodle rolls filled with barbecued pork or shrimp in a sweetened soy sauce), and the mango pudding, egg tarts, and Malay steamed sponge cake for dessert.

Truly the yummiest way to end brunch in London’s Chinatown.

8. Sparrow in Lewisham

By: Claire Delplancq of Claire Imaginarium

A traditional brunch at Sparrow.
A traditional brunch at Sparrow.

Far off the well-trodden, London tourist track is Lewisham, a cosmopolitan neighborhood in the south of Greenwich.

It is here that you’ll find Sparrow, a restaurant opened by a husband-and-wife duo who honor their cultural heritage by fusing English recipes with Sri Lankan flavors.

Favoring local products and seasonal ingredients:

Sparrow serves a uniquely wonderful brunch during the weekend with dishes like full-English breakfast, Eggs Benedict, and more traditional Sri Lanka menu items like poori masala and appam. 

I recommend trying the appam, a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast that is similar to a pancake and made with fermented rice and coconut milk.

If you’re REALLY hungry, then order the full English and try it with one of Sparrow’s fresh juices or delicious smoothies.

Once you’ve eaten:

Take a leisurely, post-brunch stroll through Hilly Fields and enjoy some of the fantastic, panoramic city views that this park has to offer.

9. Darwin Brasserie at Sky Garden

By: Clare Dewey of Epic Road Rides

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?How every Sunday should start. This breakfast. This view. ? #skygardenlove #skygarden #darwinbrasserie #brunch #london #london?? @shelondoner

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Whenever I get a chance, I visit Darwin Brasserie at Sky Garden in London’s iconic Walkie Talkie building.

I’m a HUGE fan of the brunch here since it combines some of my favorite things: yummy food at a fair price, incredible views, stylish decor, and fantastic service.  

Seriously, what more could you ask for?

The weekend brunch here consists of a pre-set, three-course menu for £39.50 per person.

Both the starters and desserts are served buffet style, while all the main courses are prepared to order; a style of service that creates a relaxing, unpretentious atmosphere where diners feel truly comfortable.

While the menu does change from time to time:

Some highlights from my last visit were the clementine and dill cured salmon starter, the eggs florentine, and the sticky toffee pudding for dessert. 

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the view!

To get to Darwin Brasserie, just catch the lift to Sky Garden, a publicly accessible viewing area.

From here:

Walk up the stairs, through the tropical gardens, and into the restaurant, where you’llfind exquisite views over the whole of London.

10. The Blues Kitchen

By: Anisa of Two Traveling Texans

Delicious Huevos Rancheros from The Blues Kitchen.
Delicious Huevos Rancheros from The Blues Kitchen.

The Blues Kitchen is a southern-style, American restaurant that serves an amazing London boozy brunch on the weekends. 

For £17:

You can add two hours of bottomless drinks to your entree and enjoy as many Proseccos, Bloody Marys, and Mimosas as you want.

After our visit, we had a day of sightseeing planned so we opted for a delicious, spiked milkshake instead.  

With a menu full of traditional brunch favorites, with a little southern twist, everything prepared here is absolutely delicious.

My husband, Russell ordered the crab cakes benedict and I had the huevos rancheros.

And while my dish was delicious, the crab cakes were some of the best I’ve ever tasted (we also ordered the cornbread too which was amazing).


The prices were reasonable, the service was excellent, and they had this amazingly funky decor that consisted of an old-fashioned camper with tables inside.

So I’ll definitely be back!

And while Blues Kitchen wasn’t too busy when we visited, I would still make a reservation, especially in the evenings when they have live music, since it is one of the best restaurants in Shoreditch.

But if Shoreditch isn’t convenient for you, they also have locations in Brixton and Camden as well.

11. Brindisa at Borough Market

By: Maire Bonheim of Temples and Treehouses

The chargrilled chorizo on sourdough  toast from Brindisa.
The chargrilled chorizo on sourdough toast from Brindisa.

If you’re doing some solo travel through London:

Borough Market is an amazing food market that you absolutely must visit.

Popular among locals and tourists alike:

This market sits just under the railway arches of London Bridge station and is a brilliant London brunch spot in its own since it’s brimming with amazing street food and snacks on the go.


If you’re looking for a more formal, sit down brunch experience then definitely visit Brindisa, right by the market’s entrance.

This Spanish tapas restaurant is where you’ll find some of the most delicious food in London.


My favorite dishes are the chargrilled spicy chorizo sausage on sourdough toast, the fried goat’s cheese with honey, and the crispy croquetas with gooey ham and cheesy centers.


Throughout the summer, you can people watch at a table outside in the sun. You can also enjoy the cozy interior during the winter as you sip on espressos and sample rich, tasty tapas.


Since Brindisa is quite popular and gets busy during lunchtime, brunch is the perfect time to visit since you’ll get there before the crowds arrive.


If you’re looking for something a bit stronger than coffee, they have a great selection of Spanish wines and sherries.

12. Sunday

By: Josy Austin of A Walk and a Lark

Sunday is a sweet little brunch restaurant on the charming, residential street in Islington, just North of Kings Cross.

They do serve (excellent) traditional English breakfast with all the trimmings, but their best brunch items involve American-style food.

Imagine giant stacks of pancake and bacon, or chicken and waffles. 


I love the courgette fritters (zuccini to Americans) that come with halloumi. I’m also slightly addicted to the corn fritters that are served with tasty salmon and a pile of avocado.

Get in my Belly!

 The only problem with Sunday is the wait. The food is so beautifully Instagramable that if you attempt to eat here during the weekend, expect a long wait.

That’s why:

I suggest either visiting mid-week or if you do come during the weekend, eat with a small group so they can squeeze you in more quickly. 

After you’ve finished your meal:

Pop up the road to the ivy-covered Hemingford Arms.

This pub is pretty close to Sunday, has super friendly bartenders, and some incredibly quirky decorations that are fun to see in person.

If you’re up to it:

You can also try to walk off your brunch with a stroll through the beautiful, Capital Ring – Section 12.  

There you have, a local’s guide to the top 12 fun brunches in London!

An essential London brunch guide since friends that brunch together, don’t die alone and get eaten by a herd of cats!

I jest, I jest!

But I now feel much more motivated to get my butt out of bed and check out some of the best bottomless brunches in London.

I am also down with any excuse to eat carbs until I’m sporting a mega food baby and my stomach cries out, “no more”.

And if this post leaves you yearning to try some of the best spots for brunch in London, then pin this now and read it again later!


Robert Jackson

Wednesday 26th of June 2019

These all look delicious. Would love to feed my stomach there. And totally agree with you that we should count our meal too.


Thursday 27th of June 2019

Lol. So glad that you enjoyed the article and thank you so much for reading!

Josephine Austin

Monday 15th of April 2019

Oh my goodness, this post makes me miss all the amazing brunches (including bottomless brunches) in London!

These all sound good, but I have to give a double thumbs up for the bacon sarnie in naan bread at Dishoom. It makes me sooo happy! ;)

Thank you so much for including me in this tasty looking post! I hope you get to try lost of them next time you're in London!


Monday 15th of April 2019

Thanks so much for your contribution and for giving me some great ideas for the next time that I'm in town!


Tuesday 5th of March 2019

Some fantastic brunch places in London on your list. I've only visited the blues kitchen from your list, but now I'll be on a lookout. Thanks for the great article :)


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