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The ULTIMATE Packing List for Europe

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Hello travel fans! Today we’ll be discussing the not-so-riveting details of my awesomely wonderful packing list for Europe.


Possibly one of the most boring topics ever! Hooray!! I know you’re totally happy dancing it our right now.

But seriously:

I know packing lists are about as exciting as watching paint dry, but they are a necessary evil none the less.

I mean:

Are you the type of woman who wears nothing but black leggings 345 days out of the year, but, then magically, wants to bring ALL the things when it comes time to pack for your very European vacation?

High five because I am right there with ya.

It’s like somehow, when I travel, I want to pack for every situation possible, a nuclear apocalypse included.

That’s why:

I clearly need that ultra-fab, totally retro gas mask because I mean seriously, do you ever really know when the world is about to end?


If this at all sounds like you, or I made you chuckle even a little bit, then keep reading because this champion of overpacking has used this packing list for Europe to help whittle her belongings down to a single carry on bag.

Impressive no?

Okay, and a small backpack, but whatever. We all need a day bag.

Bare in mind though:

Europe is a huge ass continent with an assortment of different weather patterns.


Packing for winter in Stockholm will be totally different than packing for summer in Seville.


This packing list for Europe is a great, overall guide that will help you remember all of those pesky little travel essentials (cough, like your passport) when preparing for your next trip to Europe. It’ll also be incredibly helpful if you’re wondering things like, “what to wear in Germany in July?”

Use this packing list for Europe to help you prepare for your next trip to this amazing continent.
Use this packing list for Europe to help you prepare for your next trip to this amazing continent.

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Toiletries


Discussing the finer points of toiletry packing doesn’t exactly make me tingle all over and want to frolic around in jubilation 


I also don’t want cockroaches cha-cha-ing at my feet because I smell like Oscar the Grouch during my European vacay.


Personal hygiene should never go on vacation just because you’re traveling to Europe (AKA Just say no to BO!).


We should definitely discuss toiletries, at least a little bit, so that you don’t forget anything super important like a toothbrush.

But honestly, toiletry packing for Europe is not that difficult.

You’ll need basically the same essentials that you would anywhere else.

You know:

Must-haves like a hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, moisturizer, contact lens solution (if you wear contacts), medication, and any makeup or sanitary products that you can dream up.


If you do have a momentary brain fart and forget something uber-important, no need for a Mount Vesuvius style eruption.

Trust me:

Most parts of Europe are uber cosmopolitan and will have just about anything you could ever want.


In terms of toiletry bags, I usually just throw all my shi…, I mean stuff, in a ziplock bag and call it a day since I’m no glamazon.


I recently decided to become a bit more organized and bought this wonder of a toiletry bag.

Not only does it come with a durable hanging hook that makes everything 10,000 times easier to find, but it also has a sturdy zipper, a breathable mesh pouch, a strong handle, and is large enough to carry everything I need (the heavens open up and sing with joy).

Added bonus?

This bag only costs $16 which is pretty perfect since no one wants to spend a year’s salary on a bag that will only ever see the inside of a bathroom.

***Don’t forget your sunscreen in the summer and your chapstick in the winter. No one wants to look like a wrinkly prune with lips that are sandpaper soft.***

2. Inflatable Neck Pillow

I HATE sleeping on planes since I never actually get to.


I just sit there, wide awake, plagued by a perpetual case of insomnia while everyone else is slumbering away and quietly dreaming about the charm and beauty of Europe. 

At the end of a long-haul flight:

I tend to look more like a zombie than an actually human being who is about to live it up on vacay.


The one thing that makes the entire ordeal even sremotely tolerable is a neck pillow.

And my pillow of choice is the inflatable daydreamer neck pillow.

Not only does it give me the neck support that I need to sleep on a plane, but it’s also easy to pack since it occupies a fraction of the space that a normal neck pillow does.

I just deflate it, roll it up, place it in my carry on, and marvel at the space I save for my multitude of other carry on essentials.


It even has a velvety soft exterior and a built-in air pump for easy inflation.


This little sleep-inducing marvel will help you get the rest you need while taking up minimal real estate in your carry on.

And when all else fails, just pack some Melatonin (a natural, sleep-inducing vitamin), and you’ll sleep better than any baby ever could.

3. Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger

Raise your hand if you’re a cellphone addicted Millennial like me!


Just like the rest of my overly self-indulgent, internet lovin’ generation, I too would probably fall down an elevator shaft or get devoured by a rabid raccoon if I didn’t have my GPS (I love you Google mpas!) with me at all times.


It’s beyond imperative that I keep my phone fully charged and ready to go at all times.


It’s a full scale, code red level, national emergency when the battery on my phone does die.

Houston, we have a problem.

But, that’s where this pint-sized portable charger comes in mighty handy.

Prepare to be amazed (kidding). 

So take a deep cleansing breath, namaste it up, and chill because this gadget recharges multiple devices and can save you from the nightmare that is having a dead phone.

The best part though?

This charger is so small that it can easily fit inside your makeup bag, or wallet if you’re a non-makeup wearing weirdo like me, leaving plenty of space for super important things like that Harry Potter wand that you just HAD to buy at Universal Studios.

I get it. The Muggle struggle is real (if you hate Harry Potter just ignore this).

4. Camera Gear

Between the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Colosseum of Rome, Europe has a ton of amazing landmarks that you’ll definitely want to take pictures of.

Truth be told though:

If I wasn’t an “influencer” (God, I hate that term. It makes me feel like a self-absorbed jerk), I would probably skip the camera and just take pictures with my cell phone.

Like in simpler times, when I wasn’t a blogger and I didn’t have to document every moment of my life.

But I swear, I really do love blogging, minus taking photos of myself.


What I’m trying to say is that unless you want to draw everything by hand, you’ll probably need camera gear to help you remember your trip.

Unless, of course, it was awful. Then, you really don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

But that’s a story for another post.

Now, back to camera gear.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of selfie sticks (aka Instagram wonder wands) since I feel like a total moron when I use one.

That’s why:

As a die-hard solo traveler, with no Instagram husband in sight, I suck it up, force my eyelids open before dawn, and drag my tripod around to help me take pictures as people silently judge me.


It’s 110% as un-fun as it sounds, but totally worth it once you get a bunch of amazing pictures that make you feel like you might actually be getting the hang of this Instagram thing.


If you still want to use a selfie stick, that’s totally cool. No judgment here. I just don’t like it for me.

Just be aware of the fact that in most major cities, a selfie stick is probably the single, best indicator that you’re a naive and unsuspecting tourist.

And speaking of tourist (terrible segway I know):

There are a few other photography essentials that you might want to add to your Europe packing list.

You know, things like spare batteries, extra memory cards, any type of lens you may need (I usually pack a zoom and wide angle lens), a UV filter, and a great camera bag to store all this expensive AF gear.

My favorite camera bag just happens to be any of the amazing bags over at GATTA since this company makes the highest quality and most stylish camera bags that I’ve ever seen.


They’re a bit on the pricey side, but totally worth the investment in my humble opinion.

Because trust me:

I’ve had camera bags break on me, mid-trip and it’s never fun and always anxiety inducing when you’re constantly wondering if today is the day when your camera will finally be annihilated.

I happen to love the Rosewood Camille (above) and the Chloe Noir (smaller, chic, and black).

Both are stylish on the outside, with a fabulous, felt like interior and adjustable divider on the inside that creates a customizable fit to cushion your camera and help protect it againast damage.

PSST: Remember to pack extra Ziploc bags to put your wet clothes in or to keep your electronics dry.

5. Collapsible Water Bottle

I know:

Not the sexiest or most fashionable item on this packing list for Europe, but still totally essential.


When you’re visiting Europe in the middle of summer, and can’t find a water fountain as far as the eye can see, trust me, your water bottle will start to become Magic Mike level sexy. 


Water bottles not only help you save money on drinks but they also protects the environment by reducing your overall plastic consumption.

Added bonus?

Left wing hippies everywhere will stop throwing shade your way since you’ll no longer be guzzling down filthy, mass-produced, environment destroying diet cokes (all a joke since I LOVE diet coke).


Most European cities have tons of water fountains where you can easily fill up your water bottle without trekking the length of the El Camino de Santiago.

But why buy THIS water bottle?

Well, it’s a nifty, collapsible water bottle that will take up almost no space in your bag when you’re not using it.


No more bulky water bottles that seem to take up way too much space, and for no good reason.


Just deflate this water bottle, roll it up, and, BAM, you now have a ton of space for other, more important things,like snacks.

Just take the handle strap, pass it under the rolled up water bottle, and then hook the strap to the plastic ring that attaches the strap to the water bottle

And that’s it. Poof, you’re packing for Europe like a BOSS.

The only tiny downside is that it doesn’t fit in the side pocket of my backpack.

Which is annoying because:

When it’s full, I kind of have to carry it around everywhere since I’m way too nervous that it will leak all over my electronics if I put it inside my day bag.

But, a small price to pay for space saving glory.

6. PINCNEL Women’s Backpack and Purse

It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel!

Sorry, but that is one of my fave lines from the Hangover and I just had to use it.

But, mildly lame movie quotes aside:

Clearly, you’ll need a super sleek, stylish, and totally practical day bag to hold all your crap, I mean stuff, as you’re strutting around Europe like a total baller.

And yes:

This PINCNEL Women’s Backpack will definitely elevate you to baller status, even if it’s just in your head.

And added bonus?

It’s in black! And I mean honestly, who doesn’t love black?

Because seriously, it’s the perfect color. It’s slimming, it matches everything, and it helps you blend in so that rookie thieves don’t try and separate you from your precious belongings.


What really makes this bag one of the best carry on bags for women is the fact that it’s available in six colors, has a unique, waterproof/antitheft design (the leather is fused with nylon so that it can withstand slashing), and can hold a 10″ MacBook, among other things!

Pretty sweet right?

A bag that’s big enough to hold all your essentials, but not so big that you’ll develop scoliosis and begin to resemble one of Willy Wonka’s singing, Oompa Loompas (They’re sweet, but not when you look like one).


This backpack even has a back zipper that you can use access the main compartment.


Say goodbye to thievery since there is no way that anyone can open your bag and steal your belongings when the main compartment zipper is resting against your back.

But…There’s more!

There are also two adjustable shoulder straps, one detachable crossbody strap (use this in museums that don’t permit backpacks), and a slew of interior and exterior pockets to keep you organized while strutting around like a super snazzy beast (FYI, I mean that in a good, sexy beast kind of way).

And all this for just $26!!! Can I get a woot woot? 

Yeah, no way are you gonna find a backpack that cheap and that awesome while in Western Europe.


Eastern Europe maybe since the prices there tend to be much more reasonable.

***If you’re looking for a carry-on bag to add to your packing list for Europe, my pick is the Hynes Eagle 38L. It has a top handle, a side handle, and even adjustable, air mesh padded shoulder straps that make it easier to carry since this bag has an enormous, 38 L capacity. Plus, you can easily convert this carry-on into a duffel bag so that you can stow it in the overhead compartment or under your seat. Plus, it costs just $62.99, comes in a variety of colors, includes a set of three packing cubes, and has compression buckle straps that can adjust to your height. But, if you’re still not convinced, check out this article on the top carry-on bags for women!***

7. Skinny Jeans

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My name is Girl with the Passport (but you can call me Kelly), and I like jeans that fit like mom jeans but that make my butt look good.

Who’s with me?

I know you are since we all (men included) wanna look good and feel SUPER comfortable.


Muffin top free is always the way to be.


That’s not me up there in those wicked awesome jeans. Yeah, I’m not in the habit of taking pictures of myself while I lounge around in my jeans.


Anyway, those Aviator travel jeans up there, yeah, they’re kind of sort of a big deal.

That’s why:

No packing list for Europe would be complete without an uber cute pair of dark skinny jeans.

But I assure you, these are not just any skinny jeans.


They are quite literally THE most comfortable pair of jeans that I’ve ever owned.

They’re also true to size, make you look/feel amazing, and have five insanely large pockets, with zippers, that can even hold your ridiculously large passport.

But the cherry on top of this sundae of awesome?

These jeans are so well made that they will probably last longer than that archaic Twinkie that’s been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store since 1955.


These jeans are also durable, flexible, and totally breathable.


No need to feel like a swamp thing (at least your bottom half) as you walk off your plane,


I go with a dark wash, or black, pair of jeans since I think they look a little chicer, but you can’t really go wrong with any of the jeans on Aviator’s site. 

The only not so tiny drawback?

Yeah, these jeans are $110 a pair. A rather large amount of money that I would never normally spend on a pair of jeans.


These pants are so well made that buying a single pair ends up being much cheaper than purchasing jeans of inferior quality every two months. 


If you go to their website, you can sign up for their email list, and get an extra 15% off!

That’s a $16.50 discount for all you non-math wizards out there; a discount that you can use towards buying another pair for your London packing list (insert cheeky emoji here)!


I know not everyone can afford a $110 pair of jeans.


If that sounds like you, then have a look at these Levi’s Gold Label Jeans.

I wore them before I got my Aviator’s and I think they’re a viable alternative if you don’t have a $100 to drop on a pair of pants.

I mean:

They look nice, are true to size, have a comfy elastic waistband (it’s also a control top waist that holds in your muffin top and makes you look a solid 5 pounds lighter), and cost just $25 a pair.

Perfect for any ladies out there who are on a budget but still wanna look fly like a G-6 (AKA Really hott).

8. Fashionable Black Leggings

If you’ve ever read my blog before, then you know of my incredible fondness for black leggings.

I mean:

What’s not to love? They’re comfortable AF, easy to pack, versatile, cheap, and are an all-around, essential item of clothing, even if you’re not traveling to Europe.

And if anyone knows a decent pair of leggings, it’s this chick right here.


When I return home after a trip, I turn into a total mutant and wear nothing but black leggings.

Which is totally fine since I work from home and only really interact with squirrels, in a nearby tree, on a daily basis.


In my defense, leggings don’t have to look compeltely lame or like they’re the only pair of pants that you can still fit into.

Just pair them with a nice chunky knit sweater, scarf, and pair of boots for a more casual look that still makes you appear as though you’ve actually showered sometime in the last week.


You can really go for the glory and dress your leggings up with a nice sequence dress and a glam pair of ballet flats if you want to wear something extra special for a hot night out on the town.


Not just any pair of leggings will do since not all leggings are created equally.

Trust me, I’m SUPER picky about the leggings I wear.

They need to be strong enough not to rip, but they also can’t make you look like you just walked out of the spin class from hell.

Haha, me, do a spin class? Talk about a JOKE! 

Anyway, I love these American Apparel leggings because they’re uber comfy (even after you wash them), but they come up over my stomach and prevent me from sporting a wicked awful muffin top.


Because leggings that are constantly falling down are the worst!


They cost just $20 and come in a variety of colors, with names that I won’t even try to pronounce.


Definitely give these leggings a try and let me know what you think.

9. Waterproof Boots

Depending on where you are in Europe, cough London, it can rain like a mofo.

And trust me:

There’s nothing worse than trying to have a good time with with soggy feet.


Waterproof shoes definitely need to be on ANY and EVERY packing list for Europe.

And obviously:

These shoes need to be cute AF since you don’t want to be mistaken for a rogue construction worker.


They also need to be Snuggie level comfortable since you’re gonna be doing A LOT of walking, some of which might be over cobblestone streets that are notoriously hard on your feet.

That’s why:

My pick for the perfect waterproof boot is the UGG Simmens!

Seriously one of the most comfortable and stylish walking shoes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.

(let the heavens open up and sing with joy)

But back to the shoes!

Not only are they cute AF, and mad comfortable to BOOT (get it), but they’re waterproof and come with a durable zipper that is insanely helpful at the airport when you need to quickly remove your shoes before walking through security.


They have a wool insole to keep your feet warm and a rubber sole for added traction.

That’s why:

These boots are particulalry perfect when traveling throughout Europe during the winter.


If you’re looking for a pair of boots that can withstand the wear and tear of Europe’s many cobblestone streets, but that will still look ultra fab while you strut it out like a boss, then these are the boots for you.


These boots do tend to run small so you may want to consider ordering a half size larger than you normally do.

10. Raincoat

Since it rains a lot in London (DUH), everyone must have a rain jacket on their London packing list.


Your trip to Europe will include nothing but sunshine, rainbows, daisies, butterflies, and unicorns.


If the worst should happen and you do encounter a typhoon level storm, then you need to be prepared with some top notch raingear.

Now personally:

I prefer a raincoat since they aren’t blown inside out and rendered totally useless by a strong gust of wind.


Raincoats aren’t exactly the best at protecting the contents of your day bag.

That’s why:

I typically pack a rain cover for my backpack and use a raincoat for myself. But it’s a personal choice, so always do what’s best for you.


If you do decide to go with a raincoat, then I highly recommend the Cole Haan packable raincoat! 

Not only does it neatly and easily fold up into your suitcase, but it also has a removable hood (I love this because I think raincoats always look so much sleeker without a hood) and a charming belt, that when sinched, gives you a more customizable, feminine fit.

I also love that the fabric is durable, comfortable, waterproof, and heavy enough to be worn throughout the spring and fall (just wear a sweater underneath during the fall so that you don’t freeze).

But, before you buy this awesome piece of protective rain gear:

Please be aware of the fact that this jacket does tend to run a bit small, especially throughout the back and arms,


I recommend ordering a size or two up if you think you might want to buy this jacket.


Prior to the start of any trip you take, always check the weather so that you don’t pack a ton of stuff that you really don’t need.

Because let’s be honest:

This is Europe, not the highest reaches of the Himalayas. Therefore, you’ll definitely be able to buy anything you could need if the worst should happen and you forget something.

11. Electronics and an International Adaptor

According to my incredibly helpful Google analytics, most of you out there appear to be American.

And God Bless America. But:

What I really want to say is that if you’re traveling to Europe, you’re gonna need a dual adapter and current converter since the outlets in Europe are a different shape, and voltage, than American electrical outlets (European appliances run on 220v of electricity while American outlets only run on 110v of electricity. And just to make it even trickier, the UK is different from the rest of Europe).

And I assume you’ll want to use your electronic while you travel since practically everyone on the planet now carries a mobile phone of some sort.


Even Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell had one way back when and we’ve only gotten more tech-dependent since the ye olde 1990’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong:

Most laptops, cellphones, and cameras should be totally fine, but many hair dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners won’t be.

These electronics just don’t support multiple voltages and will probably fry like bacon.

To be certain though:

Just check the tag on your appliance and make sure it explicitly states that your electronic device is dual voltage. If it is then you can use it.

And as stated above:

Because we all love our cell phones, maybe even more than our first born (kidding), you’ll obviously want to bring your smartphone with you to Europe. DUH.


If you want to use the internet while you’re abroad (To stalk your ex on Facebook and make sure that you did indeed win the breakup. Or is that just me?), you can buy a sim card and just put it in your unlocked phone before you fly to Europe.

But, I don’t actually do this.

I actually use T-Mobile and LOVE that I get unlimited data internationally for like $50 a month.

Whoop, whoop!

That’s why, I can basically use my phone’s WIFI almost anywhere in the world, at no extra cost to me.

 I can also make calls and text, but that service isn’t unlimited.

As a result:

You might want to get a sim card if you make a ton of calls and texts internationally. 


Don’t forget to pack a decent pair of headphones since this device is the only socially acceptable means by which you can ignore people who try and converse with you.


I love a good pair of noise-canceling headphones since they drown out any ambient noise and let me watch my movie and listen to my music in peace.

The perfect addition to any Europe packing list for an anti-social hermit me.

However, let’s be real:

Basically any pair of headphones will do. It just depends on your budget. 

Oh, and one other thing!

Some other electronics that you might want to pack include a tablet with a keyboard, a lightweight laptop, and an e-reader, like a Kindle

Just make sure that you choose wisely and don’t overpack!

12. Travel Insurance (Probably the most BORING addition to our packing list for Europe)


Nothing revs my engine more than discussing travel insurance…said no one ever.


I’m gonna try and keep the travel insurance talk to a minimum and cruise through this section like a boss.


I will now channel my inner mom and dad as I begin to lecture you about the importance of travel insurance, so be prepared.

Okay, truthfully?

You ALWAYS NEED travel insurance for EVERY single trip you take!


It’s tempting to forego insurance when you’re in a major city and you feel like nothing bad could possible happen.

And yes, I have done this in the past and no, nothing bad happened.

But seriously, don’t do it.

Because in reality, no one ever expects a horrible medical tragedy to befall them or for someone to steal all their stuff while they’re on vacay.

I mean:

I sure didn’t anticipate my wallet getting stolen in Barcelona or some a-hole scamming me out of thousands of dollars, right before my trip to Norway, forcing me to cancel the trip.


The older you get, the more dumb stuff you do, and eventually, something bad happens because your luck has finally run out.

And I promise:

You definitely don’t want to spend your vacation crying, desperately thinking, “If only I had purchased travel insurance”.

Which is why I always buy World Nomads Travel Insurance! 

Okay, they’re a smidge on the expensive side but so what?

Insurance is one of those things that you don’t want to skimp on. You just can’t afford to be cheap when it comes to your health and well-being (trust me, I’ve tried about a billion different companies and they are the best). 

But more importantly:

World Nomads travel insurance covers almost any destination that you might want to visit (except SUPER offbeat places like Pakistan), gives you a fantastic level of coverage that includes almost any travel mishap possible (except maybe getting impaled by a unicorn), is easy to customize, and can be extended or altered while you’re still traveling.

***If your gear is worth less than a $1000, get the basic plan. If your gear is worth more than a $1000, get the explorer plan (both have $100,000 worth of emergency medical coverage).*** 

So heed my words and purchase travel insurance, even if it’s not with World Nomads. 

Because trust me:

The last thing you want to do is declare bankruptcy because your medical bills are that expensive. 

Okay, lecture over.

Let’s think happy thoughts about puppies and gallons of ice cream that won’t ever make me fat!

13. A Stylish Dress

Dresses are an ABSOLUTE must in Europe.

Not only do they take up virtually no room in your luggage (especially if you roll them), but they also make you look well put together (like you actually tried without trying), and are super easy and breezy during the summer when it can be disgustingly hot throughout much of Europe.

That’s why:

Throughout the year, I rock the above, Vintage Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail Swing Dress by Grace Karen.

And at just $25 per dress:

This outfit is a total steal and a timeless look that can easily be paired with a cardigan, scarf, or jewelry to create an entirely different look.


This dress is loose enough to hide all of your lumps and bumps, but not so loose that you look like you’re wearing a glorified potato sack.

Added bonus?

This dress is true to size, virtually wrinkle-free, and comes in a variety of vibrant colors that will make you pop in your photos.

But what if you’re visiting Europe’s frigid North during the winter?

Trust me, I’ve bought many a sweater dress for the Arctic North.

And the problem?

Many of them are super skin tight and basically, make me look like I’m a solid 2 months pregnant.

Which is no bueno since my womb is, thankfully, vacant and not with child.

That’s why:

Throughout winter, I just skip the sweater dress altogether and substitute the above dress with the long sleeve version instead.


A truly fantastic dress that can easily be winterized with a pair of leggings, boots, and a chunky knit sweater.


To expertly hide any and all bodily imperfections, (because we all have them) don’t forget a handy pair of Spanx to help smooth things out and suck everything in.

14. Stylish Walking Shoes for Women

Okay, real talk?

I have a slight love/hate relationship with Steve Madden, slip-on sneakers.


A while back, I got quilted, Steve Madden slip-on sneakers, and they were exactly what I wanted. 

They were nicer than ordinary sneakers but also comfortable and easy to get on and off (Especially at the airport. But obviously, you MUST wear a pair of no show socks with them at the airport since those floors are NASTY!). 

But, the one huge flaw?

Yeah, before I broke them in, they gave me WICKED AWFUL blisters.

Full disclosure:

When I travel, I tend to walk for like 10 hours a day. Insane I know but my never ending struggle with FOMO is real.

Anyway, not surprisingly:

My blsiters eventually got so bad that I kind of started limping around like a very un-cute, Tiny Tim.

That’s why:

When I finally caved and bought these Steve Madden Women’s Gills Fashion Sneaker in leather, I was a bit worried about blisters.


I learned from my past mistakes and thoroughly researched this pair of shoes before I bought them. I also ordered a size up to guard against any possible blister formation. 

And I am delighted to report that my faith was not misplaced. 

In this shoe:

The heel is both rounded and padded, to help protect that back of your foot against blisters.

Mind you:

I would still wear no show socks with your shoes so that they don’t start to smell like a dung heap. 


They’re uber comfortable, last virtually forever (so you can justify the price tag), look good with almost any outfit (as long as you get them in a neutral color,) and are easy to put on and take off.

Just an all around, awesome pair of walking shoes that are perfect for any savvy world traveler, or for someone pretending to be one, like me.

15. Sandals

First rule of traveling to Europe:

You do not wear heels when traveling to Europe!

Second rule of traveling to Europe:

You do not wear backless sandals when traveling in Europe!


One word…Cobblestones. Yeah, they’re deadly.


They look all nice and quaint and cute and charming when they’re floating around your Instagram feed.


Try to walk on them and you might just sprain your ankle as your heel gets caught on an uneven cobblestone of doom!


No heels or backless sandals, unless of course, your final destination is some magical urban oasis where there are no hills and where all the streets and sidewalks are beautifully even.


Try packing a pair of comfy sandals, with backs, that will prevent your feet from slipping out of your shoes as you trip over one of the 10,000, ridiculously uneven cobblestone streets in Europe. 


Don’t get it twisted. These sandals need to be stylish too since I ain’t scoring any free rides on passing Vespas with some lame, black, velcro, orthopedic looking TEVAs from my fashion-challenged youth. 


Never fear because Dream Pairs Sling-Back Sandals are the perfect stylish walking shoes for your next trip to Europe!

Not only are they true to size, with an assortment of colors and styles to choose from, but they have ultra-soft, faux leather straps, a well-cushioned footbed, and non-skid soles that are perfect for aimlessly wandering the streets of Europe.

And at just $20 a pair:

You really won’t feel THAT guilty when you impulsively buy a pair in every single style and color available.

16. Packing Cubes

I know:

Packing cubes are definitely not the most thrilling to discuss.


They sure are handy when you’re trying to fit as much crap, I mean essential travel gear, into your carry on as possible.


I have a small confession to make. I used to live and die by packing cubes. I seriously loved them almost as much as I love carbs.

So yeah, it was pretty serious.


Recently, my packing cubes broke and I was just too lazy to buy new ones.

That’s why:

I did a mini-scavenger hunt around my house and found a bunch of random zippered bags that I could throw my stuff in.

And honestly:

Using these bags made packing about as easy as it was with packing cubes.


My inevitable conclusion was that packing cubes are non-essential and can easily be replaced by any bag that is durable and that can be zipped shut (this way you can squeeze out the excess air).


Don’t go crazy trying to add them to your packing list for Europe since all they really do is help organize your bag and reduce the amount of space your clothes occupy by smooshing all the air out of them. 

But, if I had to pick a favorite set of packing cubes:

I’d pick the ones above since they have a mesh top that makes it really easy to find something in your bag.

They also come in several different sizes (so you can easily pack just about anything) and are extremely durable, so no need to fret over inconvenient rips, tears, or broken zippers (they also come in a variety of colors that you can match to your luggage).

Yet another way that modern technology makes traveling a smidge easier.

17. Leather Jacket

So, honestly?

Forget the leather jacket in the summer, when most of Europe is taken over by a swarm of putrid, hot and humid weather.

Can you tell I’m not a warm weather kind of gal? LoL.

But, if you’re visiting Europe during the winter, or even throughout the fall or spring when evenings can get chilly, then definitely consider packing a tailored leather jacket like the one above. 

Because, not only do Europeans love their leather:

But this fabric is durable, fashionable, and keeps you warm and toasty when you’re trudging through the streets of Europe on a cold winter’s eve.

FYI though:

I’m a vegetarian. So, I won’t be rocking real leather any time soon, which is one of the reasons why I’m a big fan of the Lock and Love Quilted Faux Leather Jacket.

Not only is it chic AF:

But it’s made of high-quality faux leather (great texture and color that looks and feels like REAL leather), costs just $50 (depending on the style you get), and comes in almost any color you can dream up, 

Truly the perfect jacket for all my animal loving’ homies out there.

Sadly though:

This company does not do returns. Therefore, if you do decide to buy this jacket, just be sure to carefully read the reviews so that you can purchase the size that’s best for you


This is meant to be a form-fitting jacket. But not so form-fitting that it cuts off circulation to your extremities.

That’s why:

I suggest ordering a jacket that is two sizes larger than your normal size.

Trust me:

It’s better to have a jacket that’s too big then too small.

18. Sun Hat

Visit my Instagram account and you will see this hat all over the place!

No Really:

This hate makes an appearance in 5 of my last 9 Instagram photos.


Well, because it’s cute, looks great in photos, and protects me from the sun (wrinkle free is the way to be).

So I mean really:

What’s not to love? Not only is this hat SPF 50, but it has a handy windproof strap that keeps it from flying away at the drop of a hat (Get it? I crack myself up!).

It also has a delightful wide brim (that makes me feel fancy), a large bowknot in the back, and even hides my perpetually unkempt hair since I never have the patience or energy to actually do something with the un-hot mess that sits atop my head. 


This hat always gets me a ton of compliments as I use it to try and protect what’s left of my slightly youthful complexion from the crow’s feet that have begun to march across my face.

Added bonus?

Hats are easy to wear, help dress up any outfit, and always make my Instagram pics look WAY more adorable.


This hat has me rolling in the Insta likes like a not-so-pseudo-big shot.

But if this hat isn’t you cup of tea:

Any hat will do as long as it has a feminine look and a wide brim that will protect you from the sun.


I also adore this hat because it’s JUST $15. Thanks Amazon! Once again, you’ve saved me from needing to walk into an actual store.

And that my friends, is the greatest gift of all!

19. Polarized Sunglasses

I love a nice pair of sunnies!

Not only do they help protect your eyes from searing, UV rays, but they also make you look and feel a total rockstar.

And anything that helps me love myself just a bit more is alright in my book!


Nothing makes me look like a self-important, wannabe celebrity quite like a nifty pair of retro, polarized, black sunglasses.

Okay, I kid…sort of.

But I really do love these sunglasses since they make me look slightly posh and alluring, but with the added bonus of not actually trying. 


They expertly hide my steely gaze as I silently judge you for draping yourself all over a priceless artifact while you shamelessly take 12,000 photos with your rhinestone encrusted selfie-stick. 

The horror!

I know I shouldn’t judge but I can’t help myself, it’s part of my humanity, or lack there of.

Added perk?

These glasses cost just $15, which is perfect for someone, like me, who constantly loses her sunglasses and refuses to spend a ton of money on something that she’s just gonna lose anyway.

The muggle struggle is all too real. Sigh.

20. A Nuetral Cardigan


I have an unhealthy obsession with this cardigan. Yeah, I just bought it and kind of sort of wear it almost everywhere I go.

But can you blame me?

It cost just $20, is super soft, fits like a dream (I got the medium and it fits really well, especially over my slightly voluptuous bosom), comes in colors I didn’t even know existed, and looks so much chicer than a sweatshirt.

Made by Floria:

This cardigan is a 70% Viscose, 30% Nylon, soft knit crewneck Cardigan with buttons (that actually work), a ribbed hem, and full-length sleeves.


It’s not as warm as say a chunky knit sweater, but it’s perfect for those breezy days when you just want something light to cover your arms.

And while it does shrink a smidge in the dryer, it’s really not enough to change the fit or make me want to order a different size. (oh yeah, the company recommends hand washing it. Whoops, I always miss that memo).


One of those awesome purchases on Amazon that worked out perfectly.


I have noticed a thread or two come loose, but whatever. I wear it all the time and they’re easy to snip off since the cardigan definitely isn’t falling apart.

But figured I’d throw that out there as an FYI.

***If you’re traveling somewhere in Northern Europe, you may want to consider packing a Chunky Knit Sweater (like the one below) instead of a cardigan. I like the one below since it’s soft, comfy, drapes nicely, keeps you warm, and falls just above the knee.***

Winter Packing List for Europe

Even throughout the austere winter, Prague retains its incredible beauty.
Even throughout the austere winter, Prague retains its incredible beauty.

Winter falls between December and February in Europe, with snow common throughout much of Northern, Western, and Eastern Europe.

But out of all the regions in Europe:

Northern Europe has the coldest winters on the continent (I was in Sweden for Christmas and yup, it’s FRIGID!) with highs in the 20’s (F) and lows in the single digits (F). Cities like Moscow and Stockholm experience this kind of winter.


Eastern Europe also has a colder winter, with highs in the 30’s (F) and lows in the 20’s (F). Cities like Budapest, Bucharest, and Prague all experience winters like this.

In contrast:

Western Europe experiences much milder winters, with highs in the 40’s (F) and lows in the 30’s (F). Cities like Amsterdam and Brussels generally have this type of weather.


Southern Europe definitely has the warmest winters on the continent, with highs in the 50’s (F) and lows in the 40’s (F). Cities like Lisbon and Barcelona experience this type of winter.

To stay warm:

Use this packing list for winter in Europe and try layering with one essential, outerwear item that you can compliment with skin-tight leggings and long-sleeve shirts (that you can also wear as an outfit) to help you retain your own body heat but without overpacking.


Think warm weather clothing (heavy jackets, hats, scarves, socks, mittens, long-johns, etc.), except in places like Seville and the Canary Islands that stay warm throughout the year. For these destinations, use my summer packing list for Europe instead.

  • Raincoat (1) or umbrella (1) or HEAVY winter Jacket (1)
  • Boots ((1)
  • Fashionable Slip-on-Sneakers (1)
  • Dark Jeans (1)
  • Cardigan (1)
  • Stylish Sweater Dress (1)
  • Fashionable Leggings (2)
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (4)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Comfortable Sleep Clothes (1)
  • Bras (3)
  • Hat (1) Gloves (1) and Scarf (1) if very cold

Autumn Packing List for Europe

The beauty of Prague during the fall.
The beauty of Prague during the fall.

Autumn typically falls between September and November and is a great time of year to visit Europe since crowds are usually pretty non-existant, minus locals of course.

Throughout much of Western and Eastern Europe:

Expect rain and prepare accordingly by packing a raincoat and waterproof boots. Evenings can also get a bit chilly, so you may want to pack a jacket and a chunky knit sweater to help keep you warm.

Generally speaking though:

Northern Europe has the coldest Autumn with highs in the 60’s (F) and lows in the mid-40’s (F). Cities like Moscow, Oslo, and Minsk experience this kind of Autumn. (London and Dublin are warmer and rainier, while Iceland is colder and starts the winter season in October).


Eastern Europe experiences a chilly fall, with highs in the 70’s (F) and lows in the 50’s (F). Cities like Budapest, Bucharest, and Bratislava all have Autumns like this (Prague is the exception and much colder).

In contrast:

Western Europe has mild Autumns, with highs in the 50’s (F) and lows in the 50’s (F). Cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels generally have this type of weather, with many days that are either rainy or cloudy.

And not surprisingly:

Southern Europe has the warmest Autumn with highs in the 80’s F) and lows in the 60’s (F). The warmest cities in this region include Athens, Lisbon, and Barcelona (Both Barcelona and Lisbon are warm and dry, until rain and cool temperatures hit in November).

Notable exceptions include:

Rome, which is relatively warm throughout the fall, with temperatures cooling down in November (check out my Rome Packing List for more info).


Many Northern European cities may also experience snow throughout this time of year. Therefore, be prepared and pack a heavy coat, scarf, hat, gloves, and long-johns when visiting countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

  • Raincoat (1) or umbrella (1) or Jacket (1)
  • Ankle Boots ((1)
  • Fashionable Slip-on-Sneakers (1)
  • Dark Jeans (1)
  • Cardigan (1)
  • Stylish Dress (1)
  • Fashionable Leggings (2)
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Short Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Comfortable Sleep Clothes (1)
  • Bras (3)

Spring Packing List for Europe

The floral beauty fo Valencia throughout the Spring.
The floral beauty fo Valencia throughout the Spring.

Spring typically falls between March and May and is a great time of year to visit Europe since crowds are relatively non-existent, minus locals of course.


Be sure to pack a waterproof jacket and shoes since much of Northern and Western Europe can be quite rainy (Like Paris, London, Munich, Vienna, etc.) at this time of year.


Evenings can be a bit chilly, so be sure to pack a warm jacket and a nice cardigan.

Now, generally speaking:

Western Europe has a spring season with highs in the 50’s (F) and lows in the upper 30’s (F). Cities like Amsterdam and Brussels experience this type of weather, with a ton of days that are either rainy or cloudy. So be prepared!


Eastern Europe enjoys a spring with highs in the 50’s (F) and lows in the mid-30’s (F). Cities like Budapest, Bucharest, and Prague all experience this type of seasonal weather.

In contrast:

Northern Europe has a colder spring, with highs in the 50’s (F) and lows in the mid-30’s (F). Cities like Moscow and Oslo typically have a spring like this, while cities like London and Dublin usually experience a milder and wetter spring season.

And not surprisingly:

Southern Europe has the warmest spring season on the continent, with highs in the upper 60’s (F) and lows in the mid-40’s (F), with Lisbon and Barcelona having the warmest spring in the region.

  • Short Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Long Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Dark Jeans (1)
  • Fashionavle Leggings (2)
  • Dress (1)
  • Raincoat (1) or umbrella (1) or Jacket (1)
  • Socks (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Bras (3)
  • Comfortable Sleep Clothes (1)
  • Fashionable Slip-on-Sneakers (1)
  • Cardigan (1)
  • Comfortable Ballet Flats (1)

Summer Packing List for Europe

The ethereal beauty of summer at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
The ethereal beauty of summer at Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Summer typically falls between June and August in Europe and is a great time to visit since the continent tends to be warm and dry.

Just be sure to pack a water bottle and drink lots of water so that you don’t get dehydrated.


Always apply sunscreen so that you can protect your skin from the intense summer sun.


Summer is the most popular time to visit Europe, so expect high prices and large crowds.

Now, typically:

Western Europe experiences a summer season with highs in the 80’s (F) and lows in the upper 50’s (F). Cities like Paris, Vienna, and Nice all have the warmest summers in the region.


Eastern Europe has a summer season with highs in the 80’s (F) and lows in the 50’s (F) in cities like Bucharest and Budapest.

In contrast:

Summer in Northern Europe is much cooler with highs in the 70’s (F) and lows in the 50’s (F) in cities like Stockholm and Oslo.


Southern Europe has the warmest summers in the region with highs in the upper 80’s (F) and lows in the 60’s (F), with the highest temperatures in places like Athens and Barceona.

  • Short Sleeve Shirts (2)
  • Sleeveless Shirts (2)
  • Summer Dresses (2)
  • Long Skirts (2)
  • Sunhat (1)
  • Sunglasses (1)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bras (3)
  • Underwear (7)
  • Socks (7)
  • Comfortable Sleep Clothes (1)
  • Light Rain Jacket (1)
  • Cardigan (1)
  • Comfortable Sandals with a back (1)
  • Fashionable Slip-on-Sneakers (1)



O-M-G! You made it to the end! 

I don’t know whether to cry or hug the life out of you since you actually made it to the end of this War and Peace size packing list for Europe.

But regardless of my glaring inability to ever be quiet, I truly hope that this post has helped you figure out what to wear in Europe. 

And if you’re even mildly impressed by this guide, then pin this now and read it again later!



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