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How to Solo Travel Berlin like a Boss!

Rich in history and distinctive local culture, solo travel Berlin is an amazing experience.

Between the remnants of the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Brandenburg Gate, this city offers a dynamic array of attractions that will intrigue even those Berlin solo travelers with a wicked awful case of ADD.

Especially since this city is home to a next level awesome food scene. with a wide variety of amazing vegan restaurants in Berlin to choose from.

Because in this distinctive European capital:

There is a duality of spirit that is reflected through the city’s divisive past when Berlin was divided into the communist east and the democratic west.

Wandering through the historic neighborhoods of this enchanting city, you can still see a plethora of architectural differences that reflect the unique cultural ideologies of Eastern and Western Berlin.

An amazingly fascinating city that is perfect for any solo traveler who wants to explore the many districts in Berlin

So if my adept use of flowery adjectives has ever so slightly piqued your curiosity about Berlin solo travel, then check out this extensive Berlin solo travel guide.

In this post:

You’ll find secret Berlin solo travel tips, learn about going out alone in Berlin, discover where to find the best hotels in Berlin for solo travelers, understand what to do in Berlin alone at night, figure out how to enjoy 3 days in Berlin, and will even get some ideas about where to eat alone in Berlin.

Trust Me:

After reading this Berlin travel guide, it won’t be a question of if you should do Berlin solo travel, but when you should solo travel to Berlin.

This city's enchanting beauty is a perfect travel companion for anyone doing solo travel Berlin.
This city’s enchanting beauty is a perfect travel companion for anyone doing solo travel Berlin.

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Before We Go ANY Further: Is Berlin Safe for Solo Female Travelers (and solo travelers in general)?

Yes! A thousand times yes! Solo Berlin travel is safe. Sure:

Petty theft is an issue, like in most major, European cities. Therefore, don’t leave your wallet in your back pocket and expect it to be there after a ride on the metro. But generally speaking, Berlin is an extremely safe place for solo travelers.

In Berlin:

Not only is individuality revered (makes it super easy and comfortable to travel to Berlin alone), but prices are cheaper than many other major European cities, English is widely also spoken, and there is a vibrant party scene that is a great place to meet like-minded, Berlin solo travelers.

So in many ways:

Berlin is one of the best cities for solo female travelers to visit, and well all solo travelers really.

As evidenced by this piece of street art, individuality is extremely important in Berlin, so you definitely won't feel awkward while traveling Berlin alone.


As evidenced by this piece of street art, individuality is extremely important in Berlin, so you definitely won’t feel awkward while traveling Berlin alone.

But Where can you Eat Alone in Berlin without Feeling Super Awkward?

Let’s be honest:

Dining alone can feel like the most awkward thing ever. You enter a restaurant, ait down, look around, see that you’re the only person alone in the entire place.


You subconsciously will your bread to chat with you since you don’t want to be on your phone constantly, pretending to have a super important texting session with someone who in all actuality, doesn’t exist.

Been there done that and it’s no fun.

That’s why I’ve created this list of restaurants that are perfect for anyone doing Berlin solo travel. Between cafes, food markets, and informal eateries, these are a ton of amazing restaurants in this city that won’t make you fell super weird about eating alone in Berlin.

1. Kadawe Food Hall – This upscale food hall in the KaDaWe department is just as fab as the dining concourses that you’ll find in such iconic places as the Plaza Hotel in New York City. That’s why you MUST take the escalator to the 6th floor and enjoy a communal dining experience that offers Berlin solo travelers everything from chocolate to oysters to Ramen to sandwiches to a selection of fine cheeses and pastries. A must-see for any foodie in Berlin.

2. Fassbender & Rausch – Even if you mildly dislike chocolate, you will still love this fantastic,  purveyor of chocolates that comes fully equipped with small scale, chocolate statues of iconic Berlin landmarks. Try a nice hot chocolate while you relax, and enjoy the surrounding views of Gendarmenmarkt.

3. WestBerlin – Conveniently located just a hop, skip and jump away from the Jewish Museum, this sleek and modern coffee bar is a fantastic place for any solo traveler to unwind, read a book, and enjoy a lovely cafe latte with a fresh pastry (the chai lattes are lovely too).

4. Klub Kitchen – This vegetarian-friendly, modern eatery is perfect for any Berlin solo traveler on a budget. With all entrees under 10 euros, you can enjoy a great meal for less by devouring fantastic dishes like avocado on rye bread, sultan eggs, and glass noodles.

5. Mogg and Melzer – This deli icon of Berlin has several communal tables that are perfect for anyone eating alone. And while their pastrami is supposed to be the stuff that gastronomic dreams are made of, I had their beluga lentil sandwich with avocado, lentils, tomato, and chipotle mayo. SOO good. Whatever you do though, save room for the NY style cheesecake for dessert. Just like the cheesecake that I know and love back home.

6. Mamecha – This Asian restaurant and green tea parlor is perfect for anyone who needs a decent matcha latte to bring them back to life. So embrace your inner hipster and try any of their lovely sushi dishes. I didn’t eat here but you know it’s good when most of the diners are from Asia.

7. Markethalle Neun – Stop and grab some Italian style pasta or pulled pork to go at this traditional farmers market in Berlin. With food vendors from all over the world, this popular street market has something to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.


Part of the fun of visiting Berlin is trying all the amazing food there.

Solo Travel Berlin: 10 Fantastic Things to do in Berlin Alone

***Before we get into this section of my Berlin solo travel guide, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Berlin nightlife is some of the best in all of Europe. Therefore, if you’re traveling solo in Berlin and wondering what to do in Berlin alone at night, then definitely check out Berghain and Panorama Bar (techno club), Chalet (chill/relaxed bar vibe), and ://about blank (that’s not a misspelling, that’s the name of the club).***

1. Brandenburg Gate

Missing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is kind of like missing the Eiffel Tower in Paris; you just don’t do since this iconic Berlin attraction is a must see for anyone visiting Germany’s capital for the first time.

Completed in 1791 as the royal city gate:

This historic Berlin landmark, in Historic Mitte, was once a symbol of German division and has now become a symbol of German reunification.


The Brandenburg Gate stands over Pariser Platz, a beautifully proportioned square that is adjacent to a series of banks, a hotel, and the US, British, and French embassies.

For the best Instagram photo ops:

Try visiting in the evening when the gate frames a stunning sunset in the background.


A ton of free walking tours meet here and offer visitors an in-depth explanation of the many historical sites in the area; the perfect activity for any Berlin solo traveler who is looking to learn more about this fabulous city and to meet new people.

Metro Stop: Brandenburger Tor (S-Bahn)

The awe-inspiring beauty of the iconic Brandenberg Gate never gets old.


The awe-inspiring beauty of the iconic Brandenberg Gate never gets old.

2. Reichstag


This German Parliament building has been through it all (burned, bombed, buttressed by the Berlin Wall), and yet, it still stands as the pride of the German government.

Perhaps the most identifiable and iconic feature of this building is the glittering glass dome that transforms into a mirror clad, a central cone which is used as a solar-powered heating and cooling system for the entire building.

Feel free to ooh and ah here.

Walking along the circular ramp of the dome, while visiting the Reichstag, gives any solo traveler to Berlin a breathtaking, 360-degree view of the entire city of Berlin.

Before you leave though:

Make sure to pick up a free audio guide and learn more about the exciting and dynamic history of this building, as well as the inner workings of the parliament itself.

Trust me:

The history of this building reads kind of like an episode of Jerry Springer, only much more intellectual.

Metro Stop: Brandenburger Tor (S-Bahn) or the Reichstag/Bundestag bus stop that is served by the  100 and M85.

***PSST! Save yourself a lot of time and hassle and book your tour of the Reichstag in advance. This way, you get to visit the Reichstag and understand the full significance of what you’re looking at. ***

The Reichstag is home to the German parliament and is the perfect fusion of modern and historic architecture.


The Reichstag is home to the German parliament and is the perfect fusion of modern and historic architecture.

3. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial)

Arguably one of the most infamous architectural icons in the city, the Berlin Wall stood, from 1961 – 1989, as a tangible example of how the Cold War divided not just Berlin, but the entire world into the Communist East and the Democratic West.


Sections of the wall still remain as a testament to the divisiveness of the past and as a tribute to all those who tried to cross the wall and lost their lives during their quest for freedom.

For a fascinating look at the history of the Berlin Wall:

Visit this outdoor memorial, which is 1.4km long and stretches along Bernauer Strasse. Here, you’ll find original sections of the Wall integrated into the memorial, as well as vestiges of border installations and escape tunnels.

A chapel and monument are also on site and represent the political divisions that separated friends and family, of the same nation, for over twenty years.

Multimedia stations, panels, and a Documentation Centre are also here and help show visitors what the wall was like and how it transformed the lives of everyday people living in both Eastern and Western Berlin (If you’re feeling really ambituous, you could also take a fat tire bike tour along the Berlin Wall).

Metro Stop: Bahnhof Nordbahnhof (S-Bahn) or Bahnhof Bernauer Straße/Bahnhof Naturkundemuseum (U-Bahn)

For anyone traveling to Berlin, the Berlin Wall is an absolute must see.


For anyone traveling to Berlin, the Berlin Wall is an absolute must see.

4. Museumsinsel

Be forewarned:

This site is only for the museum lovers in the audience since roughly translated, this word means, “Museum Island”.

As the name suggests:

This island is home to five of the most magnificent museums in Berlin, all of which were built between 1830 and 1930.


It’s only fitting that these artifacts are preserved on Spree Island, the very place where Berlin was first settled, in the 13th century.


You can visit this island and seamlessly walk through an assortment of cultures and eras since the impressive relics housed here span over 6,000 years of history.

So whether you love art, architecture, sculpture, or artifacts, this island has it all and then some. Just think of it as a real-life version of Night at the Museum.

But the best part?

Each museum has its own area of historical expertise, so you can pick and choose the set of antiquities that most appeals to you. Just don’t forget to take home some cool Berlin souvenirs.

The Altes Museum houses fabulous displays of Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities.

The Neues Museum displays Egyptian antiquities (You have to see the bust of Queen Nefertiti! So cool), and houses a pre- and early history section that is worth exploring.

The Alte Nationalgalerie is an art gallery that houses some of the finest, European masterpieces of the 19th-century.

But, the most popular, by far, is the Pergamonmuseum, which displays monumental architecture from a multitude of ancient cultures.

There is also the Bode-Museum, on the island’s northern tip, which is famous for its medieval sculptures (I skipped this one because I am not a huge fan of sculpture).

Tram Stop:   Georgenstr./Am Kupfergraben stop (M1 line) and Monbijouplatz stop (M1 line)

The architectural beauty of the Bode Museum in Berlin.


The architectural beauty of the Bode Museum in Berlin.

5. Holocaust Memorial

Opened in 2005:

This chilling, football-field-sized memorial, stands in tribute to all of the Jewish lives lost during the Holocaust.

Created by American architect Peter Eisenman:

This solemn memorial consists of 2711 coffin-like, concrete columns that rise in silence, from the depths of the undulating ground below.

To feel the true emotional weight of this structure:

Walk through row upon row of nothingness and feel the deafening silence emanating from each column, a column that represents the multitude of souls lost in this heinous atrocity.

Once finished:

Descend below ground to the Ort der Information, a series of emotional, Holocaust exhibits that help visitors better understand the horrors endured by countless victims of this tragic mass genocide.

Upon entering Ort der Information:

Visitors will encounter a graphic timeline of Jewish persecution by the Third Reich, a display that is followed by a series of rooms which reveal the fate of several individuals and families that lived during the Holocaust.


You’ll encounter the darkened Room of Names, a heartbreaking memorial to all the lives lost in the Holocaust.


The names, birthdays, and death dates of every Jewish victim, are projected throughout the room, while a solemn voice reads their short biography; a truly sad but essential reminder of past events that we do not wish to repeat; an intensely personal, emotional experience, that translates each of the victims from an enormous statistic (6 million lives lost), into a single person, with a unique life, name, and story.

Metro Stop: Brandenburger Tor or Potsdamer Platz stop (S-bahn) or Potsdamer Platz, Mohrenstraße, or Brandenburger Tor (U-bahn)

The haunting sadness of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.


The haunting sadness of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

6. Potsdamer Platz

The renovation of this vibrant, urban center was one of the largest building projects of the 1990s. But the hard work of international architects Renzo Piano and Helmut Jahn paid off since this plaza has become one of the most vibrant areas in the city.

An area that was once unkempt and divided by the Berlin Wall, has now been revitalized with spectacular, modern architectural delights like the glass-tented Sony Center and the Panoramapunkt observation deck.

Take some time to explore this area and absorb the vivacious spirit of the  many theaters, museums, and cinemas found here.

7. Kulturforum

This Berlin cultural epicenter is home to the Gemäldegaleriean art gallery that houses the world’s finest, and most comprehensive collection of European art.

With 1500 paintings and 72 galleries to explore, this museum will take some time to wander through (it’s about 2km long), so be sure to wear extra comfy shoes (like those rad Sketchers shape ups that you bought back when Crocs were cool).

What, not a huge art fan?

Then head straight for the Rembrandt Room (Room X), where some of this Old Masters finest works are displayed.

The paintings of art icons like Titian, Dürer, Hals, Vermeer, and Gainsborough are all featured along this museum’s immortal walls, making Gemäldegalerie a delight to explore; a buffet of creativity that satiates both the mind and spirit.

Metro Stop: You can walk (15 minutes) from the Potsdamer Platz stop (U-Bahn or S-Bahn Lines)

8. Schloss Charlottenburg

Charlottenburg Palace is one of the few places in Berlin that retains the opulence and grandeur of the Hohenzollern family, AKA the royal family between 1415 to 1918.

This exquisite, baroque-style palace is adorned with opulent, private apartments, lavish festival halls, and a series of French style paintings that were done by several18th-century masters.

And while the entire complex is a true delight:

The Palace’s most beautiful rooms are in the ostentatious, private chambers of Frederick the Great; a wing of the palace that contains such delights as the White Hall banquet room, the Golden Gallery, and the paintings of Watteau, Pesne.

Also not to be missed are  the apartments of Queen Luise (the wife of King Friedrich Wilhelm III) which are studded with lavish chandeliers, meticulously crafted  furniture, and exquisite silk wall coverings

The palace park also has a lovely park with shady walkways, sprawling flower beds and well -manicured lawns, the perfect place for a nice stroll on a beautiful, sunny day.

During your wanderings:

Be sure to explore the Belvedere, a house that contains an assortment of porcelain masterpieces that are absolutely divine. Additionally, just across the carp pond, you’ll see a Mausoleum that houses the remains of Kaiser Wilhelm I and his wife.

***Each building charges separate admission so it’s cheaper to purchase a single day pass. The palace also gets extremely busy, so visit early on the weekends and during the summer.***

Metro stop: Jungfernheide stop (S-Bahn Line. Turn left twice and walk up the steps.  Then go over the bridge that leads to the palace gardens.)

Charlottenburg Palace is an amazing place for any solo traveler in Berlin.


Charlottenburg Palace is an amazing place for any solo traveler in Berlin.

9. Fernsehturm

Built-in 1969 to demonstrate the GDR’s incredible building prowess to the world, this TV tower has been transformed into an iconic symbol of Berlin that, at 368m high, stands as Germany’s tallest structure.

On sunny days:

This structure provides Verlin solo travelers with stunning, panoramic views of the city, from 203m in the air.


If you’re feeling super fancy, you can even dine at the upstairs restaurant, which rotates through the air at a rate of about one revolution per hour.

***Ticket lines can be extremely long, so purchase your tickets online, well in advance.***

Metro: Across from Alexanderplatz stop (S-Bahn)

10. Berlin Cathedral

Located on Museum Island:

Berlin Cathedral is the short name for the Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church in Berlin, Germany.

Phew, glad they changed that. That would have been a major pain in the ass to type out repeatedly.


Finished in 1905, this Protestant church is an exquisite building with a magnificent dome (Berliner Dom) that has quickly become one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Berlin.

The perfect stop for any Berlin solo traveler since you can’t really talk in a church.

Additionally, Berlin Cathedral is home to a stunning assortment of mosaics, gold decor, and charming statues, all of which are found in a unique, octagonal shaped interior that is unlike any church I have ever seen.

Along with the impressive main nave:

Explore the simpler Baptismal and Matrimonial Chapel, as well as the Hohenzollern Crypt, the final resting place of over four centuries of German royal family members.

And trust me:

These royals aren’t in any jacked-up coffins. Nope. These coffins were hand carved and represent masterpieces of baroque sculpture that are not to be missed.

11. Tiergarten

You may come to Berlin and expect a big city with loads of buildings but Tiergarten will surprise you. It is probably the most famous park in the city and trust me, it does not matter which time of the year you visit. The locals choose to head out to Tiergarten irrespective of the temperature and the weather!


This 5 mile circuit is perfect if you want a break from the bustle of the city. You can rent a cycle or just choose to jog around the area. 

Trust me, you will fall in love with the gorgeous tree lined paths. If you head here in summer you will find the Berliners out sunbathing on the lawns. It is such a cool place to soak up the sun.

Plus It is located bang in the center of the city!

Its location is epic. You can head to sights like the Brandenburg gate from here. Why even the Potsdamer Patz is a short walk away.

If you are looking for a place to cool your heels, try the Café Am Neuen See. 

This café is situated to the south and it has a cool beer garden where you can try some of Berlin’s epic beers. Too cold? You can choose to warm your toes by a fire indoors. It is definitely a place that is cool to visit if you solo travel Berlin. Just remember to carry a good book for company if you want to spend some cozy hours in this spot.

12. Mauerpark

If you are in Berlin on a Sunday, you just can’t miss Mauerpark. It is the biggest Sunday flea market in the city.

Trust me,

If you are looking for all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs, this is the place to be. You’ll find cardboard boxes filled up to the brim with everything from designer clothes to rare records. You just need to keep your eyes peeled for a good bargain.

The vibe of the place is super cool. 

You’ll find music being played, people singing and some even indulging in a bit of karaoke. You can too!

It’s a perfect spot when it comes to solo travel Berlin.

I mean you are never alone, the vibe is cool and there is always a chance of making friends should you want to. Could solo travel Berlin get better than this?

Additional Travel Resources You’ll Love

I was gonna strap on my lederhosen and do a traditional German dance to celebrate the culmination of this Berlin solo travel guide.

But then my elusive sense returned to me and I thought better of it since such a dance would make things awkward between us and take away from the awesomeness of my solo Berlin travel tips. 

So dear reader, use this post to go forth, kick ass and take names as you do a little Berlin solo travel.

And if you’re feeling mad inspired to become one of the many solo travelers in Berlin, then pin this now and read it again later!

Planning some solo Berlin travel and have no idea where to go or what to do? Then read on to discover what to do by yourself in Berlin, including some amazing things to do alone in Berlin at night, and where to eat when you travel to Berlin by yourself. I promise, with all the things to do in Berlin, you'll have the time of your life. #Berlin #travelguide #Germanytravel #solotravel #Berlintravel
Planning some solo Berlin travel and have no idea where to go or what to do? Then read on to discover what to do by yourself in Berlin, including some amazing things to do alone in Berlin at night, and where to eat when you travel to Berlin by yourself. I promise, with all the things to do in Berlin, you'll have the time of your life. #Berlin #travelguide #Germanytravel #solotravel #Berlintravel



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Thank you for this list! I’m studying abroad in Berlin for a semester next fall and I’ve been creating my own bucket list of things to do/places to see. These definitely are going on the list!


Tuesday 10th of December 2019

Oh good! I am so glad that you found this list helpful! And enjoy your semester abroad! That sounds so fun!


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Hi, I am travelling from India for a business trip to Hannover. Would like to spend some time in Berlin. Is it sufficient to spend 1,5 days in Berlin? Please advise.

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Berlin has so much to offer but I definitely think you could see some great things in just a day and a half.

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Fantastic Site. Really enjoyed reading.


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I love this post and can totally relate as I have been there myself. 100% agree when you said there is a duality of character in the city. It seemed like every little neighbourhood had a different vibe and personality. I loved the city's strong artistic feel and the history, though many of your suggestions I missed! Guess that means I will have to go back ;)


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That's the great thing about travel. You can always go back to the same place and find something new to explore.


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