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25 Most Instagrammable Places in London

Looking for some of the most Instagrammable places in London? A set of beautiful places in London where you can take BEYOND gorgeous photos?


You and about 93 million other people on Instagram who have used #London in at least one of their Instagram photos.

But is that really so surprising?

I mean, London is one of the most photogenic cities in the entire world.

So the fact that everyone is plastering photos of London all over the internet really isn’t too shocking.


With all those London photos floating around social media, it can be difficult to find unique but beautiful places in London to take photos that will help you, and your Instagram profile, stand out from the crowd.

And that’s where I come in (cue spotlight and cheesy jazz hands)!

As someone who has visited, and photographed, London a number of times, I can show you some of my absolute favorite places to capture the true beauty and spirit of this majestic city; and preferably without the hordes of selfie stick-wielding tourists who don’t actually believe in something called personal space.


Prepare to make all your Instagram loving’ homies super jelly (awkwardly pretending to be slightly hip) as I reveal my somewhat secret picks for the most Instagrammable places in London..

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Skygarden

The view here definitely makes Skygarden one of the most Instagrammable places in London.
The view here definitely makes Skygarden one of the most Instagrammable places in London.

If you don’t know about the beauty of Skygarden then you should.


It’s not exactly a secret, especially with queues out the door and a metal detector in place to check everyone’s belongings, but who cares? It’s popular for a reason (visit as early as possible to avoid the crowds).

I mean:

It is the highest public garden in all of London, and that’s gotta count for something. Am I right?


It’s free! Just book your ticket in advance online and you can see one of the most Instagram worthy views in London without paying an exorbitant amount of money, like at the Shard.


What if you want to make your visit to the Skygarden extra special?


Follow my lead and indulge in a fantastic, Sunday brunch in London, at the Skygarden’s luxurious, onsite restaurant, Darwin Brasserie.

For £39.50 per person:

You can enjoy a sumptuous, 3-course brunch feast, with non-alcoholic drinks included, amidst the incredible views and stylish decor of this cool London restaurant.


You can take all these fab pictures without people CONSTANTLY walking into your shot (The nerve of people. GEEZ. Kidding btw. I’m not a total jerk).

During my visit:

I ordered the avocado toast, Eggs Florentine, and Sticky Toffee Pudding; all of which were insanely delicious, even though the dessert was my absolute fave.

Shhh! Don’t tell the other courses that.

And the service? Yeah, it was truly incredible.

All the staff here really want to do is help you have the most incredible meal possible by providing service that is above and beyond the call of duty.

I mean:

They do nifty little things like take pictures of you while you’re having a nice solo brunch (thanks guys!).


If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable experience in London, that is totally Instagram worthy, then definitely consider a nice, relaxing brunch at Darwin Brasserie.

Enjoying a delicious brunch at Skygarden's Darwin Brasserie.
Enjoying a delicious brunch at Skygarden’s Darwin Brasserie.

***Want to enjoy the quiet beauty of Skygarden’s Darwin’s Brasserie without the high price tag? Get off the elevator, turn around, and take the stairs up towards the top of Skygarden. From here, take a second set of stairs to a quiet little promenade, and bars, where you’ll be able to enjoy stunning, unobstructed, panoramic views of Skygarden without the crowds.***

***Duck and Waffle is ANOTHER great restaurant with fantastic food and amazing Instagram worthy views of London.***

2. The Garden at 120

The exquisite view of the rooftop garden on Fenchurch Street.
The exquisite view of the rooftop garden on Fenchurch Street.

Just steps away from Skygarden:

There is a new, FREE, mid-level, rooftop garden, at 120 Fenchurch Street, with stunning, panoramic views of the London skyline (mainly zone 1) and iconic citylandmarks like the Gerkin, SkyGarden, the Shard, Tower Bridge, and more.

Just 15 floors up:

The Garden at 120 is a fantastic place to find Instagram worthy views of London if you want to avoid the high price of the Shard and the long lines at the Skygarden.

Added bonus?

The elevator ride is short, the crowds are minimal, reservations are not needed, and from this vantage point, you can include the Skygarden in your photos.


Some of the nearby skyscrapers can obstruct your view a bit, but the perspective you get from this pint-sized garden is truly one of a kind.

Sadly though:

This garden is only open during the week (and not on bank holidays) between 10 am and 9 pm (open until 6:30 pm during the winter).

But if you can:

Definitely stop by during the golden hour and admire beautiful, sunset views of London from this oasis of greenery.

3. The Shard

The shard is definitely one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable places in all of London.
The shard is definitely one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable places in all of London.

It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of the Shard.


Umm…it’s ridiculously expensive! The absolute cheapest ticket you can buy is £24, and that’s for a standard, advance ticket.


I’ll do a lot of things for Instagram but I won’t do that. I mean, that’s like $32 JUST to get a panoramic view of London.


The view is lovely (someone else paid for me to go to the top), but when all is said and done, you can get amazing, totally free, and unique views of London elsewhere. So why pay?


If you ascend this whopping, 95 story building, you’ll get wonderful, 360-degree views, but you won’t actually be able to photograph the Shard itself since, DUH, you’re standing ATOP the very building that you probably want to photograph.


This skyscraper is tall and the views are lovely so if you have the money to spend, then go for it. Do whatever makes you and your Instagram tribe happy.

And I mean, it’s not all bad.

Visit on a bright, sunny day and you can savor an enchanting view of London from the cocktail bar, which is much nicer and quieter than the main viewing platform.


The cocktail bar isn’t at the VERY top of the building and sure, the cocktails are DUMB expensive, but for what you pay to enter, might as well live a little.


Skip the long AF queues and head to the cocktail bar where you can relax with a drink while really enjoying the view instead of hurrying to snag a quick snap before some kid has a volcanic level meltdown that pierces through your eardrum.

The stellar view you'll get from atop the Shard.
The stellar view you’ll get from atop the Shard.

4. The London Eye

A view of the London Eye from across the Thames, along the river at Victoria Tower Gardens.
A view of the London Eye from across the Thames, along the river at Victoria Tower Gardens.

When photographing the London Eye, you have two options.

You can either pay a ridiculous amount of money to ride to the top of the London Eye ($35.94 for an advance ticket to be precise. Which you’ll need since the lines can stretch out as far as the EYE can see. Get it? Yup, gotta love a lame pun), or you can be cheap like me and photograph the London Eye from across the Thames in the ever charming, Victoria Tower Gardens.


I REALLY would pay the $35.94 if I thought that boarding the London Eye was worth it, but it’s really just like any other ride on a giant Ferris Wheel.

And while yes, the panoramic views at the top are delightful (if you luck out and visit on a sunny day), I still feel like your money could be better spent elsewhere, like at nearby Westminster Abbey, which is one of my favorite places in ALL of London.

But regardless of what you decide to do:

A London Eye photo opp is an absolute must since this beautiful structure is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in all of London.

Do yourself a favor:

Try to visit at either sunrise (fewer crowds) or sunset, if you want to see this marvelous structure perfectly illuminated by the sun as it quietly moves across the sky.

***For another fantastic shot of the London Eye, head to the nearby Hungerford Footbridge where you can capture the London Eye, Westminster, and the Thames, all in one magical shot.***

5. Madison’s Rooftop Bar

The beautiful view of St. Paul's Cathedral just outside of Madison's Rooftop Bar.
The beautiful view of St. Paul’s Cathedral just outside of Madison’s Rooftop Bar.

Can I tell you a little secret?

Yeah, I didn’t actually visit Madison’s Rooftop Bar.

(insert gasps of horror here)

I know, I know, that makes me a terrible blogger.

But in my defense:

I don’t drink, it was packed, and I didn’t really feel like paying $6 for a Diet Coke.


I did see the outside of the bar and can attest to the fact that it does indeed look quite lovely.

And is quite happening, if you’re into that sort of thing.

But instead of relaxing at the bar, I was here, like all the other Instagram mongers, for the view.

Just head to One New Change, take the elevator STRAIGHT TO THE VIEWING PLATFORM (this line is always considerably shorter than the line for the elevator to the bar), exit right, and marvel at the magnificent, rooftop view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

***PSST: If you want to see the inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral (and you should because it’s totally worth it) skip the lines and purchase your fast track ticket in advance.***

And don’t worry about trespassing since this viewing platform is totally open to the public.

As you can tell from my picture:

I visited at sunset which made an already amazing experience even better.


One of the few times in my travel blogging career that I actually did something sort of right.


Who thought that would ever happen? Not me!

6. St. Paul’s Cathedral

A beautiful, double mirror reflection of St. Paul's Cathedral at One New Change.
A beautiful, double mirror reflection of St. Paul’s Cathedral at One New Change.

I know you’ll agree with me when I say that St. Paul’s Cathedral is one snazzy looking church.

That’s why:

A single photo cannot capture the total beauty of this

Therefore, we need more photos of St. Paul’s…STAT!

Well, you don’t have to go very far to take another iconic shot of this amazing church.

Just head to the ground floor of One New Change and you’ll find this magnificent, double mirror reflection of St. Paul’s.

Pretty epic right?

Okay, you’ve probably seen this shot before since this spot isn’t exactly a secret, but whatever.

This pic is still incredibly beautiful and totally worth the trip.

While you’re here:

Be sure to kneel down and photograph the Cathedral from the ground up since this annoying glass roof comes up from the Underground and totally dominates the center of your picture.

What, not amazed yet?

Yearning for a capture of St. Paul’s that is a little more unusual?

Then wander over to nearby Canon Alley for a quaint little peek-a-boo shot of this iconic building in between two historic, brick buildings.


It’s still the same church, but the perspective is a little different and might be more interesting to you and your herd of diehard, Instagram fanboys (or girls).

A peek-a-boo shot of St. Paul's Cathedral from Canon Alley.
A peek-a-boo shot of St. Paul’s Cathedral from Canon Alley.

7. Millenium Bridge

The view of St. Paul's Cathedral as you walk across Millennium Bridge.
The view of St. Paul’s Cathedral as you walk across Millennium Bridge.

Oh look:

ANOTHER picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral on this list of all the most Instagrammable places in London. Shocking…to no one.

But I pinkie promise that this is the final photo of St. Paul’s Cathedral on this list.

Added bonus?

This bridge also has an ultra-awesome Harry Potter connection since it was featured at the beginning of the movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

And given my slightly unhealthy obsession with all things Harry Potter, obviously, Millenium Bridge needed to be mentioned for that reason alone.


Aside from this structure’s EPIC connection to the wonderful world of Harry Potter, this bridge is amazing to photograph with a fantastic contrast between the modern architecture in the foreground and the historic beauty of the Cathedral in the background.

To procure this thin slice of Insta-awesome for yourself:

Simply walk from Tate Modern, along the South Bank, towards Millennium Bridge.

Once you get there:

Ascend the stairs and snap this shot right before you step onto the bridge and walk towards the North Bank.


Scaffolding was all across the bridge during my last trip to London, so be prepared because it super sucked for photos.


If you want your pic to be people free, you’re gonna have to get up hella early since this bridge is super popular.

8. Big Ben

True confessions?

This is 100% NOT my photo. TERRIBLE, but true.


You can thank all of the all-star contributors to Unpslash for this super lovely photo of Big Ben.

But I swear:

I really did try to visit Big Ben and I really did try to get a shot of one of the most Instagrammable places in London, but to no avial.


Well, Big Ben is most definitely covered in a distinctly non-photogenic assortment of scaffolding that will be in place until the structure is fully refurbished in 2021.

Which I totally understand.

But, it still sucks when you travel all the way to London with dreams of Big Ben swirling through your head.

And Instead:

All you get is some gross scaffolding that would only ever be alluring to some weird AF, diehard construction worker.


I don’t actually dream about Big Ben since it’s a bell and not a strong, handsome man, but you know what I mean.


Shockingly enough, the term Big Ben refers to the bell INSIDE the Elizabeth Clocktower and NOT the actual clock itself.

Who knew?

But, when you do return in 2021 for your picture du jour, try standing on the left side of the bridge (when facing the clock tower) and get an uber-romantic shot of Big Ben as you wistfully gaze out at the Thames in the foreground.

And yes:

I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re totally regretting all those scones with clotted cream that you had at afternoon tea.

The struggle is real in London.

9. Regent Street/Oxford Street

Some of the amazing Christmas lights that you'll find on Regent and Oxford Street in London.
Some of the amazing Christmas lights that you’ll find on Regent and Oxford Street in London.

What can I say?

It’s pretty, it’s a street in London, it was originally constructed by the Romans 2,000 years ago, and you should probably take a picture of it since clearly, that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Okay, I jest.

Regent Street and Oxford Street are actually two of the most famous shopping streets in London (I hate crowds and spend as little time here as possible).

Both located in London’s ever popular West End:

To get here, simply catch the tube to Oxford Circus Station, ascend the stairs, and you’ll find something that resembles Times Square, only less seizure-inducing since the lights isn’t as intense.


I would take a photo from the central divider in the road and capture one of London’s iconic, red, double-decker buses as they whiz by.


You could also visit during Christmas, like me, and capture some of the stunning Christmas lights that are always on display here.

10. Covent Garden

Covent Garden all decked out with Christmas decorations.
Covent Garden all decked out with Christmas decorations.

Located in the West End theater district:

Covent Garden is an elegant, car-free plaza that is overflowing with high-end shops, luxury hotels, chic restaurants, and eclectic street performers who desperately want to amaze you with their latest acts.

And while the food at Balthazar (and Fire & Stone) is second to none, the real star of this iconic tourist attraction is apple market, at least for all of the photographers in the audience.

This picturesque, glass covered market is filled with charm and light, making it the perfect place to stop and capture the beautiful symmetry of this enchanting building.

Visit during the holidays and you’ll be treated to an array of gorgeous Christmas baubles that dangle from the ceiling and that sparkle as they reflect the market’s ambient light.

11. Neal’s Yard

The vibrant and colorful beauty of London's Neal's Yard.
The vibrant and colorful beauty of London’s Neal’s Yard.

Just a hop, skip, and jump away from Covent Garden:

You’ll find the ever eclectic, but always Insta-awesome, Neal’s Yard: a quaint little courtyard brimming over with vibrant colors, quirky signs, delightful eateries, and fantastic coffee from Jacob the Angel (the staff are super nice too).

Only accessible via two tiny, cobblestone alleyways:

Neal’s Yard is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding neighborhood by a series of tall, brick buildings, that create a secret space of sorts.

Trust me:

You wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t looking for it.

Sadly thoug:

More people ARE looking for Neal’s Yard, me included, since it’s all the rage on Instagram. I’m also not helping the situation by posting this article, but I digress.

Once inside:

This charming courtyard becomes a place of semi-solitude (go early in the morning for the best photo ops) where you’ll want to do nothing more than sit, relax, read a book, sip a latte, take about a billion pics to make your Insta-homies super jealous, and watch the people go by.


Don’t walk, run to Neal’s Yard! Quick, before it becomes way too mainstream for its own good.

12. Peggy Porschen

The pink, flowery exterior of Peggy Porschen cakes easily makes it one of the top Instagram spots in London.
The pink, flowery exterior of Peggy Porschen cakes easily makes it one of the top Instagram spots in London and one of the best pink cafes in London too..

Not gonna lie:

I’m not a huge fan of Peggy Porschen Cakes. Sure, I love the pink, flowery exterior as much as the next person, but that’s about the only thing that I like about this bakery.

Sure, the staff are lovely and yes, they do have a fantastic selection of cakes.


This eatery’s rise to Insta-fame means that lines are usually out the door.

Which would be fine if the cakes were amazing, but they’re just kind of meh.

In fairness though:

Perhaps I visited on an off day. Or, maybe I ordered the wrong cupcake, even though I did ask the woman behind the counter to give me her favorite falvor.

Well regardless of why;

I ended up throwing half my cupcake out, which is saying a lot since I’m a sugar addict through and through.

That’s why:

I suggest that you arrive before opening so that you can get your perfect shot without all the crowds.

Once you’ve finished your photo sesh:

Simply walk down the street and enjoy breakfast at Dominique Ansel’s, one of my fave bakeries in the whole wide world.

13. Leadenhall Market

You know a place is gorgeous AF when you stop by and see a full on WEDDING, photo shoot.


Last time I visited, a total Bridezilla was here in all her glory, screaming profusely at some poor photographer for God only knows what.

But, regardless of her foul attitude:

She still had good taste since this iconic covered market, with it’s beautiful red and green roof, astounds almost everyone who visit.

Established in 1321:

This ancient, covered marketplace was completely redone in 1881 and transformed into the Victorian Era, modern(ish) architectural gem that we know today, with its bold colors, cobbled lanes, and exquisite metalwork.

Added bonus?

Potter heads will love the fact that this enchanting place was used as the filming location for both Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter films.

I know, WICKED cool, if I do say so myself.

Just try and get here early, before all the other wizards arrive, so that you can snag a photo without any clueless muggles wandering into your shot.

***Meander down Bull’s Head Passage and you’ll see the blue door of an eyeglass shop. This storefront was the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in the Goblet of Fire. ***

14. Biscuiteers

The total adorableness of Biscuiteers!
The total adorableness of Biscuiteers!

Not only does this adorable, vintage-style cafe make all the Instagram kids swoon, but it also serves up amazing, hand-iced desserts that anyone with a sweet tooth will adore.

Diabetic coma, here I come! But wait, it gets better!

This charming bakery is actually located in the uber-posh and insanely photogenic neighborhood od Notting Hill. 


It’s basically like visiting two of the most Instagrammable places in London at the same time.

Which is a total win in my slightly social media obsessed book.

And while this place is total, photographic magic:

Let’s talk about the really important things…like the food!

From cookies to cupcakes to chocolates, Biscuiteers has it all, with exquisite, confectionary creations that are expertly crafted to resemble London’s iconic telephone booths, cabs, and more!


This cafe even offers a super fun, two-hour icing class that you can join, for a small fee, if you want to learn about the subtle art of cake icing.


You can just leave the cake decorating to the professionals and enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon tea instead.

Your choice. But, whatever you decide:

Be sure to make a reservation since I’m definitely not the only one who is totally obsessed with this place.

15. Westbourne Park Road – Notting Hill

Stop and check out some of the amazingly colorful houses along Westbourne Park Road.
Stop and check out some of the amazingly colorful houses along Westbourne Park Road.

Without a doubt:

The colorful, pastel-hued homes along Notting Hill’s Westbourne Park Road are some of the most famous Instagram spots in all of London.

To get here:

Simply get off at the Ladbroke Grove tube station (Stop by Portobello Market while you’re here. It’s super cute) and take a quiet, leisurely stroll through this vibrant, residential area where you’ll find homes in enchanting shades of pink, purple, yellow, light blue, and more.

Visit on a weekend:

And you’ll also find hordes of wannabe influences draping themselves all over people’s door-steps, outfitted in vibrant red, floor-length skirts, impatiently waiting to get their piece of Instagram stardom.

And while I have no problem with this, especially since I’ve taken photos here myself, I implore you to be respectful of the area’s residents when taking photos here.

Yes, these houses are gorgeous. Yes, we all want that perfect shot, but not at the expense of local wellbeing.


First and foremost, these are people’s private homes; places, where people live and where they don’t want Instagram obsessed Millenials disrupting their daily lives


Quickly get your shot, stay on the sidewalk, stay off people’s stoops, and leave.

Because in truth:

People didn’t ask for their house to be Insta-famous. It’s just some weird byproduct of social media madness.


Be kind and don’t be the person who gives all influencers a bad name.

Okay, lecture over. Now back to more pretty pictures.

16. The British Museum

Be sure to stop by the British Museum and capture the architectural beauty of this amazing building.
Be sure to stop by the British Museum and capture the architectural beauty of this amazing building.

Nestled along Great Rusell Street:

The British Museum is a true oasis of cultural wonder for history lovers who yearn to travel back in time and discover the long forgotten mysteries of the past.  

With over 8 million artifacts to discover, and free entry for all:

This museum is the perfect place to go if you want to discover ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, marvel at sculptures from the Parthenon, and even, stand in awe of the world-famous Rosetta Stone.

But more than that:

This classic, Greek revival building is seamlessly fused with the modern, symmetrical grandeur of the museum’s domed atrium; an architectural marvel that is a true dream to photograph.

To capture the true beauty of this place:

Be sure to visit during the day, when the entire space is illuminated by the sun.

Once inside the museum:

Continue up the side stairs to the second floor. Here, you’ll find a small window to your left that is the perfect place for a panoramic shot of the museum’s grand reading room.

17. Daunt Books

The beautiful interior of Daunt Books at 83 Marylebone High Street.
The beautiful interior of Daunt Books at 83 Marylebone High Street.

First rule of Instagramming in London?

Yeah, don’t get super excited every time you see a Daunt Books because it’s probably not THE Daunt Books that you’ve fantasized about in all of your Instagram dreams.

Sorry, but:

Daunt Books was actually started in the 1990s and has become a chain of bookstores that are found throughout central London.


If you’re looking for THE Daunt Books with three floors of literary grandeur that are exquisitely illuminated by a variety of skylights and charming Edwardian style windows, then visit their flagship store at 83 Marylebone High Street.

Once inside:

You’ll marvel at the narrow rows of books, quaint oak bookshelves, and enchanting hardwood staircases that are perfectly framed by vibrantly colored, William Morris printed wallpaper.


My favorite place to get a panoramic shot of the store is from the middle of the second-floor balcony.


Many women, with uber awesome Instagram husbands and friends, like to have someone take their photo as they effortlessly glide up the stairs from the basement to the ground floor of the store.

Real talk?

I might just be a wee bit bitter since I love this shot but can’t actually take it since I only have a tripod and don’t want to look even weirder than normal by photographing myself in a bookstore with a tripod.

Yup, solo travel just got real!

18. The Pink House on St. Luke’s Mews

The ethereal charm of the infamous pink house on St. Lukes Mews in Notting Hill.
The ethereal charm of the infamous pink house on St. Lukes Mews in Notting Hill.

First thing’s first:

You’re probably wondering what a mews is anyway since I had no idea before I started my nifty little travel blog (and I consider myself a mildly well-informed individual).


Mews actually refers to a type of street in London that is typically narrow, lined with cobblestones, and quaint/photogenic AF.


These streets sit behind or perpendicular to busier, main roads since mews were traditionally used by carriages and stables back in the day.


Ever since society said a fond farewell to our horsey friends as a primary mode of transportation, the mews have become some of the most highly sought after (AKA most ridiculously expensive) streets in London. 

That’s why:

The pink house along St. Luke’s Mews is a true must-see for anyone with an acute photography or Instagram addiction.

To get here:

Simply take the tube to the Ladbroke Grove station and walk about four blocks to the mews.

Upon arrival:

Enjoy the endless array of photo opportunities available to you. But, as I mentioned before, don’t be a total dick when taking photos here.


You are photographing private property and as such, need to be kind, considerate, and respectful of the people who live here.

Yeah, sorry, but their needs always supersede our need for pretty Instagram photos.


Quickly take your pics, never go on private property, and leave as quickly as humanly possible so that people can go about their everyday lives.

19. Churchill Arms Pub

The botanical beauty of Churchill Arms.
The botanical beauty of Churchill Arms.

This is one of those most Instagrammable places in London locations that I really just don’t get, like at all.


This pub is pretty, if you like buildings that look like the entirety of the botanical gardens has thrown up all over the place (In fairness, I visited during Christmas so Churchill Arms wasn’t beautifully bedazzled in swaths of ivy and beautiful bouquets of flowers).

Okay, I’m exaggerating.

It’s not THAT bad. But, I definitely wouldn’t rearrange my entire trip just to take pictureshere.

I mean:

It’s a nice enough pub for sure, but there are like 12 billion other pubs in London.

That’s why:

I kind of feel like there’s no need to make a special trip here.


If the insatiable need for Instagram glory has totally taken over, then hop on the tube and get off at Notting Hill Gate station.

From here, it’s just four blocks to Campden Street and the immortal Churchill Arms Pub.


I took a distance shot from the front of the building and ended up using that on my own Instagram account.


The great thing about this pub is that there are a ton of different shots you can take.

So feel free to shoot from a bunch of different angles and distances since I’ve seen some great photos of the pub from up close as well as from mid-level distance.

Just do yourself a favor and avoid photographing at noon, which is something I failed to do since I’m incapable of waking up early.


The problem with mid-day photography is that you get pictures that have this almost washed out look about them, which is never a good look.

It’s much better to visit at either sunrise, or sunset, when you’ll have this rich, golden hue of natural light that helps make your photos look infinitely more vivid and alive.

During this time of day:

It’s also MUCH easier to get even shadows all across the pub, making for a better shot.

20. St. Dunstan in the East Church

The haunting beauty of St. Dunstan in the East Church.
The haunting beauty of St. Dunstan in the East Church.

Concealed by central London’s many modern skyscrapers:

St. Dunstan in the East Church is definitely one of the most underrated Instagram spots in the entire city.

Walk into this church turned park:

And you’ll discover a haunting beauty that is embodied by hollowed out windows, aged black and white walls, and decaying towers enveloped by cascades of ivy, and flowers, that continue to crawl their way across the ruins of this peaceful place.


This church was constructed almost nine centuries ago but later damaged by the Great Fire of London, in 1666.

Restored four centuries later, the church was once again decimated by the bombings on London during WWII.


Instead of restoring the church, a park was planted inside the ruins, creating a beautiful memoriam to all those who lost their lives during that global conflict.

A somber but fantastic place to visit, even if you’re not into photography.

21. Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews is one of my favorite mews in all of London.
Kynance Mews is one of my favorite mews in all of London.

While the Kynance Mews are exquisite any time of year:

I personally would love to visit during the fall, when all the leaves are changing color.


Well, this South Kensington mews has a marvelous stone archway that becomes enveloped in beautiful, red tendrils of leaves throughout the autumn.


Visit during this time of year, between October and mid-November, and you’ll be sure to capture amazing photos of this fantastic stone facade.


As you can see from my photo, I visited during the spring, which was pretty magical, but just not as magical as those super snazzy red leaves of autumn.

22. Ladbroke Square

Some of the beautiful houses you'll find In London.
Some of the beautiful houses you’ll find In London.

True confessions?

This photo is of Notting Hill and not nearby Ladbroke Square, which has row after row of these amazing, totally identical, white houses with Victorian style columns and upper level balconies.


They look exactly like the houses above, except that they are all white, with a stone facade on the second floor, and have a posh, black, wrought iron fance that surrounds the home and keeps overzealous Instagrammers out (joking, sort of).

But sadly:

I am the worst blogger EVER and cannot find my shots of Ladbroke Square (uncontrollably sobs in the corner until she realizes blogging is not that serious).

Which totally blows since these houses really are pretty and really do make the perfect backdrop when you wear a colorful outfit that will really stand out against these monochromatic white homes.


If you want to snag the very beautiful photo that I just cannot seem to find ( I really need to get my shiz together), then get off the tube at Ladbroke Gardens and walk up a slight hill to visit this amazingly photogenic square.

23. Sketch

Be sure to stop by the Gallery and have a super delicious and totally Instagram worthy afternoon tea at Sketch London.
Be sure to stop by the Gallery and have a super delicious and totally Instagram worthy afternoon tea at Sketch London.

Possibly one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in all of London, Sketch is the perfect place to indulge in a bit of afternoon tea (starting at £59 per person) if you’re looking to spruce up your Instagram page with some ultra-chic, blush pink decor.

And I promise:

The afternoon tea is actually really good. We started off with a quail egg and egg truffle gougere amuse, followed by savory fingers sandwiches like cucumber ricotta (yeah, they somehow made cucumber sandwiches taste good. Talk about straight up magic), a selection of desserts with warm Sultana scones fresh out of the oven, and finally, a delightful petit four to conclude the meal.

And with desserts like pineapple and coriander tarts, passionfruit opera cake, coconut and cranberry marshmallow, and a vanilla/ hazelnut Battenberg, I’m not so sorry to say that you may never again be satisfied by any other London afternoon tea experience. 

Added bonus?

The staff eventually brought us each a huge slab of cake (which was flippin’ delicious) since we had been sitting there so long that I think they thought we might have gotten hungry again. Lol.

Before you dine here though:

Be sure to book your table well in advance since Sketch is super Insta-famous and as a result, incredibly popular amongst me and my fellow Instagram obsessed millennials.

***Try to book a table for 12:30 pm (afternoon tea is available every day from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm) and get there a little early so that you can take pictures before everyone else arrives.***


Reserve a table in the Gallery, and not in any of the other rooms, since this is where you’ll find the dazzling, pale pink room featured above.

But, no matter where you go in Sketch:

You’ll definitely find exquisite, over the top decor (and photo ops) that makes you feel like you’re in some insanely wonderful alternate reality where the Land of Oz is indeed real. 

Before you leave though:

Definitely visit their ridiculously amazing pod toilets, which resemble giant white chicken eggs that have been illuminated by vibrantly colored skylights, neon hues that make this bathroom look more like a spaceship than a toilet. 

Sketch is definitely home to the coolest bathroom that I've ever been in.
Sketch is definitely home to the coolest bathroom that I’ve ever been in.

***You might also want to sneak a peek at this London packing listsince this place is definitely on the formal side and probably requires a dress of sorts.***

24. God’s Own Junkyard

The neon, electric beauty of God's Own Junkyard in London.
The neon, electric beauty of God’s Own Junkyard in London.

Away from the well-trodden tourist path:

You’ll find an unassuming warehouse in Northeast London with an amazingly eclectic collection of neon signs.

Collectively known as, God’s Own Junkyard:

This wonderfully outrageous amalgamation of art pieces was designed by local artist Chris Bracey who originally created these signs for films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Blade Runner.


Over 1,000 of Bracey’s pieces remain on display and create a quirky, neon wonderland that is filled with disco balls, retro signs, and random car parts; a bizarre collection of items that make the perfect backdrop for some fantastically vibrant and truly unique Instagram photos.


There’s even a small, onsite cafe called The Rolling Scones, which features reasonably priced drinks, coffee, cakes, savory dishes, and, you guessed it, scones.

25. Tower Bridge

A view of Tower Bridge from Sait Katherine's Pier.
A view of Tower Bridge from Sait Katherine’s Pier.

One of the many reasons why I love Tower Bridge so much is that it is just so dang photogenic.

I mean:

Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 3 different, and incredibly beautiful, ways to photograph this architectural icon of London.

The above view is from Saint Katherine’s Pier; a place that is truly unique since you can photograph the exquisite, girl with the dolphin statue in front of the Bridge,

If you can:

Try and shoot from a bit further back so that you can capture the Shard, the statue, and the bridge all in the same photo.


You earn mad brownie points if you manage to get a red, double decker bus in the photo too!

For the best picture though:

Try and get here before sunrise so that you can capture the warm light of the rising sun, only without all the crowds since most people will still be asleep, at least if they’re anti-morning people like me.

While you’re here:

You can go a little Tower Bridge bananas and take some photos on Tower Bridge itself.


I find this option rather unappealing since I hate taking pictures of myself but always find it necessary since close up shots of the bridge alone can be about as dull as dishwater.

Across the Thames:

You can also photograph Tower Bridge while standing in front of City Hall, an easy spot to find since it sits right along the lovely, Thames River Walk. 

If you can:

Visit at sunrise (not that I’m ever capable of getting up that early) for absurdly wonderful lighting since the sun literally rises right behind the bridge.


If you visit during the day, it can be difficult to capture a photo without any people in it since this is easily one of the most instagrammable places in London.


To get an unobstructed view of the bridge, even when a ton of people are milling around, try to sit atop or lean against the wall along the river,

Totally obvious, but incredibly helpful when you’re trying to get “THE SHOT” of Tower Bridge.

The beautiful view of Tower Bridge that you get when standing in front of City Hall.
The beautiful view of Tower Bridge that you get when standing in front of City Hall.

Tada! My guide to 25 of the most Instagrammable places in London is finally over!! I bet you’re super excited that I’ve FINALLY decided to stop typing.

What do you think? Did your favorite London Instagram spot make my list of the 25 most Instagrammable places in London? If not, let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out!

And if this post somehow makes you want to break out your camera and plan an impromptu trip to London then pin this now and read it again later!


Thursday 7th of November 2019

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Thursday 7th of November 2019

Thanks so much! I'll check it out!

Sunny in London

Sunday 12th of May 2019

Thank you for indicating that Big Ben is covered in scaffolding. As someone who lives in London, I think it is misleading when people publish old photos because it is certainly false advertising- especially for those who might plan to go there for pictures when they have a limited time in town. I published a YouTube video about the what’s happening to the Elizabeth’s Tower. When it is finished, you can get a great shot at a phone booth near the Sir Winston Churchill Statue. Although, like many ideas above, it’s quite a popular place for tourists, so you do have to wait in a long line. There is also a Platform 9 3/4 store at King’s Cross Station. If you don’t mind waiting in a long line, you can get a photo there pushing a cart in to the wall that is exactly the same as the Warner Bros Studio Tour of Harry Potter- but you don’t have to pay the attraction fee and travel to Watford!


Sunday 12th of May 2019

Yes! Good old Platform 9 and 3/4! I totally forgot to include that! Such a fun place!


Saturday 11th of May 2019

Oh wow, I´ve been to London many times, but this gives me lots of new ideas for places to check out for my next visit! Great post :)


Sunday 12th of May 2019

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found something slightly newish!


Saturday 11th of May 2019

I feel like London is so instagrammable! I love that you compiled a list of specific sites that are good. I love St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge (not just because of Harry Potter). I'm going to have to add Daunt Books to my list next time I'm in London.


Sunday 12th of May 2019

Yes, Daunt Books is a fun and beautiful place. And so glad you enjoyed it!

Katie Diederichs

Saturday 11th of May 2019

Awesome list! London is so massive that it's good having a list like this to help plan out your time there (especially if you want some pretty pics!). Just pinned for later!

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