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44 Famous Streets in London You MUST See To Believe

Planning to visit London for the first time? If so then you need this incredibly detailed insider’s guide to the most famous streets in London.

Trust me, I’ve lived in London on and off for the past 6+ years and know all about some of the most beautiful streets in London – intriguing places that are brimming over with incredible history and awesome beauty.

And if you’re also in desperate need of a bit of retail therapy, then not to worry because this guide will introduce you to some of the very famous shopping streets in London too.

So, channel your inner Emily Blunt and Adele because we’re about to cannonball into this post on famous roads in London that are renowned for their historic, cultural, and musical connections.

So, yes, you really will see the likes of Downing Street, Baker Street, and Bond Street on this list – among others.

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Most Famous Streets in London

1. Downing Street

Since 1735, 10 Downing Street has been the official residence for all of the British Prime Ministers.

In other words, a trip here is the equivalent of going to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. to see the White House.

And as if that weren’t already cool enough, 11 Downing Street has served as the home for the Chancellor of the Exchequer for nearly 300 years too!

That said, unlike Pennsylvania Avenue, you can’t actually walk along Downing Street.

In fact, there are guards and a gate in place to make sure that the British Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer stay as safe as possible while living on one of the most famous roads in London.

2. Portobello Road

View of the shops on Portobello Road in Notting Hill, one of the most famous streets in London.

Portobello Road is one of my personal favorite streets in London. First of all, the buildings are painted in beautiful pastel colors that always put a smile on my face.

And who wouldn’t enjoy that while walking down one of the most famous streets in London?

Secondly, there’s the Portobello Road Market. Here, you can shop for everything from antique treasures to food finds and everything in between at one of the best budget shopping spots in London.

Just be sure to stop by The Portobello Map & Print Shop, Lowry & Baker, Maison Puget Bakery & Café, and One of a Kind.

Also, while the market is technically open Monday through Saturday, Saturday is by far the best day to go since that’s when most vendors will be there.

Plus, I’m certainly not the only one who loves Portobello Road. Hollywood does too! As a result, this is one of the best roads in London that has made appearances in several films, including Notting Hill and Paddington.

3. Shaftesbury Avenue

Some of the stunning homes along Shaftesbury Avenue in London.

Calling all theater lovers! Because if you love live performances almost as much as I do then you won’t want to miss out on Shaftesbury Avenue.

See, Shaftesbury Avenue is the heart of London’s West End theater district. Therefore, it’s home to half a dozen famous theaters, including the Apollo Theatre, the Palace Theatre, the Lyric Theatre, and the Shaftesbury Theatre.

So, at each of these wonderful spots, you can watch some of London’s best performances, including fan favorites like Wicked, Les Misérables, or Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for discounted tickets to these fabulous performances, head to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square or use the TodayTix to get up to 50% off tickets now.

4. Old Compton Street

Not far from Shaftesbury Avenue lies Old Compton Street. This road is known as one of the city’s main hubs for the LGBTQ+ community.

Throughout the year, you can visit many LGBT-friendly businesses on this street. Highlights include the popular G-A-Y Bar, watching a drag show at The Admiral Duncan, and grabbing a drink at She Soho.

However, during Pride Weekend, all of Old Compton Street is closed to cars and becomes a fully pedestrianized street – making it easier to hop from one exciting LGBT-friendly spot to another.

5. The Mall

Exterior view of Buckingham Palace during your 24 hours in London.

The Mall is definitely one of the most famous streets in London. First of all, it runs between two iconic London landmarks: Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace.

To start, let’s talk about Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is home to a couple of the best things to see in London, including the National Gallery and Nelson’s Column.

So, by itself, Trafalgar Square is just an all-around awesome place to visit.

But, the real reason The Mall is one of the most famous streets in London is that this iconic road leads up to Buckingham Palace.

And with the area’s thriving trees and dozens of British flags, it’s definitely a cool sight to see.

To make The Mall even better, it’s also used for many special events, including the London Marathon finish line and the Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

6. The Strand

A view from the Strand, one of the many famous streets in London.

The Strand – which is technically supposed to be called “Strand,” but very few people call it that – is overflowing with fascinating history.

For example, The Strand was actually the first road in London to get numbered addresses. Yup, that’s definitely a cool fun fact to know!

Obviously, The Strand’s street numbers aren’t quite as exciting today as they were when they were first instituted.

But, that’s okay since this London road has loads of other things going for it. So, feel free to explore the famous Savoy Hotel, savor some tea at Twinings Tea Shop, and dine at the historic Simpson’s restaurant.

7. Whitehall

Cenotaph War Memorial on Whitehall, one of the most famous roads in London.

Guess what? The Mall isn’t the only noteworthy street starting at Trafalgar Square. There’s also Whitehall.

See, Whitehall begins at Trafalgar Square and ends at the famous gilded Parliament Building and Big Ben. No wonder Whitehall is on this list of the most famous streets in London!

As you walk along Whitehall, you’ll see loads of important memorials. There’s the Women of World War II Memorial, the George Duke of Cambridge Statue, and the Royal Tank Regiment Memorial.

Plus, near the end of it all, you’ll find London’s most famous memorial, The Cenotaph.

8. Bond Street

Bond Street is actually a combination of two streets: Old Bond Street and New Bond Street.

But, even when you combine these two streets together, all of Bond Street is only about half a mile long!

However, this half-a-mile is the most expensive piece of real estate in Britain and the third most expensive piece of real estate in the entire WORLD!

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Bond Street is home to loads of luxury brands.

In fact, Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton are just a few of the retail giants that call this thoroughfare home.

So, get ready to either spend a pretty penny or stick to the window shopping on one of the most famous streets in London.

9. Abbey Road

View of Abbery Road. One of the most famous roads in London,

You’ve probably heard of Abbey Road because a little-known band (lol) called The Beatles.

Yeah, The Beatles loved this road so much that they actually named their 1969 album after it and even featured this particular London street on the cover.

And then, when this album was finally released, it topped music charts all around the world.

As a result, The Beatles’ success skyrocketed Abbey Road to its status as one of the most famous streets in London.

So, it’s now quite common to see people trying to recreate the famous Abbey Road album cover during their visit.

10. Oxford Street

Double decker buses and black cabs traveling down busy Oxford Street with the flag hanging in the air along one of the most famous roads in London.

Calling all shopping lovers! Because Oxford Street is easily one of the most famous streets in London for shopping – if not the most famous one of all.

And while some shopping districts only cater to one type of client, Oxford Street truly does have something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or affordable attire, menswear or womenswear, local British companies, or international brands, you’ll be able to find something that suits your style on Oxford Street.

As an added bonus, if you happen to be in London around the holidays, you’ll want to visit Oxford Street for the absolutely stunning Christmas lights that pop up all along the most famous shopping street in London.

11. Brick Lane

Shoppers enjoying Brick Lane Market and walking down one os the cutest streets in London.

One of the coolest things about London is how many different cultures you can experience within the bounds of one city.

I mean, take Brick Lane for example. This is one of the most famous roads in London that has been home to a thriving Bangladeshi community for a while now.

That means that while you’re here can dine at Bengal Village, hit up Best of Brick Lane, or shop for Bangladeshi and South Asian ingredients at Taj Stores.

But, do remember that Brick Lane is also in Shoreditch. Therefore, it cuts right through this uber-trendy part of London.

So in between the Bangladeshi eateries and shops, you can also pop into hipster-esque spots like Brick Lane Market on Sundays.

You can also get a ridiculously good bagel from Beigel Bake Brick Lane Bakery, and devour tasty chocolates at Dark Sugars.

12. Regents Street

Traffic running down regents Street in London. One of the most famous roads in London.

If you visit London there’s a good chance that you’ll end up on Regents Street at some point during your trip.

And that’s simply because of its prime location. After all, it’s near many of the best London attractions and a few of the other most famous streets in London.

It’s also worth noting that Regents Street is primarily known for its luxury shopping. So, you’ll be able to find fancy retailers like Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, and Burberry here.

But one of the coolest stores on Regents Street is Hamleys. This gem is the oldest and largest toy store in the entire world!

So as you scour seven floors filled with 50,000 toys, you’re sure to find something that will make the perfect London souvenir.

However, Regents Street is also home to quite a few unique events throughout the year, including the London Pride Parade and “The Spirit of Christmas” holiday decorations.

13. Carnaby Street

Sign for Carnaby Street in London. One fo the most famous roads in London.

Carnaby Street has quite a long history. See, it was first built in 1682, and since then, it has been home to a house for Bubonic Plague victims, shopping areas for rock stars, and everything in between.

But Carnaby Street only really became noteworthy in the 1960s and 1970s. This was when the “Swinging Sixties” era of clothing – categorized by mini skirts, go-go boots, and fitted suits – is thought to have started.

A fashion trend that was further helped when the famous band, The Sex Pistols, were photographed in Swinging Sixties gear along Carnaby Street too.

14. Bywater Street

We can thank Instagram for getting Bywater Street onto this list of the most famous streets in London.

Because although Bywater Street remained an under-the-radar hidden gem in London for quite a while, social media has now catapulted it into stardom thanks to the many colorful buildings that line this road.

After all, these pastel-colored houses make for the perfect photo.

However, it is important to remember that people live here. So, please be respectful while you’re there. Also, try to limit the noise that you make and the number of photos that you take.

15. Piccadilly

Tibe station sign for Piccadilly on one of the most famous roads in London.

Piccadilly is known as London’s busiest street. That’s why many people refer to it as the Times Square of London, thanks to the large crowds and enormous billboards.

In addition to the billboards and crowds, Piccadilly is also home to fancy hotels, luxurious shops, delicious restaurants, and cute London cafes.

Therefore, you could easily spend a couple of hours enjoying all of the best things to do on this one street.

Eventually, Piccadilly feeds into Piccadilly Circus, which is a famous London landmark in and of itself.

So, while at Piccadilly Circus, you can check out the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and the Hard Rock Cafe too.

16. Jermyn Street

Jermyn Street has established a reputation as the place to shop for menswear in London – especially if you’re looking for fancier pieces.

So, this is where you go for silk shirts, shining shoes, and perfectly tailored suits.

And a few of the most well-known menswear retailers on this famous shopping street in London include Charles Tyrwhitt, Harvie and Hudson, and Loake Shoemakers.

However, if you need a break from menswear shopping, you can also visit Paxton & Whitfield for some cheese, watch a show at the Jermyn Street Theatre, or try some African fusion food at Papa L’s Kitchen.

17. Baker Street

Interior of the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street

If you’ve read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books, there’s a good chance that you’ll recognize Baker Street.

Heck, even if you haven’t read these books there’s still a pretty good chance that you know all about one of the most famous roads in London.

After all, Baker Street has been featured In all of the books and the accompanying Sherlock TV series since Sherlock Holmes lives at 221B Baker Street.

And it’s no surprise to find out that people flock to this area to see it in person. But, once you get to 221B Baker Street, things get even better.

And that’s mainly because you’ll find yourself at The Sherlock Holmes Museum!

Yup, this Victorian-era home is meant to replicate what Sherlock’s residence would’ve looked like (you know, if he wasn’t fictional).

You’ll even get to see some famous objects and letters from Sherlock’s adventures.

18. Savile Row

Savile Row is known for one thing, and one thing only: traditional bespoke men’s tailored suits.

What exactly is a traditional bespoke men’s tailored suit you may rightly wonder?

Well, essentially, it’s when a suit is entirely cut and made by hand specifically for that particular customer. In other words, you literally won’t be able to find a suit that fits better.

So, if this sounds like a service you might enjoy, try one of many different traditional bespoke men’s retailers on Savile Row, like Huntsman & Sons, Richard James, and Ozwald Boateng.

19. Columbia Road

Columbia Road Flower Market

A visit to Columbia Road is sure to put a smile on your face. After all, London’s Columbia Road is known for the Columbia Road Flower Market.

See, every Sunday, Columbia Road is packed with the brightest of blooms. Many of the vendors here have also been around for multiple generations!

So, whether you’re looking for bouquets, flowering plants, shrubs, or any other plant life, you’re sure to find it.

And while Sundays are by far the best time to visit Columbia Road, this London street is still worth visiting during the other six days of the week.

See, the entire street is lined with small, independent businesses. So, not only will you be able to discover cool finds, but you’ll also be able to help hard-working individuals fulfill their dreams!

Therefore, take some time to peruse the art at the Nelly Duff Gallery, purchase some exquisite cheeses from Funk, get a caffeine boost from Specialty Cafetiere, and snag a few records from VDS London.

If you’re in the market for a suit and you’ve got some cash to spare, this is a great place to get one. And even if you don’t need a suit from Savile Row, it’s still interesting to stroll along and get a glimpse of these intricate suit tailoring stores.

20. Westbourne Park Road & St. Luke’s Mews

The infamous pink house in st. Luke's mews in London.

While Westbourne Park Road and St. Luke’s Mews are technically two different famous streets in London, they are literally right next to each other and go hand in hand.

In other words, why not visit both of these famous roads in London at the same time?

Now, both Westbourne Park Road and St. Luke’s Mews gained much of their popularity from the movies.

So, it should come as no surprise that Westbourne Park Road was featured in Notting Hill and St. Luke’s Mews was showcased in Love, Actually.

But that’s not all that these two roads have in common. They both also have fun, colorful buildings that are perfect for picture-taking!

In fact. Westbourne Park Road is home to a slew of pastel-colored homes, while St. Luke’s Mews has a bright pink home (yes, the one from Love, Actually) that you are sure to love.

21. Kings Road

Another pick for one of the most famous streets in London, Kings Road was actually first built by King Charles II in 1694.

And throughout those early years, it was used by the king as a private road in London to travel between the palaces at Hampton Court and St. James’.

Therefore, up until the 1800s, this famous road in London was used only by members of the royal family, aristocrats, and courtiers.

However, fast forward a couple of hundred years and this beautiful road in London became the unofficial home of the New Romantics and punks in the 70s.

So, stop today and see where Vivienne Westwood opened up Let It Rock in 1971 and where Mary Quant and BIBA shops first got their start.

Because while this modern road is now a lot less hip and a lot more gentrified, you can still check out Saatchi Gallery or visit a local food market in the Duke of York Square while you’re here.

22. Exhibition Road

Exterior of Museums along Exhibition Road, one of the most famous roads in London.

Located in the immortal neighborhood of South Kensington, Exhibition Road is home to some of the most famous museums in all of London – including the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Goethe Institute, and the Royal Geographical Society.

However, truth be told, the road was initially expanded in 1851 to make adequate space for pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists alike – all of whom felt packed in here like sardines during the Great Exhibition of 1851.

So, stop by today and enjoy the ample room that one of the most famous roads in London has.

23. Brompton Road

The exterior of Harrods on Brompton Road in London. One of the most famous shopping streets in London.

Believe it or not, Brompton Road is easily one of the most famous shopping streets in London.

And that’s mainly because this 1-kilometer stretch of road is tucked away in the swank AF neighborhood of Knightsbridge and is home to the one and only Harro’s Department store.

So, be sure to visit one of the most famous roads in London and check out Harrods while you’re here.

After all, this shopping mecca is renowned for its decadent food court, incredible high tea (in the Harrods Tea Room), and stylish luxury handbags.

Pro Tip: Be sure to do some shopping at Harvey Nicholas while you’re here too.

24. Neal’s Yard

The vibrant colors of Neal's Yard in London. One of the most famous streets in London.

Neal’s Yard is a bustling alleyway that is hidden in plain sight in Covent Garden. It is also named after Thomas Neale, a famous developer from the 17th century,

However, due to the rise of Instagram, the road’s vibrantly colored buildings have made it one of the most famous streets in London.

So, this quaint little square is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to uncover some of the city’s best-kept secrets.

After all, you’ll be captivated by the multi-colored buildings and quaint shops that line the streets here.

To visit, head down either Short’s Gardens or an alley off Monmouth Street. Both narrow roads open up into a quaint courtyard that bursting with character and vibrant colors.

Pro Tip: While visiting one of the most beautiful streets in London, you can grab a coffee at St. John Bakery Neal’s Yard or snag some vintage threads at Good.

25. Gerrard Street

gate of the famous Chinatown in London, UK, at dusk

Gerrard Street is easily one of London’s most famous thoroughfares. It can be found in the heart of Chinatown and serves as a bustling epicenter for Asian culture and cuisine.

Plus, with its vibrant entrance gate and hanging lanterns, this is one of the prettiest streets in London that makes you feel as though you’ve hopped on a plane to China.

If you can, stop by Gerrard Street and check out the annual Chinese New Year celebration that is held here.

You can also visit authentic Chinese restaurants, bakeries, and shops that offer up a taste of Asia in the heart of London.

Pro Tip: Four Seasons is a nice little spot where you can try some yummy Peking Duck.

26. Cheyne Walk

Cheyne Walk is a street steeped in literary and historical importance. It is also one of the most famous streets in London that is situated in the southwest of London.

In fact, its elegant 18th-century Georgian mansions serve as enduring symbols of its rich heritage and opulent past.

This amazing street also runs parallel to the River Thames and has notable residents like George Eliot, J.M.W. Turner, and Mick Jagger.

Today, this is one of the most beautiful streets in London that is a culturally significant destination for anyone wanting to get up close and personal with London’s storied past.

27. Little Green Street

Little Green Street provides a captivating glimpse into the historic charm of London in the 1780s – when the city was brimming over with stunning, elegant Georgian-era architecture.

Now, this picturesque, cobblestone street is home to just a few residences. This road has also remained well-preserved since the 19th century.

Therefore, you feel as though you’ve stepped into a living time capsule when you visit one of the famous streets in London.

To get here, head to the Kentish Town neighborhood and enjoy the incredible ambiance of this amazing place.

28. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square in the evening during your London itinerary.

Trafalgar Square is an iconic London landmark that buzzes with activity all day long.

Dominated by the towering Nelson’s Column and its impressive bronze lion statues, this square is also home to the world-famous National Gallery.

It’s also conveniently situated near other popular spots like Covent Garden, Chinatown, and Soho, making it a perfect hub for exploration.

Additionally, expect to be entertained by talented street performers, visit a ton of delicious food stalls, and immerse yourself in endless opportunities for people-watching.

Trafalgar Square also hosts a wide range of cultural events and gatherings, and its elegant fountains offer a refreshing respite on warm days.

So, without a doubt, Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous streets in London that offers visitors a dynamic experience that is not to be missed.

29. St. Christopher’s Place

St. Christopher’s Place captivates visitors with its unique charm and has a little something special to offer everyone.

Situated in the heart of London, this lively area is not only for shopping but has a rich history that is embodied by several historic mansions.

Plus, if you’re a foodie, you’re in for a treat since there are a variety of bars and restaurants that serve up an amazing assortment of international cuisine.

Then, when the sun sets, St. Christopher’s Place comes alive with vibrant nightlife that is not to be missed after doing one of the best night tours in London.

Moreover, it is a place that combines retail therapy, historic ambiance, and vibrant nightlife, making it one of the most famous streets in London.

30. Kensington Palace Gardens

View of the main fountain and well-maintained, vibrant flower beds of Kensington Palace Gardens.

Kensington Palace Gardens is often hailed as one of the most famous streets in London that is home to a dazzling array of luxurious mansions.

It’s where the ultra-wealthy, including prominent figures like Lakshmi Mittal, Leonard Blavatnik, and even the Duke/Duchess of Cambridge, have their homes.

But there’s more to this exclusive enclave than meets the eye. After all, this enchanting garden sits in close proximity to historic Kensington Palace and adds a touch of regal charm to any visit.

In fact, the gardens at Kensington Palace are a must-visit for anyone with an affinity for modern extravagance and a fascination with royal history.

31. Fleet Street

Fleet Street is one of London’s oldest roads, with a history that dates all the way back to Roman times.

After all, this place gained prominence between the 16th and 20th centuries as the epicenter of Britain’s printing and publishing industry.

So, as you explore this incredible street, you’ll discover a mix of historic and contemporary structures, each with its own tale to tell.

It’s a must-visit for history enthusiasts, architecture buffs, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in the fascinating story behind London’s past and present.

Additionally, Fleet Street is a hub for legal and financial institutions, making it a crucial part of London’s commercial landscape and one of the most famous streets in London.

32. Campden Street

Stunning exterior of the Churchill Arms pub on Campden Street. It has tons of folowers and incredible falgs.

Located in Kensington, Campden Street is a picturesque lane with contemporary, brick, duplex apartments.

These apartments are also adorned with delightful flower boxes. beneath the windows, which add to the of this gorgeous place.

However, at the end of this iconic London street, you’ll find the renowned Churchill Arms. It’s a distinctive and historic pub that is famous for its extensive display of flowers.

Therefore, it is a popular Instagram spot in London and is one of the most famous streets in London for both locals and tourists alike.

33. Great Portland Street

Great Portland Street is a bustling, well-connected thoroughfare known for a blend of historical architecture with modern businesses.

It also offers a diverse range of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences that combine to make this one of the most famous streets in London.

Additionally, a wealth of Georgian and Victorian-style buildings add to its timeless allure.

34. Kynance Mews

The chamring homes of the Kynace Mews. It is one of the most beautiful streets in London.

The Kynance Mews is situated in the vibrant Kensington neighborhood and features charming cobblestone paths, tranquil alleyways, and inviting cafes.

Therefore, visitors can enjoy a truly picturesque experience and take tons of photos that leave a lasting impression.

After all, the visual allure of this place makes it a perfect spot for easy walks and beautiful memories.

Additionally, Kynance Mews provides easy access to nearby attractions, parks, and cultural landmarks, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the city’s diverse offerings.

35. Gower Street

Inside of the British Museum, one of the most famous landmarks in London

Gower Street is situated in London’s vibrant Bloomsbury district and is a fascinating blend of historical charm and intellectual vitality.

It is also adorned with stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture that has an enduring elegance that is not to be missed.

This renowned street is also celebrated for its academic connections, housing prestigious institutions like University College London (UCL) and the British Museum.

Therefore, it is a magnet for scholars and culture enthusiasts from around the globe.

But, Gower Street is more than an intellectual haven. It offers a dynamic urban experience with its inviting cafes, bookstores, and cultural venues.

Its central location also makes it one of the most famous streets in London among first time visitors to the city.

36. Fenchurch Street

Me having brunch at Sky Garden in London.

Fenchurch Street sits in the center of London’s bustling financial district and features a dynamic blend of history and modernity.

With roots tracing back to medieval times – when it thrived as a trade and commerce center – it retains its significance as a hub for corporate institutions.

What sets Fenchurch Street apart from other cool streets in London is its captivating mix of old-world charm and contemporary skyscrapers.

As a result, you’ll find the iconic ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building here. And for some of the best views in London, make a reservation and visit Sky Garden for free.

Fenchurch Street also serves as a major transportation hub and provides visitors with convenient access to various parts of the city.

Moreover, amid the corporate buzz, you’ll uncover delightful cafes and cultural attractions that contribute to the cosmopolitan elegance that makes Fenchurch Street well worth a visit.

37. Whitecross Street

Whitecross Street is located within the eclectic and historic neighborhood of Clerkenwell.

It is a vibrant and culturally rich thoroughfare that comes alive on weekdays when one of the most famous food markets in London., Whitecross Market, opens for business.

Additionally, Whitecross Street is known for its captivating street art scene, with colorful murals adorning its walls that transform the area into an open-air gallery.

Beyond its culinary and artistic offerings, the street is surrounded by a mix of modern developments and historic architecture, representing a harmonious blend of old and new.

Therefore, this dynamic street, with its bustling market and artistic flair, attracts locals, foodies, and art enthusiasts alike, making it one of the most famous streets in London.

38. Lancaster Road

View of the colorful homes that you can find through Notting Hill and on some of the prettiest streets in London.

Lancaster Road is located in the heart of Notting Hill. It is a road that perfectly encapsulates the neighborhood’s unique charm.

In fact, this is one of the prettiest streets in London that is renowned for its Instagram-worthy houses, many of which are painted in vibrant shades of yellow, purple, and blue.

The result is an eye-catching scene that’s ideal for any photography enthusiasts out there.

Now, while you’re here, don’t forget to grab a refreshing cup of coffee from local cafes like Pepperon Cafe (not my fave but good if you’re starving or need a coffee).

Additionally, the central location of this street makes it an ideal starting point for exploring Notting Hill’s eclectic shops, vibrant markets, and exciting cultural attractions.

39. Leicester Square

Located in the West End, Leicester Square is a bustling place that is synonymous with theater shows, world-class dining, and incredible shopping.

Additionally, this iconic square is a hotspot for movie premieres, adding a touch of Hollywood style and glamour to the lively atmosphere.

It’s also within easy walking distance of iconic neighborhoods like Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Chinatown. So, be sure to check out all of these amazing places while you’re here.

So, whether you’re a film enthusiast, theater buff, or foodie, Leicester Square has something for everyone.

Pro Tip: As an American, I would pronounce Leicester Square wrong and make it more complicated than it really is. It’s actually pronounced like the name “Lester”.

40. Threadneedle Street

Threadneedle Street in London is famous for local landmarks like the Bank of England and the London Royal Exchange.

Therefore, its a historic streets in the financial district that has rich architectural appeal, especially during golden hour.

It is also one of the famous streets in London that provides easy access to nearby attractions and dining options, making it an ideal starting point for exploring central London.

41. Harley Street

Harley Street is a well-known destination in London for medical and cosmetic services.

It’s a spot that offers a comprehensive range of treatments, from basic procedures like face peels to more advanced interventions like facelifts.

In fact, this is one of the most famous streets in London that was named after Thomas Harley, who held the position of Lord Mayor of London in 1767.

However, in recent years, this famous street in London has seen substantial growth in the number of medical professionals with practices here.

That’s mainly because doctors are attracted to the area’s spacious homes and location near many affluent London neighborhoods.

So, Harley Street has earned a reputation as a premier healthcare and beauty destination.

42. Dean Street

Well-located in SoHo, Dean Street us an iconic road that is brimming over with history and culture.

I mean, for centuries, this historic street played a leading role in London’s entertainment and arts scene.

So, it boasts a remarkable array of theaters, music venues, and renowned dining establishments.

It is also a place with a long, artistic history since figures like Mozart and Karl Marx both had homes here.

Today, it continues to be a creative hub with numerous events, concerts, and exhibitions held in the area.

You’ll also love that the street’s diverse architecture includes everything from charming Georgian townhouses to ultra-modern structures.

So, with its dynamic blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy, Dean Street remains a celebrated destination for anyone visiting London.

43. Queen Victoria Street

Me looking out at St. Paul's Cathedral witht he sun setting in the background.

Queen Victoria Street is located in London’s financial district and is a vibrant, historically significant street in the city.

It features a diverse mix of architectural styles, from Victorian elegance to modern designs, and is an easy pick for one of the coolest streets in London.

Notably, it is home to iconic landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, making it a key route for both transportation and culture enthusiasts.

So, Queen Victoria Street’s rich history and its connection to London’s prominent landmarks make it a vital and fascinating part of the city’s urban landscape.

44. Drury Lane

Drury Lane can be found in the West End and is a culturally rich street that captures the spirit of the city’s theatrical and entertainment legacy.

It is also known as “Theatreland” since Drury Lane has been a beacon for the performing arts for centuries.

In fact, this is one of the most famous streets in London that is home to renowned venues like the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

After all, this spot is one of London’s oldest and most prestigious theaters.

Beyond its theatrical renown, Drury Lane is also home to a delightful array of charming cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

Therefore, it is a popular destination for theater, cultural, and culinary enthusiasts alike.

Plus, the street’s historic charm is accentuated by stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, providing a picturesque backdrop that guests can enjoy.

So, Drury Lane stands as a dynamic cultural gem and one of the famous streets in London.

Plus, who doesn’t love a street that was immortalized by the classic children’s tune, “The Muffin Man?”

Map of the Most Famous Streets in London

Map fo the most famous streets in London.
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Most Famous Streets in London FAQs

What is the Most Famous Street in London?

The most famous street in London is probably Oxford Street. However, other well-known streets in London include Abbey Road, Brick Lane, Carnaby Street, and Piccadilly.

What is the Most Famous Street Address in London?

The most famous street address in London is 221 B Baker Street. This is, of course, the home of world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes, who was brought to life by author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

What is the Prettiest Street in London?

The prettiest street in London is probably Neal’s Yard or St. Luke’s Mews with its pink house.

However, other pretty streets in London are Elizabeth Street, Kynance Mews, Wardour Street, Carnaby Street, and Portobello Road.

What is the Biggest Street in London?

The biggest street in London is Oxford Street. It is one of the most famous shopping streets in London and measures 1.2 miles in length.

There you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to the most famous streets in London.

Tell me, did your picks for the most famous roads in London make the list? If not then let me know in the comments below.

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