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12 Amazing Christmas Markets in New York City In 2023

Visiting New York City this winter? Then get ready for awkward Christmas music, Christmas Story marathons that go on for days (yes, you’re gonna shoot your eye out), and visits to some of the best Christmas markets in New York City!

Wait, you didn’t know about all the New York City Christmas markets and that these markets were some of the best things to do at Christmas in New York City?

Blasphemy I tell you! Nah, I totally understand. When you think of Christmas markets, you daydream of Munich, Prague, Vienne, and various other places in Europe at Christmas.

Basically anywhere with cold weather and a love of Christmas.

But Christmas markets aren’t really an American thing…till now!

Yup! Over the last ten years or so, New York City has decided to get in on the Christmas market action and make this city even MORE festive for the holidays if that’s possible.

So grab your Santa hat and a chilled cup of Eggnog because we’re about to explore all of the most enchanting Christmas markets in New York City, with a few awesome New York City Christmas events thrown in for good measure.

From the Bryant Park Winter Village to the Union Square Holiday Market, you’ll see some of the absolute best places to celebrate Christmas in New York City, awkward Christmas sweaters and all! So bundle up because we’re about to visit New York City for the holidays!

***PSST: You could also skip Christmas in NYC altogether and check out some of these unique Christmas destinations instead.***

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Christmas Markets in New York City 2022

1. Bryant Park Christmas Market (aka Bryant Park’s Winter Village)

The Winter Village in Bryant Park is one of my favorite Christmas Markets to visit.
The Winter Village in Bryant Park is one of my favorite Christmas Markets to visit.

If I had to pick an all-time favorite, New York City Christmas market, this would be it.

Not only does Bryant Park’s Winter Village have a HUGE ice skating rink (that is way cheaper than the one in Rockefeller Center, under the New York City Christmas Tree), but there are over a hundred food and shopping stalls around the rink that transform this greenspace into a virtual winter wonderland of Christmas spirit.

Truly one of my favorite places to enjoy Christmas time in New York City. Plus, it’s free! Okay well, the awesome winter food and goods aren’t free, but the ice skating is! At least, as long as you bring your own skates since renting them costs $20. Yikes.

But, walking through Bryant Park and enjoying the veritable Christmas eutopia is always free and a total must for anyone visiting New York City this Christmas.

If you have the cash to burn, then get jiggy with your Christmas spirit and frolic with me through the awesomeness of Bryant Park’s Winter Village.

First up? An epic rinkside restaurant! Officially known as the Lodge, this ultra-hip, New York City style food hall includes an outdoor beer garden, as well as some fantastic eateries like Mah-Ze-Dahr bakery, Pierogi Boys, Good Stock, Todaro Bros, Chimney Cakes by Stackery, a S’Mores Bar by Squish, etc.

NOM! Send me a S’more, Stat! Excuse me while I use a moist towelette. But if the Lodge isn’t impressive enough for you, there are also a staggering array of vendors for you to explore; vendors that sell everything from kids game to unique holiday gifts to jewelry to artwork and more.

Me? I’m a one trick pony and am only interested in the food. And with good reason since some of my favorite New York City eateries will be here, places like Dulcinea Churros, Bun Ramen, Crepe Café, TopArepa, Max Brenner (best hot chocolate), DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections, and JARS by Dani.

Get ready though because the winter village opens October 27! Crazy but true!

Pro Tip: Looking to book some exciting New York City Christmas Tours? Then why not take a tour of the Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights? Not only will you see some of the best New York City Christmas decorations, but this tour is much easier than schlepping all the way to Brooklyn in the frigid cold, on the subway.

2. Columbus Circle Christmas Market

A holiday market can’t get much more picturesque than this since the Columbus Circle Holiday Market literally sits on Central Park’s southwest corner, in, you guessed it, Columbus Circle.

Beginning November 28: Stop by after skating in Central Park and disappear amidst a sea of glittering holiday lights that adorn row after row of quaint holiday kiosks.

Pause for a moment and savor the distinct smells of warm, mulled cider and freshly baked pretzels that hang in the air, calling your name.

Go ahead, you heed that call! No one can blame you because with vendors like Wafels and Dinges, Retro NY Metro, No Chewing Allowed, and I Am Here Brooklyn, the problem won’t be visiting but getting you home (you and all those New York City Christmas Ornaments that you just HAD to have)!

3. Grand Central Terminal Holiday Market

Grand Central Terminal never ceases to amaze me.
Grand Central Terminal never ceases to amaze me.

Opening November 12, in the Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Terminal: The Grand Central Terminal Holiday Market is a cozy, indoor holiday shopping experience that is a delightful respite from the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Terminal (it’s also a great place if you hate the cold).

At this market, you won’t find too many food vendors since, well, there is an entire permanent food court in the basement that sells everything from Doughnut Plant doughnuts to Shake Shack Burgers.

At this holiday fair you’ll find a variety of American made crafts that are produced by more socially conscious companies (three cheers for saving the world like Captain Planet).

With over 40 vendors to chose from, this market offers patrons an array of items to choose from, like toys, artwork, crafts, and more; goods that are sold at a multitude of price points so that everyone can enjoy this delightful holiday event in New York City.

And since you’re here, don’t forget to explore the iconic beauty of Grand Central Terminal with a free walking tour that takes you through the fascinating history of this stunning architectural wonder.

Pro Tip: Looking to do some serious holiday shopping? Then why not visit Woodbury Commons? This fantastic outlet mall has a variety of designer stores where you can save up to 65% on anything you purchase! A great way to finish up that incredibly long holiday shopping list.

4. Union Square Christmas Market (aka Union Square Holiday Market)

Opening  November 16, in the very heart of New York City:

This Christmas market brings a funky, Greenwich Village vibe to Union Square, with vendors that sell an assortment of quirky items like hand-blown glass, home goods, bags created using recycled materials, hand-crafted jewelry, a brew your own beer kit (Brooklyn Brew Shop), and more!

Legit! Strand Bookstore, Real Weird Art, and Made from Coins (super neat coin jewelry) will all be there and I am super excited. Meaning, I better get a sugar daddy, ASAP, so he can indulge me and buy me all this neat stuff.

An enchanting shopping experience that makes you want to brave the polar vortex of doom so that you can truly feel the spirit of a New York City Christmas day. 

But with all that cold, you’re gonna lose a ton of body heat. Therefore, you’ll obviously need some extra calories, just to keep you warm of course!

And remember… Calories don’t count during the holidays, which is great since Milk Bar (OMG, dreams really do come true! Get the birthday cake truffle), Plenty of Good (Coconut Macaroons), Squish Marshmallows, La Sonrisa Empanadas, Dulcinea Churros, and Breezy Hill Orchard will all be here, enticing me with their divine, culinary creations.

But if that isn’t enough awesome for you, the Union Square Holiday Market also offers visitors access to a warming station, a lounge area, a children’s art center, and live music, making this the perfect holiday destination for locals and visitors alike.

Pro Tip: Looking for another holiday event in Manhattan? Then check out the Holiday Crafts Fair at St. John the Divine Cathedral on West 110th Street, in Morningside Heights. This fair is held between November 29th and December 2nd and showcases the talents of amazing local craftsmen.

5. Artists and Fleas at Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is amazing no matter when you visit.
Chelsea Market is amazing no matter when you visit.

I love Chelsea Market, but even more so during the holiday season. Throughout this magical time of year, the Artists and Fleas permanent, indoor market is holidayified (yup, I made up a word. Just think Christmas on steroids).

Therefore, this normally awesome collection of pop-up markets gets even better as independent artists and designers create super hip items that have a little extra holiday flair.

Home to more than 30 shops, this holiday market, beneath the Highline, offers visitors the chance to browse an assortment of funky, holiday items, while in an unconventional retail environment.

And with new sellers arriving each week, there’s no telling what you’ll find since there’s always something new to explore.

6. The Market At Westfield At The Oculus

If you have been in New York city for awhile you have to have heard about the World Trade Center transportation hub. It is rather iconic.

I mean, you probably went through it at some point during your time in New York City. If not you then your subway lines will. The hub connects all 11 different subway lines making it one big intersection to catch a ride in all directions.

Oh and it also connects the PATH rail system, Brookfield Place, The World Trade Center towers and even the Battery Park City Ferry.

So you can guess how busy it is! But… The Oculus aka the White-winged architecture which the hub is famous for is the place to be on Christmas.

I’m not kidding. The entire area next to the Oculus gets transformed into a holiday market. You get 20 different cool shops to check out and it has limited edition gifts to select and buy.

Okay, so the shopping may not be as good as some of the other markets like the Renegade Craft fair. It is however one of those Instagrammable moments or spots that people love to visit in the city!

7. Winter Flea and Holiday Market

Just some of the many Christmas goods you'll find for sale at many of New York City's Christmas Markets.
Just some of the many Christmas goods you’ll find for sale at many of New York City’s Christmas Markets.

During the Winter/Holiday Season, the incredibly hip and super popular Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg outdoor markets are moved inside, to the heated comfort of Atlantic Center, at 625 Atlantic Avenue.

Open Saturdays and Sundays (Beginning November 3 and 4): This iconic NYC flea market will get a holiday upgrade and begin to sell an assortment of cliched, holiday items that we all know and love; things like scented candles that smell like happiness, I mean Christmas, knitted scarves, and a ton of vintage clothes that will help you get your hipster swag on.

And don’t forget the food!!! With 10 onsite, Smorgasburg food vendors, feel free to indulge in a Moscow Mule (or ten because I know the holidays can get rough), as well as some Smorgasburg faves like Big Mozz and DO (deep fried cookie dough), Wowfulls (Hong Kong egg waffle), Baonanas Banana Pudding, Bolivian Llama Party (french fries), and Bona Bona (ice cream topped with a torched marshmallow).

Okay, I don’t know if these vendors will be there for a fact, but a girl can dream. Sigh

Pro Tip: Hey, the holidays come but once a year! So why not do it up right with a Manhattan Holiday Yacht Cruise that offers patrons jazz, cocoa, and carols! I mean really, all I need is a cup of cocoa and some SMOOTH jazz and I’ll be good to go.

If you yearn for something a bit more traditional, you can also check out the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.

8. Fort Hamilton Holiday Market

The one night Christmas event slash market at Fort Hamilton military base is an uber cute place to be. There’s lots going on at the event that draws people in because there is quite literally something for everyone.

Plus it has a gorgeous tree that they deck up with lights and the much coveted tree lighting ceremony.

I mean, who doesn’t love a tree lighting ceremony, right? I know that I do! It is one of the fun parts of being in New York city. There is always a tree lighting ceremony to go to. 

I digress… Aside from the Fort Hamilton Tree lighting ceremony, it is also home to one of the coolest Christmas markets in New York city.  This is a place where you catch seasonal wares, unique handcrafted gifts and savor some of the local Brooklyn specialities. 

Oh and if you come with kids, don’t forget about the carousel rides. You can even catch your seasonal pictures with Santa here. 

While the event is free which is great for us, they do require you to register first which is a no biggie. You just have to plan in advance.

9. BUST Magazine Craftacular and Food Fair Holiday 2018

Umm, who doesn’t like belly dancing, glitter bombs, and past lives, all rolled into one zany yet amazing holiday event? I know I do!

Okay, before you think I’ve gone totally coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, let me explain! BUST is a feminist magazine that hosts an inspiring, holiday craft fair, filled with vintage crafts, insane DJs, Artisinal food, fun prizes, DIY activities, feminist talks, wellness classes, and more. Cool Right?

Held in the uber-trendy neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this event celebrates all that is DIY culture, between December 8th and 9th, at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

Added Bonus: This year, the BUST School for Creative Living is teaming up with the BUST Holiday Craftacular, to orchestrate an event filled with DIY crafts like cross-stitch, macrame, etc.

Once finished, patrons can bring home the very items that they made; a great reminder that the holidays are not just about gifts but about the experiences that we create.

Pro Tip: Looking for some holiday cheer in Queens? Then look no further than the Astoria Market! This holiday market transforms the Bohemian Hall beer garden into an Artisanal food hall and vintage craft fair combined, with markets being held on the first three Sundays of December.  

10. Renegade Craft Fair

New York City has some amazing Christmas markets for you to enjoy.
New York City has some amazing Christmas markets for you to enjoy.

You know that with a name like Renegade Craft Fair, it has to be good! Am I right?

Well, in this case, I am since craft lovers all over the tristate area rejoice when this craft fair comes to Industrial City, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, for the holiday season (Psst, I found conflicting fair dates so check the website for more details).

Why you may wonder? Well, only the creme de la creme of crafting artists are invited to attend and sell their exquisite, handmade goods at this event. And with over 200 vendors in attendance, you’ll definitely find more than one something to love.

Plus they even have a super snazzy DJ, a refreshing assortment of Artisanal food and drinks, and a slew of DIY crafts for children of all ages.

So get ready cool kids because we’re gonna party like it’s 1865. Yeah, I’m about as hardcore as a jello mold.

Pro Tip: Looking for more holiday fun in Brooklyn? Then check out the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar on November 26 and 27. Here, vendors sell an assortment of art prints, stationery, and jewelry to holiday shoppers of all kinds.

Not only that but they’ll even wrap your presents for free! Just grab a baked good though because obviously you’re gonna need your strength after all that shopping. I mean, those holiday shoppers can be vicious!

11. Grand Holiday Bazaar

The Grand Holiday Bazaar is one of the Christmas markets in NYC that is a bit different. You are bound to find all sorts of cool and quirky things here. Don’t get me wrong. The Grand Holiday Bazaar is super festive. They go all out with the décor and Christmassy vibes. Think of it as the Christmas flea market of NYC!

Anyways, here you will find a variety of merchants selling all sorts of goodies. Yes I’m talking about tchotchkes in all forms, antiques and even vintage furniture. Looking for cool Christmas ornaments that are handmade? Here is where you will find them.

It is one of those budget shopping spots in NYC that locals know about and flock too!

Don’t forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate while you are there. NYC has some of the best and this is a perfect local spot to get your fix. Plus it will keep you warm through the winter chill. 

The best part? All the proceeds from this market are donated to four public schools in the city! So your shopping helps a good cause!

12. Christmas Market At Amaze Light Festival

Visiting the light shows and displays is one of the top things to do in NYC during Christmas. The Amaze Light Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the country and it also has a pretty amazing Christmas market. Fair warning, it can be super crowded because this is one of the best Christmas markets in NYC.

The whole festival is set outdoors and with the New York weather, you can be certain that everything is blanketed in snow. So make sure that you dress up warm for the New York winter.

The festival has themed worlds and little quirky stores where you can buy all sorts of goodies from Christmas snacks to Christmas décor.

Not only is it a great place to get your Christmas shopping done, it is also a perfect spot for souvenirs from NYC. 

Christmas Markets In NYC FAQ

What Is The Most Famous Christmas Market In NYC?

NYC has a lot of Christmas markets but if you are looking for the most popular and famous one then it would be the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park. The entire park is transformed during the Christmas season and you will feel as if you have walked into a European Christmas market. Yup! You can experience a European Christmas in NYC!

Does Central Park Have A Christmas Market?

Yes! Central Park in NYC has a Christmas Market. It is a pop up market that is usually located at Columbus Circle. It is a fun place to visit and is pretty convenient to get to. You will find loads of hot options when it comes to food and even some nice hot chocolate to warm up your soul!

Does Central Park Have Christmas Lights?

Central Park is without doubt one of the best places in NYC. It is that large spot of green that acts as a lung for the bustling city. During Christmas it completely transforms. Blanketed in white with Christmas lights strategically placed, the park looks like a winter wonderland. You will hardly believe that you are in one of the busiest cities in the world!

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Well, there you have it, my top picks for the best New York City holiday markets. Live by this list of New York City Christmas activities and I promise that you’ll enjoy your New York City Christmas vacation. 

So if you’re digging all these NYC Christmas markets and want to be in New York City at Christmas time, then pin this now and read it again later!


Saturday 20th of October 2018

SO happy the US is hoppin' on the Christmas Market train. We have one up here in Northern California in our small home town, but it's definitely not on the same scale as yours. I'd love to go for a week and cram all these into one Christmas-y visit!


Sunday 21st of October 2018

I hope you get too because it really is a ton of fun and absolutely gets you in the spirit.


Saturday 20th of October 2018

My favorite is Bryant Park too. I haven't been to the Brooklyn ones, so will have to check those out at some point.


Sunday 21st of October 2018

The winter wonderland in Bryant Park is just so magical so that one will probably forever be my favorite.

Leslie Price

Saturday 20th of October 2018

Girl, you had me at "birthday cake truffle!" Yum! This is a fantastic guide- I wish you had written this years ago because the last time I was in NYC for the holidays I just happened upon some Christmas markets by chance and now I've read this and I realize I missed the best ones and I have to go back. Thanks so much for such a detailed (and hilarious) list!


Sunday 21st of October 2018

OMG those birthday cake truffles are heaven in your mouth. And I really hope you get to go back and so glad you enjoyed! Always happy to help.


Saturday 20th of October 2018

Wait, am I the only one who did not know that there were this many Christmas markets in the U.S., let alone New York City?? I need to head to some of these American Christmas markets ASAP.


Sunday 21st of October 2018

Honestly, it's a newish thing so I think a ton of people have no idea about all these Christmas markets


Saturday 20th of October 2018

NYC has definitely changed since I was a kid! I don't always like when the US tries to replicate European traditions (and vice versa!!), but this is one that I think I can get behind. That having been said, I grew up in a small town in Colorado, and I remember having Christmas markets (I think we always called them craft fairs, though). I'm rambling. The point is, this is awesome. I love the sound of the BUST one!


Sunday 21st of October 2018

Haha. I feel like Christmas Market sounds so much snazzier than craft fair but honestly, the same one. And the BUST one is one of my faves

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