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15 Unique and Fun Things to do in Bangkok

Is quirky the first adjective that comes to mind when anyone tries to describe you? Or, have you seen Bangkok before and are, therefore, desperately in search of some unique, uber fun things to do in Bangkok?

If either one of these scenarios perfectly describes you, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because yes:

You ARE my people…in a totally non-creepy, un-cultish kind of way.


While I have created a fantastic guide (in my humble opinion) on some of the most amazing places to go in Bangkok, if I’m being brutally honest, it’s just a bit too mainstream for me.


It’s geared more towards someone who is visiting Bangkok for the first time, and not someone like me, who has been to Bangkok twice now.


I stayed there for a whopping three weeks this past time, so a Bangkok newbie I am not. 


If you’re an intrepid, Bangkok traveler like me, then this list of alternative things to do in Bangkok is for you.

Because trust me:

Normal is definitely not how I roll. The more off-beat and unique the activity, the better.

That’s why:

This guide is filled with a bunch of quirky, and downright weird things that you can get into while in the City of Angels (I thought that was LA but I guess it works for Bangkok too). 


Feel free to kick your heels up and take a seat because we’re about to swan dive into my list of 15 cool things to do in Bangkok!

Are ya feelin’ it?

God I hope so because otherwise I’m gonna be gainfully unemployed.

***Not sure where to stay in Bangkok? I stayed at the Patumwan House and enjoyed it. I mean, is it the greatest hotel in Bangkok? No, but for just $40 per night, you get a comfy bed, a warm shower, and a spacious room that includes a small kitchenette (Perfect for storing all my snacks! HOORAY). Plus, this hotel is really well located and within walking distance of a ferry stop and Ratchathewi station, which sits along the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS. However, if you’re looking for something a bit swankier, then you can always try 103- Bed and Brews. Located right on the edge of Bangkok’s Chinatown, this small, exquisitely restored, 100-year-old building has just six large rooms that start at $40 per night. All of the rooms here are fully refurbished and include balconies, teak wood floors, and luxurious, antique furniture. What, still haven’t found the perfect place to stay in Bangkok? Then try the Prince Heritage Theatre Stay? I know the name is a bit weird but this hotel is close to the river (and Chinatown) and has rooms that start at just $32 per night. Set inside a fully refurbished, historic, Art Deco style cinema, this hotel has four spacious suites, as well as several, well-appointed dorm rooms that are perfect for anyone traveling to Bangkok on a budget.***

Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high chance that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.


Climbing Sathorn Unique Tower, AKA the Ghost Tower, really is one of the many cool things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.
Climbing Sathorn Unique Tower, AKA the Ghost Tower, really is one of the many cool things to do in Bangkok, Thailand.


Since I believe in FULL disclosure with my lovely audience of travel enthusiasts, I will be the first one to admit that this is the only item on this list of alternative things to do in Bangkok that I did not actually do myself.


I walked by, but I didn’t actually partake in this activity myself.

Why you may rightly wonder?

Well, let me explain. See, Sathorn Unique Tower is actually more commonly referred to as the ghost tower, a nickname that is incredibly accurate for two reasons.

Because not only is this building situated atop a former cemetery, but it was also abandoned during the 1997, Asian financial crisis.


Only about 75% of the building was completed since funding for the project basically dried up overnight.

The result?

A partially completed building that intrepid millennials of today climb, to enjoy exquisite, panoramic views of the city, from 47 floors in the air (and all without the high price of places like SkyBar).


I personally decided against this activity since you’re technically forbidden from entering this building and doing so would be breaking the law. 

And yes:

There really are signs everywhere that remind you of this fact.


While you can definitely bribe a security guard (about 200 Baht is the going rate) to get inside, you’ll still technically be trespassing.

And if caught:

You could be arrested, not that this will probably happen since tons of people have climbed this tower without incident.


I feel like it would be incredibly irresponsible of me to condone something that is illegal since I try to be as respectful every country I visit as possible, and that includes adhering to local laws as best I can.


There are also some very real safety concerns associated with climbing this tower.

I mean:

This building is unfinished. So, as you climb, expect to find super fun things like gaping holes, missing walls, and, my personal favorite, falling debris.

That’s why:

You need to be incredibly careful when climbing this tower because if you do get injured, you might be in serious trouble since what you are doing is illegal.


If you do decide to visit this place of interest in Bangkok, be prepared to do a lot of physical activity and pack plenty of water and snacks, in addition to wearing a sturdy pair of shoes.


Be sure to let someone you trust know where you’re going.

This way:

If something bad does happen, people will be sure to send someone to find you.

Okay, mom-like lecture over.

Sorry, but I really don’t want people to undertake this activity lightly since the potential consequences could be SEVERE (AKA serious injury or getting arrested).

#JustSayin’ #BeAResposibleTraveller

Address: Charoen Krung Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Admission Fee: Around 200 Baht (or more) to bribe the security guard.

How to Get There: Take the Silom Line of the BTS SkyTrain to Saphan Taksin. The tower will be about a three-minute walk from the station.

2. Embrace Your Inner Child at The Unicorn Café at Sathorn

Feel like a kid again at the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, one of the many cool things to do in Bangkok.
Feel like a kid again at the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, one of the many cool things to do in Bangkok.

If you follow me on Instagram (Cough, shameless self-promotion and request for you to follow me on Instagram) or have read my post about amazing places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, then you know of my undying love for all things unicorn.

Yes, it’s a bit weird but whatever.

I consider the unicorn my unofficial spirit animal, so just humor me and go with it.

That’s why:

It’s a surprise to absolutely no one that I just HAD to visit the unicorn cafe while I was in Bangkok.


Was the food here next level awesome? No.

And I wasn’t surprised since this place is more about the experience than about the actual food.

I mean:

During my visit, I ordered the unicorn cupcake and while it was super photogenic, it definitely wasn’t the best cupcake that I’ve ever had. 


The menu was definitely way more diverse than I expected and included a variety of different, pastel-hued drinks and savory food items, that are all served to you with these adorable little utensils that have diamonds on top.


If you love unicorns just as much as I do (and yes, they actually are REAL! LOL), then definitely check out this cafe since it really is one of the more alternative things to do in Bangkok.


It’s the perfect place to go if you happen to encounter one of Bangkok’s infamous, torrential downpours.

And while you do have to pay 100 Baht to rent a unicorn onesie here:

There’s enough unicorn-related decor around the cafe to render the onesie kind of inessential. You can also dig into the best brunch in Bangkok after.

***What, is a unicorn cafe a bit too tame for you? Or are unicorns just so 2018? If so then you can always stop by the Rabbito Cafe (a cafe with rabbits), the Hello Kitty Cafe, True Love @ Neverland (Bangkok’s Husky Cafe), the Little Zoo Cafe (A cafe with a variety, small, slightly more exotic animals), or the Mermaid Castle Cafe instead (Honestly, it wasn’t that great. I’d stick with the unicorn cafe).***

Address: 44/1, Sathon 8, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500.

Price: Somewhere between 100-250 Baht per person (Between $3  and $7 per person)

How to Get There: Take the BTS Silom Line and get off at Chong Nonsi station, The cafe is about a four-minute walk from the station.

3. Visit an Airplane Graveyard

The cool and haunting beauty of the one and only airplane graveyard in Bangkok.
The cool and haunting beauty of the one and only airplane graveyard in Bangkok.

I dunno about you:

But as soon as I saw the words, “airplane graveyard” I knew that this was a place that I just HAD to visit.

I mean:

If this isn’t one of the most super fun things to do in Bangkok, then I don’t know what is.

But first, before you go, a little important info.

Because this place isn’t an official tourist attraction, and is actually the residence of a local family, going inside will require paying someone in the family to let you in.

I paid 200 Baht to enter but I’m pretty sure that you can probably pay less, depending on your wicked awesome haggling skills.

And once inside:

Don’t expect well-manicured walking paths because this place is quite literally an overgrown field filled with abandoned airplanes.


When you visit, definitely wear long pants and sturdy shoes since the grass is pretty tall and I for one and have no idea what’s living in there.

I also wouldn’t recommend climbing on the airplanes since they are old and decaying and might fall apart or move once you touch them.

But that’s just me.

I’m also old and riddled with anxiety so take everything I say with a huge grain of salt.

Other than that:

Enjoy the sea of decrepit airplanes (five to be exact, with one 747, Jumbo Jet) and enjoy the ample photo opportunities that lay before you.

Address: Ramkhamhaeng Alley 103, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240

Admission Fee: Around 200 Baht ($6.50)

How to Get There: Because this place is located in the Bangkok suburb of Ramkhamhaeng, it’s kind of hard to get to. Therefore, I’d head to a local ferry pier and either hire a long-tail boat or catch a ferry to the pier at Wat Sri Bunruang. From here, it’s just a 5-minute walk to the airplane graveyard.


Almost right next door to the Jim Thompson House and Museum:

This sprawling warehouse space really does kind of sort of have it all.

I mean:

There’s an art gallery (with regular, rotating exhibits), a cafe, a co-working space, a vintage clothing store, a restaurant (I would have eaten at the cafe but sadly, they had no veggie options. Yeah, my food baby was really unhappy about this), and a tattoo shop, all hidden within these hipster-inspired walls.

And yes:

There’s even a super sweet street art mural outside that you can totally do an impromptu, Instagram photo sesh in front of.

And I pinkie promise:

No judgment since I too may have done one while I was here (Spoiler alert, I TOTALLY did but keep it on the DL since I wanna maintain what little street cred I have left). 


Stop by, grab an espresso, and enjoy the caffeinated flavor while sitting beside one of Bangkok’s many canals before heading out and enjoying some of the best things to do in Bangkok at night.

And SURPRISE, it totally is!

Address: 20/2 Rama I Rd, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

5. Dialogue in the Dark

If you only do one thing on this list, let it be Dialogue in the Dark at NSM Science Center in Bangkok. Trust me, it was truly a one of a kind experience.
If you only do one thing on this list, let it be Dialogue in the Dark at NSM Science Center in Bangkok. Trust me, it was truly a one of a kind experience.

Now, If I’m being brutally honest:

I was definitely a bit nervous before I entered the Dialogue in the Dark exhibit at NSM Science Square (the museum is located on the 4th floor of the mall here).

I mean:

It’s not like it’s dangerous, but the idea of having a blind guide, that I’d never met before, lead me through a totally dark space filled with obstacles, made me a bit nervous.

Which I guess is normal since this experience basically hurtles you out of your comfort zone and into a world where light does not exist.

And since this experience lasts over an hour:

I was very unsure of how I would react to my journey through the dark.


I am delighted to say that this amazing experience defied all of my anxiety-riddled expectations in every possible way.

Because not only do you get to meet a blind person and learn what it’s like to have this disability, but you get to use a walking stick and experience what it’s like to be blind too.


It’s not the same thing that blind people go through since you get to go back to a sighted world after an hour (and the exhibit is also totally safe), but Dialogue in the Dark  does give you a small understanding of the challenges that blind people face every day as they move through their lives and try to do things like hail a taxi, eat at a restaurant, or walk through the park.


If you’re stuck for what to do on a rainy day in Bangkok, then consider immersing yourself in a world of darkness at Dialogue in the Dark (and if you don’t get to visit while in Bangkok, not to worry because this exhibit has 41 locations around the world).

Because trust me:

This really is one of the most alternative things to do in Bangkok as sighted people become blind and blind people become sighted.

And added bonus?

By visiting this amazing place, you are also helping to employ blind people in Thailand, who have very few job opportunities available to them.

On, and one last thing!

Before you stop by, do visit their website for a list of English-speaking, tour departure times since tours only begin at specific times throughout the day.

Address: 4th Floor Chamchuri Square Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Admission Fee: 90 Baht ($3.00)

How to Get There: The Bangkok MRT (underground) to Sam Yan and you will find Dialogue in the Dark on the 4th floor of the mall here.

6. Street Art Tour

Some of the amazing street art that you'll find while walking through Bangkok.
Some of the amazing street art that you’ll find while walking through Bangkok.

Another one of the many amazing things to do in Bangkok is to take yourself on a little DIY, street art tour.

And while there are a ton of different places where you can see street art:

I personally would just take the easy route (because yes, I really am that lazy) and hire a long-tail boat from one of Bangkok’s major piers, like Saphan Taksin.

Once here:

Just ask your driver to take you through Bangkok’s labyrinth of canals since most of the sidewalks along these waterways are basically covered in street art.

And while most of Bangkok’s khlongs showcase a ton of fabulous murals:

One area that really stood out to me was the section between Phanfa Bridge and Sapan Hua Chang Pier since the art here can easily be summed up with one word, stunning.


If you do decide to exit at Sapan Hua Chang Pier, not only will you be right near the Jim Thompson House, but you’ll also be within walking distance of another great street art spot, Chalermla Graffiti Park.

Located right next door to Ratchathewi BTS station:

This fun and funky street art gallery has an amazing, hipster feel about it since it is resplendent with a variety of different eye-catching murals (that are constantly changing) where you can totally Instagram it up, if you feel so inclined.


If that’s still not enough street art for you (Because let’s be honest, can you ever really have enough street art?), then you can also try taking a self-guided street art tour from Saphan Taksin Pier to Pak Khlong Flower Market.

Just walk in the direction of the market, in between Chao Praya River and Charoen Krung Road, and you’ll find a wealth of amazing murals, tucked away within small alleys, that were created by a variety of different, international artists.

And sadly no:

You definitely won’t be able to take a scenic walk along the river since there is no walkway there and the banks of the Chao Phraya River are literally covered with private buildings.

Now, if you do decide take this route:

Be prepared for a walk that should last between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on how quickly you move.


Be sure to pack plenty of water since dehydration is a very real concern in Bangkok’s insanely hot and humid climate of doom, I mean delight!

You’ll also end the tour near the Pak Khlong Flower Market in Bangkok and can easily check that out while you’re here. 

7.  Take a Bike Tour of Bang Krachao

Because of all the green space on Bang Krachao, this island is often referred to as the green lung of Bangkok.
Because of all the green space on Bang Krachao, this island is often referred to as the green lung of Bangkok.

Want to visit one of Thailand’s many beautiful islands, but just don’t have time to catch a flight all the way down to Phuket? Then why not take a bike tour of Bang Krachao instead?


If I’m being totally honest here, this island definitely doesn’t have a plethora of luxurious beaches where you can sit, get a massage, and watch the waves quietly lap up against the shore as a local cabana boy brings you a neverending supply of drinks.


What this mand-made island in the middle of Chao Praya River does have is a labrynth of peaceful bike paths and walking trails where you can escape the chaos of Bangkok and take a much-needed respite within the beauty of nature.

During my four-hour tour of the island:

I enjoyed an enchanting bike ride that featured stops at a mangrove conservation center, a shrine of the Hindu god Ganesh, a 250-year-old temple, and even an awesome, weekend market.

And while you can easily visit Bang Krachao on your own:

The benefit of having a tour guide with you is that he (or she) can quickly and easily show you the island’s many top attractions.

Because trust me:

This island is definitely huge and I am most definitely directionally challenged. Something that is an epically bad combination when you’re trying to explore Bangkok but only have a limited amount of time to do so.


Many of the bike paths on this island are pretty narrow (at least to someone who hasn’t ridden a bike in a solid ten years) and are surrounded by water, and no guard rails, on both sides.

So yeah:

Thank God for my guide because I may have almost fallen in once or twice.

But shh, don’t tell.

I want to keep the minimal amount of street cred that I have left.


If you do book this tour, try to go during the weekend since that’s when the local market is open.

And while I didn’t do any shopping while I was here:

I definitely did eat my face off since our guide took us to some of the best food vendors on the island, all of whom sold a variety of delicious treats like coconut pancakes and mango sticky rice.


And PS:

Your guide will also, DUH, escort you to and from the island, making it super easy for you to make the most out of your time in Bangkok.

Address: 45 (Sub Soi Pannee 14), Soi Pridi Banomyong 26, Sukhumvit Soi 71, Wattana, Bangkok 10110,

Admission Fee: The tour costs $50.

How to Get There: Take the BTS SkyTrain to
Phra Khanong Station and walk about 25-minutes to the SpiceRoads Tour office.

8. Visit a Traditional Pottery Village

A view of Koh Kret island along the Chao Praya River in Bangkok.
A view of Koh Kret island along the Chao Praya River in Bangkok.


If you were shocked that you could visit one island in Bangkok’s Chao Praya River, then you’ll be doubly shocked now because there is actually a second island that you can visit while in Bangkok too!

Pretty cool right?

Locally known as Koh Kret, this island is filled with “traditional pottery villages” (you’ll actually see people creating pottery by hand and then firing it in their backyard kiln) that are fun to explore if you want to step back in time and see what old-school ceramics work looked like in Bangkok.


I put that phrase in quotes because the level of authenticity of these villages is up for debate since this island was developed as part of Thailand’s One Tambon Scheme, a government program that works to promote the growth of local industry within the city.


While this place does make for a fun day trip from Bangkok, take everything you see here with a huge grain of salt since I seriously wonder if locals would actually be sitting here, making pottery if the government wasn’t telling them to.


Since I know very little about Thai politics (and by little, I mean nothing at all), I’ll stop with my musings right there.


As you stroll through the island, you’ll also find a temple, market, local museum, and even a slightly underwhelming pagoda, in addition to the various aforementioned pottery villages of ye olde Thailand.

But, whatever you do:

Do not attempt to be “smart” and visit on the weekend, in a desperate attempt to avoid the crowds.


I did this and instantly regretted it since the island was relatively devoid of activity during the week.


Yup, everything was closed.


If you do decide to visit Koh Kret, be sure to stop by on the weekend, when all of the shops and restaurants here are actually open.


I felt like some weird, not-so-low-key stalker while strolling through this village since I was getting all these totally justified, bewildered stares in my direction.

So, moral of the story?

Whatever you do, do not be like me!

How to Get There: From Saphan Taksin Pier, take the Express Boat to Nonthaburi and get off at the final stop. From here, board bus number 32 and get off at Pak Kret. The ferry to Koh Kret will be about a four-minute walk from here (FYI: There is no direct ferry back to Saphan Taksin from Nonthaburi. Therefore, be prepared to take the bus for the remainder of your journey).

9. Check out Papaya Design Furniture and Studio

If I’m being brutally honest, I’ve never really been into antiques.

I know they’re supposed to be all vintage and hip and chic and cost like $10,000 a piece but I’ve just never understood the appeal.

I mean:

Thanks but if I want to see an antique, I’ll go to a museum instead.


Bangkok’s one and only Papaya Design Furniture and Studio is TOTALLY different and WAY more fun than any other antique shop that I’ve ever been to.

Because what started as a vintage furniture collecting hobby, has morphed into this incredible, totally insane (in the best possible way) collection of 19th- and 20th-century artifacts that cover (literally) every inch of this enormous warehouse.

Yeah, it’s kind of sort of last-century nostalgia at its finest.

So, when you visit, prepare to take a stroll back through yester-year, and enjoy a variety of beautifully quirky, vintage goodies that include art-deco furniture, 1960s beer signage, superhero statues, Piaggio scooters, typewriters, movie projectors, Thai movie posters,  VHS players (See, they’re not just a myth! They really did exist), wall clocks, storefront mannequins, rotary phones, and so, so, so much more.


Anything you can think of and this place probably has it, at least in one form or another.

And while many of the items here are TECHNICALLY for sale:

They remain perpetually unsold since the owner of Papaya likes to jack up the price on all of his beloved treasures, thereby ensuring that his collection never actually deminishes.

And, not gonna lie:

I am 100% totally okay with that.


Be sure to photograph it up while you’re here since this place has become a beloved shooting location for some of Bangkok’s finest pro photographers.

Address: 306/1 Wang Thonglang, Khet Wang Thonglang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10310, Thailand

How to Get There: Take the BTS SkyTrain to Chatuchak Park Station and then board the number 8 bus. Ride the bus for about 20 stops (25 minutes) and Papaya will be a 2-minute walk away.

10. Enjoy an Incredible View of Wat Arun while Devouring a Delicious Slice of Rainbow Crepe Cake

If you stop by Vivi the Coffee Place while in Bangkok, be sure to get their rainbow crepe cake with fresh strawberry sauce. SOO GOOD!
If you stop by Vivi the Coffee Place while in Bangkok, be sure to get their rainbow crepe cake with fresh strawberry sauce. SOO GOOD!

Okay guys:

Real talk? Vivi the Coffee Place is amazing and you absolutely MUST stop by since this is without a doubt, one of the best cafes in Bangkok.

Because while you’re here:

Not only will you enjoy a kick ass view of Wat Arun from the cafe’s outdoor deck, but you’ll also get a seriously amazing, totally to die for piece of cake.

Which is perfect for anyone out there who isn’t a total, cake hating monster (unless you have diabetes, then I totally get it and you should probably just get coffee).

And trust me:

This type of praise means a whole lot coming from me, esepcially since I live in one of the food capitals of the world (NYC) and am a total, dessert snob to the extreme.


I can honestly say that the rainbow crepe cake here, topped with fresh strawberry sauce (No, it’s not that gross, overly sweet, fake stuff. You can tell. This sauce is the REAL DEAL and made with 100% REAL strawberries), is probably one of the best desserts that I’ve had in a really long time. 

I mean:

I even gave myself a little pep talk before I ate it and promised that I wasn’t gonna eat the whole thing.

And yeah:

All of my resolve basically instantly disintegrated since I inhaled this decadent dessert in about two seconds flat.


In addition to selling delicious desserts, this cafe is also within walking distance of Wat Pho, the Grand Palace, and Wat Arun, making it the perfect place to stop and relax, if all that temple hopping has left you feeling a bit worn out.

***If you’re looking for something a bit more savory after visiting all those temples, then check out The Sixth. This restaurant serves great Thai food, has awesome, totally unique decor, and sits practically right next to Tha Tien Pier.***

Address: 94/29 Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

How to Get There: Take a ferry boat to Tha Tien Pier and the cafe is a short walk from there.

11. Get a Teddy Bear Latte at B-Story Cafe

The amazingly cute latte that you'll find at B-Story Cafe in Bangkok.
The amazingly cute latte that you’ll find at B-Story Cafe in Bangkok.

Funny story:

The first time I came here, I didn’t really know what this place was ABOUT.

I mean:

I saw the ethereal decor, resplendent with stained glass windows, exquisite flowers, Gothic-style ceiling windows, and an Italian, guardian angel statue at the front door, and thought, “Aww cute! This is a chic place where my granny would come to ponder the meaning of life for awhile.”

And it was alll super lovely, until…

These girls decided to do an impromptu photoshoot in the coridor outisde of the bathroom.


They basically refused to move out of the way so that I could use la toilette.

I mean I get it.

The space was, and is, super lovely, but trust me, if I had urinated all over the floor, I’m pretty sure that no one would have found anything remotely enchanting, endearing, or SUPER Instagrammable about the situation.

But I digress.

Because what I’m trying to say here (and not very well I might add) is that apart from the decor, i wasn’t really sure what the appeal of this place was…until I saw a drink, topped with a teddy bear that was made out of foam, zoom right by me.

And that my friends is when I knew why people came here!

It was all for the totally adorable, teddy bear like beverages!

So of course:

I too had to be just like one of the cool kids and order a teddy bear latte of my very own.


When I finally did receive my long awaited caffeinated beverage of cuteness, it was nothing but a regular, old, totally ordinary, non-teddy bear shaped latte.


Yeah, apparently lattes don’t come with enough foamy goodness to create a teddy bear because when I ordered a cappuchino…TADA!


I FINALLY got my very own teddy bear shaped beverage and have zero regrets about since it really was the cutest cappuchino that I ever did see.


If you do add B-story Cafe to your very own list of unique things to do in Bangkok, then be sure to order a BEARY (Sorry, I had to! That pun was just way too easy!) cute beverage of your very own.

Because while the food here is nice and the decor is delightful:

The pure, unadulterated cuteness of this amazingly adorable drink is REALLY where the fun is at (And if you’re not into coffee, fear not because there are a ton of other, foamerific drinks for you to order that are all topped with a delightful little teddy bear too). 

Address: 89/35 Phayathai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok

How to Get There: Take the Sukhumvit line of the BTS SkyTrain to Ratchathewi Station.

12. Enjoy the Weirdness of the Siriraj Medical Museum

If you’re like me and have a weirdly unhealthy obsession with anything Investigation Discovery, then stop reading right now because you have just found the Bangkok museum of your dreams. 

Housed inside the oldest hospital and medical school in all of Thailand:

Siriraj Medical Museum is actually nicknamed the museum of death since it is brimming over with a variety of medical oddities that are sure to turn even the most ironclad of stomachs.

So yeah:

Definitely brace because a vomit bag just might actually be necessary after a visit here.


If your stomach is strong and true, then you’ll be delighted to find nothing less than SIX different museums here, including a pathology museum, a forensics museum, a Thai medical history museum, a parasitology museum, an anatomical museum, and a prehistoric museum.

Feel free to be duely impressed.

Now, while exploiring this veritable buffet of medical museum grandeur, you’ll encounter a bizarre amalgamation of bones, preserved organs, pathological fetuses, mummified corpses, parasitic worms, a two-and-a-half-foot-wide scrotum, rows of skulls, the remains of a cannibal, and so much more.


Just another, totally average day at the museum indeed. 

Muhaha (insert evil overtones here).

Address: Thailand, Bangkok, Thanon Wang Lang, タ

Admission Fee: 200 Baht or 300 Baht for a combined ticket to visit both this museum and the Bimuksthan Museum.

How to Get There: Take the Chao Phraya ferry to the Tha Rot Fai pier (AKA Tha Bangkok Noi pier). From here, its an easy walk to the hospital grounds, where you can follow the signs for the Adulyadej building.

13. Sip on the most Beautiful Latte that you’ve ever seen!

Bangkok's Sretsis Parlour may have amazingly beautiful food, drinks, and decor, but that's where my love affair with this place ended.
Bangkok’s Sretsis Parlour may have amazingly beautiful food, drinks, and decor, but that’s where my love affair with this place ceased to exist.


Since I believe in being 110% honest with my reader’s, I’m not gonna lie to you, the decor and the beauty of the latte that I got at Sretsis Parlour are really the only things that impressed me about this place.

Oh, and the servers. The waitstaff here were actually super nice. 

But that’s it.

Because not only is this place expensive AF (think like $20 a person for a set meal that includes a piece of cake and a tea), but the cake was GROSS.

In truth though:

Maybe I ordered the wrong type of cake or perhaps I’m just not used to the way that they make cake in Thailand.


Regardless of the reason, I was definitely not feeling the dessert here.

In truth:

I actually ended up doing that awkward thing where you move the food around the plate so that it looks like you ate it when you didn’t actually touch a thing.

So, then the obvious question is:

Why the HELL did this place make my list of fun things to do in Bangkok?

One word, BEAUTIFUL!

Yup, the decor here is on another level of modern oppulence that I have just NEVER seen before.


Just imagine this epic, pastel-hued fantasy land, that is brimming over with floral wallpaper and ethereal unicorns, and you have a tiny idea of just how GORGEOUS this place really is.

And then there’s the milk tea latte, which was this enchanting, floral mosaic of edible colors that were almost too perfect to drink.

But somehow, I still managed to get the job done.

So, if you’re the type of person who likes to, “do it all for the gram”, then you absolutely MUST stop here.


If you’re someone who prefers substance over ambiance (since, let’s be real, you can’t really EAT ambiance) then I suggest that you give this place a hard pass.

Also, another little FYI before you go:

If you do decide to dine here, you will have to order from their set menu, which includes a drink and a pastry of your choice (Obviously you can order something a bit more extravagant, but I would strongly encourage ordering as little as possible while you’re here).

And yes:

Not surprisingly, you will have to pay extra if you want to enjoy the jaw dropping beauty of the milk tea art pictured above.

Address: Located on the second level of the Central Embassy Mall.

Cost: Tea sets here cost between 550 and 650 Baht per person (AKA about $17.50 and $20.65 per person)

How to Get There: Take the Sukhumvit line of the BTS SkyTrain to Chit Lom station.

14. Visit a Restaurant Covered in Condoms

The condom-related, birth control bonanza that is Condoms and Cabbages in Bangkok.
The condom-related, birth control bonanza that is Condoms and Cabbages in Bangkok.

Yup, you read that right. 

But don’t worry, I pinkie promise that this place is totally hygenic and filled with a variety of different condoms that definitely aren’t second-hand.

And yes:

You really can find outposts of this ecclectic restaurant in Pataya, Chinag Rai, and now, even the UK, all of which come with a small gift area that is filled with informational pamphlets on family planning, a visual guide to different varieties of condoms, and mannequins covered in condom dresses that are, (DUH), studded with birth control pills


I’m sure you’re probably wondering, “But, what’s with all the condoms?”


This restaurant was actually founded by family planning activist named Mechai Viravaidya.

By starting this condom-centric eatery:

Viravaidya (aptly nicknamed “Mr. Condom”) hoped to eliminate some of the taboo associated with family planning (i.e. abortions and condoms) in Thailand. 

And that’s why:

He started Condoms and Cabbages, a restaurant that serves delightful food, in addition to raising awareness about the importance of birth control.


You even get your very own condom at the end of your meal, instead of a totally generic, packet of after-dinner mints.

Because let’s be real:

I think safe sex is just a bit more important than minty fresh breath that lasts and lasts.

And while the decor here can seem a bit kitchy and over the top (think condom lampshades, condom wall decor, and even a condom Christmas tree):

This restaurant has had a very real impact on family planning and has helped reduce the number of children being born into impoverished families in Bangkok. 


I think this is a cause that we can all get behind, but only after quelling the hangry beast within of course.

Because HANGER free is the way to be!

Address: 10 Sukhumvit 12 Alley, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

How to Get There: Take the BTS Sukhumvit Line and get off at Asok station, The restaurant is about a six-minute walk from here.

15. Iron Fairies Magical Fairy Tale Jazz Bar

Walk inside this magical bar in Thong Lo and you’ll immediateky be transported to a whimsical, Medeival blacksmith’s workshop where the drinks are delicious, the music is poppin’, and the fairy dust is plentiful.

Because yes, at this Bangkok bar, fairies really do exist.

And while you won’t find any sword forging or iron hammering inside, what you will find is infinitely more fun.

Just Imagine wrought iron staircases, exposed pipes, and tiny, fairy figurines that strecth out as far as the eye can see, in this Gothic/Victorian style bar that is unlike any other. 

Sadly though:

Because this fine purveyor of alcoholic beverages does NOT take reservations, and is only big enough to hold about 55 people at a time, do expect long waits and tables overflowing with people when visiting any time after 9 pm on the weekends.


If you do manage to snag a highly coveted, seat inside, you’ll be treated to a live jazz/blues band (performing any time after 9 pm), a delightful selection of amazing, in-house cocktails (the beer selection is fairly decent too), and a menu filled with some rather large, totally delicous burgers that definitely appeal to the cave man (or woman) within (Imagine a HUGE hunk of meat, served between two slabs of bread, that sits atop a giant, wooden cutting board).

Before you go though:

Do be aware of the fact that this bar can be a bit tricky to find. Okay, yeah, finding this bar is kind of like mission impossible…on steroids.


To find this Bangkok bar of awesome, if you’re coming from Thong Lo station, just walk past Thonglor Soi 10 and look for the bar on your right.

Because once you find it:

I promise, you’ll be duly rewarded with a free bowl of peanuts that has a little iron fairy hidden inside.

And no, that is 100% NOT a joke.

Address: 402 Soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55 Rd. Bangkok, Thailand

Cost: Drinks here will cost you around 200 Baht or $6.

How to Get There: Take the Sukhumvit line of the BTS SkyTrain to Thon Lo station.

There ya have it my Bangkok lovin’ homies! My list of 15 totally unique and super fun things to do in Bangkok!

Use this list to create the perfect, Bangkok itinerary and I promise that you’ll experience a side of this city that most tourists never get to see.

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