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22 Amazing, Haunted Hotels in New York!

Ready to learn about some of the fiendishly awesome, wonderfully haunted hotels in New York? And from a super savvy local who has lived in the state for well over twenty years.

Yessiree. I’ve got all of the super-secret, New York travel tips that you crave!

Because any and all of my favorite paranormal enthusiasts out there will be delighted to know that New York is home to some of the country’s most haunted hotels! As is New Orleans TBH and I for one cannot wait to check out some of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans too.

But, alas, that’s a tale for another post since we’re here to discuss New York.

And believe it or not. at least four of the establishments on this list of the most haunted hotels in New York are also considered to be some of the most haunted hotels in the entire, good old, US of A.

I mean, we all knew that New York was super awesome, to begin with. But, as it turns out, SURPRISE, the supernatural think so too!

So get out your EMF Readers, channel your inner Ghost Buster, have your ghost hunting camcorders at the ready, and let’s meet some fiendishly awesome ghosts and ghoals. Because you’re going to have a hauntingly good time (sorry but that pun was so easy, I just had to go with it)  learning about 20 of the most haunted hotels in New York.

And who knows, some of the most haunted hotels in New York City might even make a guest appearance on this list too!

Dear wonderful, beautiful, and oh-so-amazing reader (Yup, I lay it on thick for my dozens of fans). Since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high probability (like 99.999%) that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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Haunted Hotels in New York that are Outside of New York City

1. The Haunted Shanley Hotel New York

The expansive white, farmhouse exterior of the Shanley Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in New York.
The expansive white, farmhouse exterior of the Shanley Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in New York. Image sourced from Becky Teze on

Full disclosure? This hotel is not to be confused with the one in Colorado, which is of the same name and inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

Although, to be honest, I think this one is just as creepy, or even more so, since this haunted hotel in New York has been featured on both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab, two paranormal investigation shows that personal favie faves of mine. Seriously, you should watch them like NOW.

Anyway, truth be told, the name of the hotel is actually just The Shanley. However, the owners have so wholeheartedly embraced the building’s status as one of the most terrifyingly haunted hotels in New York that they’ve incorporated it into the hotel’s name.

In fact, the Shanley hotel New York is so haunted that you have to sign a waiver before you can stay there. I should know because I stayed here a few years ago and had to sign the waiver. But, I lived to tell the tale so I guess no harm, no foul.

Now for a bit of history about this creeperific hotel, which was built in 1895 by James Shanley on the grounds of a hotel that had previously burned down.

Since it first opened its doors, the Shanley has borne witness to several tragedies, starting in 1911 with the death of three-year-old Rosie Greger, who wandered off one day and fell down a nearby well, dying instantly upon impact. However, the spirit of this poor little munchkin is still believed to haunt the hotel – a little lady who likes to play an ultra-rad game of hide-and-seek with visitors.

Now, fast forward three years later, and tragedy again befell a neighbor’s child. See, five-year-old Walter Nelson Thayer III was nearly killed when his father accidentally backed over him with his car. And although Walter did suffer near-fatal head trauma as a result of the accident, he didn’t actually die.

So, why am I recounting this heartbreaking tale of woe for you then? Well, because many believe his spirit still resides inside The Shanley, and in the form of a young, male entity whom many now call ‘Jonathan.’

Then, in 1918,  the owner’s’ sister-in-law, Esther, died of influenza. His brother then died a year later – spirits that are both thought to perhaps still lurk within the hotel’s hollow walls of doom.

However, these definitely aren’t the only ghosts who seem to call the Shanley home (Spoiler Alert, one of the resident ghouls here might even be the spirit of a CAT!). Because there are countless reports of noises that occur throughout the night,  including the chiming clocks, the faint sound of footsteps, the echoing of voices, the smell of food when none is being prepared, the scratching of moving furniture, cold spots, and more.

That’s why a stay at the Shanley hotel New York is all about ghost hunting! So, if you’d like to spend the night, you’ll first need to contact the hotel and make arrangements. And while you should probably plan your stay to coincide with an investigative event, accommodation is available here all year round, can accommodate large groups, and includes a fairly decent breakfast (if you last that long!).

However, if being scared to death all night long really isn’t your thing, then you can always just show up for a paranormal investigation and do a guided ghost tour of the facility, something that I for one thought was super fun and super interesting.

Address: 56 Main Street, Napanoch, New York, 12458

Price: Prices for the Shanley hotel New York vary (expect to pay anywhere between $238.00 and $750.00 a night for a double occupancy room) based on whether you want to stay or just investigate and if you come for a special event or privately

***Get in Touch with the Shanley for availability and pricing.***

2.  Belhurst Castle – Geneva, NY

The old-world charm of the historic, Belhurst Castle.
The old-world charm of the historic, Belhurst Castle.

Located in Geneva, NY, the famed Belhurst Castle actually has three separate, haunted hotels located within the complex – Chambers in the Castle, Vinifera Inn, and White Springs Manor.

So, if haunted lodgings are what you’re after, then Belhurst Castle is THE place to be. So much so that locals typically refer to these three buildings as ‘the Haunted Houses’ and tend to steer clear of the place entirely.

And that’s because the Belhurst property has a well-established history of unscrupulous activities that include embezzlement schemes and a series of torrid love affairs, both of which untimely culminated in death, death, and (shocker) more death.

See, Belhurst Castle initially took a solid four years to complete. And during that time, one man actually died after falling off a tower while another reportedly lost his mind during the construction of a hotel room.

Plus, before the Belhurst was even built, a former owner of the property actually fell while fixing his roof and later died of blood poisoning. Geez, talk about a grim history.

As a result, modern-day staff members and guests often report hearing the otherworldly sounds of young children playing, furniture moving, water taps being turned on, and glasses mysteriously flying across totally empty rooms.

 And while many of these mysterious apparitions don’t have names,  the most famous undead resident of the castle is a White Lady ghost be the name Isabella (she also happens to be the namesake of the castle’s spa and salon).

Apparently, Isabella was an opera singer from Europe who ran away to America with her forbidden Spanish lover, Don. Long story short, they eventually ended up in Geneva, NY, where they built a home full of secret tunnels and passageways.

Eventually, though,  the police finally caught up with the dynamic duo. And when the couple tried to escape through a series of hidden tunnels, to a secret boat on a nearby lake, the passageways actually collapsed on top of them, instantly killing Isabella.

That’s why, it’s now believed that Isabella still haunts the iconic Belhurst Castle, forever mourning the loss of her lover, Don.

However, don’t let the castle’s reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in New York deter you from staying here.

Because I 100% assure you that The Belhurst is swank AF and home to two world-class restaurants, an exquisite local vineyard (which hosts various wine, and beer tastings), an on-site winery (that you can tour), and a luxurious spa.

Yup, this place really does put the awe back in awesome.

Address: 4069 W Lake Rd, Geneva, NY 14456

Price: Rooms start at $195 per night

3. The Sagamore Resort – Lake George, NY

The beautiful Sagamore Resort in Lake George, one of the most haunted hotels in New York.
The beautiful Sagamore Resort in Lake George, one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

Another one of the most famous haunted hotels in New York is the Sagamore Resort in the Adirondacks.

The hotel, originally built in the 1880s, has witnessed numerous ghost sightings over the years. In fact, it is home to more ghosts than any other hotel on this list.

The resort has also faced its fair share of hardships, having burned down twice in 1893 and 1914 respectively. Yet, the Sagamore has somehow managed to not only survive but thrive as it was fully renovated throughout the Great Depression, only to once again, close its doors in 1981.

Thankfully though, the building was eventually purchased by a real estate developer, who reopened the hotel in 1983, 100 years after its original opening.

So, if you happen to spend the night and are looking for a hauntingly unique experience, then visit the on-site golf course – one of the most haunted areas in the entire complex since it is said that several young ghost children like to hang out on the green.

However, only one of these ghoulish ghost children has been identified and it is a young boy from the 1950s who died tragically after being hit by a car. Apparently, he now likes to run around the golf course, steal golf balls, and then throw them at unsuspecting guests. Afterward, he’ll routinely laugh at his own mischief, as do several other ghostly children that accompany him.

What, want even more ghostly goodness? Well, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are several other ghosts at the Sagamore, including a couple who are often seen fighting violently in the dining room and a woman who blows cold air on the eyelids of sleeping guests’ eyelids.

And while you may be surprised at some of these hauntings, most Lake George locals aren’t since the area has a long history of conflict, particularly during the 1700s when war broke out between the Native Americans, French, and British.

In fact, many people actually believe that the hotel was built on either a sacred burial ground or on some other type of land that was sacred to local, Native American tribes.

Well, regardless of what actually happened, I hope that all of this spook-taculiar information has merely piqued your interest and not scared you off entirely.

Because The Sagamore Resort really does make the perfect backdrop to a wonderful, romantic, weekend getaway in Lake George. Especially since the hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as a hot tub, that you can swim in all year long!

Throw in the aforementioned golf course, as well as a mini-golf course for kids (and non-Tiger Woods-like adults!), several on-site tennis courts, and a wealth of other kid-friendly activities, and you have a convenient but luxurious vacation destination for anyone living in NYC.

Plus, added bonus? Each room at this posh hotel comes fully equipped with A/C (for the hot summer)s and a flatscreen TV that you can enjoy before heading to bed and getting your eyelids blown on by a rogue ghost or tw0 (insert an ominous, mildly evil laugh here).

Address: 110 Sagamore Rd, Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Price: Rooms start at $120 per night

4. Fainting Goat Island Inn – Nichols, NY

A beautiful room at the Fainting Goat Island Inn.
A beautiful room at the Fainting Goat Island Inn.

Not only is the Fainting Goat Island Inn one of the most haunted hotels in New York, but it just might be one of the most haunted hotels in America.

In fact, it was recently announced that the Fainting Goat Island Inn would be featured on the show Paranormal Hotel. Crazy, right?

But, timeout. What actually makes it so haunted? Well, oddly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a specific reason for the hauntings. Yup, no mysterious or brutal murders in this inn’s past.

Instead, It sits on a picturesque piece of land that was once an open-air market. An area that was later converted into a local railway Inn once a local railway line was built in the area, to accommodate weary travelers.

So yeah, the hauntings here definitely seem more than a little strange since the closest thing this building has to a dark past are rumors that the inn was connected to the Underground Railroad. Although the owner, Marnie Streit, believes this is highly unlikely.

However, regardless of the Fainting Goat Inn’s benign past, multiple instances of possible hauntings have been reported throughout the hotel. Occurrences that include chairs being moved around, eyes peering back at you through mirrors, mysterious items appearing in crawlspaces, spectral figures emerging from nowhere to have a spot of tea, phantom footsteps, bizarre voices that awake guests, and more.

A variety of bizarre events that only increased in frequency in the summer of 2019, when the Angora Room was finally opened to guests. That’s when patrons of the hotel suddenly reported seeing sheets pulled off the bed during the middle of the night, mysterious figures sitting on the end of the bed, and even someone being forcefully held down in bed.

Despite all of this supernatural mayhem, the Fainting Goat Island Inn still receives nothing but rave reviews. I mean, their guestbook is full of the greatest praise from even those unlucky (or lucky depending on your perspective) souls who have been the victims of a haunting.

And I can attest to their next-level service. I enjoyed my time in the Fainting Room, in a haunted bed and breakfast in New York, which featured a comfortable bed, a spacious bathroom, a private outdoor deck that overlooked the river, and so much more. Add in some ambiance that is the result of stunning, period piece decor exquisitely placed throughout the building and you have the stuff that hotel dreams are made of.

Plus, while I myself experienced no ghouls or ghosties of any kind during my stay, I know several other patrons swore they heard more than one ghost go bump in the night.

Also, for extra added awesomeness, there’s even an enchanting farm onsite that is filled with, you guessed it, fainting goats and animals, like pork chop the pot-bellied pig, that have been rescued from the surrounding area.

So, stop by Nichols, New York, prepare for the haunting of a lifetime, and enjoy a wealth of exquisite period furniture throughout – expertly curated pieces that make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

Plus, every stay here includes access to the beautiful on-site gardens, free WIFI throughout the building, and a selection of pre-packed snacks that are always there in case you get a little hungry.

The owners are also beyond helpful and will happily assist you in planning your trip. They’ll even take you on a personalized ghost tour and introduce you to the hotel’s many resident fainting goats, as well as any other, permanent animal residents.

Address: 1311 West River Road, Nichols, NY 13812

Price: Rooms start at $90 per night

5. Brae Loch Inn – Cazenovia, NY

The lovely, wood, and green shuttered exterior of the Brae Loch Inn in Cazenovia, New York.
The lovely, wood, and green shuttered exterior of the Brae Loch Inn in Cazenovia, New York.

If you think this sounds like an Inn that you’d find somewhere in Scotland, then you’re not wrong. Because Adam Scotty Brown, his wife Eva, and their two sons first opened Brae Loch Inn, in honor of their Scottish heritage, as a restaurant in 1946,

Later, in 1950, the establishment was converted into a restaurant and hotel that still serves iconic, Scottish fare like Haggis and Scotch Eggs.

Of course, the delicious food isn’t the only thing the draws people in. Instead, people typically spend the night because Brae Loch Inn is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

And If you’re lucky – or unluckily, depending on how you look at it – you might have one of the resident ghosts, a young girl in blue, show you to your room.

And even if you aren’t escorted to your room by a ghost, you still might see one since guests often report seeing light orbs floating through rooms, hearing tap shoes on the staircases, as well as a male and female figure walking through walls (apparently, they’re particularly fond of closets).

As a result, the hotel now openly welcomes enthusiastic ghost hunters, curious travelers, and anyone looking for a relaxing or romantic getaway.

Because all of the rooms here are top-notch and include a Tempur-Pedic® mattress, heating, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and private bathrooms. The hotel is also pet-friendly so you don’t even need to worry about getting a pet-sitter at the last minute.

Although, if you are interested in a private ghost tour of the facility, do let the owners know ahead of time so that they can have someone available to show you around.

Address: 5 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY 13035

Price: Rooms start at $115 per night

6. Adelphi Hotel – Saratoga Springs, NY

The gray and white, old-world feel of the exquisite exterior of the Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York.
The gray and white, old-world feel of the exquisite exterior of the Adelphi Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York.

First opened in 1877, the Adelphi Hotel was actually the last Victorian-era hotel built in Saratoga, NY, or anywhere in the surrounding area for that matter.

And although that makes it somewhat of a local landmark, by the 1950s, parts of the roof had caved in and numerous efforts to renovate the building were abandoned halfway through. Accordingly, much of the hotel remained closed, with only a few select rooms and floors remaining open to guests.

Luckily enough, the Adelphi Hotel was finally fully renovated in 2012 following years of neglect and disrepair – which is plenty of time for the building to amass a wealth of truly ghostly spirits. Like the ones you’ll find in the abandoned, underground tunnels beneath the hotel, which were first discovered during construction on the hotel.

Fantastic phantoms who were responsible for frequent delays among developers, as well as a multitude of ongoing worksite issues. So much so that some parts of the hotel actually had to be completely rebuilt multiple times.

That being said though, the only real paranormal sightings reported by guests are of a woman dressed in a blue, Victorian-era style dress. She seems to wander throughout the hotel, rarely interacts with guests, and seems to be completely harmless.

So, if you dare to stay at this snazzy AF hotel while in Saratoga Springs, expect to find exquisitely decorated rooms that are outfitted with beautiful period furniture, as well as infinitely more modern minibars and flat-screen TVs.

And if you’re feeling extra ballerific (pretend that’s actually a word), opt for one of the accommodations more luxurious suites, which feature outdoor balconies, in addition to a spa bath and/or hot tub.

Additionally, this chic hotel is home to a rooftop bar and seating area, easily making this one of the most haunted hotels in New York and a perfect place to head for a touch of unbridled luxury. Which is why, OBVI, you should totally book your stay right now.

No worries though, we’ll totally wait for you to book your room before we continue onwards to another harrowingly haunted hotel in New York  (insert cute winkie emoji here).

Address: 365 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Price: from $200 per night.

7. The Red Coach Inn – Niagara Falls, NY

The refined and stately beamed ceilings, vibrant red curtains, upholstered chairs, and wood tables of the restuarant at the Red Coach Inn.
The refined and stately beamed ceilings, vibrant red curtains, upholstered chairs, and wood tables of the restuarant at the Red Coach Inn.

Located in the uber-romantic city of Niagara Falls, NY (I personally think that the city is heinous but it’s locally known as the “honeymoon capital of the world”. So, feel free to decide for yourself), this charming, English Tudor style Inn might seem like a surprising choice for one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

But, don’t let this building’s good looks and bright demeanor fool you. Because the Red Coach Inn has been the site of a grisly murder…or two…or ten.

See, according to local lore, a couple actually stayed at the hotel while on their honeymoon. And when they checked into the Victoria Suite of the Red Coach Inn? Well, the two seemed deeply in love.

However, looks can be deceiving. Because by the time morning finally rolled around, the husband had actually bludgeoned his blushing bride to death with a candlestick and then later took his own life.

As a result, the ghosts of this ill-fated bride and groom are thought to still haunt the hotel, with the woman, who purportedly wears an old-fashioned white lace dress, being seen much more frequently than her male companion.

Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be), they’re not the only supernatural guests in residence. Because staff members and visitors alike have reported hearing music throughout the night, which is accompanied by the sounds of dancing and laughing above their heads. An occurrence that would be weird enough on its own and that is made 10,000 times weirder by the fact that all of these incidences come from people who were located on the top floor.

So yeah, scandalous to the tenth power – especially given the fact that many guests have also reported seeing jewelry, as well as other small items, move across clothing of its own accord.

Nevertheless, given the hotel’s primo location and wealth of amenities, plenty of people still opt to spend the night and end up loving it. Which makes sense since you can get sweet views of the upper portion of the Falls while in the hotel.

Plus, there’s even an on-site restaurant that serves decadent dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an outdoor patio and a working fireplace for those cold, winter days.

Some of the hotel’s private rooms also come with fireplaces and fully equipped kitchens. However, every single room in the place does come with a cable TV, a stereo system, super fluffy bathrobes, and coffee machines – you know, so that you can get your caffeine fix first thing in the AM.

So, book your room today and start living a life of ghoul-induced glee at the Red Coach Inn.

Address: 2 Buffalo Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY 14303

Price: from $100 per night

8. Montauk Manor – Montauk, NY

The impressive and expansive, Tudor-style exterior of Montauk Manor.
The impressive and expansive, Tudor-style exterior of Montauk Manor.

Due to its rather sinister location right next door to a cemetery, it’s no wonder the Montauk Manor is haunted and has been since the hotel first opened its doors in 1927.

Initially built as a high-end resort for New York’s wealthy elite, the building eventually fell into disrepair during the Great Depression, and was later fully restored into the beautiful building that you see pictured above.

However, long before the hotel’s construction, the region was actually inhabited by Native Americans who used the area bury their dead – the remains of which were desecrated with the establishment of Montauk Manor.

Accordingly, many of the hauntings that you may experience at Montauk Manor can be attributed to the area’s Native American ancestry. Something that makes a whole lot more sense when you realize that many people have heard loud, rhythmic drumming and chanting throughout the property, particularly in the nearby graveyard. There have even been reports of a Native American man slinking through the shadows on the fourth floor.

However, in spite of some of these mildly sinister occurrences, a stay at Montauk Manor still makes for an idyllic romantic getaway (hint, hint, book your room right now), given the hotel’s secluded and picturesque location. All rooms here also come equipped with a full kitchen and microwave so that can quite literally, make yourself feel right at home!

Plus, there’s an onsite wellness center that makes for the ultimate relaxation experience – something that I think we all need after being haunted – and several on-site tennis courts where you can let off some steam.

And If you want to go out for the day, you can always do a bit of fishing or go for a horseback ride in the beautiful countryside.

Address: 236 Edgemere Street, Montauk, NY 11954

Price: from $130 per night

9. Hotel Saranac – Saranac Lake, New York

The beautiful brick-exterior and vintage sign associated with the Saranac Hotel.
The beautiful brick-exterior and vintage sign is associated with the Saranac Hotel.

Bet you didn’t think that a bonified Hilton hotel would be on this list of the most haunted hotels in New York, did ya?

Well, just you wait and see. Because there’s a whole lot more (and then some) to this macabre story…

Built in the roaring ’20s, atop the grounds of a former school, Hotel Saranac is said to be home to the ghost of a superintendent from the aforementioned school. Yeah, he apparently likes to hang out in the basement and makes his ultra-fab appearance to guests in a black suit with tails and a top hat. Yup, we call that being fly like a G-6.

However, he is definitely not alone here since almost every floor of Hotel Saranac is rumored to have at least one ghost, including another former teacher, a singing girl, and even a former guest’s cat, who can be heard scratching on the third floor.

But in addition to all of these potential hauntings, a stay at the chic Hotel Saranac also comes with some of the stellar comforts that you’d expect from a Hilton hotel. You know, pretty rad things like an ultra-moden private bathroom, a coffee maker, and cable TV. Spa treatments are also available, as is room service and on-site dining options.

Plus, famed Lake Placid is a mere 15-minute drive away. You know, just in case you think you might actually be able to tear yourself away from your plush hotel room.

Address: 100 Main Street, Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Price: From $170 per night

10. Hotel Utica – Utica, New York

An aerial view of the luxurious Hotel Utica in Utica, NY.
An aerial view of the luxurious Hotel Utica in Utica, NY.

SURPRISE! Because another Hilton hotel has managed to make this list of the most haunted hotels in New York. And don’t worry, neither Paris nor Nicole are anywhere to be found.

But what you can find inside the luxurious, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Utica Turns are a ton of supernatural happenings. So much so that in 2015, that building was investigated by Kris Williams of Ghost Hunters fame.

And while her time there didn’t uncover any concrete evidence of ghosts, she did see enough to make her think that something otherworldly might be living inside the hotel. Especially since her footage seems to show a disembodied face on the 13th floor, with a flurry of rogue voices in the background.

However, the most reported supernatural occurrence here are calls to the front desk from unoccupied rooms Calls that, when answered, are just static. And if a staff member does happen to redial the number, the call is answered, but with nothing but static. Yup, creepy to the extreme.

Guests also claim to have seen an old housekeeper wandering through the halls either late at night or early in the morning, despite no one actually being on duty at the time.  A rogue object or two has also been seen flying across the room…totally unaided.

But all ghosts aside, a stay at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Utica will be a pleasant one. I mean, all the rooms here are large with spacious, comfortable beds (Are you really surprised though? I mean, this is a Hilton Hotel. Even if it’s been haunted).

Guests can also enjoy in-room tea and coffee-making facilities, a safe, a flat-screen TV, and a desk. There’s also a business center and fitness center on-site, as well as a delicious, homemade breakfast that is available to guests at the hotel’s in-house restaurant.

Address: 102 Lafayette Street, Utica, NY 13502

Price: From $120 per night

11. Roycroft Inn – Aurora, NY

The impressive, locally decorated interior of the Roycroft Inn.
The impressive, locally decorated interior of the Roycroft Inn.

Founded in 1905 by Elbert Hubbard (sorry but no relation to the now beyond infamous found of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard), the Roycroft Inn was established as a safe space for creatives and artisans alike.

Sadly though, both Elbert Hubbard and his wife were killed a mere ten years after opening the Roycroft, when the two died aboard the ill-fated, Lusitania.

Fortunately for us, Ebert’s vision for the Roycroft Inn has carried through to today, since this a place where visitors can still come to support the local arts.

However, if you do decide to visit, be sure to keep your eyes and ears on full alert because you just might run into a ghost or two.

See, multiple staff members and guests have reported hearing noises throughout the hotel (including entities whispering their names) and have even seen lights flicker on and off when no one was there.

It’s also not uncommon for small objects to fly (unaided) across hotel rooms. That’s why, many guests have left early, simply refusing to stay the night because of unexplainable, supernatural phenomena in their hotel room.

Sure, some think the hauntings are totally random. But, many others believe that Hubbard’s ghost still haunts the inn, especially amidst swirling rumors about his involvement in a secret society.

And while some have been driven away by these hauntings, many others have felt quite the opposite and have experienced an almost welcoming presence that made them basically never want to leave. It also doesn’t hurt that the wealth of local crafts for sale here are a major draw for many guests.

Plus, if you book your stay today, you’ll find that the hotel itself is home to basically any amenity you could imagine, including super snazzy things like wifi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and room service. All the rooms here are also beautifully decorated with locally made furniture, blankets, and other handicrafts.

Address: 40 S Grove St, East Aurora, NY 14052

Price: from $165 per night

12. The Big Moose Inn – Big Moose, NY

A view of Big Moose Inn nestled along the shores of Big Moose Lake.
A view of Big Moose Inn nestled along the shores of Big Moose Lake.

If you’re looking for haunted hotels in New York with tragic backstories, then The Big Moose Inn should be at the tippity top of your list.

See, way back when in ye olde 1906, Chester Gillette took his then-pregnant girlfriend, Grace Brown, on a romantic getaway to the Adirondacks.

Unwed, poor, and terrified, Grace assumed Chester would do the right thing and propose. Instead, he took her out to the lake, beat her over the head with a tennis racket, and threw her into the lake, knowing full well that she couldn’t swim.

Not surprisingly, Grace drowned. However, her body did eventually resurface a few days later, allowing local officials to arrest, convict, and later execute good old Chester.

Because of the tragic nature of this tale, the gruesome murder made national headlines and was later turned into a book entitled, An American Tragedy, followed by a film adaptation.

So, if you really want to get in the mood for your stay, you know exactly what reading material to bring along for a creepy haunted hotel vacay. Fair warning, though, this book is long AF and kind of boring, That’s why, I’d suggest reading A Northern Light insteada book that is half the length, beautifully written, and also based on this murder.

Of course, you’re not here to read books but for a close encounter of the paranormal kind. And you will not be disappointed since Grace still haunts the area. She is often seen wandering forlornly along the lakeshore and is never violent when interacting with others.

Granted, she doesn’t exactly haunt the hotel itself, but you might still be able to see her from your hotel room window.

Plus, real talk here? I’d probably sleep a whole hell of a lot better knowing a ghost was outside and not in my hotel room with me! Especially since each well-appointed room here features a TV (with a DVD player), as well as a series of plush furnishings that all make for a beyond comfortable stay.

But, the real appeal of a stay at The Big Moose Inn is the gorgeous, sweeping, panoramic views of the lake (so it’s not like you’re far from Grace ghost!). Panoramas that you can savor in the hotel’s vast lakeside seating areas and gazebo.

There’s also an on-site restaurant that sits adjacent to the lake and that comes complete with stunning views, making this a cool haunted bed and breakfast in New York to stay in.

And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can always do what Grace and Chester did and rent a canoe. This way, you can truly explore the lake in style while avoiding the same, grisly fate as Grace herself.

Address: 1510 Big Moose Road, Big Moose, NY 13331

Price: From $145 per night

13. Erie Mansion – Clyde, NY

The beautiful, red exterior of the Erie Mansion Bed and Breakfast with giant white columns. One of the most haunted hotels in New York.
The beautiful, red exterior of the Erie Mansion Bed and Breakfast with giant white columns. One of the most haunted hotels in New York.

The aptly named Erie Mansion is one of those haunted hotels in New York that has really leaned into its name and status as a supremely haunted house…or hotel…well, you know what I mean. And that’s something that I for one think is awesome!

To start off with, the beyond creepy Erie Mansion actually uses real coffins as tables throughout the entire hotel. Yes, you read that correctly! But don’t worry because I’m pretty sure that the coffins are not and have never been occupied!

Plus, added bonus (at least for anyone looking for a good haunt)? Nearly every single room in the Erie Mansion has had some kind of reported haunting – experiences that include witnessing apparitions, objects moving on their own, hearing disembodied voices, and more.

An occurrence that makes total sense once you realize that several suicides have taken place in the hotel and that the spirits of these poor people probably still hang out here. Many also think the former owners are still residing on the premises, if only incorporeally.

So, to conclude our ghostly tale about the Erie Mansion, you’ll be delighted to know that after being completely abandoned for a solid two years, the building was finally purchased by the current owners,both of whom wants to preserve the structure’s unique history.

As a result, every room here is packed full of nostalgia and ornate period furniture. Therefore, if you can handle a bit of ghosty goodness then this place just a little bit of small-town paradise. Especially since walking through the door basically feels like taking one giant leap back in time. And I mean that in the best possible way…OBVI.

And like I alluded to earlier, rooms here are also decorated with a wealth of tastefully macabre decor that includes skulls, crosses and basically anything else wonderfully bizarre, making this a neat haunted bed and breakfast in New York to stay in.

Address: 39 W Genesee St #1144, Clyde, NY 14433

Price: from $125 per night

14. The Otesaga Resort Hotel – Cooperstown, NY

The beautiful view overlooking the lake from the back of the luxurious, Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, NY.
The beautiful view overlooking the lake from the back of the luxurious, Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, NY.

Looking at it, you wouldn’t think that the beautiful Otesaga Resort Hotel was haunted. But then again, looks can be deceiving. And, as it turns out, ghosts seem to love beautiful haunts just as much as they do run-down abandoned ones!

Plus, to be fair, if I were a ghost, I would totally want to haunt a luxury resort and hang around a posh suite with a built-in hot tub, all day every day. Besides, I can’t really be the only one, right?

Well, I’m obviously not since non-existent children are frequently heard playing games and running up and down empty hallways at the Otesaga Resort. Something that occurs more frequently, particularly on the third floor, when no children are actually in the hotel. And just as a little FYI, many guests also claim to hear voices and furniture being moved around above them when they are in fact, staying on the top floor.

But, just in case all that ghostly activity was a bit too lackluster for you, SURPRISE! Because the spirits here also like to show themselves to terrified onlookers too.

So, if you elect to stay at this swank-erific establishment, you can expect to find ghosts in period dress walking throughout the hotel and around the resort grounds. An occurrence that was supported by a particularly exciting episode of Ghost Hunters that was filmed on-site and only enhanced the Otesaga’s reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

However, apart from countless ghost sightings, your stay at the Otesaga Resort will include super snazzy things like daily continental breakfast, a terrace in your room, and a, hopefully, good night’s rest atop their insanely comfy beds! Guests here also have access to the tennis courts, a fitness center, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and an onsite entertainment center. Yup, pinch me because I’ve just died and gone to heaven.

Address: 60 Lake Street, Cooperstown, NY 13326

Price: from $199 per night

15. Broadalbin Hotel – Broadalbin, NY

Room inside the Broadalbin Hotel near Saratoga Springs

The historic Broadalbin Hotel is nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, which seems to be a popular spot for ghosts. Has someone looked into the general paranormal activity in the Adirondacks as a whole? Because yeah, I’m definitely sensing a theme here, and if only these forests could talk.

Anyway, back to reality, Formerly the Kennyetto Inn, the Broadalbin Hotel has a long and sordid history. Because what started out as a glove factory, was eventually turned into a sanatorium where cruel tests were performed on unsuspecting patients.

See, back in 1898, a not-so-nice Dr. H. C. Finch claimed he had found the cure to alcoholism. So, as a result of his miraculous discovery, more than 200 hospitals were set up in the surrounding area, to treat patients who were in desperate need.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was a giant scam and Finch’s supposed ‘miracle cure’ was, in fact, an injection that contained several poisonous substances. Toxins that could lead to super fun things (note the intense sarcasm here people) like severe pain, blindness, and death.

Not surprisingly, most locals now believe that several of the doctor’s former patients still haunt the hotel since people have reported being poked during the night, and having their belongings moved around. There have even been sightings of shadowy figures in the windows and soldiers standing at the top of the staircase.

Luckily, like many of these haunted hotels in New York, the Broadalbin Hotel has not suffered from its haunting reputation. Because most guests report having rather pleasant stays that include friendly staff, and charming decor. It also doesn’t hurt that all guests have access to the hotel’s garden, terrace, picnic area, and on-site restaurant.

It’s also located right near Saratoga Springs so you’ll have plenty of things to do while you’re in this haunted hotel in New York.

Address: 59 W Main St, Broadalbin, NY, 12025

Price: From $99 per night

16. The Inn At Miles Wine Cellar – Lake Seneca, NY

The Inn at Miles Wine cellar is perfect for the spooktacular fans. Okay well it ain’t all that spooky mind you BUT it does have a whole different kind of spirits in their basement which I’m sure you will appreciate. 

Built in 1802, the Inn is a rather imposing structure with an impressive winery. Located bang on the shores of Lake Seneca, this haunted winery has a rather cool view. If you are looking for haunted houses in New York with oodles of luxury, don’t look any further. The palatial Inn is  reminiscent of a five star hotel. 

As far as the haunting is concerned, rumor has it that you will find the doors slamming around the house. You may even hear footsteps. If you investigate, you will find no one there. These occurrences have been going on for a while. 

People theorize that the ghosts of a couple who died here wander the house. Uber spooky right? Oh and incase you really really want to get into the mood. Ask for the Ghost wine! It’s a themed wine that was named after the ghosts that wander the house.

Address: 168 Randall Crossing Rd, Himrod, NY 14842, United States

Price: A 2 night stay at the Inn at Miles Wine Cellar will set you back by just $350 and will include a continental breakfast, refreshments in the afternoon, free parking and free deck access. You also get access to the beach and dock area.

17. The Naples Hotel – Naples, NY

Antique dining room with Tiffany chandeliers in the Naples Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in New York.
Antique dining room with Tiffany chandeliers in the Naples Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels in New York.

Tucked away in the heart of New York’s finger lakes region, The Naples Hotel is a well-reviewed, 3-star, brick hotel that has acquired a sorted past as the oldest operating hotel in Ontario County, NY.

Initially built by Jefferson Brown in 1895, the 32 room Naples Hotel is now famous for being one of the most haunted hotels in New York since many guests have reported sightings of as many as six different spirits – particularly on the third floor where a man who killed himself is often seen.

Other ghosts sighted include a man named Topper and a woman named Alice with her two small children, all of whom are believed to have died here in the 1900s.

Apparently, these ghouls are more than a little playful since they like to turn lights on and off, move artwork hanging on the walls, unlock doors, turn TVs on and off, and move coat hangers.

As a result, the owners now offer ghost tours by reservation so that you can explore this historic boutique hotel near Canandaigua Lake and learn about the building’s haunting past before sitting down for Salmon Benedict at the delicious on-site restaurant or before having a relaxing drink in the well-appointed bar.

And when you’re done exploring one of the most haunted hotels in NY, spend the night in one of their exquisite, individually decorated rooms.

They are warm and welcoming spaces that pay homage to the building’s historic past with old-world decor, while still offering guests modern comforts like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and Amazon Fire Stick for streaming.

If you can, spend the night in the Riesling Suite of this haunted hotel in New York, which has a Far East vibe about it that is perfectly complemented by a queen bed and a spacious sitting room, making this a stellar haunted bed and breakfast in New York to stay in.

Address: 111 S Main St, Naples, New York

Price: Just under $200 per night.

18. Allegiance Bed And Breakfast – Mt. Morris, NY

The Allegiance bed and breakfast has two permanent spooky residents who you may or may not encounter. According to the Haunted History trail, the ghosts are named Karen and Raymond. 

While Raymond is the chatty one, you will probably find Karen trying to keep the bed and breakfast in tip top shape. Her long dress sweeps the floor almost as much as her broom does! Luckily, these are what people would call friendly ghostly encounters!

Aside from the two resident ghosts, Allegiance Bed and Breakfast is also popular for its design. It was renovated way back in the 1800’s and looks like a mini Whitehouse. 

The breakfast is also spectacular and you can expect a loaded table with fresh vegetables right out of the garden. Trust me, the breakfast on the porch with freshly ground coffee and gourmet food is a treat to the senses and the foodie soul!

Address: 145 Main St, Mt Morris, NY 14510, United States

Price: $165 per night

Haunted Hotels in New York that are in New York City

19. Wolcott Hotel

The luxurious, grand entranceway of the Wolcott Hotel in New York City!
The luxurious, grand entranceway of the Wolcott Hotel in New York City!

The Wolcott Hotel is an NYC institution. Opened in 1904, this hotel has seen a lot of history pass through its not-so-sacred doors. Therefore, the Wolcott hotel new york, haunted? You betcha!

In fact, several Titanic survivors actually stayed here following the tragedy, as well as famous musicians like Miles Davis and Buddy Holly throughout the 50s and 60s.

And with a hotel this next level old and this historic, it’s no surprise that a ghost or two has decided to take up residence here, making this one of the most haunted hotels in New York City. Perhaps they were former guests who aren’t willing to say goodbye to such a beautiful and welcoming place?

Well, whatever their reasons are for staying, the ghosts that you are most likely to run into here are two young boys who are dressed in their pajamas. Precocious little poltergeists who can often be seen playing games on the lobby stairs.

However, some guests at this haunted hotel in New York have also reported seeing an elderly man with a cane wandering through the hotel’s hallways. And just in case you were a bit concerned, all three of the spirits don’t really interact with guests. So phew, you can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief there.

Now, although the hotel’s lux AF ballrooms are not currently open to the public (due to renovation), multiple staff members and delivery workers have felt a presence inside the ballrooms when they were there alone. Several people have also heard radios playing in the staff cafeteria, only to find no one thereafter investigating the area,

That being said, even though this is one of the most haunted hotels in New York, you wouldn’t know from wandering around the Wolcott itself since staff members here are incredibly friendly and most of the ghosties here tend to ignore those of us who aren’t otherworldly.

Therefore, I don’t think you’ll have the pleasure of making any supernatural friends here.

And truth be told, the hotel owner, Scott Erlich, doesn’t really mind having his establishment referred to as a “haunted hotel” since he feels like the ghosts add a certain historic charm to the place. Plus, they really only pop up from time to time and aren’t really much of an inconvenience.

Plus, for an uber-historic hotel that sits only a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building, it’s also incredibly cheap with rooms that start at just $115 per night.

And did I mention? Every single room here is totally unique and is designed in a different shape, size, and with unique furnishings. Which adds a lovely vintage vibe to the overall feel of the hotel since Erlich has done his best to recreate all of the building’s original designs and decor.

Also, as was the style of the early 1900s, each room comes with a large closet that can fit pretty much anything you’d ever need to bring on vacation, including a small human or two. Lol. Not that I’m suggesting you put anyone in the cloest! I’m just saying that these closets are hella huge.

So, book your room now and enjoy the absolutely stunning interior of this gorgeous hotel – overlooking any potential paranormal misgivings that you might have about spending the night here.

Address: 4 West 31st Street, NoMad, New York, NY 10001

Price: from $115 per night

20. Hotel Chelsea

The vintage facade of the legendary Chelsea Hotel in downtown Manhattan, NYC.
The vintage facade of the legendary Chelsea Hotel in downtown Manhattan, NYC.

If you’re familiar with the 1970s punk rock music scene, then you probably already know all about Hotel Chelsea and one of the most haunted hotels in New York City.

Because real talk? This is easily one of the most famous haunted hotels in New York on this entire list. Especially since, well, Hotel Chelsea is straight-up iconic! And perhaps the only thing just as famous as the hotel itself are the very ghosts who haunt it.

See, in case you’re not in the know, Hotel Chelsea is a hunted hotel in New York that was the iconic home of and stomping grounds for many a famous figure from the 1970s. it’s also the site of an infamous murder from 1978 when Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist and vocalist Sid Vicious, was brutally stabbed to death in the couple’s bathroom.

And although many speculated that Vicious himself killed her, others believe that she may have been killed by a drug dealer. Sadly though, I guess we’ll never find out the real truth since Vicious later overdosed on heroin before the trial even started.

However, what we do know is that since that time, several guests have reported seeing Nancy looking at herself in the mirror as she attempts to fix her makeup.

Soo, If you do decide to stay at Hotel Chelsea, you’ll be momentarily living in a piece of history. And if you’re still not convinced that Hotel Chelsea is the place to be, then you’ll be delighted to know that this hotel sits in the very heart of NYC, lying just a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, and Chelsea Piers.

Plus, every guest here is treated to a sumptuous, breakfast feast and gets to stay in one of their many spacious rooms – rooms that are extremely reasonably priced, at least by NYC standards.

Address: 222 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011

Price: From $110 per night

21. The Bowery Hotel

The well-appointed interior of the Bowery Hotel in New York City.
The well-appointed interior of the Bowery Hotel in New York City.

Situated next to NYC’s first non-sectarian cemetery, where over 2000 souls are buried, the Bowery Hotel might have inherited a few of the adjacent cemetery’s spirits since it is currently one of the most haunted hotels in New York City.

And honestly, who can blame them? Because the Bowery is one of the best hotels in the city. So, it’s no small wonder that these ghosts have stuck around to enjoy a touch of world-class treatment in their afterlives. I know I would!

Because many guests here have reported being greeted by ghosts, having drinks spilled all over them despite no one else being around, and even having entire conversations with guests who suddenly disappear.

However, without a doubt, the single most eerie occurrence at the Bowery actually occurs inside the elevator. So, sage word of advice to any potential guests? Do not ride the elevators late into the evning because every single night at 1:00 am, they reportedly go crazy and movie up and down at speed of their own volition.

Of course, hauntings aside, there are still plenty of reasons to book yourself a room at the Bowery. Not only is it one of the nicest hotels in the city, but anyone staying here will basically have every single one of their greatest whims met (within reason, of course).

I mean, no joke? Every single room at this haunted hotel in New York comes with ultra-luxe things like an air purifier and an iPod dock, in addition to slightly more standard things like a mini-bar and flat-screen TV. Plus there’s a beyond delicious Italian restaurant on-site that serves breakfast, lunch a dinner.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, treat yourself! Because you know you deserve at least one night at the posh AF, Bowery Hotel!

Address: 335 Bowery, East Village, New York, NY 10003

Price: from $385 per night

22. The Algonquin Hotel

The luxurious, plush interior of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.
The luxurious, plush interior of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.

If you secretly wish that you could go back in time and live it up during the roaring 20s, then you need to haul ass to the Algonquin Hotel and check yourself into one of the most haunted hotels in New York City now!

Because believe it or not, this haunted hotel in NYC is still frequented by some of the greatest, undead, literary, and theatrical icons of the 1920s (well, at least everyone who wasn’t in Paris). We’re talking Harpo Marx (one of the Marx brothers), Dorothy Parker, George S Kaufman, and all their pals. So even when you’re not being haunted, you’ll still be in wicked good company.

Who knows, all of your newfound friends might even inspire you to write a script, or something equally fantastic.

In fact, another potential ghost in the building, Harold Ross, actually founded The New Yorker hotel here in 1925, along with his wife, Jane Grant, who was a reporter.

Now, was the New Yorker hotel haunted? Well, many people think so since the poltergeist-induced mayhem has continued with the establishment of the Algonquin Hotel, which became an official literary landmark of NYC on July 5, 1996.

And the ghost-est with the mostest that you’re most likely to run into? Why, Dorothy Parker of course. A woman who once told some rando children off for being too noisy and running through the hotel.

I get it, girl. I probably would have done the same!

But, Dorothy and her prestigious pals aren’t the only spirits to be found at The Algonquin. Rather, there have been many reports of footsteps going up and down corridors when no one was actually there. There have also been sitings of spectral beings wandering throughout the hotel, particularly in the dining room and lobby areas.

So, if you want to stay in one of the most haunted hotels in NYC institution, then now’s your chance! Just book a room at the Algonquin and you’ll get to temporarily step back in time in style.

You’ll also get to enjoy several slightly more modern amenities in all of the hotel’s rooms, including soundproofing, heating, A/C, iPod docks, bathtubs, specialty toiletries, and premier access to the places where none other than Dorothy Parker and Harold Ross used to discuss their beyond brilliant ideas!

And if all that wasn’t enough, this is a haunted hotel in New York that is also located in the very heart of Manhattan and is less than a 10-minute walk away from both Grand Central Station and Times Square!

See, hauntingly scary dreams really do come true!

Address: 59 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

Price: from $191 per night


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