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12 Best Food Tours in Naples that You Cannot Afford to Miss

Looking to get your foodie swerve on while visiting Italy? If so then you need to check out this list of the best food tours in Naples.

After all, Naples is an incredibly underrated, foodie destination that is known for its pizza, minestrone soup, Buffalo Mozzarella, Ragu, and more.

But, when you’re only in Naples for a day (or a few days), it can be hard to know where to go for the best food in town – especially if you want to enjoy some of the best walking tours in Naples too.

Lucky for you, though, I have been to Naples at least a dozen times. I also love food almost as much as I love breathing.

Therefore, I know exactly which Naples food tours are awesome and which are most definitely not.

So, to help you decide which Naples food tours are worth your time, I have created this expertly curated list of food tours in Naples Italy.

This way, local expert guides can quickly and easily introduce you to the best food that Naples has to offer.

Therefore, stop stressing about where to eat and start enjoying the best food in Naples with this incredible list.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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Best Food Tours in Naples

1. Naples Street Food Tour – Do Eat Better Experience

Taralli from Naples Italy

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5.0 (33 Reviews) Price: $69.16 per person Duration: 3 hours 📍Piazza Dante, in front of Dante Alighieri Bookstore Operator: Do Eat Better Experience Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

They say Naples is the Italian capital of street food. And, this 3-hour Naples Street Food Tour sets out to prove just that.

Because tempting tidbits on offer during this food tour in Naples include taralli, which is a sweet or savory bread that is quite similar to a pretzel.

Then, you’ll round off your carb fix with the so-called “pizza wallet” (pizza a portafoglio) before moving onto cuoppo, Naples’s very own fish and chips.

“We chose a guide in French and finally we had a guide in English but what a joy to have met Raffaele! A guide who made us discover the history, the gastronomy and the customs of Naples. It was our first and our best memory of this stay. The food spots were well chosen, it was very good and we were able to discover the historic center. To sum up, the big highlight is the experience with the guide. The weak point is perhaps the quality/price ratio which was not totally on point from a food/price paid point of view but we quickly forget with the quality of the guide! Do not take a drink ticket, it is better to pay more on the spot, it will cost you less.”

Germain (read more reviews now)

Next up, you’ve got saucy meatballs and crocchè – potato croquettes stuffed with melted mozzarella.

Then, in terms of dessert, you’ll get your fill of tarallo (a salted almond-based biscuit) and babà (a small cake laced with rum).

Now, if you’re a coffee lover, the espresso joint you’ll visit on this tour will blow your mind.

Plus, between food stops, your local guide will dazzle you with fun facts all about the history of Naples.

Morning and evening tours are availableNot suitable for wheelchair users
Groups are capped at 12 participantsNot suitable for vegans
Price includes wine, beer, and/or soft drinksRequires at least 2 travelers to book
Allergies may be accommodated: again, raise these at the time of bookingLimited seating on this tour – come prepared to stand while you snack
Vegetarian options are available: specify when booking

2. Naples: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

pizza fritta from the best naples food tours.

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5.0 (886 Reviews) Price: $40.43 per person Duration: 2.5 hours 📍Meeting Point: Piazza Bellini by the Greek Ruins Operator: Food Raphael Tours and Events Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now

Essentially, this 2.5-hour Street Food Tour with a Local Guide is one of the overall best food tours in Naples.

Departing from the central Piazza Bellini, your guide will whisk you away down secret streets in the Centro Storico.

So, tour highlights include the street food fave, pizza a portafoglio, and the equally delicious pizza fritta.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Because, you’ve also got frittate di pasta, arancini, and sfogliatelle to sink your teeth into during one of the best Naples food tours of all time.

“This was the best food we have done. We got amazing local food. The guide was very interesting and loads of local knowledge. We went back to a lot of places again during our stay. We ate food that we probably would not have tried if we had not got it on the tour. I would recommend this tour on the 1st day or night of your stay so you can get a good feel for the place.”

Mary (read more reviews now)

Actually, this tour has a heck of a lot of food to offer you. So, you’ll want to rock up with an appetite.

And as you chew, your local guide will enthrall you with legends and stories about the city.

Plus, in addition to feasting on Neapolitan dishes (and gelato), this tour includes a visit to a limoncello factory.

Pro Tip: Book this tour for your first night in Naples. Because this way you know where to eat during the rest of your stay.

You could also add a Naples to Amalfi Coast tour to your itinerary since the scenery along the coast is super stunning.

Pros Cons
The itinerary includes a limoncello factory stopNot suitable for wheelchair users, vegans, or those with gluten or lactose intolerances
Tons of food includedNo drinks included
Morning and early evening time slots are available
Options are available for vegetarians but must be communicated in advance

3. Street Food Tour of Naples with City Sightseeing and Top-Rated Local Guide

Pizza Margherita that you can enjoy during one of the best food tours in Naples.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (208 Reviews) Price: $41.10 per person Duration: 2.5 hours 📍Meeting Point: Piazza Bellini, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy Operator: Varies Details: Read more on Viator Now!

Get a unique take on Neapolitan culture through its delectable fare with this Street Food Tour of Naples with City Sightseeing and Top-Rated Local Guide.

In essence, the 2.5-hour-long tour focuses on the historic core of Naples and is perfect either before or after the best Naples to Pompeii tour.

And, along the way fresh buffalo mozzarella, pizza fritta, pizza Margherita, sfogliatella, and baba’ will appease your tummy as your guide introduces you to the sights.

In fact, this is one of the best Naples food tours for a fusion of eating and visiting all the city’s iconic landmarks.

Plus, with a local at your side, you can focus on ogling the architecture without the fear of getting lost.

“Great tour guide, very funny. Nice mix of different foods combined with some additional information about the city.”

Jorn (read more reviews now)

FYI, that’s not difficult in this city filled with tiny passages. Furthermore, the itinerary on one of the best food tours in Naples includes a pit stop at a limoncello store.

However, besides learning about the history of Napoli, your trusty guide will come armed with foodie facts.

So, expect to return home busting with secrets about Neapolitan cooking.

Price covers 10 different food tastingsThe meeting point is tricky to locate; allow additional time
Includes a visit to a limoncello manufacturerMandates a minimum of 2 people to book
Options include morning and early evening

4. Naples: The Spanish Quarter and Local Market-Guided Tour

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5.0 (13 Reviews) Price: $42.56 per person Duration: 2 hours 📍Meeting Point: Next to the Obelisk Operator: Napoli Official Tour Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

After a rendezvous with your group in Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, this 3-hour tour explores the food, history, and culture of two neighborhoods.

First, you’ll wander through the narrow alleyways past the churches and old properties of Centro Storico.

Then, you’ll head to Quartieri Spagnoli, the Spanish Quarter, with its tight-knit network of apartment blocks, stores, and restaurants.

Your guide will then usher you through the La Pignasecca – the oldest market in Naples.

“A lovely guide. Very prepared. Not only did he pass on his knowledge to us, but he also shared with us his passion for Naples and, in addition, he spoke Spanish very well.”

Spanish Traveler (read more reviews now)

But, rather than being a traditional, covered marketplace, Pignasecca is open-air.

And on offer, you’ll find fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seafood, and Neopolitan street staples.

So, dig into fried alici (anchovies) and parigina – a mashup of pizza and a pastry.

Plus, vendors congregate here to sell clothing, accessories, and household items.

However, this isn’t one of the typical Naples food tours. Really, it’s a sightseeing tour with the option to purchase food items at the market.

However, this is one of the best food tours in Naples that offers you an exciting chance to explore one of the most charming neighborhoods in Naples while enjoying graffa (Neapolitan donuts).

Also be on the lookout for pastiera, a Neapolitan tart with ricotta and orange flavorings.

Available as a shared or private tourNo tastings are included in the booking.
A unique part of the city to experienceMore of an emphasis on history over food.

5. Naples: Wine and Food Tasting in a Historical Winery

Italian wine from one of the best Naples food tours of them all.

⭐️ Rating: 4.6/5.0 (9 Reviews) Price: $41.50 per person Duration: 2.5 hours 📍Meeting Point: At the Winery Operator: Easy Car Tour Naples Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

One of the more unconventional best food tours in Naples, this activity requires zero walking (but maximum eating).

For that reason, it’s an awesome pick for foodie-minded travelers with mobility concerns.

On the other hand, the Wine and Food Tasting in a Historical Winery is an epic pick for a special date night.

Because this tasting takes place in one of the city’s oldest watering holes. In fact, this bar has been keeping Neapolitans happy for over 60 years.

“Excellent value for money. On the other hand, be aware that it is not in the wine cellar of the bar that the tasting takes place as we thought, but on the terrace. Which we appreciated all the more given the good weather. The server was very welcoming and friendly. I recommend !”

Lisa (read more reviews now)

And during your tour, the table will be laden with only some of the most authentic pizza in the home of pizza.

But, this will be accompanied by Campanian cheeses, cold cuts, plump olives, and bruschetta topped with fresh basil and regional ingredients.

Naturally, the wine will flow throughout the experience. Also expect to sample 4 different vintages.

And remember that if you like what you taste, you can grab a bottle or two to take back to your hotel.

Reservation includes all food and wineNo sightseeing included
Experience a historic family-owned
Option to book for lunch or dinner

Naples Food Tours at Night

6. Naples by Night: Food and Wine Walking Tour with Local Guide

A tray full of eggplant parmigiana.

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5.0 (61 Reviews) Price: $94.70 per person Duration: 4 hours 📍Meeting Point: Piazza Dante under the statue in the middle of the Square Operator: Food Raphael Tours and Events Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

See, some of the previous best food tours in Naples have options for day or night bookings.

However, this is one of the few options that runs purely in the evening. Therefore, this is one of the best Naples food tours at night.

Now, at 4 hours this Food and Wine Walking Tour with Local Guide is also one of the longest tours on offer.

That means, you need to don your comfiest footwear for the night. Naturally, you can look forward to the stars of traditional Neapolitan street food.

Bites include pizza a portafoglio, pizza Margherita, eggplant parmigiana, zucchini flowers, sfogliatelle, and babà.

“Excellent activity for those who want to discover Naples, its history, its buildings, its gastronomy. The 4 hours go by very quickly, the city is too big to be able to discover everything but your stomach will quickly be satisfied. Perfect value for money! I highly recommend for a first visit.”

Michel (read more reviews now)

In fact, all 7 tasting stops occur at teeny independent eateries and delis you’d never find on your own.

Overall, the tour is centered on the Centro Storico and the Quartieri Spagnoli.

So, you’ll see the city illuminated under the night sky as your guide fills you in on the history of the buildings here.

Vegetarian options are availableNot suitable for vegans or those with a gluten/lactose intolerance
Covers a lot of ground (and food)Requires a minimum of 4 people per group to book
Lots of wine and beer included
Pricey but delivers on value

7. A Night Out in Naples Food Tour

Aerial view of Naples in the evening.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (21 Reviews) Price: $117.90 per person Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes 📍Meeting Point: Via Porta S. Gennaro, 7 Details: Read more on Viator Now!

As an alternative Naples food tour, the Night Out in Naples Food Tour explores the historic Sanità neighborhood.

In fact, this part of town was once a ghetto for victims of the plague.

These days though, the area has been cleaned up and features beautiful street art and elegant buildings.

For example, the Palazzo dello Spagnolo and Palazzo Sanfelice. Therefore, this is one of the best Naples food tours at night if you’re into art and architecture.

“Last week we went on a food tour with “Eating Europe” in the Sanità neighborhood. It was truly the best food tour I have ever done (and I’ve been on at least 30 in cities all over the world). Not only did our (amazing) guide take us hard to find places but he also told us fin stories, historical facts and showed us quite a bit of impressive street art. Book this tour NOW!”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

But, to keep your energy levels high as you roam the streets, you’ll indulge in no less than 10 tastings at 5 eateries over the course of 4 hours.

See, that’s dinner more than covered. So, chow down on buffalo mozzarella, sfogliatella, and babà. And as an added perk, you’ll try your hand at making pizza too.

Meanwhile, wine, beer, and limoncello will exquisitely pair with all of that food. But, best of all, this tour wraps at a rooftop terrace with 360-degree views of Naples.

Substituitions available for vegetariansNot vegan friendly
Tour groups have a maximum of 12 participantsOnly available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights
Includes a pizza making demo
Access to a unique roof terrace
Covers a neighborhood beyond the typical tourist trail

Private Food Tours in Naples

8. Naples: Private Food Tour – 10 Tastings with Locals

Street food in Naples.

⭐️ Rating: 4.9/5.0 (50 Reviews) Price: $114.91 per person Duration: 3 hours 📍Meeting Point: Piazza Vanvitelli 11 in front of the Ice cream shop Casa Infante. Operator: Withlocals Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Now, if you’re traveling to Naples en masse, you do have the option of booking a private tour.

See, this 3-hour Private Food Tour is one of the coolest food tours in Naples for families or groups.

Plus, it packs in an equal amount of eating and ticking off the city’s main attractions.

Essentially, the tour route covers Piazza del Gesu, La Pignaseca, and University Federico II.

But, the itinerary is loaded with extra sights in between to ensure there’s never a dull moment.

“We had done a few food tours in Rome and this by far was the best! As a local Paola knew all the best places to go. She highlighted the best of Naples and is clearly proud of her hometown. Her passion was contagious and my family cannot wait for a return visit to Naples. When we do return we will definitely reach out to Paola! She was the best!!!”

Jen (read more reviews now)

And, over the course of the 3 hours, you will feast on 10 tastings spanning sweet, savory, and refreshments.

Of course, picking up freshly caught and fried seafood at the market is a stand-out.

Although, there is a huge amount of food on offer, even for people with the healthiest of appetites.

Therefore, skipping breakfast or lunch is a must. Plus, the final stop is a glass of limoncello to toast the end of an incredible tour of Neapolitan cuisine.

Inclusive of 10 food tastings and drinksHotel pick-up is not available
Vegetarian alternatives are availableNot suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues
Half-hourly time slots available from 11:00 am to 18:00 pm

9. Private Tour: Naples Food Tasting Tour by Vintage Vespa

Vintage red vespa in front of a green bush.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (3 Reviews) Price: $297.92 per person Duration: 4+ hours 📍Meeting Point: Pick Up Included Operator: NapolinVespa Tour Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Now, who hasn’t fantasized about zooming around the streets of Naples on the back of a Vespa with the wind blowing through their hair? I know I have!

But, the fantasy is all the more rad when the itinerary takes you from kitchen to pastry lab, to yet more kitchens.

See, this Naples Food Tasting Tour by Vintage Vespa will have a licensed tour guide steer you through the city.

However, do show up hungry since your first port of call is cuoppo.

“Enzo was an excellent and kind guide. Very knowledgeable about his city. Our drivers Enzo and Luigi were awesome. They were friendly and easy to talk to. We appreciated this tour most of all we took while in Italy. Highly recommend this experience.”

Debra (read more reviews now)

From there, things only get better as you hop off the bike to eat your body weight in Neapolitan sausage, buffalo mozzarella, and sfogliatella.

Plus, besides trying pizza Margherita, you’ll also learn how to prepare it yourself.

Of course, a trip to the iconic Gay Odin Chocolate Factory is a highlight too during one of the best food tours in Naples.

And with no driving required, you can embrace a fuzzy head and enjoy a tipple of wine.

Naturally, the experience is rounded off with an aromatic espresso to help bring you back down to Earth.

In fact, the Grand Cafe Gambrinus is a longtime hang-out of many famous poets and writers.

Includes a mini-pizza classExpensive
Vintage Vespas are well-maintained and helmets are providedNot recommended for pregnant women
Hotel pick up includedGay Odin is closed on Friday afternoons, Saturdays, and Sundays
Solo travelers may book this tour

10. Napoli Sight Eating Walk: Private Food and Sight Tour

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (11 Reviews) Price: $45.61 per person Duration: 3-4 hours 📍Meeting Point: Pick-Up Included Operator: Private Sight Eating Walk Details: Read more on Viator Now!

Sidestep the larger tour groups and enjoy one of the most culturally rewarding private Naples food tours of them all.

See, your guide will be born and raised in the foodie capital. Therefore, they will weave you past famous and lesser-known attractions.

All the while, Anna will point out only the best trattorias, delicatessens, markets, artisanal gelato joints, and pasticcerias that the city has to offer.

“Anna was a fantastic guide! We tried lots of local delicacies and got the chance see so many beautiful spots in the city. Both me and my husband had a fantastic time with Anna, we can’t wait to come back! She was so friendly and accommodating too our needs. Just perfect :)”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

And with this tour, you have total say in exactly where you stop to eat. Plus, you’ll return to your hotel with a list of places to eat in Naples during your stay.

Now, the one caveat with this tour is that no food is included in the price. I know. Super annoying.

However, this is to give you the freedom to choose your own samples. As a result, be sure to carry cash. In general, though, participants only spend between €6-10 (roughly the same in USD) on food.

Anna is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Neapolitan cuisineNot accessible to those in wheelchairs
Where you eat is fully up to your partyTastings are not included in the price
Top value for photographers with lots of scenic stopsMinimum of 2 travelers to book

Beyond Central Naples Food Tours

11. Scenic E-Bike (pedal assisted) Ride with Vineyard Wine & Meal

Aerial view of the Phlegraean Fields.

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5.0 (10 Reviews) Price: $79.80 per person Duration: 5 hours 📍Meeting Point: Pick Up Included Operator: Mavin Bike Rent Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Swap the hustle of Naples for the Phlegraean Fields, right on the outskirts of the city center.

See, this part of Naples that is rich in vineyards and ancient Roman ruins. In fact, you’ll glide past the third-largest amphitheater during your tour.

Now, this Scenic E-Bike (pedal assisted) Ride with Vineyard Wine & Meal tour takes place on the back of an electric bike. Which, takes away the pressure of pedaling!

Then, after tackling the city streets, you’ll cruise along the waterfront before heading to the volcanic crater lake, Averno.

“This was a remarkable experience, and I enjoyed every moment of it. Guido and Max have a deep love of the Bay of Naples that they shared with our small group of 3 throughout the day. The spots we visited on the Phlegrean Fields were beautiful, and Max was both fun and knowledgeable. The wine and food were both delicious, and the winery staff were the sweetest people you will every meet. The tour was an incredible value, and a great way to experience the beauty and history of a volcanic region away from large crowds.”

Susan (read more reviews now)

So, once at the vineyard, you’ll sit down to a comprehensive banquet. Therefore, the table will be strewn with locally made cheeses, antipasto, organic honey, and baked treats.

Plus, all of this glorious food is accompanied by wines from the vineyard. At the same time, you’ll receive information on how the food and wine are produced locally.

E-bike, helmet, food, and wine tasting provided in the tour costEven with the e-bike, a moderate fitness level is required
Hotel pick-up includedNot suitable for pregnant women or people with heart conditions
Perfect if you want to experience the landscape beyond the Centro Storico
No minimum to book – handy for solo travelers

12. From Naples: Pompeii and Wine Tasting Tour

View of Pompeii

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5.0 (24 Reviews) Price: $119.17 per person Duration: 8 hours 📍Meeting Point: Pick Up Included Operator: NapoliCityVision Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

No guide to the best food tours in Naples would ever be complete without mentioning the region’s most famous tourist attraction!

Because this amazing activity combines the gastronomy of Naples and Campania with a trip to the archaeological site of Pompeii.

So, this Pompeii and Wine Tasting Tour kicks off with an exploration of the city buried beneath the ash during the eruption of 79 AD.

Then, after seeing the remains of the stores, brothels, villas, and bathhouses, you’ll set up camp at one of the vineyards on the slopes of Vesuvius.

“Serena was amazing – our host from Hotel to Pompeii to Vineyard and back to hotel again. Really funny and organised, nothing was any trouble for her or the other team. The tour of Pompeii was amazing, such an interesting place and our tour guide was so knowledgeable. The lunch at the Vineyard was delicious and the wines paired with it were incredible. The tour of the vineyard itself was quite short but still managed to learn a lot about the upkeep of the grapes in the short time. Highly recommend this tour.”

Kate (read more reviews now)

Upon arrival, a lip-smacking spread of Neapolitan and Mediterranean dishes will be laid out.

Note, the table is piled high and this tour is generous with the wine. So, be prepared.

As a result, it’s unlikely you’ll need to pack snacks in your day bag.

Besides, history, food, wine, and great company – what more could you want from the best food tours in Naples?

Round-trip transportation includedSurcharges apply to visit excavation sites at Pompeii
Includes tour of Pompeii plus local vineyardsNot suitable for wheelchair users or those with mobility issues
Inclusive of a 4-course lunch and a wine tasting

Best Food Tours in Naples FAQ

What is the most famous food in Naples?

The most famous food in Naples is pizza. And yes, you could easily go to Naples JUST for the pizza.

However, other famous foods in Naples include sfogliatelle, struffoli, gelato, and friarelli.

Are food tours in Italy worth it?

Yes, food tours in Italy are worth it – particularly some of the best food tours in Rome.

Not only is it a great way to enjoy authentic local cuisine and taste some of the country’s most iconic meals, but you’ll uncover hidden gems that you just wouldn’t find on your own.

Does Naples Italy have good food?

Yes, Naples, Italy has some of the best food in the country. It’s also one of the best foodie destinations in Europe with delicious pizza, desserts, and pasta down every street.

What is Naples Italy known for?

Naples Italy is known for:

  • Being the birthplace of pizza
  • Churches
  • The nearby Amalfi Coast where you can enjoy the best Amalfi Coast wine tours
  • Vibrant Markets
  • The Awesome Opera House
  • The Hidden City of Napoli Sotteranea.

🍕 Busy? Then book this Naples Street Food Tour with a Local Guide now! It’s my personal fave and a great way to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. 🍕

Additional Italy Resources You’ll Love

There you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to the best food tours in Naples.

Tell me, did your favorite food tours in Rome make the list? If not then let me know in the comments below.

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