Our Picks for the Best NYC Brunch 2018 and Beyond; Fun NYC Brunch Spots to Step Up Your Brunch Game

I think we’ll all agree that brunch is one of the best meals in the world. Am I right? I mean, not only do you get to sleep in but you can choose from an assortment of breakfast inspired options that include pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs, and basically any other carb bomb that you can think of (sorry Dr. Atkins, this post ain’t for you so bring on the fun NYC brunch spots).

But the Real Question Is:

Where are all the best brunch spots in New York City at? I mean, no one wants to be all hangry and aimlessly wander through the New York City subway.

Brunch Memes


That’s Where I Come In:

So whether you’re taking mom out for a special Mother’s Day brunch. heading out, with 20,000 of your fave family members, for an amazing Easter Brunch in NYC, or just brunching it up with your favorite gal pals for the best boozy brunch in NYC, we can agree that not all branches are created equally.

Hard to Believe But:

Yes my friends, even in New York City you’ll find some heinously awful brunch places that just downright SUCK, with a capital S.

So What Do You Do? (Besides add some of these places to your  New York City Itinerary in 24 hours)

Never fear (straps on lame ass cape), Girl with the Passport is here to answer all your questions about fun NYC brunch spots.

No Wait:

Sorry, I almost forgot. I never make it to brunch. I know, it’s terrible but I never get up in time to check out the top NYC brunch spots. And I hate it but the weekend is the only time that I can catch up on much-needed sleep. Yes, the struggle is real (I still devour the best winter foods, in New York City, every chance I get).

That’s Why:

I have sought out help in finding the best NYC brunch spots. And not just any help. Like legit, awesome expert travel ladies whose opinions I respect and who actually know what the hell good food is.

So Without Further Ado:

Let’s check out some of the best brunch places in New York City. So whether you’re looking for a cheap brunch NYC or a boozy brunch NYC or a romantic brunch NYC or a lively brunch NYC, there will be something on this list that will TOTALLY catch your fancy.

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1. Tavern on the Green (Central Park)

By: Allison Judkins of Seeking Neverland (Check her out on Facebook and Instagram)

Tavern on the Green, located right in the beautiful central park, offers an amazing brunch. First opened in 1934, then reopened in 2013, this restaurant has become a historic, New York City landmark.


From the moment you walk in, to your first sip of freshly made mimosas, you will be in awe of the decor, the service, and the decadent menu. My personal favorites are the Eggs Benedict Florentine and the Tavern Burger, all washed down with perfectly made mimosas of course.

But it Gets Better:

Inside, the restaurant is lined with enormous windows, providing ample natural light and stunning views of central park. Garden seating is also available and offers the same weekend brunch menu.


If you are looking for a classy weekend brunch in New York City, Tavern on the Green is a must. Just be sure to make a reservation and adhere to the smart but casual dress code because it’s fancy schmancy!

2. Russ and Daughters (Multiple Locations throughout Manhattan)

By: Mona Molayem of Mona Corona (Check her out on Instagram)


When considering some of the best brunch spots in New York City, a classic bagel and lox spread should not be overlooked. Russ & Daughters is a true staple in NYC and might even be the a possible contender for the best brunch Manhattan.

That’s Why:

This iconic restaurant should be high on your list of what to eat in NYC since they have mastered the subtle art of smoking fish.


While their original location (opened in 1914!)  is a traditional New York City deli to-go counter, offering smoked fish, caviar, and of course bagels, the Russ & Daughter’s Café on the Lower East Side (with another location in the Jewish Museum on the Upper West Side) is a sit down restaurant.

Brunch Memes


The Best Part is:

This location offers all the classics of the counter plus a variety of egg dishes and a selection of Jewish deli staples such as matzo ball soup and potato latkes.

But It Gets Better:

The café even has a bar for those in search of a boozy brunch and presents a selection of signature cocktails; champagne, wine, and beer; and my personal favorite, an assortment of infused of Bloody Marys.


My ideal brunch at Russ & Daughters consists of a classic board with nova smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, an everything bagel (with tomato, onion, and capers), and a side of wasabi infused row. Top it all of with a smoked pepper infused Bloody Mary and you have the perfect New York City brunch.

3. Le Barricou (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

By: Tahiya Reza of Lipstick and a Bucketlist (Check her out on Instagram)


Here’s the Deal:

If you’re visiting Brooklyn, you must visit the quaint, cozy brunch NYC at the French bistro, Le Barricou, in the trendy East Williamsburg district. It might even be the best brunch, Brooklyn.

Annoyingly Enough:

You can expect a line during the weekend (like most local favorites) but the enormous baked pancakes topped with berries, freshly squeezed fruit juices and washed down with delicious mimosas, are well worth the wait.


If you’re a dessert aficionado like me, don’t forget to order the pastry basket filled with chocolate and almond croissants, with a blueberry danish thrown in there for good measure.

It Gets Better Though:

There are other authentic French staples on the menu like frittata auvergnate, croquet madame, and so much more. 

Brunch Memes


Want to Know the Best Part?

The friendly staff and the beautiful vintage décor are what really set this Brooklyn brunch spot part from the competition. Expect to find a library with antique furniture that is illuminated by a working fireplace and a rustic bar that is perfectly set amongst a sea of candlelit tables.

That’s Why:

This is the perfect brunch spot for either a romantic date, catching up with your girlfriends, or solo diners who want to get some writing done. without ever leaving New York!

The Best Part Though Is That:

This brunch spot makes you feel as though you are dining in a traditional French bistro when you haven’t even left New York. 

4. Jack’s Wife Freda (SOHO or Greenwich Village)

By: Christabel Lobo of Where’s Bel (Check her out on Instagram)

There’s no shortage of brunch spots in NYC. But there’s one that I just can’t out of my mind.
And to Be Honest:
I actually don’t mind waiting in line for Jack’s Wife Freda. The restaurant is run by an immigrant husband and wife couple named Dean and Maya Jankelowitz.
Originally from South Africa and Israel respectively, the couple met while working in the restaurant industry in New York City and connected over a shared love of food and a desire to have their own restaurant.
That’s Why:
The couple opened their first restaurant location at Lafayette St in 2012. The name pays homage to Dean’s grandmother, Freda, who was a wonderful cook and great host; amazing qualities that you will find in the staff at Jack’s Wife Freda.
Why Do I Love It?
Everything served here has a home cooked feel, is filling, and is incredibly delicious. I highly recommend the Green Shakshouka which is a green tomatillo sauce that is served over a Maya’s Breakfast Bowl – a serving of scrambled or poached eggs, red quinoa, kale, spaghetti squash, grilled tomato, and avocado. Oh, and don’t forget to add a dash of their original green hot sauce for good measure!
Added Bonus:
With locations in SoHo and the West Village, brunching in New York City just got easier since this is a great place to start off your weekend on the right note.

5. Sugar Freak (Astoria, Queens)

By: Hanna Gao of Rated by Hanna (Check her Out on Instagram)


Here’s the Deal:

My friends and I passed Sugar Freak multiple times before we decided to finally walk in! Funnily enough, we woke up too late for this other brunch place so we wandered into Sugar Freak instead.


It was 10:45 am and the restaurant was already super busy so we sat at the bar while waiting for a table. And while I thought it was a candy store, it turned out to be a Louisiana style, Creole restaurant that serves amazing Southern Comfort food!

The Only Problem?

This restaurant features so many delicious brunch items and fun drinks available that’s it is hard to pick out only one thing to order. My favorites include the hush puppies, biscuits & gravy, shrimp creole with cheesy grits and beignet benedict!

The Truth Is:

I had never tried a beignet before, so I was eager to dive into my dish. My beignet benedict was the perfect combination of savory and sweet, with praline bacon that was blended to perfection with a hollandaise sauce that sat atop on a poached egg that in turn rested upon a homemade beignet.

The Verdict:

We loved the beignet so much we ordered a plate of five for dessert!

6. 230 5th Avenue (Midtown)

By; Gabby Beckford of Packs Light (Check her out on Instagram)


My favorite New York City brunch midtown is definitely 230 Fifth Ave! First of all, the food is delicious and served buffet style so that you can serve yourself as much eggs benedict, french toast, and pancakes as you can eat.

On the Downside:

Alcohol isn’t unlimited, but a good-sized pitcher of mimosas costs only $7, a total steal.

But That’s Not Even the Best Part:

Brunch is actually served on a rooftop that is dotted with these adorable little igloos, making it a great, rooftop brunch NYC option! You can head up there, relax in an igloo, and chat with friends or make new ones while taking in the city air.


If it’s cold don’t worry because the restaurant provides you with blankets and robes to help keep you cozy! Perfect for a chilly winter day in New York City.

7. The Smith (East Village)

By: Sierra Dehmler of Passport Voyager (Check her out on Instagram)

Brunch at the Smith


The Smith is my absolute favorite brunch spot in New York City (and one of my favorite restaurants in NYC)! It has been my go-to brunch spot since I moved to the city over eight years ago.

Truth Be Told:

It has become my default choice for gatherings with friends, birthdays, holidays, etc. Basically, any excuse to eat at The Smith and I’ll take it!

The Best Part is That:

They have four different locations (NoMad, East Village, Midtown and Lincoln Square) so no matter where you are in the city, you can get your foodie brunch fix.

Here’s the Deal:

This restaurant serves American fare options that range from healthy to hearty to downright indulgent. Personally, my favorite location is the one in the East Village. It’s bright and airy with a beautiful design; a location that is always bustling with people.

The Best Part Though?

You can make reservations for brunch! Yes, brunch reservations NYC are hard to find! My current brunch obsession is their Ranchero Scramble which includes perfectly scrambled eggs, black beans, cheddar, avocado and chipotle salsa that is set atop some freshly made corn tortillas.

Truth be Told:

I would happily brunch at The Smith every single weekend!

8. PS Kitchen

By: Erika Stauffer of Latin Atlas (Check her out on Facebook)

PS Kitchen

PS Kitchen is a delicious, plant-based, vegan brunch option in New York City.
I Know What You’re Thinking:
For those who aren’t vegan (my hand is raised) hold up a minute; the food is gourmet, and the restaurant is chic. I seriously dare you to glance at the brunch menu and not be inspired.
The menu remains fresh and delicious with seasonally and globally-influenced plates that are prepared in a classically French style.
But it Gets Better:
The dreamy aesthetic of light tones, exposed brick, and fresh flowers is sure to please any and all of your brunch companions. 
Brunch Memes
To Top It All Off:
The quality of the food is on par with any high-end restaurant in New York City, only without the insane amount of bureaucracy or exorbitant prices. So just consider this a mildly cheap brunch NYC.
What really sets PS Kitchen apart from the competition is its one-of-a-kind, social-business model, where a 100% of the profits are donated to sustainable, local and global, charitable organizations locally and overseas; an extraordinary, socially conscious restaurant that makes you feel good about dining out.

9. Citizens of Chelsea (Chelsea)

By: Rachel Shulman of From East to West with RMS (Check her out on Facebook)

As an NYC resident, I always look for the newest and trendiest brunch spots in the city. And while Manhattan has a ton of brunch options to choose from, the one that really stands is at  Citizens of Chelsea.
Why the Fuss?
Not only is this Australian cafe less than a year old, but it is conveniently located on the west side of Manhattan. It is one of those places where you Immediately feel at ease and ready for brunch.
The Downside? 
They don’t take reservations but we only had to wait 20 minutes for a table during a popular brunch time. Plus, the staff are super helpful and their Australian accents don’t hurt either.
Since Citizens of Chelsea is known for putting an Australian twist on trendy food items, their star course is naturally an avocado toast. I got the avocado toast while my friend got the Acai bowl and both did not disappoint. Not only did they taste amazing but the display was incredible too.
That’s Why:
I have already come back twice since visiting and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

10. Egg (Brooklyn)

By: Liliane Fawzy of My Toronto World (Check her out on Instagram)


Brunch in New York City at Egg.


What is Egg?

Egg is a Southern-style restaurant located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in New York City.

Added Bonus:

This restaurant is really Instagram friendly with white walls, flowers, and chalkboard menus. They also serve all day breakfast, which is a huge selling point in my opinion.


We had a fairly standard breakfast plate but also got some biscuits and a pitcher of mimosas. Let me warn you ahead of time, they do not skimp on the alcohol at this place. That was a very generous mimosa (and an excellent wake up in the morning haha).


But the Best Part:

The biscuit! My mind was blown. It was a perfect combination of fluffy dough and savory flavor that it made me want to order ten more (but I have restraint so I did not!).


The atmosphere in the restaurant is super chill and very inviting. We sat there for a couple of hours, enjoying our delicious meal (and drinks!) while people watching. This restaurant is also great for people eating alone, couples and even families

Don’t Forget:

The streets surrounding the restaurant have some really cool street art, so be sure to take a walk around the neighborhood after you’ve finished your delicious brunch.

Brunch Memes

Friends that Brunch Together Stay Together

Umm, so I don’t know about you but I am now infinitely more motivated to get my butt out of bed and check out brunch New York City style.

I Don’t Know About You But:

I am so down with any excuse to eat carbs, glorious cards, until my stomach explodes or until they have to wheel me out of the restaurant, whichever comes first.

On a Mildly More Serious Note:

These ladies are amazing and totally found some of the most epic spots for brunch in New York City. I mean after I read this I literally had to order from Seamless because I was so damn hungry.


But Really:

No matter who you are or what you like, there is a brunch on here for you and your gal pals too. So even if you have that weird friend who is carb free, gluten free, sugar-free, and dairy free, even, you’ll find something here for her to nibble on that isn’t just a head of lettuce (it’ll be kale since that is so much more in vogue now).


Go forth, do New York City Sunday brunch, and nurse your food coma to the best of your ability. At the very least, brunch will help ease the inevitable sting of the ever-looming Monday Blues, at least a little bit.


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When doing some New York City travel, one of the best New York City things to do is to go out to Brunch. and enjoy the best New York City food. So here are ten amazing New York City brunch spots. to add to your New York City bucket list.

When doing some New York City travel, one of the best New York City things to do is to go out to Brunch. and enjoy the best New York City food. So here are ten amazing New York City brunch spots. to add to your New York City bucket list.