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90+ Amazing London Puns You NEED to Use Right Now

If you need a list of some of the best London puns of all time then this, my friend, is the post for you.

After all, I’m a bit of a punning nut who also happens to be OBSESSED with the great city of London.

Therefore, if you need great puns about London to caption your photos or are searching for some of the best London puns to jazz up your latest social media post then you’ve come to the right place.

Because this post right here is brimming over with epic London puns that you and your followers will be giggling at uncontrollably – even if it’s only because these puns about London are THAT lame.

However, you can also use these super sweet puns about London to increase engagement on all of your latest and greatest Instagram photos.

So, stop what you’re doing and take a look at this list of some of the best puns about London on the internet today.

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Best Puns about London

Here are some of the best and most general puns about London on the internet today.

Because while all of the other London puns featured on this list are fairly specific, this section just refers to London as a whole.

So, check out these epic puns about London, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

London puns
  1. “The street art in London is very ad-mural-able.”

2. “Lon-DONE.”

3. “Talk British to me.”

4. “This little piggy went to Camden Market.”

5. “Cheaper by the London.”

6. “The traffic in London is like a Piccadilly Circus

7. “A baker’s London.”

8. “Happy to leave the Tower of London with my head still on!”

9. “The curious case of Benjamin London.”

10. “Where have you Ben all my life?”

11. “London calling!”

12. “The Phantom Phonebooth.”

13. “The Curious Case of Benjamin London.”

London Puns About the London Eye

Another iconic attraction within this incredible city is the one and only, London Eye. So, while you’re queueing up to enjoy some next-level incredible views of the city, have a look at these London puns about the London Eye.

They’re puns about London that are sure to crack you up and give you something fun to do while you’re waiting in a line that seems to never end.

London puns about the London Eye

14. “My relationship with London is eye-deal.

15. “Eye am totally digging the London Eye.”

16. “London, Eye am a big fan.”

17. “Eye came, Eye saw, Eye conquered.”

18. “Rocking out on eye-tunes while I wait to get on the London Eye.”

19. “Yeah, eyebrows through my pics of the London Eye.”

20. “Eye can’t believe the view from the London Eye.”

21. “Keep you’re London Eye on the prize.”

22. “Eye spy the London Eye.”

23. “Eye always see you.”

Buckingham Palace Puns

What to feel like a queen for the day? If so then stop by Buckingham Palace.

It’s a stunning building that is definitely one of the most recognizable places in the city.

Who knows, you might even need a few London puns to help you make a rogue guard or two laugh.

London puns about Buckingham Palace.

24. “Where do royal British ducks live? In Duckingham Palace.”

25. “What’s the secret of the Queen’s long life? Immortali-tea.”

26. “Why are there no ducks on the pond at Buckingham palace? Because it doesn’t accept bills.”

27. “Visiting Buckingham Palace but I’m having a bad heir day!”

28. “Living the royally high life.”

29. “Mum’s the word on recent events at the palace.”

30. “The Queen recently knighted the Buckingham Palace IT guy. He is now Sir Ver.

31. “The biggest mammal at the Palace is the Prince of Wales.”

32. “Why does no one react when the Queen farts? Because it’s a Noble Gas!”

33. “The queen was really empress-ed with my girlfriend.”

34. “What did the man say to the Queen when she had allergies? Bless you your sinus.”

35. “Home is where the palace is.”

London Tube Puns

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time visiting London, you’re gonna use the tube, aka the Underground, to get around.

So, as you’re minding the gap, be sure to read these London puns about the tube and have a good laugh while you’re waiting for the next train to arrive.

Puns about London and tube puns.

36. “I keep my Stockwell up of puns”

37. “You can always bank on the Tube being on time.”

38. “Euston, we have a problem”

39. “If any girl’s doll can think of a pun, Barbican”

40. “Over here Turnham Green with envy”

41. “I can’t Stanmore of these jokes”

42. “The underground is a monument-al achievement.”

43. “This is all just a Ruislip of the tongue”

44. “I’d say these puns are awful but being such a Cockfosters bad feelings…”

45. “I can never get a word in Edgware.”

River Thames Puns

Ahh, the River Thames. it’s not only an integral part of the London landscape and psyche, but it’s also a stunning place to go if you need to a bit of self-reflection.

So, have a look at some of these amazing River Thames puns and use them – along with other puns about London – to caption your latest and greatest London photos.

London puns and River Thames Puns

46. “Watching the River Thames is one of the world’s most famous live streams.

47. “I know a great Sturgeon near the Thames who performs great operations.”

48. “The River Thames is pretty ex-stream.”

49. “I cannot be Thamed.”

50. “Having the Thames of my life.”

51. “It was the beast of Thames. It was the worst of Thames.”

52. “Let’s cross that London Bridge when we come to it.”

53. “Having the best Thames in London.”

54. “The Thames is just too mainstream for me.”

55. “I thought I was in the river Thames, but then I made it all the way to France before I realized I’m in-Seine.”

56. “There’s a big emergent-sea at the Thames!”

57. “That info about the Thames really isn’t current.”

Big Ben Puns About London

As you probably already know, Big Ben is easily one of the most famous London Landmarks of them all.

So, if you want to have a giggle about Big Ben, then have a peek at these epic London puns all about the man, the myth, the legend, Big Ben.

Best London puns and puns about Big Ben

58. “Here I go to Big Ben on my own.”

59. “Feeling ticked off at Big Ben.”

60. “Whoops, I did it Big Ben.”

61. “Where have you Ben all my life?”

62. “Don’t be alarmed, I’m just visiting Big Ben!”

63. “Enjoying hour day at Big Ben.”

64. “People employed near Big Ben tend to work around the clock.”

65. “It’s about time you saw Big Ben.”

66. “Big Ben must be a good cook since he’ll never forget the Thyme.”

Afternoon Tea Puns and London Puns

I dunno about you but I enjoy a decadent afternoon tea every time I visit London.

So, if you love afternoon tea almost as much as I do then be sure to check out these amazing and unusual London puns and afternoon tea puns.

Just be sure to have a cuppa handy because you’re gonna need one after reading these London puns.

London puns and afternoon tea puns.

67. “Everything I brew, I brew for you. “

68. “Sticks and scones may break my bones…”

69. “What a brew-tiful day!”

70. “Never met a scone I didn’t like.”

71. “I’m taking life one scone at a time.”

72. “Let’s get this par-tea started.”

73. “50 shades of Earl Gray”

74. “The reali-tea is that I love a good brew.”

75. “Oolong live the queen!”

76. “Don’t be chai.”

77. “Varie-tea is the spice of life!”

78. “You should walk a Chamo-mile in my shoes.”

79. “Yeah, that’s what I was scone for.”

80. “Game of Scones.”

81. “Ugh, this scone is good for muffin.”

82. “Elton Scone always said, ‘It’s a little bit jammy, this feeling inside.”

83. “This scone makes me feel a bit crumby.”

84. “Ugh, look at how grainy this photo of my scone is.”

85. “Did you know that Harry Potter’s favorite book is The Sorcerer’s Scone.”

86. “Killed two birds with one scone.”

Best Puns About London Weather

Looking for the best London puns about the weather? If so then this section is for you.

After all, it’s filled with tons of great puns about London that refer to rain, fog, sleet, snow, and more.

Because, hey, we know that London has a reputation for having supremely awesome weather (insert sarcasm here).

London puns about the weather.

87. “About to enjoy the showers of London.”

88. “A fog rolled into London and turned my car into gold! Must have been an alche-mist.”

89. “In winter, London makes a great frost impression.”

90. “I tried to grab a pic of London fog, but I mist.”

91. “What do you call a negative fog? A pessi-mist.”

92. “Trying to make our way around London, but we don’t have the foggiest idea where we are!”

93. “The fog was so thick we mist our tour.”

94. “The cold here is snow joke.”

95. “I don’t like all this fog in London, it’s foreboding. No, this weather is terrible for boating.”

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There you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to the best London puns of them all.

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