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201 Amazing Paris Captions for Instagram!

Why, hello my fellow lovers of Paris and all things Instagram! Let me guess, you’re here for some of the best ever Paris captions for Instagram?

Am I right? Of course, I am! I mean, hello, The title kind of gave you away.

But that’s totally okay since seriously, who DOESN’T want more amazing Paris captions for Instagram in their life?

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I want a whole boatload of quotes about Paris that will help me look and seem about 10,000 times smarter than I actually am.

I’ve also been using Instagram on a daily basis for well over four years now. So yeah, I know a thing or two about Instagram and about what type of Paris quotes actually work and get engagement on the platform.

That’s why, I’ve created this beyond extensive expert’s guide to all of the best Paris quotes for Instagram.

It features a wealth of different sayings that include short Paris captions for Instagram, Paris puns, Paris travel quotes, Paris quotes in French, and so much more.

So, grab a fresh croissant and rock a badass French beret because we’re about to swan dive into this post about 175+ Paris captions for Instagram (while you’re here, you can also check out these nifty quotes about Rome too)

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Short Paris Captions for Instagram

Look, I have been posting my top exploration quotes on Instagram for YEARS. Yes, years. Because I really am THAT old.

Anyway, if there’s one truth about Instagram, it’s that people (aka your followers) really do have the attention span of a fly.

Therefore, you sometimes need epic Paris captions for Instagram that are supremely short and that you can use for pics in some of the most famous cafes in Paris.

Like three words short because let’s be real for a hot minute…most people are probably not taking a solid ten minutes to read that essay of a Paris caption that you wrote.

So, go forth, use these short Paris captions for Instagram and BLOW your followers’ minds right this minute.

Okay, maybe not blow their minds but you know what I mean or you smell what I’m stepping in.

Paris captions for Instagram with the Arc the Triomphe and the setting sun in the background.

1. “You had me at Bonjour.”

2. “Paris, je t’aime.”

3. “Pardon my French.”

4. “The City of Love has my heart.”

5. “This view never gets old.”

6. “Excuse my French, but I’m in France.”

7. “Enjoying life one crêpe at a time.”

8. “This is my new happy place.”

9. “Sorry for what I said when I wasn’t eating a crêpe by the Eiffel Tower.”

10. “Here for the views and croissants.”

11. “Take me back to Paris.”

12. “Got the world at my fingertips.”

13. “Paris is calling and I must go.”

14. “Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” — Dr. Seuss

15. “When I’m in Paris, the world is my oyster.”

16. “Paradise found.”

17. “How can you complain in a place like Paris?”

18. “Meet you at the Eiffel Tower.”

19. “Paris is a city of dreams.”

20. “A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day in anywhere else.”

21. “There is no cure for Paris.”

22. “Paris, you had me at Bonjour.”

23. “I couldn’t come to Paris without my French coat.”

24. “I see London, I see France.”

25. “Ooh La La!”

26. “This view will do.”

27. “Okay. But first, Paris.”

28. “Paris is the solution to all my problems.”

29. “Paris is a movie, I’m the main character.”

30. “You can’t go wrong with Paris.”

31. “Paris is a dream and I don’t want to wake up.”

32. “Paris… The city of lights and the city of dreams.”

33. “Always dreaming of Paris.”

34. “I can’t stop thinking of Paris.”

35. “Falling in love with Paris is inevitable.”

36. “Paris on my mind.”

37. “Oh Paris my love. What a beautiful city you are!”

38. “A one way ticket to Paris.”

39. “All roads lead to Paris.”

40. “Find someone who looks at you like I look at Paris.”

41. “I left Paris, but Paris hasn’t left me.”

42. “Lost in Paris.”

43. “Last train to Paris.”

44. “Meet me in Paris.”

45. “Love and macaroons.”

46. “Paris when it sizzles.”

47. “Midnight in Paris

48. “In Paris, be back never.”

49. “Life is like a box of macarons.”

50. “Living life one crêpe at a time.”

51. “I got 99 problems, but Paris ain’t one.”

Quotes About Paris

Not gonna lie, when it comes to expressing my eternal love for Paris, words sometimes escape me.

Shocking I know since I always write a lot, but totally true since I totally accept the fact that I am not (nor will I ever be) the living reincarnation of Shakespeare himself.

That’s why, when I have a total brain fart, I always turn to these amazing quotes about Paris.

They’re poignant yet short and make the perfect Paris caption to just about any photo that you may want to share on Instagram At least if the pic is actually of Paris itself.

Quotes about Paris with a young boy standing in front of the glass pyramids of the Louvre.

52. “Paris is always a good idea.” – Audrey Hepburn

53. “We’ll always have Paris.” – Humphrey Bogart

54. “Breathe Paris in. It nourishes the soul.” – Victor Hugo

55. “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” – Oscar Wilde

56. “The Eiffel Tower was once thought impossible to build.” – Hector Jesus Arencibia

57. “London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” – G.K. Chesterton

58. “I like The Eiffel Tower because it looks like steel and lace.” – Natalie Lloyd

59. “If you’re going to be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris.” – Gossip Girl

60. “It’s Paris. You don’t come here for the weather.” – Adrian Leeds

61. “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” – Ernest Hemingway

62. “I should go to Paris and jump off of the Eiffel Tower. If I took the Concorde, I could be in my next life three hours earlier.” – Woody Allen

63. “There is but one Paris, and however hard living may be here, and if it became worse and harder even – the French air clears up the brain and does good – a world of good.” – Vincent Van Gogh

64. “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant.” – Honoré de Balzac

65. “To know Paris is to know a great deal.” – Henry Miller

66. “Secrets travel fast in Paris.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

67. “That Paris exists and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me.” – Marion Cotillard, Midnight in Paris

68. “Paris is not a city; it’s a world.” – King Francis I

69. “The shopping, the food, the views! Paris is a city that entrances us all – and I’m no exception.” – Michael Kors

70. “An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

71. “Though I often looked for one, I finally had to admit that there could be no cure for Paris.” – Paula McLain

72. “He who contemplates the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo. Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic. Nothing is more sublime.” – Victor Hugo

73. “Just add three letters to Paris, and you have paradise.” – Jules Renard

74. “There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris.” – Ernest Hemingway

75 “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” – Thomas Jefferson

76. “If “Sex and the City” taught us anything, it’s that Paris is the only city in the world that New Yorkers actually fantasize about.” – Elizabeth Bard

77. “America is my country, and Paris is my hometown.” – Gertrude Stein

78. “Paris is the only city in the world where starving to death is still considered an art.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind

79. “She wanted to die, but she also wanted to live in Paris.” – Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

80. “Cities have gender: London is a man, Paris is a woman, and New York City a well-adjusted transsexual.” – Angela Carter

81. “London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” – Gilbert Keith Chesterton (PSST…you can also find this super-nifty quote in this awesome list of the best quotes about London ever!)

82. “In Paris, they just simply opened their eyes and stared when we spoke to them in French! We never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.” – Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad

83. “I’m not a complicated girl; she laughed, I just want to run away with you, rob a bank, fall in love and eat ice creams in Paris.” – Michael Faudet

84. “London is satisfied, Paris is resigned, but New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.” – Dorothy Parker (another amazing quote that can be found in this list of Instagram captions for New York.)

85. “Oh, London is a man’s town, there’s power in the air. And Paris is a woman’s town, with flowers in her hair; And it’s sweet to dream in Venice, and it’s great to study Rome; But when it comes to living, there is no place like home.” – Henry Van Dyke

86. “Paris is like a whore. From a distance she seems ravishing, you can’t wait until you have her in your arms. And five minutes later you feel empty, disgusted with yourself. You feel tricked.” – Henry Miller

87. “I had forgotten how gently time passes in Paris. As lively as the city is, there’s a stillness to it, a peace that lures you in. In Paris, with a glass of wine in your hand, you can just be.” – Kristin Hannah, The Nightingale

88. “To study in Paris is to be born in Paris!” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

89. “Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history; so she seemed in this age of Napoleon III with her towering buildings, her massive cathedrals, her grand boulevards, and ancient winding medieval streets–as vast and indestructible as nature itself.

All was embraced by her, by her volatile and enchanted populace thronging the galleries, the theaters, the cafes, giving birth over and over to genius and sanctity, philosophy and war, frivolity and the finest art; so it seemed that if all the world outside her were to sink into darkness, what was fine, what was beautiful, what was essential might there still come to its finest flower.

Even the majestic trees that graced and sheltered her streets were attuned to her–and the waters of the Seine, contained and beautiful as they wound through her heart; so that the earth on that spot, so shaped by blood and consciousness, had ceased to be the earth and had become Paris.” – Anne Rice, Interview with the Vampire

90. “People wonder why so many writers come to live in Paris. I’ve been living ten years in Paris, and the answer seems simple to me: because it’s the best place to pick ideas. Just like Italy, Spain.. or Iran are the best places to pick saffron. If you want to pick opium poppies, you go to Burma or South-East Asia. And if you want to pick novel ideas, you go to Paris.” – Roman Payne, Crepuscule

91. “Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman.” – John Berger

92. “It took me some years to clear my head of what Paris wanted me to admire about it, and to notice what I preferred instead. Not power-ridden monuments, but individual buildings which tell a quieter story: the artist’s studio, or the Belle Epoque house built by a forgotten financier for a just-remembered courtesan.” – Julian Barnes

93. “…the whole of Paris is a vast university of Art, Literature and Music…it is worth anyone’s while to dally here for years. Paris is a seminar, a post-graduate course in Everything.” – James Thurber

94. “Paris seems like a big city, but it’s really just a small town.” – Camille, Emily in Paris

95. “What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!”- Charles Dickens

96. “ I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night.” –Midnight in Paris

97. “The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay, I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café.” – Oscar Hammerstein II

98. “The chief danger about Paris is that it is such a strong stimulant.” – T.S. Eliot

99. “Paris is a hard place to leave, even when it rains incessantly and one coughs continually from the dampness.” – Willa Cather

100. “To err is human. To loaf is Parisian.” – Victor Hugo

Paris Quotes in French

Spoiler alert…I do not speak French. Like, not even a little bit. Which is why I definitely needed help from my good friend Google translate to figure out the English equivalent for all of these amazing Paris quotes in French.

This way, when you’re trying to jazz up your already awesome Paris captions for Instagram, you can look super chic and international and like you actually know how to speak fluent French.

At least until one of your followers gets overly excited and starts to chat you up in French.

Not to worry though, your secret’s safe with me.

Paris is not France, it is Paris written on an image which has a lady with a red beret looking at the Eiffel tower in the distance.

101. “Le coup de foudre – love at first sight.”

102. “Le seul vrai langage au monde est un baiser – The only true language in the world is a kiss.”

103. “Paris c’est pas la France, c’est Paris’ – Paris is not France, it is Paris.”

104. “Tout commence à Paris – Everything begins in Paris.” – Nancy Spain

105. “Paris n’est pas une ville, c’est un pays – Paris is not a city, it’s a country.” – François 1er

106. “Paris est une fête – Paris is a moveable feast.” – Ernest Hemingway

107. “Ajoutez deux lettres à Paris, et c’est le paradis – add two letters to Paris and it’s paradise.” – Jules Renard

108. “Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme – Breath in Paris, it saves the soul.” – Victor Hugo

109. “Paris outragée, Paris libérée, Paris martyrisés, mais Paris libérée – Paris outraged! Paris broken! Paris martyred! But Paris liberated!” – Charles de Gaulle

Paris Travel Quotes

Have your Paris packing list handy and ready to hop on the nearest 747 so that you can live it up in the city of light? If so then these are the perfect quotes about Paris for you!

Because these Paris Instagram captions have been expertly curated with the avid traveler in mind. They’re little nuggets of literary delght that will help you at least somewhat perfectly express your undying love for all things Paris.

Paris travel quotes on an image of a girl with colorful balloons in front of the Eiffel tower.

116. “Let’s take a picture, it will last longer.”

117. “Looking forward to the memories of right now.”

118. “Up, up, and away into the clouds we go.”

119. “In a committed relationship with my passport.”

120. “Catching feels for this beautiful place.”

121. “Brb, catching a flight to Paris.”

Paris Puns

Anyone who reads my blog even a little bit knows that I love me a good pun. And Paris puns are no exception. Because when it comes to puns, I fervently declare, the lamer the better!

So, if you too have a fondness for puns of every variety, and Paris puns specifically, then check out this list of puns and Paris captions for Instagram.

I mean, I’m sorry but I NEEDED to create this list so that I could share my undying LOUVRE of Paris! Get it? It’s a pun because I replaced love with Louvre, which is in Paris (You can also learn more about the Louvre in this 4 days Paris itinerary!)

Okay, yeah, you probably already got all that. So, let’s quickly move on!

Famous Paris puns with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
Famous Paris puns with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

122. “We’re like Gargoyle and Vinegar.”

123. “Eiffel in love with this city at first sight.”

124. “Paris, I Louvre you.”

125. “Eiffel hard for this city.”

126. “I hope our paths will croissant again.”

127. “Holy crêpe this was amazing.”

128. “I visited the Louvre, but I didn’t like it – Mona Lisa was framed.”

129. “I heard DaVinci and Michelangelo got into an argument, but it ended with a draw.”

130. “PARadISe found.”

131. “I’ve found Paris-dise.”

132. “Oui just love Paris!”

133. “I think Eiffel into Paris-dise.”

134. “Eiffel in love with this city at first sight.”

135. “In Paris, Eiffel in love.”

136. “I came to Paris to find Louvre.”

137. “Paris, I Louvre you.”

138. “What’s not to Louvre about Paris?”

139. “Paris is the City of Louvre.”

140. “Just looking for a Seine.”

141. “I Musee, the French have great taste in art.”

142. “In-Seine-ly beautiful sights.”

143. “Going in Seine over this city!”

144. “What a Seine-sational city!”

145. “Paris is a very France-y city.”

146. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Notre Dame.”

147. “I’m having a beret good time in Paris.”

148. “In Paris, I Rue the day.”

149. “Do you love Paris? I Pompidou.”

150. “Hey, Macaroon-a!”

151. “How could I baguette about Paris?”

152. “The food in Paris is Brie-ond belief!”

153. “Paris, I hope our paths will croissant again.”

154. “Living life au chocolate.”

155. “Sometimes the French give me the crêpes.”

156. “Enjoying life one crêpe at a time.”

157. “Holy crêpe this was amazing.”

158. “When in Paris, we only have breakfast of the Champignons.”

159. “Breakfast of Champs-Élysées.”

160. “Don’t jump into the water unless you want people to think you’re in Seine.”

161. “I fell for the Eiffel Tower.”

Two Word Captions on Paris

162. “Beautiful Paris.”

163. “Unforgettable Paris.”

164. “Paris life”

165. “City life.”

166. “Je t’aime”

Paris Cafe Captions

Wandering through Paris is never complete without visiting one of the famous cafes in Paris. I mean, the food here is exquisite and the coffee is the stuff of dreams. Obviously I had to include some epic Paris captions about this experience too. Am I right?

166. “A good cup of coffee is like a hug from inside.”

167. “Paris… Where the coffee is hot and the views are delightful.”

168. “Lazy days in Paris aren’t complete without a cup of steaming coffee.”

169. “The winters are delightful in the Paris cafes.”

170. “Coffee and a conversation. Everything that Paris cafes are known for.”

171. “Coffee is the language of love in Paris. That and croissants!”

172. “Coffee is always a good idea.”

173. “If you are looking for the elixir of life, coffee can be found in any café in Paris.”

174. “Cafes are the best place to make friends in Paris.”

175. “Life happens, coffee helps while Paris dreams.”

176. “Sip, read, repeat.”

177. “It’s always coffee o’clock in Paris.”

Other Paris Captions for Instagram

178. “Lost in the magic of Parisian streets.”

179. “Bonjour, Paris! Ready to fall in love all over again.”

180. “Eiffel in love with this stunning view.”

181. “Paris, where every corner tells a story.”

182. “Parisian mornings and croissant cravings.”

183. “C’est la vie en rose in Paris.”

184. “Wine, cheese, and Parisian breeze.”

185. “Parisian weather forecast: cloudy with a chance of macarons.”

186. “Lost in Paris. Send baguettes and GPS.”

187. “Paris: where even the pigeons have style.”

188. “Trying to find the ‘off’ switch for my Eiffel Tower obsession.”

189. “Paris: where every sunset feels like it’s been painted just for you.”

190. “I finally found the real meaning of ‘Bonjour’. It’s the sound your bank account makes when you arrive in Paris.”

191. “Paris is so busy, I bet even the Eiffel Tower has to make a reservation for dinner.”

192. “In Paris, even the Eiffel Tower is au revoir-iginal.”

193. “Parisian flair and fashion everywhere.”

194. “Finding my ‘joie’ de vivre in the city of love.”

195. “Paris: where history kisses the present on both cheeks.”

196. “Paris: where every street is a ‘rue’mantic adventure.”

197. “In Paris, the cityscape is a ‘monet’ of beauty.”

198. “Exploring Paris is like unlocking a ‘Louvre’ of secrets.”

199. “In the city of lights, even the shadows have ‘Eiffel.”

200. “In Paris, even the ‘Mona Lisa’ smiles at the beauty.”

201. “In Paris, every boulevard is a ‘Champs-Élysées’ of possibilities.”

Paris Instagram Captions FAQs

What is the Best Instagram Caption?

The best Instagram caption is short and simple but evokes some sort of emotion. This way you can actually get people to engage with your best travel Instagram captions.

Some of my fave captions are:

  • Choose kindness and watch the world become a better place.
  • Filling my heart with gratitude and positivity.
  • Be the reason someone smiles today.
  • Finding the silver linings is my favorite thing to do.
  • Life is too short to dwell on negativity; let’s focus on the positive.

What is a Romantic Quote about Paris?

A romantic quote about Paris is, “Paris is the City of Light, of love, of beauty, of romance and of hope over fear, gratitude over cynicism and light over darkness. The light must, has before, and will always prevail. I stand with the City of Light now and forever.”

What are Captions on Instagram?

Captions on Instagram are phrases or sayings that accompany a photo. They can consist of hashtags, text, emojis, and @ mentions that are used in some of the top quotes about London.

They are an integral part of the storytelling process on Instagram and are key to getting engagement.

How Do You Caption an Aesthetic?

You can caption an aesthetic with any of the following short quotes:

  • Dream big
  • Stay wild
  • Being kind is cool
  • Create magic
  • Embrace your uniqueness
  • Make today the best day ever
  • Make today fabulous
  • Be a voice, not an echo.
  • Kindness costs nothing
  • Happiness is a choice.

Well, all my Paris in winter loving peeps, that’s a wrap for this post about all of the best Paris captions for Instagram.   

Or as the beautiful and wonderful Angela Landsbury might say, “That’s all she wrote.”

Because you know your girl over here just lovers herself some Murder She Wrote. 

Anyway, tell me, did your favorite Paris quotes and Paris puns make the list? If not then let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to fix that. 

Also, don’t forget to pin this now so that you can read this post again later!


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