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Solo Travel Rome Italy: How to Travel Rome When You’re Alone

Rome is an enchanting Italian city that is an unmissable destination for solo travelers. Awash with vibrant culture and rich history, solo travel Rome is a must if you want to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this city.

Trust me, I have been to Rome many times and this incredible city offers anyone solo traveling Rome a plethora of experiences.

See, despite its reputation as a romantic city, Rome welcomes solo travelers with open arms, offering a unique blend of attractions and experiences that allow for a bit of personal reflection and self-discovery.

So, this comprehensive guide to solo travel in Rome will help you navigate your journey with expert safety tips, details on where to stay, tips on the best things to do in Rome alone, and so much more!

Now, get ready because we’re about to swan dive into this epic Rome solo travel guide right now!

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Is Rome Good For Solo Travelers?

View of the Colosseum and one of the best rome at night tours.

Yes! Rome is amazing for solo travelers – especially solo female travelers. In fact, it is a very safe and friendly city where I had an easy time meeting people.

I mean, all you have to do is dine al fresco in a popular piazza or chill at a bar in Piazza Navona and you’ll meet lovely locals in no time!

Plus, there are tons of epic landmarks and Rome hidden gems to explore.

Therefore, you’ll never get bored during your 2 day Rome itinerary – although I would recommend spending at least 4 or 5 days in the city to tackle everything you have on your Rome bucket list.

Now, sure, Rome is widely known for its historical attractions. But, it is a vibrant city that caters to a wide array of interests.

So, nature lovers can find solace in the lush gardens of Villa Borghese, while art enthusiasts can lose themselves in the world-class museums scattered throughout the city.

Meanwhile, shoppers won’t be disappointed when visiting places like Via dei Condotti and the streets around Piazza di Spagna.

Sure, the city’s sheer size can be overwhelming when you first arrive. But, you can always do a walking tour to help orient yourself to the city as you solo travel Rome.

In fact, booking a Rome walking tour or a Rome night tour is an excellent way to navigate the city and meet people while fully immersing yourself in the beautiful history of this amazing place.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning a 2/3-day trip to Rome then I highly recommend getting a Rome Pass.

This pass includes unlimited public transportation and free/reserved entry to 1 or 2 spots like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. You can even get discounts on entry to a ton of other museums too.

Is Rome Safe for Solo Female Travelers? Is Rome Safe to Travel Alone?

An aerial view of the ancient buildings that make up the Roman Forum in Rone. It's one of the best things to do in Rome alone.

Overall Rome is a safe city for solo female travelers and solo travelers in general. In fact, it’s a really great place to try out solo female travel to see if you like it.

That being said, there are safe areas and less safe areas that you may want to avoid. So, be sure to do your research before you visit.

In general, the Colle Oppio area near the Colosseum can be super sketch at night and should be avoided. The Trastevere neighbourhood also has a ton of pickpockets so use extra caution when you vist.

Additionally, if you are visiting Rome in the summer be prepared for insane crowds and long lines and an increased number of pickpockets.

You’ll also want to have plenty of water (you can use the many fountains in the city to refill your water bottle) since Rome (especially in August) can be super hot and humid.

Yeah, that’s why many locals leave the city during the summer.

You’ll also want to:

  • Try not to walk around Rome alone at night but walk in groups instead.
  • Avoid public transport at night if you can and book a taxi instead. Just make sure they use their meter.
  • Be wary of taxi drivers and always ask about the fare before you get in since they like to charge tourists more.
  • Do not accept any “free” charm bracelets or you will be forced to pay for it.
  • Check ATMs for tampering and only withdraw money from bank ATMs.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings at all times and don’t carry all your valuables with you at any given time. Leave some items in a safe at your hotel in case you lose your wallet.
  • Be aware of thieves trying to distract you. They like to work in pairs and one will distract you while the other will try to steal your valuables.

So, use the tips in this guide to solo travel in Rome and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Getting to Rome

Almost anyone visiting Rome will start their trip off at the Termini Railway Station.

After all, this is the final destination for almost all Rome-bound trains and it is a terminal for the Leonardo Express.

This is the main train service that runs from Fiumicino Airport (officially known as Leonardo Da Vinci Airport).

It departs every half hour and completes its journey to Termin (in Rome) in around 32 minutes, costing $18.00 per ride.

However, If you’re visiting Rome on a budget, consider using one of the buses that runs between Fiumicino to Termini.

At a cost of $2.20 and $7.74 for a one-way ticket, it’s a cheaper option and will take around 48 minutes. However, if you hit traffic at peak times then the journey can take up to an hour (or more).

If you want to take a taxi it will cost you a flat fee of $53.00. Yeah, deffo not my fave way to travel since it’s pretty pricey.

Now, if you’re using a Europe-based, budget airline to visit Rome solo then you may arrive at Ciampino. This is Rome’s other airport and the Ciampino Airlink train will take you to Termini.

You just have to follow the signs to the Airlink and then catch a bus to the train. It will arrive in Rome in around an hour and for around $3.00 per person.

Alternatively, a taxi to Rome from Ciampino will cost between $35.00 and $45,00. So, yeah, not super cheap.

Getting Around Rome Solo

Me standing in front of the Coloseeum. It is a head shot and I am standing in front of the Coloseeum with long blond hair and with a brown jacket with a fur collar.

Not sure how to travel around Rome on your own? If so then this section will offer you several different options for exploring Rome on your own.

Public Transportation – This is my fave way to get around Rome on my own. Not only is the public transportation system in Rome massive with subways, buses, trolleys, and trams aplenty, but it’s pretty cheap too.

So, a ride on the metro will cost around $1.60 (the ticket is also valid for 75 minutes) and it’s pretty quick since you won’t have to deal with traffic when riding one of three lines.

That being said, the subway won’t get you into the city center since there are too many historic sites that need to be preserved. So, feel to walk, grab a taxi, or hop on the bus.

Pro Tip: You can save money by purchasing a one-day, three-day, or one-week transportation pass that gives you unlimited rides via public transportation.

Taxis – Honestly, I hate taxis since they are expensive and I always feel like I am getting ripped off. However, they are an option. T

The meter will start at $3.32 per kilometer (weekdays from 6:00 am to 10:00 am).

It will then go up to $5.00 per kilometer (Sundays/holidays from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm) and $7.18 per kilometer (from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am). Uber is also an option but isn’t super cheap either.

Pro Tip: Other options include bike rentals (the city has bike lanes and rentals are between $15.50 and $22.00 per day) and scooter ride-sharing via an app (around $1.00 for the scooter and then $00.15 per minute).

Whatever you do though do NOT rent a car in Rome since it is a nightmare. Rent a car in Tuscany instead.

Best Areas to Stay in Rome Alone

Unsure of the best area to stay in Rome alone? Well, not to worry because this city is filled with a diverse array of enchanting neighborhoods that you will love.

Each has its own unique charm and character. So, regardless of your interests, you are sure to find the best place to stay in Rome.

The Historic Centre – The heart of Rome is home to many of the best landmarks in Rome, like the Colosseum. So, if you want to be near some of the top tourist attractions in Rome then stay here.

Just be prepared for crowds since, not surprisingly, this is a very popular part of the city.

Piazza Navona – This is an elegant piaza in the center of Rome that is surrounded by gorgeous Baroque palaces and cute cafes.

It’s a great place to stay if you want to be in the center of the city but also enjoy more high-end accommodations.

Campo de’ Fiori – This vibrant square in the center of Rome is surrounded by cool bars, chic cafes, and fabulous restaurants.

So, if you want to stay in the heart of the city and enjoy being at the center of life in Rome then this is the place for you. Just know that you have to contend with lots of noise and lots of people.

Monti – Located right near the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, Monti is a chic neighborhood that is popular among solo female travelers in Rome.

It’s the best place to stay in Rome if you like vintage stores, cool art galleries, and fun bars/restaurants.

Trastevere – Nestled along the western bank of the Tiber River, this vivacious neighborhood is filled with narrow cobblestone streets, vibrant buildings, and exceptional restaurants/bars.

Seriously, do one of the best food tours in Rome through here and you will not regret it.

This is where you should go to experience local Roman culture and for the best nightlife in Rome. Just watch out for pickpockets since they are notoriously a problem here.

Prati – This is a quiet, residential neighborhood that is near the Vatican. It is well-connected to public transportation and is safe/peaceful which gives you access to tons of cool things to do in Rome.

San Lorenzo – This is where all the students go since it is located near Sapienza University. You can also walk to the city center, but it’s not super pretty since it was bombed a lot in WW II.

That being said, there are tons of vintage clothing stores, cheap restaurants, and fun bars to explore, many of which can be found on Via dei Volsci and Via dei Sabelli.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure where to stay in Rome then my top two picks are Trastevere and San Lorenzo since you’ll get a much more authentic, local experience if you stay in either place.

Best Hotels in Rome for Solo Travelers

There are a variety of top hotels in Rome for solo travelers.

They vary based on your budget and whether you’re looking for a quiet stay or a fun, social atmosphere that is conducive to meeting other travelers.

So, my personal faves include:

YellowSquare Rome (budget)YellowSquare Rome is a great place to stay if you need a bed in a 6-bed female dorm for around $42.00 per night.

It’s also centrally located and is less than a 10-minute walk from the Termini Train Station.

Additionally, there’s an on-site bar where you can meet other solo travelers, making this a great option if you want to party. Just be sure to bring earplugs if you need a good night’s sleep.

The Beehive (budget)The Beehive is another one of the best hostels in Rome for solo travelers.

Unlike, Yellow Square, this place has a much more relaxed vibe and even offers guests an awesome, organic breakfast (additional fee applies) at their on-site cafe.

I also love that the owners try to make everyone feel welcome with weekly events and fun communal dinners. Therefore, The Beehive is an easy to make friends while on the road.

Sweet Dreams Roma (mid-range) – This sleek, 19th-century guest house is well-located near the Colosseum and a local bus stop.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a private room for around $100.00 per night and want a friendly host who can give you epic local tips. The rooms are also biggish with an in-room coffee machine.

B&B Arco Di Gallieno (luxury) – Solo travelers with a bigger budget (Think $115.00 per night for a run) will love B&B Arco Di Gallieno.

This bed and breakfast features modern, chic rooms that are set inside a wonderfully friendly environment

In fact, the staff are always ready to help and give you info about nearby attractions like the Colosseum. A lovely breakfast is also included and you even have access to a nearby metro station.

Where to Eat in Rome Alone

Some of my favorite places to eat in Rome alone include:

  • Trattoria Da Enzo al 29 – Simple, well-priced Roman restaurant in Trastevere that serves local classics like fried artichoke.
  • Bonci Pizzarium – Great place to grab some pizza to-go. Try the Pizza al Taglio.
  • Pro Loco Pinciano – A warm and welcoming Italian restaurant that serves great pizza and ravioli.
  • La Tavernaccia – This is an old-school Italian restaurant where you can sample suckling pig.
  • Seu Pizza Illuminati – This place uses exceptional local ingredients to create unique pizzas. Try the fritti and deep-fried tramezzino sandwich if you’re not in the mood for pizza.

Pro Tip: When it comes to tipping In Rome, you should know that it is not mandatory. Most restaurants automatically add a service charge to your bill.

However, if your service was absolutely amazing then leave a tip of between 5% and 10% of the total bill.

Best Things to do in Rome Alone

1. Visit the Colosseum

Srunning view of the Colosseum all lit-up in the evening while at one of the best Hotels with a view of the Colosseum.

⭐️ Rating: 4.7/5.0 (10,101 Reviews) Price: $50.85 per person Duration: 2.5 hours 📍Meeting Point: Varies by tour Operator: Rutas Romanas Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Who could do a bit of Rome solo travel and NOT drop by the Colosseum?

After all, this ancient Roman amphitheater, constructed in 80 AD, is an emblem of Rome’s epic past and a must-see attraction for anyone solo traveling Italy.

I mean, it is a wonder of the world so I think the awesomeness of this place speaks for itself.

Plus, this immense stone structure is a testament to the architectural genius of ancient Romans.

So, book this amazing tour and your expert guide will paint such a vivid picture of this place that you’ll hear the cheers of spectators and the clash of gladiators.

“The tour was great!! Really worth the money. Our tour guide Alessandra is incredible. Thanks to her special interaction way of telling us the Roman history I will finally remember informations about this unique place. She was so passionate, shared with us so many interesting facts, so not even second of the tour was boring. Thank you and very much recommended to the others.”

Martina (read more reviews now)

Today, it stands as a symbol of the city’s rich history, inviting visitors to walk the grounds, and even take a pic with a gladiator (of that’s your thing).

And whether you choose to explore independently or en expert guide, a visit here is an essential part of any Rome itinerary.

Pro Tip: If you hate crowds then check out these Colosseum at night tours. It’s a great way to beat the heat and the crowds when visiting one of the most famous landmarks in Rome.

Plus, the structure is even more beautiful when it’s all lit up in the evening.

You can also book a hotel with a view of the Colosseum for an extra special solo trip to Rome.

2. Visit the Pantheon

View of the Pantheon In Rome during one of many rome at night tours.

⭐️ Rating: 4.2/5.0 (58 Reviews) Price: $8.84 per person Duration: 1 hour 📍Meeting Point: Piazza della Rotonda, 00186 Roma RM, Italy Operator: Loving Rome Details: Read more on Get Your Guide now!

Tucked away within the heart of Rome, the Pantheon is an immortal landmark that oozes historical significance.

In fact, it was constructed in the 2nd century AD and is known for having the world’s biggest unreinforced concrete dome.

“Excellent experience. Very simple instructions to receive the ticket and unlock the audio guide. The Pantheon is truly amazing. The audio guide was very useful, with very interesting information and curiosities. It’s also nice that in the audio guide, besides the pantheon, there is a description of the fountains of Piazza Navona.”

Anonymous (read more reviews now)

Now, as you step inside, you’ll become immersed in centuries of history and stand in awe of the fact that this temple is a church that is still used today.

But, what sets the Pantheon apart is that it remains so well-preserved, making it stand out among other ancient relics in Rome.

So, add the Pantheon to your Rome solo travel guide and get ready to appreciate an awe-inspiring temple that stands as a living testament to Rome’s amazing past and architectural prowess.

Pro Tip: The Pantheon is no longer free for visitors. Only residents of Rome and visitors under 18 can visit for free. For everyone else admission is €5.00.

3. Grab Some Gelato and Explore a Local Piazza

Holding gelato in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

I’ve been on many food tours in Rome. I also love gelato almost as much as the air I breathe. Actually, I probably love gelato more since it tastes better.

Anyway, I basically eat as much gelato as humanly possible every time I solo travel to Rome since it is that good.

I also like to stroll around Piazza Navona to get a feel for the city while I enjoy one of my fave desserts.

But, if you’re not quite sure where to find the best gelato in Rome then you can’t beat Gelateria Fassi.

Sure, there are tons of great gelaterias in Rome but this one has been around since 1875 and serves really high-quality gelato that isn’t falling out of its stainless steel container.

Yeah, that is a sign there is too much air in the gelato. And if you’re not sure what flavor to order then you can’t go wrong with mango, chocolate, or pistachio.

Just be prepared to wait since there is always a long line out the door here.

Pro Tip: If the gelato is super colorful (like unnaturally so) or is sitting in plastic containers then RUN AWAY. That means that the gelato is NOT good.

4. Explore the Roman Forum

A view of the ancient ruins and old columns of the Forum in Rome. Definitely visit when you solo travel Rome.

Details: Read more reviews now!

Central to the bustling life of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum was an important place for politicians, philosophers, and other famous figures to meet and discuss the issues of the day.

Currently, this area is a fabulous open-air museum that houses some of the most significant ruins from Ancient Rome, like the remnants of important government buildings.

These include the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of the Deified Caesar, the Temple of Saturn, the Mamertine Prison, the Curia (aka Senate House), and more.

“The experience was great. Perfect in my opinion.”

Pietro (read more reviews now)

So, solo travelers in Rome can purchase a ticket to explore ancient buildings from different historic eras, including the former home of Julius Caesar!

Evidence from the reign of Emperor Nero can also be spotted, allowing visitors to go on an incredible archaeological journey through time as they enjoy one of the best things to do in Rome alone.

5. Admire the Sistine Chapel

View of the ornate ceiling of the Sistine Chapel during a Vatican at night tour.

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5.0 (90989 Reviews) Price: $34.27 per person Duration: 1 day 📍Meeting Point: Vatican Museum Operator: GetYourGuide Tours & Tickets GmbH Details: Read more on Get Your Guide Now!

Technically, the Sistine Chapel is in Vatican City, not Rome. However, Vatican City is surrounded by Rome so it will be super easy to visit during your solo trip to Rome, Italy.

Additionally, the Vatican Museums are Renowned globally for their mesmerizing displays of Renaissance art.

In particular, the Sistine Chapel is absolutely stunning. No, really. It lives up to any and all hype and is an essential part of any Rome solo travel itinerary.

“It has been a super enjoyable visit, the audio guides have helped a lot to make the experience super light. Being able to skip the huge queue that had been a hit. With the QR you enter directly and then you have to go to the reception to get the paper ticket, then you have to go up to the second floor to pick up the audio guide and enter the museum. I highly recommend it.”

Barb (read more reviews now)

See, the Sistine Chapel was constructed between 1473 and 1483, has been visited by legendary artists like Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, and Michelangelo – the latter of which actually painted the ceiling.

While you’re here, also visit St. Peter’s Basilica and enjoy some of the best things to do alone in Rome.

Pro Tip: Pre-book your tickets now! The lines are insanely long and you don’t want to waste hours just standing in line. Also, try to arrive a bit early since you’ll have to go through security.

6. Take in the Stunning Views from Capitoline Hill

View of the bronze Marcus Aurelius statue where he is riding a horse in Campidoglio Square. He is surrounded by yellow buildings on top of Capitoline Hill.

Easily one of the most iconic hills in Rome, Capitoline Hill is where you’ll find the Capitoline Museums and where you can enjoy stellar panoramas of the Roman Forum.

If you can, ascend Michelangelo’s Cordonata stairs. Make your way through Campidoglio Square and say “hi” to the bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius before descending down the other side.

From here, you’ll be able to see the Temple of Saturn and the Colosseum in the background, making this one of the best free things to do in Rome.

7. Explore Some of the Best Markets in Rome

The downside is that when you solo travel Rome you can sometimes get lonely. And the best way to avoid loneliness is to get out there and surround yourself with people.

To do this, I suggest exploring some of the best markets in Rome.

In particular, Mercato di Campagna Amica is a great farm-to-table market where you can find all sorts of fresh meat, cheese, and charcuteries.

However, other cool markest in Rome include Nuovo Mercato Esquilino (for international foods), Borghetto Flaminio (flea market), Mercato dell’Unità (for street food), and Mercato di Testaccio (covered market with a little bit of everything).

Pro Tip: Campo de’ Fiori is super famous and VERY touristy. Yeah, this produce market often has more tourists than locals. So, if you must visit go as early as possible.

8. Toss a Coin in the Trevi Fountain

A view of the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome.

If you’re traveling to Rome alone then a visit to the Trevi Fountain is an absolute must.

Not only was this stunning fountain designed by Nicola Salvi and finished by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762, but it is one of the best free things to do in Rome and has a super fun legend that surrounds it.

So, toss one coin into the fountain and you’ll return to Rome. Throw two coins into the fountain to fall in love AND come back to Rome.

And if three coins soar into the fountain? Well, then you’ll find love, marry, and come back to Rome.

TBH, it’s a pretty sweet deal so be sure to give it a try when you solo travel Rome.

9. Explore Some Gorgeous Gardens

The keyhole view of St. Peter's Basilica from Palentine Hill. The church can be seen through several green bushes.

Visiting stunning local gardens makes for one of the best things to do in Rome alone since they are quiet and you don’t need someone with you to enjoy them.

Yeah, they are beautiful enough all on their own. Now, after visiting Rome more than a few times, one of my fave gardens in Rome is the Park of the Aqueducts.

Not only is this spot part of the famous Apian Way, but it is one of the largest gardens in the city.

However, if you’re looking for true botanical bliss then you can’t beat the insanely well-manicured gardens over at Orto Botanico Di Roma.

You will have to pay to get in but it’s worth it to see a garden that was founded by the 12th oldest university in the garden.

Other fun gardens in Rome include Giardino Degli Aranci and The famous Keyhole (great photo op), Villa Borghese, the Vatican Gardens (just insane on so many levels), and Villa Doria Pamphili.

10. Hit Up the Spanish Steps

View of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Looking for amazing photo ops during your solo trip to Rome? If so then get up early (like the crack of dawn) and visit the Spanish Steps.

It’s easily one of the most popular attractions in Rome since it is a stunning stairway that leads up to the Trinità dei Monti church.

It’s always filled with activity but is worth a visit since the view from the top offers lovely panoramas of the city.

You can also enjoy excellent views at sunset and can stop by after a visit to the Trevi Fountain since it is close by.

Map of the Best Things to Do in Rome Alone

Map of the best things to do in Rome alone with blue dots to represent the best things to do in Rome alone.

Solo Travel Rome FAQs

Can You Do Rome on Your Own?

Yes, you can absolutely do Rome on your own. It is a very safe city and can be easily navigated on your own.

However, if you want to meet people or need help orienting yourself to the city then check out one of the best ghost tours in Rome or one of the best Rome winery tours.

What Part of Italy is Safest for Solo Female Travelers?

The part of Italy that is safest for solo female travelers is North Italy and cities like Florence, Venice, and Milan.

But, like with most cities, keep an eye on your belongings since pickpockets frequent crowded areas.

Is Rome Safe?

Rome is a safe city for solo travelers and travelers in general. However, like most cities in Europe, you’ll need to watch out for pickpockets and keep your belongings safe.

Pickpockets are especially problematic in St. Peter’s Square and around the Colosseum.

How Do I Get Around Rome Independently?

The best way to get around Rome independently is by walking, metro, and bus. Taxis are easy to find but can be expensive so I would use them sparingly.

Is Rome Expensive?

Yes, Rome is definitely an expensive city and you should plan accordingly. So, expect to spend at least $60.00 if you’re on a tight budget and $155.00 if you’re on more on a mid-range budget.

Can You Drink the Water in Rome?

You can drink the tap water in Rome. There are also tons of water fountains in the city. So, be sure to pack a reuasble water bottle to save money (and the planet).

When is the Best Time to Visit Rome?

The best time to visit Rome is shoulder season. So, any time between April/May and September/October. This is when prices are lower, crowds aren’t insane, and when the weather is pleasant.

Yea, most people visit between June and August but the city is packed with tourists and super hot, making the experience not so enjoyable.

What are the Best Weekend Trips from Rome?

Some of the best weekend trips from Rome include Florence, Naples, and Pompeii.

Is English Widely Spoken in Rome?

Yes, you’ll find people who speak English in most hotels and in most touristy areas. However, if you get off the beaten path and visit smaller villages then English is less widely spoken.

So, it’s a good idea to learn a few simple Italian phrases before you solo travel Rome.

What are the Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Rome?

The best neighborhoods to stay in Rome include Trastevere, Monti, and San Lorenzo.

There you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to solo travel in Rome.

Tell me, did your picks for the best things to do in Rome alone make the list? If not then let me know now!

And if you found this post useful be sure to join our Facebook group and email list for even more amazing travel info.


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Wednesday 10th of July 2019

I am so happy you found this post useful and thanks so much for reading! I had zero problems being there as a solo female traveler so I think safety shouldn't be an issue. Just watch your belongings since I know petty theft can be an issue. In terms of travel, I'm not 100% sure if they have uber. I took a taxi from a designated taxi stand once or twice just because the metro can't take you everywhere you want to go. You could also try the bus but the signage isn't great so it's hard to tell where to get off. But if you have your GPS that is probably won't be an issue! Have an amazing trip and all that best.


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