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100 Paris Puns and Amazing Paris Jokes

In need of a good laugh? Yeah who isn’t after the next level insane 2+ years we’ve all had. Well, luckily for you, this expertly curated list of 100 Paris puns and wicked awesome Paris jokes is here to help put a smile on your face and bring a much needed laugh into your life – especially if you’re going nuts in New York like me.

Because whether you’re dreaming about Paris, want to share some French jokes with a friend who is traveling to Paris, or want some awesome Paris Instagram captions to accompany your photos, this post is perfect for you!

So, without further adieu, here is my list of the best Paris puns and best jokes about Paris that everyone will love.

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Best Paris Puns and Best Puns About Paris

Need some wicked awesome Paris puns and puns about Paris in your life? If so then these hella awesome France puns are perfect for you!

Because this section features a ton of super fun, wicked awesome word plays that will make you laugh for days or that you can use to accompany any Paris photos that you plan on uploading to Instagram.

  1. A bomb destroyed the Parisian cheese shop and all the was left was the de-brie.

2. The price of a dinner cruise in Paris is in-Seine.

3. I always feel Triomphe-ant in Paris.

4. In-Seine-ly beautiful sights.

5. You must be from Paris because you’re driving me in-Seine.

6. Paris is a very France-y city.

7. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a Notre Dame.

8. I couldn’t come to Paris without my French coat.

9. I Musee, the French have great taste in art.

10. Do you love Paris? I Pompidou.

11. Buy one, baguette one free.

12. Don’t baguette the cheese.

13. Petit-four more, please.

14. Just looking for a Seine.

15. People here are in-Seine for drinking so much wine.

16. In Paris it’s kind of weird that pets stare at you while European.

17. Paris, Marseilles, and Lyon are all great French cities. But there’s only one Nice city.

18. Hey, Macaroon-a!

19. Notre Dame, this crepe is delicious!

20. Paris food is Brie-ond delicious!

21. I hope our paths croissant again.

22. Living life au chocolate.

23. Food in Paris is so delicious people call it the City of Bites.

24. Parisians really do have the breakfast of Champignons.

25. Not one, but Toulieries!

26. Chocolate in Paris is not crêpe.

27. What can I say? We’re like Gargoyle and vinegar.

28. French people can really give me the crepes.

29. French French Revolution is a great game.

30. I always have a beret good time in Paris.

31. Life is pain au chocolat.

32. I never visit Paris without Monet.

33. I give zero faux when I’m in Paris.

34. Breakfast of Champs-Elysees.

35. France is a thin slice of Paris-dise.

36. So sad to say Versailles to Paris.

37. Don’t forget your jacket for Versailles since it’s very gold there!

38. Paris is a oui bit different from the US.

39. I’m finally starting to see the Point of the Louvre.

40. Parisian food is Brie-ond belief.

41. Pont Saint Michel, my bell.

42. Are you Seine something to me?

43. I always enjoy Catacomb-ing my way through the city.

44. I just love Rodin-ing around Paris.

45. Honestly, it’s Saint Germain to the discussion

46. Paris has the best Pompi-Views in the world

47. Some Parisians are religious, and some want Nun of it.

48. You’ll Rue the day you drove through Paris.

49. I went for a ride on the Paris wheel.

Best Louvre Puns

The Louvre is one of the most iconic museums in the world and one of the best museums in Paris. So, if you want some of the best Paris puns that deal with the Louvre specifically, then this section of best Louvre puns is where it’s at.

Best Louvre puns.

50. Only visit the Louvre if you have enough Monet.

51. I went to Paris to find Louvre.

52. What’s not to Louvre about Paris?

53. After all, Paris is the city of Louvre.

54. Oui always love the Louvre.

Best Eiffel Tower Puns

Another iconic structure in Paris? Why, none other than the Eiffel Tower. Hence the reason why I needed to add some of the best Eiffel Tower Puns to this ever-growing list of the best puns about Paris.

Therefore, if you’re in dire need of some sweet, sweet top Paris puns about the Eiffel Tower then you’re in the right place my friend.

Best Eiffel Tower Puns and best puns about Paris.

55. The weather at the Eiffel Tower in summer is st-Eiffel-ing.

56. Eiffel for you because you’re French.

57. Eiffel in love with Paris. I just couldn’t help myself.

58. Paris-sites, that’s all you see from the Eiffel Tower.

59. I think Eiffel into Paris-dise.

60. Eiffel hard for this city.

61. Help me, Eiffel!

62. A guy jumping from the Eiffel Tower needed to use his Paris-chute.

63. Holy crêpe, the Eiffel Tower is big!

Paris Jokes and Jokes about Paris

I dunno know about you but I always need some epic Paris jokes to make me smile and help remind me of one of my favorite cities in the world.

So, fi you need epic jokes about Paris just as much as I do, then give this section a look and feel free to share some of your fave Paris jokes with me below.

Best Paris jokes and best jokes about Paris.

64. DaVinci and Michelangelo got into an argument, but it ended in a draw.

65. What do they say in Paris, TX? Oui-haw!

66. You know what I found a lot of in the dumpster behind the Parisian McDonald’s? French flies.

67. What can you find a lot of in a dumpster behind a Paris McDonald’s? French Flies

68. Why couldn’t the family go to the Louvre? Because they didn’t have the Monet to get Degas to make the Van Gogh!

69. Why are lights on the Eiffel Tower so bright? Because French resistance is low.

70. This is the very first year that I haven’t taken a vacation in Paris due to the pandemic. Usually, it’s because of a lack of money.

71. I visited the Louvre and I didn’t like it because the Mona Lisa was framed.

72. We tried to avoid the Eiffel tower because we were afraid it would suck our blood. After all, it is a Paris site.

73. Someone fell from the Eiffel Tower and survived. Now he will forever call it the, “I fell tower.”

74. I dropped my phone from the top of the Eiffel Tower, It was it airplane mode though so it was fine.

75. I wanted to visit Paris on a whim but later realized I could only get there on a plane.

76. The worst thing about the fire in Paris os that there’s Notre Dame thing we can do about it.

78. I swam in a river in Paris, and my friend swan in a river in Cairo. She said I was in-Seine, but I told her she was in de-Nile.

79. My French boyfriend and I started a bakery in Paris. We spent our entire life savings. But it didn’t work out and he left me. Now all I have is pain.

80. I this great idea for a movie where a retired CIA agent searches for his kidnapped daughter in Paris. Well, turns out that idea was already taken.

81. Wife: Honey, what are you going to give me for our 25th wedding anniversary?

Husband: A trip to Paris.

Wife: Wow! That’s incredible! And what will you give me for our 50th?

Husband: I’ll pick you back up.

82. What would high definition be called if invented in Paris? The French resolution!

83. How many men does it take to defend Paris? No one knows, it’s never happened.

84. What did the American say to the guy next to him in the bathroom in Paris? European.

85. So, my eyes are in New York, my brain is in Stockholm, and my heart is in Paris. What am I? Dead.

86. Why are there so many tree-lined streets in Paris? Because the German army likes to march in the shade.

87. I tried to order some eggs for breakfast in Paris. The waiter just said “One egg is an oeuf!”

88. A Parisian man was beaten to death with a baguette. So, the police raided several apartments and said, “We are searching Le Pain Killer.”

89. What do you call The Hunger Games in Paris? Battle Royale with cheese.

90. What’s the difference between New York and Paris? Paris only lost one tower.

91. I went to a cafe in Paris and was insulted by the barista. It was a regular French roast.

92. What’s the difference between Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Chernobyl? At Disneyland Chernobyl, the six-foot mouse is real.

93. Why are there so many ants in Paris? Because it’s Fr-ants!

94. What do you get when you drop a nuclear bomb over Paris? French fries.

95. I was surprised when I heard about the flooding in Paris. I mean, normally, the water is l’eau.

96. How did the Parisian police find Quasimodo? They just followed a hunch.

97. I had a torrid affair with this guy in Paris. We called it French with benefits.

98. A German arrives in Paris and a French customs official looks at his passport and says, “Occupation?’ He says, “Oh no, just visiting.”

99. Why do french tanks have rear-view mirrors? To see the front line.

100. How many French troops does it take to defend Paris? No one knows.

Additional Quotes You’ll Love

And there you have it! That just about wraps up this guide to the best puns about Paris and the best Paris puns!

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