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21 Astounding, Must See Places in Italy!

Looking for some must see places in Italy? Yeah,The question remains, which of these top places to visit in Italy deserve a bit of your limited time and which ones can you take a hard pass on?

I mean:

You’re a busy individual and you only have so much time to decide where to go in Italy.


Not to worry my travel-loving friend! Because that’s where this post comes in mighty handy!

Because if you dare to continue onwards (and you 100% should), then you’re going to learn all about some of the ABSOLUTE top places to visit in Italy!

So, what are you waiting for?

Quick! Grab a pint of gelato and a piece of pizza stat! Because we’re about to cannonball into this epic post about where to go in Italy!

Dear reader, since I am incapable of making it rain money, there’s a high probability that this post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Naples

The beautiful waterfront of Naples, Italy.
The beautiful waterfront of Naples, Italy.

By: Cris of LooknWalk

Naples – the Italian city that you either love or hate!

Because there is no in-between.

People either vow never to return or desperately want to go back, like me, every chance they get! Which is why you definitely need to read about the 10 things you need to know before visiting Naples!

Located in the shadows of legendary Mount Vesuvius in gorgeous southern Italy:

Naples was lucky in 79AD and spared the horrific fate of nearby settlements like Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Bustling, dirty, and beyond interesting:

Naples is a city that appeals to a certain type of traveler. The rather neurotic and adventurous one.

Also known for being the birthplace of pizza:

This city in Southern Italy has tons of great Naples food tours and sticks to a more traditional way of living.

That’s why:

You quickly discover that between 1 pm and 5 pm daily, all local restaurants shut their doors.

And if you ask for food at this time of day:

Then everyone will quickly know that you’re a tourist.

Come evening though and the city’s multitude of vibrant pizzerias, trattorias, and restaurants will once again open their doors and welcome visitors inside.


If you’re not sure where to eat, just look for the eatery with the biggest queue and dine there.

Because I promise, you will not regret it.

Now, aside from hiking up that cranky, old volcano, as well as a visit to iconic Pompeii (Skip the line and get your fast track tickets now!) and well-preserved Herculaneum, visitors can enjoy some of the many historic charms of Naples very own, Old City during some of the best walking tours in Naples.

Trust me:

Walking through the picturesque, cobblestone streets here is an experience in its own and is a magical part of any Pompeii tour from Naples. If you have time, you could also do a Naples to Amalfi Coast tour too.


If you really want to enhance this experience, you can always enjoy a lovely guided tour of Napoli Sotterranea, the Naples Underground, where you can explore the city’s literal, layers of history at the Greek-Roman Aqueduct and near the remains of the Roman Theater.

2. Rome

The ancient beauty of Trajan's Forum in Rome, Italy.

By: Steph of The Mediterranean Traveller

Simply put:

Rome is the most compelling ancient city in all of Europe (which is why you should be planning your very own Rome itinerary right now!). Especially since It has been one of the region’s most important cities for well over two millennia, leaving literal layers of treasure that are just waiting to be discovered.


Even if history isn’t your jam, you can’t help but be amazed by the surroundings of one of the many, must see places in Italy!

I mean:

The remains of Ancient Rome itself sit smack dab in the middle of the city, where you’ll really begin to understand the phrase ‘all roads lead to Rome’.

Of course:

While the Colosseum may be Rome’s most famed, blockbuster attraction, there’s always an exciting, beautiful, archeological surprise awaiting you around every corner – be it baroque sculptures, a church of bones, fake ceilings, sacred stairs, a secret keyhole, or an ancient pyramid.

Because laced underneath this mesmerizing city is an intricate network of underground excavations, cisterns, and catacombs that will bewitch even the most unenthusiastic of history lovers.

To top it all off though:

Rome is also home to vibrant street life, mesmerizing views, exquisite shopping, and the awe-inspiring splendor of Vatican City (Avoid the queue and get your skip the line tickets to the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel NOW!).


Rome is a city that requires a lot of walking. Therefore, be sure to visit during either the spring or fall, when the weather here is at its most mild.


After all that arduous exploring, don’t forget to reward yourself with some homemade pasta and a delicious scoop of gelato from one of the many fantastic restaurants in Rome’s charming, Trastevere neighborhood (WARNING: Rome is not and never will be a low-carb or low-calorie city. So, be sure to pack your best and most elastic waist pants).

3. Venice

An enchanting view of the iconic canals of Venice, one of the must see places in Italy.
An enchanting view of the iconic canals of Venice, one of the must see places in Italy.

By: Pam of The Directionally Challenged Traveler

Known as the capital of Italy’s Veneto region:

Venice is actually made up of more than 100 islands in the Adriatic Sea.

That’s why:

In Venice, canals replace roads and water taxis replace cars.


You could always skip the boat ride altogether and just take a scenic stroll through the city instead if you’re looking for some of the most romantic things to do in Venice like the best wine tasting in Venice.

Because along the way:

You could marvel at the wealth of stunning architecture that can be found on almost every block.

Just start in Venice’s main square – St. Mark’s Square – and you’ll quickly find iconic Venice attractions like Campanile di San Marco, the Basilica di San Marco, and Doge’s Palace.

Because in all honesty:

Walking really is the easiest way to get around Venice.


If you’re only planning on spending one day in Venice, then water taxis are another affordable and reliable way to quickly move throughout the city.


To better understand the beautiful art history of this city, be sure to visit the Accademia Gallery, which is located along the south bank of the Grand Canal.

And for any of my fellow foodies out there:

Be sure to stop at Rialto Market along the way, where you can enjoy fresh pasta, cheese, and various other local foods.

Because let’s be honest:

It wouldn’t actually be a trip to Italy without some delicious food.

That’s why:

Some of my other favorite restaurants in Venice include Pasticceria Italo Didovich (A family-owned bakery that is a 5-minute walk from the Rialto Bridge and that serves classic, Italian pastries like brioches and kimpfels (stuffed doughnuts)), Acqua e Mais (A great place to stop for a quick lunch and grab some polenta), and Paradiso Perduto (A vibrant restaurant with live music and a selection of delicious cCicchetti (finger foods)).

4. Pompeii

Some of the ancient ruins that you'll see while walking around through Pompeii, Italy.
Some of the ancient ruins that you’ll see while walking around through Pompeii, Italy.

By: Riley of Riley’s Roves

I often see people ask about Pompeii in travel groups.

And they typically want to know if Pompeii really is one of the best places to visit in Italy.

And honestly, I think it really is.

I mean, Pompeii was one of my favorite places to go in Italy for a number of different reasons.

The most important of which was, the history.

It’s just so powerful to wander through the streets here and imagine what life used to be like.


Alternatively, imagine how it would have felt to see Mt. Vesuvius erupt and know that you only had a matter of moments to live.


A visit here will also allow you to better understand what the daily lives of local residents were really like, little eccentricities and all (think brothels on every corner and let your imagination run wild from there).

And while there are many different ways to visit Pompeii:

The most popular way to do so is as part of a day trip from nearby Naples or as part of a day trip from Rome; both of which you can do on your own, or as part of a local tour group.

Once inside the archeological park:

You’ll also find plenty of touristy places to eat (think McDonald’s). However, since you’re so close to Naples, I’d recommend enjoying some local pizza there instead.

There are also plenty of hotels within walking distance of the ruins, my favorite of which include the Hotel del Sole and the Hotel Forum (Stay here and you can get up early to avoid the long queue that quickly forms at the park entrance).

5. Trento

The stunning, old-world charm of Trento, Italy.
The stunning, old-world charm of Trento, Italy.

By: Arzo of Arzo Travels

Trento is one of the best cities to visit in Italy.
Because not only does this beautiful metropolis have a lot to offer, but it’s also still a bit of a hidden gem in Italy.
Trento is also found within the northern Italian province of Trento (Trentino) and is a great base from which to discover the nearby Dolomites.
If you want to stay inside Trento itself, then you will not be disappointed since it is a colorful, lively, and incredibly fun place, that is home to a wealth of popular local attractions like Buonconsiglio Castle, which is known for its sweeping panoramic views of the city and its late-medieval frescos.
There’s also Trento Cathedral, which sits along  Piazza Duomo and is home to an exquisite rose window, as well a baroque-style chapel.
You could also take the nearby cable car to Sardagna or explore the city’s enchanting old town, where you can enjoy a multitude of beautiful buildings; structures that help make this city one of the most beautiful in Italy.
And if you’re into museums:
Then you can’t leave Trento without stopping at MUSE, a local science and natural history museum with a variety of different high-tech exhibits.

6. Ostuni

The quaint, small town charm of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy.
The quaint, small-town charm of Ostuni in Puglia, Italy.

By: Ania of The Travelling Twins

Ostuni is one of the most beautiful towns in Puglia, a beautiful region in Southern Italy.

Known locally as The White City (Citta Bianca in Italian):

This nickname is fitting since you’ll find nothing but charming, whitewashed walls throughout the city’s old town. You can also visit when you rent a car in Puglia.


Spend some time wandering through the narrow streets of the old town.

And as you continue uphill:

You’ll pass by the local archaeological museum (located inside a former church) while on your way to the impressive Ostuni Cathedral, which exquisitely combines Gothic, Byzantine, and Romanesque architectural styles.


I’d spend at least two days here so you can enjoy Ostuni’s world-famous sunrise and experience the area’s vibrant nightlife scene.

And if you’re not sure where to stay:

Then try Palazzo Altavilla, a fantastic local apartment/hotel with a great location and an amazing swimming pool.

7. Verona

A panoramic view of Verona, one of the most beautifully romantic cities in Italy.
A panoramic view of Verona, one of the most beautifully romantic cities in Italy.

By: Anna of Big World Short Stories

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and most romantic cities in all of Italy:

Verona is most well known for being the famous backdrop of Shakespeare’s immortal play, “Romeo and Juliet”.


This historic city was actually founded in the 1st century B.C and has since become a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you find yourself strolling through one of the many, must see places in Italy,  then be sure to stop the Piazza Delle Erbe (with its picturesque fruit and vegetable market), the Piazza del Signori and the Piazza Bra, an area in which Verona’s most historic sites and buildings are concentrated.

And because the city is so small:

You can easily visit all of the main attractions in Verona on foot, like the Arena, which is an ancient Roman amphitheater that is found at Piazza Bra (Cangrande and Dari are also two amazing restaurants that you’ll find along the Adige River, near Piazza Bra).

It is also one of the most well-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world and is famous for its large-scale opera performances, which are held throughout the summer, between June and August.

8. Sorrento

The quaint, Italian charm of Sorrento, a coastal town in Southwestern Italy.
The quaint, Italian charm of Sorrento, a coastal town in Southwestern Italy.

By: Samantha of Sam Sees World

Sitting high atop the jagged cliffs of the Amalfi Coast is the incredibly charming, yet totally underrated, city of Sorrento, Italy.

This hidden gem is without a doubt, one of the best cities in Italy since it has all of the iconic views, traditional architecture, and turquoise blue waters that the Amalfi Coast is known for, but without all of the crowds.

Sorrento also has some authentic, Italian charm that is largely lacking from many of the other cities in the area and is an easy home base from which to enjoy the best wine tours on the Amalfi Coast.

Uniquely positioned atop picturesque cliffs along the coast:

Sorrento is home to an expansive marina, enchanting cobblestone streets, and bustling Piazzas, like Piazza Tasso.

Stop by this immortal piazza and you’ll discover a wonderful assortment of delicious restaurants, as well as some breath-taking views of the Bay of Naples.

While you’re here:

You can also visit some local lemon groves, where you can sample authentic limoncello and see lemons that are the size of your head.

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9. Modica

Some of the traditional, Baroque-style buildings that you'll find in the Italian city of Modica.
Some of the traditional, Baroque-style buildings that you’ll find in the Italian city of Modica.

By: Soumya of Stories by Soumya

Located on the beautiful island of Sicily:

Modica is one of the most beautiful Italian cities that I’ve ever visited, as is the enchanting Sicilian city of Cefalu.

Home to a wealth of historic, Baroque-style buildings:

Modica is actually one of eight, late-Baroque towns that make up the Val di Noto UNESCO Heritage Site.

And if you’re looking for stunning examples of Sicilian Baroque style architecture, then head to either the Cathedral of San Giorgio or the Church of San Pietro with its iconic statues of the twelve apostles.


You could also take a walk along the main street of Corso Umberto and marvel at some of the beautiful, ancient buildings here, many of which have balconies that are adorned with statues of grinning monsters, flying mermaids, and winged putti.

And once you’ve had your fill of local architecture:

Be sure to explore Modica’s local food scene by trying some innovative flavors of authentic, Cioccolato di Modica.

You could also stop to watch some local artisans at work as they recreate ancient chocolate recipes that were first inspired by the Aztecs.

But, regardless of what you do:

You’ll quickly realize that Modica is the perfect place to unwind, admire impressive architecture, take in some sweeping panoramic views, and savor some delicious, local Italian food.

10. Trieste

The German-inspired, Castello di Miramare in Trieste Italy, one of the must see places in Italy.
The German-inspired, Castello di Miramare in Trieste Italy, one of the must see places in Italy.

By: Sarah and Justin of Travel Breathe Repeat

Not only is Trieste one of the many must see places in Italy, but it’s also one of the country’s best-hidden gems.

Tucked away in a northeast corner of Italy:

Trieste has an assortment of cultural influences that you experience through the city’s diverse food scene, stunning architecture, and overall, unique vibe.


If you’re not sure what to do in Trieste, then take some time to admire the grand, Austro-Hungarian inspired architecture of one of the biggest main squares in Europe, Piazza Unità d’Italia.


Marvel at the nearby ruins (they’re literally a block away) of a well-preserved, Roman amphitheater that is just hanging out, right there in the middle of the city.

You can also take a stroll along the city’s waterfront and see some mesmerizing, sunset views along the Adriatic Sea.


Trieste is home to two very different castles that are just waiting to be explored; the fortress on San Guisto Hill and Miramare, a beautiful, 19th-century castle that is just 30 minutes away via public transportation.

Now, as for a place to stay in Trieste:

We recommend splurging (just a little a bit) on a big, beautiful room at the Savoia Excelsior Palace, which sits right along the water.

And if you’re looking for a fantastic dining experience while in Trieste, then stop by Baracca E Burattini, a super local spot that is known for its fresh pasta.

You could also head to Gran Malabar for an aperitivo and to try some local wines from the Friuli region (PSST: Any craft beer lovers out there should hit up Mastro Birraio, an awesome, local watering hole that is also one of our favorite bars in the world).

So go to Trieste! We promise you’ll have a blast.

11. Sardinia

Mona enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, an island in Italy.
Mona enjoying the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, an island in Italy.

By: Mona of Mona Corona

Sardinia may be one of the most perfect islands on earth.
Known for being the second-largest island in the Mediterranean:
The Italian island of Sardinia is actually closer to Tunisia than it is to Italy and has everything that one could desire when looking for one of the best places to visit in Italy.
Incredible food, breath-taking landscapes, jaw-dropping beaches, world-class shopping, and distinct, local culture are just some of the things that make Sardinia a must-visit.
To really enjoy all that this large island has to offer, you should really rent a car and explore some of the lovely coastal towns that are scattered throughout Sardinia.
Some of the most beautiful of which include Bosa, with its vibrant, cliffside homes and medieval castle that sits high above; the luxurious Costa Smeralda, where celebrities flock each summer in their mega-yachts; and the Catalan-influenced Alghero, with its ancient golden seawalls (You can even stay in a castle-villa by the water at Villa Las Tronas Hotel).
For an added treat:
Take the ferry to La Maddalena, a seven island archipelago where the beaches are so beautiful that they’ve actually earned the nickname “Little Tahiti.”
While in Sardinia:
Also, don’t forget to try the local delicacy, bottarga (cured mullet roe), as well as some fresh, local seafood from mouth-watering, Italian eateries like the Michelin-star, rated, Dal Corsaro in Sardinia’s capital, Cagliari.

12. Cagliari

Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia in Italy.
Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia in Italy.

By: Amber of Food and Drink Destinations

From Rome to Venice to Florence:

The list of must see places in Italy is endless. And one of these lesser-known, but equally great, Italian destinations is Cagliari.

Known as the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia:

Cagliari has been at the crossroads of Italian history for centuries.

For travelers:

Cagliari also offers a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy, like climbing the marble stairs of Bastione San Remy to enjoy some breathtaking views of the city.


If you want to take it easy, you can always relax at some of the beautiful beaches that sit within the city limits.


The Sardinian cuisine here is unlike anything else that you’ll taste in Italy since it’s made with a unique combination of cheeses, wines, and pasta.

And one must eat, local dish is culurgiones.

Found in restaurants throughout the city, It’s a type of pasta dumpling that is typically stuffed with potato, pecorino cheese, and oftentimes, mint.

Cagliari also has a wide array of accommodations to suit any budget, including Airbnb rentals and luxury hotels, like the Palazzo Doglio

13. Bosa

The quaint, coastal charm of Bosa, Italy in Sardinia.
The quaint, coastal charm of Bosa, Italy in Sardinia.

By: Claudia of My Adventures Across The World

Best accessed from Alghero by car:
Bosa is one of the loveliest cities in all of Sardinia.
If you happen to visit this island, then you should definitely spend at least a day or two in one of the best cities in Italy.
Located on the western coast of the island, near the Temo River:
Bosa was founded during Phoenician times and is home to no more than 8500 permanent residents.
Because of its strategic importance to the Roman Empire, and its repeated invasion by Arabs, Bosa has a unique history that visitors will love learning about.
See, to prevent any further invasions from Arabs:
The ruling Malaspina family built a castle to help protect the town, a structure that is now known as Malaspina Castle.
This building is easily one of the best attractions in town and is a great place from which to enjoy glorious views of the city and the nearby coast.
There’s also a lovely chapel inside that is well worth a look.
After exploring the castle:
Visitors can also check out several informative, historical exhibitions that are on display at Bosa’s former tanneries, which were established by the Savoy in the 19th century.
No longer in use:
The tanneries are a great place to learn about the history of the area, before taking a day trip to some of the beautiful beaches and fantastic hiking trails that surround Bosa

14. Positano

Some of the beautiful homes that you'll find along the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy.
Some of the beautiful homes that you’ll find along the Amalfi Coast in Positano, Italy.

By: Katy of Untold Morsels

When you think of Italy:
Do you picture wonderfully colorful homes that seem as if they are about to tumble into the sea?
If so then you are imagining Positano, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, if not the world.
Built on the edge of a cliff in the middle of the Amalfi Coast:
Positano is a place where you could easily spend several days wandering through the city’s many cobblestone streets, all of which are exquisitely draped in wisteria.
And when you finally get tired of all that walking:
You could always stop for a quick spritz, with a view, at Franco’s Bar at Le Sirenuse.
You could always get a pair of custom made sandals from one of the area’s local artisans.
If shopping and sipping aren’t really your thing, then you could head out into the hills instead and take a scenic hike along The Path of the Gods.
Trust me:
This iconic trail is the place to go for jaw-dropping views of the coast and of the nearby island of Capri.
Once the afternoon rolls around:
Stop by one of Positano’s amazing beaches where you can either rent a lounger at a local beach club or take a private boat to Da Adolfo, a private beach in which you can enjoy a sumptuous, seafood feast.
And to complete the perfect weekend in the Amalfi Coast:
Be sure to book a room with a terrace at Hotel Poseidon, where you can marvel at one of the most magical sunsets in the world.

15. Florence

The iconic Florence skyline, with a view of the famous, Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.
The iconic Florence skyline, with a view of the famous, Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral.

By: Nicky of That Anxious Traveller

It’s easy to see tons of amazing things in Florence, even if you’re short on time!

Because in a country that is filled with amazing cities and towns:

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think that Florence is one of the many, must see places in Italy.

And thanks, in part, to its surprisingly-compact size:

Two days in Florence is more than enough time to see some of Italy’s most iconic attractions, like the breathtaking architecture of the Duomo, Michangelo’s immense statue of David, and the artistic treasures found within the Uffizi Gallery.

You could also take a stroll over the ancient bridge of the Ponte Vecchio, one of the most Instagrammable places in Florence, and eat as much gelato as humanly possible along the way

And if you’re looking for a well-located hotel:

Then try to stay either in or around the city center since you’ll easily be able to see many of Florence’s major attractions from here, even in just a couple of days.

There are also a ton of great restaurants here as well, including Mercato Centrale if you’re on a budget and the lovely little trattoria, Osteria Antica Casa Torre (try one of their freshly made pasta dishes!).

Because let’s be honest:

Florence isn’t just one of the best cities in Italy – with immeasurable amounts of history, art, and culture – it’s one of the greatest cities in the world and provides you with ample Florence wine tours to enjoy.

16. Milan

The iconic, Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy.
The iconic, Duomo di Milano in Milan, Italy.

By: Disha of Disha Discovers

There are so many incredible places to visit in Italy and Milan is one of them.

I mean:

Milan is brimming over with different things to see and do, like eating at delicious restaurants, shopping at high-end fashion stores, and experiencing stunning art at local museums.

But of all the places to go in Milan:

Piazza del Duomo is the most popular since it is always buzzing with activity, which makes sense since this square is home to Milan’s most famous church, Duomo di Milano, and is a must-see during any Milan walking tours.


Venture just two minutes away from the square and you’ll stumble across Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a covered shopping arcade that is lined with amazing coffee shops, fantastic eateries, and luxury stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.

And even if you’re not interested in shopping:

This famous shopping corridor is still well worth a visit since the extravagant architecture here is truly stunning to behold.

It’s also a perfect destination for museum lovers who want to spend one day in Milan since this enchanting city is home to Leonardo DeVinci’s famed, Last Super, (Please book your tickets months in advance since this Milan attraction always sells out quickly) as well as the Museo del Novecento, which is jiust a short walk away from the cathedral and home to more than 400 works of 20th century, Italian art.

Also, if you can:

Try and stay in the Centro Storico nieghborhood at one of the best boutique hotels in Milan since it’s right in the heart of the city and is within walking distance of all of the city’s main attractions.

17. Turin

A view of the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, italy.
A view of the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, italy.

By: Kristen and Jeff of Our Passion For Travel

Nestled in the northwest corner of Italy, with the Cottian Alps visible in the distance, is Turin, a wonderful city to add to any Italian itinerary.

Because even though Turin isn’t quite as well known as cities like Rome, Florence and Venice:

That just means that you get to enjoy all of the city’s top attractions, but without the crowds.

And one place that you absolutely must visit while in Turin is Caffe Torino in Piazza San Carlo.

A throwback to another era:

This iconic cafe serves an amazing glass of bicerin, a delicious mixture of hot chocolate, cream, and coffee, that is just as iconic as the neon Martini sign that lights up the entranceway.

Now, once you’ve had your fill of sugar and caffeine:

Head to the Royal Palace of Turin.

Originally built in the 16thcentury:

This breathtaking complex was once the home of the Savoys, the ruling family in the region, and has since been converted into a fantastic museum where you can explore the onsite armoury, as well as the Chapel of the Shroud.

It is in this Chapel that you’ll find the Holy Shroud, a sarced piece of cloth that many people believe Jesus was buried in.


Because of the relic’s delicate nature, the shroad is only put on public display once every few years.

Once you’ve had your fill of historical grandeur:

Stop by the most iconic part of Turin’s skyline, the Mole Antonelliana, and visit the cinema museum.

Exhibits here feature memorabilia that was used throughout various Italian and American films, like the iconic Darth Vader mask from the Star Wars movies.

While you’re here:

You can also board the building’s free standing lift, which will shuttle you to the roof for some stunning, panoramic views of the city.

18. Bari

The enchanting, old-world charm of Bari, one of the must see places in Italy.
The enchanting, old-world charm of Bari, one of the must see places in Italy.

By: Wendy of The Nomadic Vegan

Visitors often treat Bari as nothing more than a gateway to the coastal towns of Puglia, Italy.
That’s their loss because Bari really does have so much to offer visitors, like a chance to see the Basilica of St. Nicholas (or San Nicola as he’s known in Italian).
Built in the 12th-century:
This famous Bari monumnet is actually a major pilgrimage site for devout Catholics and Orthodox Christians alike, all of whom come here to view the remains of St. Nicholas.

And yes, I’m talking about that old St. Nick, as in Santa Claus!

Other beautiful churches that you might want to visit include the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Church of St. Mark of Venice and Saint Anthony.

You could also take a stroll along Bari’s beautiful seaside promenade, preferably with a cone of Italian gelato in hand, or meander through the narrow winding lanes of the old town.

It’s here that you can see exactly what real, southern Italian life is like, minus all of the souvenir shops and other tourist-related trappings that you’ll find in more popular, Italian cities.

While you’re in the area:

Be sure to take a detour down Arco Basso street, where you can watch as local women make orecchiette pasta, by hand, on their doorsteps.
That’s because:

This is the most popular shape of pasta in all of Puglia. It’s also always egg-free, even when it’s freshly made, which makes it a naturally vegan, Puglian specialty.

19. Siena

Siena, a charming town located in the center of Tuscany.
Siena, a charming town located in the center of Tuscany.

By: Aswani of A Charming Escape

Ideally located in central Tuscany:

Siena is only an hour away from Florence, Chianti wine region, Val d’Orcia, and various medieval hill towns like San Gimignano, Montalcino and Montepulciano.


If you plan to travel to some of the best villages in Tuscany, then Siena will make the perfect home base.

And even though you could easily visit Siena as part of a day trip from Florence:

There are ao many amazing things to do here, that you may want to stay just a little bit longer.

That’s why:

If you want to stay in the Old City, but without breaking the bank, then try booking a room at Hotel Athena.


If you want to indulge and feel a bit like royalty, then try either the Grand Hotel Continental (a historic palace turned hotel) or the Castello delle Quattro Torra (a 13th century fortress turned hotel).

This way:

You can enjoy some of the main attractions in Siena, like the Cathedral of Siena (Duomo di Siena), an impressive, 13th century, gothic-style cathedral that took almost fifity years to complete.

Walk inside and you’ll immeditately see that the interior of the Cathedral is just as impressive as the exterior, with an awe-inspiring dome, fantastic black and white pillars, and exquisite works of art done by masters like Donatello, Bernini, and more.

Another fantastic place to visit is the Piazza del Campo.

It’s a scallop shell shaped, 13th century sqaure that is home to a wealth of delicious restaurants, as well as the Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia.

If you have more time:

You can also stop by the Siena National Gallery and the Church of San Domenico.

20. Capri

Some of the vibrant, cliffside homes that you'll find on Italy's famed island of Capri.
Some of the vibrant, cliffside homes that you’ll find on Italy’s famed island of Capri.

By: Michelle of That Texas Couple

Situated in the beautiful Bay of Naples is one of the best places to visit in Italy, Capri.

Because from the designer fashions to the homemade limoncello to the fabulous natural landscape, Capri is one of those amazing island’s that should be on everyone’s Italy itinerary.

Now, when visiting Capri:

Be sure to take a boat tour around the island since this is the best way to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

You could also spend a few hours swimming in the area’s beautiful waters, before taking a trip to the famous ‘Blue Grotto’, where the sunlight bouncing off the water in the cave is sure to amaze you.

And after spending all that time in the water:

Enjoy some retail therapy at one of the island’s many boutique shops, all while sipping on some fantastic, homemade limoncello.

But, for those of you who would rather hike than shop:

Be sure to explore the miles of walking paths and wild hiking trails that are found all across the island, including the incredible 921 Phoenician stone steps that link Anacapri to the Marina Grande.

In addition to all of this:

Capri is also home to a fabulous nightlife scene where night clubs are open well into the evening since most Italians don’t sit down for dinner unitl around 10:00 pm.

21. Perugia

The historic, Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi in Perugia, Italy.
The historic, Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi in Perugia, Italy.

By: Annabel of Smudged Postcard

Within easy reach of  important historic cities like Assisi and Orvieto:

Perugia is the capital of the Umbria region of Italy and is home to a wealth of different attractions that visitors can enjoy.


Take some time to meander through the charming streets of this city and you’ll discover Etruscan archways, gothic palazzos, medieval alleyways, and so much more.


In the heart of Perugia, at Piazza IV Novembre, you’ll find a stunning, 15th century cathedral, as well as the world famous, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, which is home to important works of art done by famed masters like Piero della Francesca and Perugino.

And If you’re visiting Umbria with kids:

Then be sure to take them to the Perugino chocolate factory, where the entire family can enjoy an exciting tour of the facility (available in English).

Another amazing event that you’ll want to experience is Perugia’s annual, Umbria Jazz Festival.

Starting in early July:

Thic city comes alive with music as buskers play on street corners and small bands perform outside cafes. A stage is also erected in the main piazza so that free, open air concerts can be held for all to enjoy.






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Monday 3rd of February 2020

Beautiful post! It makes me crave pizza and a return to the lovely country of Italy. Thanks for letting me be a part of this :)


Tuesday 4th of February 2020

Thanks for contributing and taking the time to read it. I really appreciate it!


Saturday 1st of February 2020

Omg, Italy has been on my bucketlist forever but I still haven't been, can you believe it?! And now seeing your post and all the amazing places there are to see in Italy, I definitely need to book off a good chunk of time and just go explore this beautiful country! Ahhhh Thanks for sharing!!

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Wednesday 25th of August 2021

Got my 50th in 2022… desperate to do a Italy interail adventure with my family. Trapped by school holidays but loving this excellent website for real info !


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I can believe it. My first visit to Italy was pretty recent and I still have so much more to see. Hopefully you get there soon and thanks for reading.


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I'd love to do a month long trip to Italy, there's so many incredible places to visit. I've only ever been to Milan before but desperate to visit Rome and the Amalfi Coast! xo


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Yes! There are so many amazing places to see that I don't think a month would even be enough! LOL

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Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm about to head to Italy for a month and these will come in very handy ?


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